A Milf’s Guidance

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Liz sat sideways on the couch looking over its back and diagonally to peer between the living room, where they were watching television, and through the dinning room into the kitchen, where her mother was cleaning the dishes from that night’s supper. Liz turned back towards Beth, her nearly life-long best friend, “Okay, I think we’re okay.” she whispered. The two girls, both less than a week past their eighteenth birthdays, pulled the blanket over themselves.

In the kitchen Shannon took her time with the few dishes that the three women had made. She knew what the girls were up to, she had caught them many times over the years and had decided to let them explore their curiosities; though the girls believed her to have no idea of their exploits. She chuckled to herself at the idea that the girls thought no one would suspect their goings on as they are huddled together under a wool blanket in June watching reruns of the Gilmore Girls. She was happy for her daughter Liz, she was wise enough at her young age to both recognize her attraction to her own gender and wise enough to not try lying to herself about it for the first twenty-five years of her life like Shannon had.

Dish rag in hand, Shannon reflected on when she first decided to take the plunge and try the ladies. She spent the first year and a half of her lesbian existence moving from one hairy-bushed, bull-nosed dyke to another before finally finding other women who liked women. Some of her first lesbian encounters with the dykes had almost made her want to become a nun and retire her pussy forever. Liz, she was lucky with Beth. Beth was about 5’6″ tall and somewhere around 125 pounds, blonde hair with blue eyes, she had a nicely rounded and full bottom but not flabby, her breasts were respectable and perky, though with her ass they seemed somewhat smaller than they should be. She was quiet, maybe not dumb, but like all girls that are to the far right on the bell-curve of looks, she never talked too much about anything, she just kind of sat around being pretty.

Beth was almost an opposite of Liz, quite attractive in her own right, but different from her friend. Liz was short, about 5’1″ and maybe ninety-five pounds. She had light brown hair and big brown eyes. Her ass was good for such a skinny thing, but she struggled to have A-cups. Liz more than made up for her smaller size by having megatons of sass. While Beth never spoke, Liz never shut up. She hadn’t, at least not yet, inherited her mother’s Build. Shannon was totally tits and ass. A lot of which was helped by her one and only pregnancy. She worked hard to keep herself in a nice balance of fitness without looking like the dykes of her past. She was 5’6″ and about 155 pounds with dark black hair and brown eyes. She was a blend of classic Soccer mom and Milf that completely concealed her Sapphic lusts.

In the living room, as always, Liz initiated the proceedings by pulling her blonde friend’s skirt up and sliding her bikini panties to the side. She felt her friend’s sweet pussy was already saturated and her sent, not bad or offensive, however quite strong, began to fill Liz’s nostrils. Had it not been for the blanket over them Liz was sure that Beth’s sent would have dispersed though the entire room. She started by stroking her middle and ring fingers on the outsides of her best friend’s labia. She barely made contact with the pussy lips knowing that the slight contact would accelerate Beth’s arousal without resolving it. The blonde took one of the throw pillows to her face, Liz knew the moaning was about to begin. Beth, in her sexual frustration, began to thrust her hips up trying to increase the friction of her friend’s manipulations. Liz reacted by slapping her friend’s cunt causing a wet smack loud enough to make Liz look in her mother’s direction to make sure they were still operating under the radar.

Shannon rolled her eyes to herself imagining where the two had gotten to by this point. They had become progressively more adventurous and daring over time. Not long ago Liz and Beth had been upset with one another, concerned with her daughter’s happiness Shannon ease dropped in on one of their phone calls. She listened to Beth’s tearful chastising of Liz for breaking her hymen and a tearful Liz pleading that it had been an accident. By the end of the call Liz agreed to let Beth pop her cherry as a form of carnal restitution. Shannon was sure that they had followed through with the plan and that their sexual escapades had to have continued to escalate.

Liz decided to pick up her pace as she knew her dad was coming by to pick her up for a three day weekend with his new wife. She inserted her index and middle fingers into Beth’s pussy and used her thumb to make little circles on her friend’s clit. Beth was grunting and moaning into her throw pillow her hips thrust and bucked. Liz couldn’t wait for the day that one or both of the girls had a place of their own and she could hear Beth’s sounds out loud. She knew that Beth was close to cumming and then it would be her turn.

Shannon, having Ümraniye Escort completed the dish washing of the evening, stood in the kitchen not wanting to disrupt the magic she was sure was in progress in the other room. She would pick up and then put back down a plate in the cupboard every couple of dozen seconds to keep making noise for the girls’ sake. Soon a pair of headlights turned into the driveway. Shannon felt pains of empathy for the disappointment that the girls would experience having to stop in middle of the act, such as it was, because for the first time in his life, Liz’s father was early.

Shannon walked into the dinning room, before she cleared the corner to be in the living room she stopped dead in her tracks. The television illuminated the girls on the couch which was reflected in the window. They had gotten into it so much that they hadn’t noticed the blanket had fallen away. She saw Beth holding a pillow to her face and he other hand was kneading and molesting her tits. Then Shannon saw Beth’s pussy, in all its glory: soft, wet, swollen, and shaved completely bald. Shannon might not have snapped out of the hypnotic trance she had fallen into at the sight of Beth’s cunt had it not been for the wetness she felt in her own panties. She stepped back into the Kitchen. “Liz!… Your father just pulled in!” Shannon called out as she walked through the dinning room and into the hallway towards her bedroom averting her eyes from the living room.

“What?!… Mom! He is way too early!” Liz protested, having not yet gotten her friend off at all but getting her self horned up in the process. Shannon, in her bedroom, quickly removed her pants and her damp, low-rise thong panties and tossed the later atop the clothes hamper in her bathroom.

“We haven’t even been able to take Beth home yet!” Liz complained in utter impetuousness. Shannon came back into the living room still adjusting her blue jeans. “I’ll take her home after you leave its fine.” Shannon said as she looked up to see her daughter’s face. If looks could kill Liz’s would’ve wiped out the human race. “Oh my God! This is such Bullshit!” Liz screamed stomping and pouting. “Elizabeth! You will not take that tone with me!” was the instant response from her mother. A knock at the door stopped the shouts instantly. “Liz, get your bags.” Shannon ordered of her daughter.

Shannon opened the door as Liz stomped off to her room. A few awkward minutes later Liz kissed her mother and her best friend before leaving with her father. “Okay kiddo, you ready to go home?” Shannon asked of Beth as the headlights of Liz’s father’s car were backing out of the driveway. “Um, can I call my parents and see if they are home yet?” asked the girl. “Oh, yes, absolutely, that is a good idea; I would hate to drop a pretty young thing like you off alone, with no one to beat the boys away.” Shannon said smiling at her daughter’s friend, keeping up the facade.

Beth picked up a phone in the hall and dialed. Shannon wanted to give Beth the feeling of privacy but still wanted to take in her beauty. As the teen stood with the phone in one hand, she very subtly began to touch herself with the other. “Mom?… Well how much longer… um… okay… Love you too.” She sighed as she hung up the phone.

Shannon walked back into the room. “What’s the word?” Beth shrugged and said “Well, they won’t be back for a while.” “No problem, we can keep each other company for a while right?” Shannon asked. Beth smiled and nodded. “I need to use the restroom so-“Thinking fast Shannon cut her off, “Oh, I there is some kind of a problem with the toilet in Liz’s bathroom, just use mine.” She said.

Shannon’s bathroom had two doors, one in the hallway, and one from Shannon’s bed room. She knew that there was a good chance that Beth was retreating to the bathroom to finish herself off, and Shannon wanted to watch. Beth walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Shannon waited a few seconds before going to her bedroom. She looked into the restroom through her bedroom’s doorway that thankfully Beth left slightly ajar.

Beth sat on the stool for a second before pulling her skirt up and sliding her panties to the side. She slowly started to finger herself. Shannon watched her through the reflection in the mirror, from the darkness of her room. She was lamenting that she now had to see this teenaged goddess’s blessings though reflections twice. Quietly Shannon slid a hand into her own pants and began to finger herself in unison with Beth’s masturbatory strokes of her own pussy. After some twenty or so seconds into the act, Beth stopped cold. Shannon froze fearing her voyeurism had been discovered… the seconds seemed to pass too slowly for her, then… Beth reached for the low-rise thong panties that Shannon had taken off only minutes earlier. Upon feeling their dampness, Beth let out an excited gasp. Shannon couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched Beth put the panties to her nose and smell them. Then she began to finger bang herself with wild abandon. She Ümraniye Escort Bayan pulled her skirt up to her mouth and bit it so as to muffle her groans.

Shannon coated her fingers instantly watching this young beauty abusing her cunt while smelling her panties. Shannon’s heart was racing wild. She pondered her situation, should she make a move on her daughter’s girlfriend? Her time to act was narrowing by the second as she saw and heard the blonde quickly approaching a self-induced orgasm.

She flung the bathroom door open “Sorry Beth I just need to grab- What the Fuck!?” shouted Shannon. Beth screamed as she clumsily tried to cover the evidence of her masturbation, but between her bikini bottoms slipped to one side, her cunt oozing and filled with her own fingers, her skirt in her mouth and Shannon’s wet panties in her face, there was no hiding what was going on. “Well, well, well, look at what we’ve got here, miss Beth playing with her pussy like little slut.” Beth slowly came out of her shock, while obviously avoiding eye contact she started to put Shannon’s panties back on top of the clothes hamper. “Don’t put them back!… What have you got there, huh?” Meekly, Beth showed the woman the pussy soaked panties she held in her hand. “Beth… were you thinking about me while touching yourself?” Beth sank down on the stool; Shannon placed her hand in Beth’s soft blonde hair and ran her fingers through it a few times before gripping it and pulling back hard on it turning Beth’s face to look upon her own.

“I asked you as question” Shannon insisted, “You were thinking about me while you were touching you filthy little slit weren’t you?” Beth, near tears nodded her head causing a nasty smile to spread across the milf’s face. “So… do you enjoy smelling others’ pussies?” Shannon inquired. Beth nodded her head again. “I can’t hear you slut!” the older woman shouted as she pulled back on the blonde’s hair causing Beth to reply instantly with “yes!” “Yes, what?” Shannon continued demanding of her sexual prey. “Yes I like to smell pussy!” Beth let out in desperation.

Shannon grabbed Beth at the wrist of the hand holding the panties and then forced them up and into Beth’s face as she pushed her head down into them at the same time. “Well smell them again.” Beth meekly tried for a second to turn her head away only to cause her own hair to be pulled in the process. Realizing she was no match for the stronger, older woman, she gave up her protest and began inhaling the scent to the insulting laughter of Shannon. “Yes, she likes that… She loves the smell of pussy on her face.”

After a few moments of Shannon humiliating Beth, she pulled the blonde up from the toilet and led her, by the hair, into the bedroom where she pulled the panties from Beth’s hand as she pushed the young woman to the bed. Beth watched in confused awe as the older woman slipped out of her jeans. Beth’s eyes devoured the fully developed body of her girlfriend’s mother. Shannon began to slide her formally discarded damp thong back on replenishing the dampness with her now dripping wet, cunt ooze.

Beth, a creature of habit, slid a hand down her body to her fabric-covered mound. Before Beth could touch herself to any effect, Shannon interrupted her. “Don’t touch that little tramp hole of yours!” Beth quickly moved her hand away. Shannon crawled onto the bed between Beth’s legs. Beth rose to her elbows and attempted to slide back. Shannon again grabbed a hold of the Beth’s hair with one hand and with the other began the process of un-skirting the young blonde. Soon after Beth’s magnificent, young and taut tits were freed from her bra. Shannon took a moment as she removed her own blouse and bra to admire the prey before her; Beth’s relatively long and thick nipples were stiff and jutting out in the liberating evening air. Moreover, her bikini bottoms were visibly wet and gooey. Soon both women were on the bed clad only in their respective dampened underwear.

“Well what is to be done? You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you?” Shannon said looking into the frightened, blue, doe eyes of her soon to be conquest. “Yes, Shannon, I am really sorry-” “It was a rhetorical question Bethany.” Shannon interrupted. “So what are we to tell Liz about this?” The older woman asked as a wicked grin formed on her face. “Or for that matter your parents.” She continued. “Please Shannon don’t tell anyone, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, but please don’t tell Liz, Please! Beth pleaded near tears.

“Don’t give me any of your sluttitude Beth!” her bottom lip quivering Beth sat in silent, humiliated defeat. “Well, I’ll take a while before I decide what’s to be done, but first, you must be consequenced.” Shannon informed her as she moved into a seated position on the edge of the bed. “Over my knee Beth, right now.” Shannon ordered sternly. The blonde obeyed and was soon lying prone across Shannon’s lap. Beth’s ass quivered with frightened anticipation and Shannon chose to let her stir a bit before the spankings began. She gripped Escort Ümraniye the blonde hair with her left hand and pulled up while simultaneously driving her elbow into the middle of Beth’s back. This maneuver caused Beth’s upper torso to come off the bed and she supported herself with her hands while keeping her ass up and in place across Shannon’s lap.

SMACK! The first blow echoed through the room accompanied by Beth’s squeal. “Why is this happening?” Shannon asked of Beth as she landed the second slap.

SMACK. Beth cried out once more. Shannon was enjoying the quivering and then jiggling of the young woman’s lovely firm ass. So much so that her own pussy juice was simply flowing. “Answer cunt!” SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

“Because I smelled your panties!” Beth screamed in desperation. “Wrong!” SMACK. Beth’s lily-white ass was now beet red.

“Because…” SMACK “Because I was touching myself in your bathroom!” “Wrong tramp!” SMACK. “Shannon I don’t know why then!” Beth bellowed out with tears streaking her cheeks SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. “This is happening because you were being a filthy little WHORE and your slutty pussy was getting all wet doing it!” Shannon told her as she delivered the final SMACK before pushing the young girl off her lap.

Beth laid there whimpering on the mattress as Shannon pondered what to do with her young lover next, it was at this point that she noticed her thighs were coated in Beth’s cum. She looked down at the red-bottomed teen on her bed; Beth’s panties were soaked. Shannon reached for the blonde’s waistband and pulled them down. Beth began a protest but was quickly cut off “Do want me to tell everyone your dirty little secrets?” Shannon asked rhetorically to which Beth had no verbal answers, however her body language raised a white flag of surrender. Shannon finished tugging the bikini bottoms off Beth’s legs.

“That’s what I thought, so don’t give me anymore of your sluttitude! Besides, you might just enjoy this.” Shannon took a minute to admire the pink and yellow poke-a-dotted panties drenched in teenage pussy ooze. “Not to mention, you’ve had the pleasure of smelling my pussy, I think that it is only fair that I get to smell yours.” Added, Shannon as she moved the underwear to her face and inhaled.

The fragrance was magnificent, dizzying in fact. For a moment, Shannon was so caught up in smelling her scent that she nearly forgot that Beth was in the room with her. When she snapped back to reality Shannon saw not just Beth’s presence but those big, blue, young eyes were excitedly taking in Shannon’s every move, eager for Shannon’s thoughts on her aroma. “Smells…” Shannon caught herself getting ready to unload some further verbal abuse on her daughter’s life-long best friend and first lover and decided to change her pace.

“Wonderful.” Shannon finished after a moment of thought. Her response triggered what could only be described as a shit-eating grin to spread across the blonde’s face. Shannon caressingly ran her fingers through Beth’s hair. “Do you love Liz?” asked the milf which was followed by Beth silently averting her gaze. “Beth, it is okay, I’ve know for years that you two… play… with each other. Are you two in love?” Beth nodded.

Shannon was overcome with warm, fuzzy feelings as she sat next to the blonde, put an arm around her, and tucked the blondes head under her chin, chest to chest. “That’s wonderful Beth, I am happy to hear that, and I am totally flattered and excited that I turn you on also… Beth… have you two, you know, done anymore than just touch each other?” Beth obviously felt uncomfortable responding but after a short pause, Beth said “We want to, but, well I don’t know what to do, I’m afraid that I won’t be… good at it.”

“My guess is that Liz likes to be in control… and you like being controlled?” asked Shannon to which Beth nodded in affirmation. Shannon reached for the blondes face and turning it to her own with her pointer finger under Beth’s chin. “I have a lot of experience with this, and I will teach you what you need to know, then come Monday no one else needs to know what we do here tonight.” Beth’s response was classically submissive: “okay”.

“First, I want you to play with that sweet little pussy for me… I want to watch you pleasure yourself.” The older woman ordered softly. The teen compiled eagerly looking into Shannon’s eyes, the entire time grinning with innocent anticipation. Shannon repressed the urge to laugh as studied how Beth masturbated taking mental notes for the activities to come; she added the demand. “Don’t let yourself orgasm!” Soon enough the blonde was tensed ridged, Shannon knew that the need to cum was probably nearing painful now.

“Well, I’ve smelt your pussy, I’ve watched it, now I want to taste that sweet little slut tunnel you’ve got down there.” Said Shannon. Beth let out an excited and high pitched “oh-oh!” as she griped her legs under the knees pulling them both high and wide apart. “Um sweetie, it doesn’t really work that way, not that I wouldn’t love to dive in there, but you are my little sub fuck meat.” Beth looked up at her puzzled like a dog when you switch brands of food on them. “So, get on your hands and knees” Shannon continued as Beth complied. “Put your face down against the mattress and you ass up into the air.” Shannon finished.

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