A Mischief Ch. 02

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His hand gently squeezed the right boob as standing behind me and I was rubbing his throbbing member by my back.

This was the end of chapter 01. For the readers who had not read the first chapter, he is Kumar aged 19, well built with 5′ 11″ height, broad shoulders with wheatish complexion and all above that a loveable guy with husky male voice and well hung member.

I, Kamala aged 22, a beautiful village girl with necessary curves, in post graduate second year. My boobs were not large but at the correct size with pride posing straight like two small mountains and my abs also in exact shape so as to make all even older people to look back. My legs were long and add beauty as I was 5′ 7″ height which is above normal in our area in India.

He is my cousin, younger brother studying in college under graduate course. I came to his home during my study holidays. My uncle and aunt had gone out for a function.

I felt his warm breath in my cheek while he was gently biting my ear lobes. The same act he had done just before, his lips perfectly awakening me and moved towards my lips. I got a kiss right on my lips for the first time and he maneuvered well and aroused me a lot.

”Kamala, just open your mouth”

I responded as per instructions and his tongue entered and whirled in my mouth creating an ecstasy and itch between my thighs right point, think clitoris in the pussy. His right hand was now palming my right breast while the left hand came to the vacant area between my blouse and petticoat.

“Stand up and turn to me”

I obeyed sincerely and felt his member in the navel as his hand had lowered my saree along with petticoat and I could sense my pubic hair being gently touched by his fingers.

“Kumar”, I said, “this is too much for me and unable to cope up with the burning desires, so please do it fast.”

With again a mischievous smile, “sister, you are really hotter than expected and now ready for the practical. Is it?”

“Yes”, I whispered and now looked into his face with some courage. “I haven’t expected it will be so nice and tempting”.

“Good, now what do you want me to do?”, asked Kumar.

“I don’t know, but I had heard only and not even seen any acts like this so far. What will you do to me now?”

“I am going to open your blouse and free your breasts.”

In spite of all my lust, desire, eager whatever you call, there came some feeling that, it was wrong for a sister to do these indifferent activities with her brother may be younger or older. I began to feel nervous.

I was a customary village girl, ofcourse with some burning inborn desires, but my conscious insisted me not to allow him to have direct physical contact and instead allowed to have some compromises.

The advices, of many elders to keep me pure until marriage or otherwise it will be a shame to me, began to creep in my mind above all things happening to me.

With lust on one side mounting heavily and the customs of our culture cautioning me, I tried to cut down my emotions. I wanted to experience the pleasure without damaging my future.

“Oh! No, you should not see them as they are the treasures of my future husband. So without opening you do anything”

He looked deeply into my eyes. “Then I will wait until you say what you want. Ok”, with that he began to knead my protruding nipples with both the hands and at the same time his big palms were squeezing the boobs.

I moaned and an electric wave ripped through me. “your kiss had done something and with my boobs now enjoying full attention from you, I think am wanting more than that supposed to”, as I said, his hands began to work their way superbly and the erotic situation, made my breathe fast.

“You are sexier, having most beautiful body and I always dreamt of doing this with you. I got the chance today, but will make you beg for it”

Wanting more at the same time thinking it was incest, I waited for his next move but told him, “No chance, my little boy, am in control, but you can do any thing without opening my clothes.”

“Ha! Ha!”, he simply laughed with his husky male voice, “I had seen so many like you, sister. Finally they did what I said. Do you know?”

The skills of his lips, hands and his actions made me think that he was an experienced lad, but I could not believe my ears. “Don’t tell lies, brother, I cannot be fooled.”

He gently moved in a dancing manner holding my hips and made gestures of doing the forbidden act with his hands all over my body. Suddenly, I moaned soundly and feared that somebody on the road might have heard it. “Your hands are on my pussy over my saree and petticoat and trying to invade over the clothes. It makes me feel that you are fucking, it is so nice”, I murmured to him with some expectation.

“Look down sister, it is not my hand,” said Kumar.

“Oh! My god”, when I looked down, it was the mushroom head of his enormous cock in exact position trying to enter me there…. and he had achieved it by rotating me in the dancing pose. Unable to control myself, lordbahis güvenilirmi “brother, it is there.., feels so good, but do not open the clothes” that was to be exactly said as fumbling voice that could be achieved.

“Is it? That’s all. All your games ended there itself,” the eager voice of my husband brought me to ground.

To remind you the situation, I am describing these things to my husband after nearly 20 years, made my husband to an eager listener than an angry person, to my great surprise.

At this time my beloved husband, Raja, needs to be described to you. I got married at the age of 23 the next year after this episode, to my uncle, younger brother of my own mother, as it is customary in our area. He owned a big jewellery shop in our town and nearly 14 years elder at the time of marriage. He was an average villager more or less equal to me in height. The heavy work so far had taken a toll and he was bulky with slight belly.

He was very happy to marry me as it was his dream. I enjoyed the life as I was provided with enormous wealth and love by my husband. The only deprived thing was intimate sex.

Now at the age in fifties, he began to feel some guilty that he had wasted my life. One day he said, “Kamala, I love you so much, but think I hadn’t done any thing special for you?”

I said, “After nearly 20 years of married life, now we are in a highly wealthy and comfortable stage than I bargained for. So I am grateful to you.”

“No, I don’t mean it. Be frank to my question dear. Are you really satisfied with me?”

I didn’t expect him to say about the sexual part of life and so, “My dear husband, you are very kind to me with love and affection and saved me from poverty. You had looked after me very well also, then why you are asking these types of questions.”

“No, Kamala, now I want to tell you the truth so far hurting me. I was involving myself in business more than looking after you,…. hmm, … in terms of sex, I think so.”

I was shocked to hear the word from my innocent and very loving husband. “No dear, in our country the duty of wife is to satisfy the husband, become a mother and then looking after children. You had made me a mother by giving me our child, Mohan, a very good boy, now studying in college. Am really proud to be your wife,” was my immediate reply.

He seemed to be little bit uncomfortable and wanted to say something, but hesitated. “Ok, we will talk it on another day,” he completed.

On one Wednesday evening, we both were alone at home, our son had gone out to meet his friends, my husband began to start the same topic. “Kamala, you have to promise me to tell me the truth”, he said.

I was totally confused, but said, “Sure, I will, but what do you want me to say about?”

“Regarding our sex life, from the first night itself”

“It is not correct to talk about it, dear”

“Talking to husband that too when he is asking, should be replied promptly without any inhibitions, ok”

“I was satisfied and truly love you”

What my husband told me was a shock “I think you were not a virgin at the time of our first night. Am I correct?”

All my motions including thinking were halted suddenly. “hm… why do you think so?”, I asked in a feeble voice.

“I saw the eagerness in your eyes initially and after the show was over, the despair also”, he said calmly.

“So what do you mean?”

He looked deeply into my eyes and said, “My member is not a big one, I know, but it went inside your pussy very easily without any obstructions. The used one will be like that according to my knowledge.”

“Oh! No”, I shouted out of total fear and was unable to control, begged him, “Please dear, do not think so and don’t let me.”

Now he again calmly said, “I know that you had an affair with your brother and you enjoyed it very much. One day when I told you that I had to go to the city and would come on the next day only. Do you remember?”My head began to swing. On that day my brother came home, stayed with me and went on the next day before my husband arrived.

With tears rolling down, “yes, …..”, I humbly said.

“Actually I returned around 9 pm on that day itself. While entering the house, I heard voices of you and your brother. Simply hiding me looked around until morning; I went out and came after Kumar left.”

I fell on his feet and began to begged, “Sorry, extremely sorry for that, please forgive me. Don’t throw me out. I will be true hereafter, please.”

“Look at me. Am I in anger? I might have done that on the day itself, but I didn’t because I love you so much and don’t want to spoil our family name and of course my future also.”

He lifted, hugged and consoled me. “At first I was in anger, despair and everything in the world. Then calmly thought about the situation, your age, beauty, body desires and above all I know that I can’t make you pregnant.”

Shocked, dumbfounded I was unable to believe the words told by him, which means, my son Mohan is not lordbahis yeni giriş his son. With shaking words, “you mean you know that you can’t make me pregnant and watched all the scenes” and again began to cry.

He calmed me down and said, “I was watching with interest and it was a great turn on for me watching my wife fucking her brother. Throughout I enjoyed the scene and happily accepted your son as my son.”

The incident happened during the second year after marriage and after that only my son was born. I didn’t know the fact, but now able to understand why my son was blessed with a well hung one, even when he was very young. But I haven’t seen him naked for years.

I looked down unable to face him and thinking about the impact of the act with total fear. I was totally upset and unable to speak anything, but there was a slight hope as he still loves me.

“Don’t worry, dear, I love you so much and had already accepted you even after seeing that. I am happy that it was within our family and will be a secret. So now tell me the truth, how everything happened.”

In great distress, I began to tell him the sequence of events, but with disbelief I watched the involvement, eagerness, interest shown by him when the incidents so far were narrated by me.

With a sound laugh, he said, “Now tell me fully” and repeated the question “Is it? That’s all. All your games ended there itself.”

Seeing him in a good mood, I regained my strength, blushed and said, “Actually I was in control and wanted to end the show safely at the same time with enjoyment. But Kumar was more than enough for me.”

He showed me the large head of his organ trying to enter in to my juicy pussy over sari, petticoat, panty and it aroused me to newer heights.

He began to grind in the dance and I could feel his member advancing and making me feel great pleasure. My body was out of my control, I whirled, moaned and wave after wave of electricity was passing from the centre of gravity to my entire body. I felt my pussy convulsing and exploding ample number of times, needing further badly.

I think it went on for nearly half an hour; my brother was grinding me over dresses. Suddenly, he began to move fast thrusting inside deeper. I felt his hands were shaking and his member was trembling. He stopped and held me tight. I could feel his hot fluid wetting my dress and even my pussy. Oh! God! he had cum on me.

The final thrust and his member’s final moments brought me full enjoyment never even dreamt and my pussy was releasing endlessly. He held me for nearly five minutes, but his member withdrew and began to soften.

I looked down at his member; it was more than 6 inches long with more girth even after it became placid. When erect it might be more than 9 inches and I think even my big hands could not encircle fully. Nearly one third might have gone inside me beyond my sari, petticoat and panty.

He said, “Sister, I think this is enough for the day, but you must know one thing. This act over the dress itself made you mad. Think if it is done actually. Only one third inside had made you to have series of orgasm. If it is fully in your pussy with full thrust, I think you will not forget it for ever.”

He paused for a moment and said, “But you have to wait for the chance whether it may or may not come. I won’t be left alone like this and somebody will be around in the home. So take a good decision and come to my room without any dress, if you really want it, otherwise just relax. Ok,” Kumar said to me and went out of my room leaving me.

My husband intervened, “What did you do? Did you go there naked in need of his cock in your pussy even before marriage, that too of your younger brother?”

I had now completely regained my composure as encouraged by my husband. With a mischievous smile, I asked him “Do you think that I went into his room naked showing him your treasures and allowing him to handle even before offering to my husband? If so, what will you say?”

My husband in soft voice said, “Please dear, I am very eager to hear what happened next in your voice.”

“Ok I will tell you what happened, you please forgive me,” with these words I continued.

I could not stand as my legs were shaking. Sitting on the bed I thought of his words, “This act over the dress itself made you mad. Think if it is done actually. Only one third inside had made you to have series of orgasm. If it is fully in your pussy with full thrust, I think you will not forget it for ever.”

I know that my aunt and uncle would be returning home around 6 p.m. only and then the time was 11.30 a.m. I was left with more than six hours to decide. I tried to calm down and think seriously about the implications.

I went near the full size mirror in the room and examined me. My blouse looked awesome as kneaded by my brother’s hand, there was still some pain in the boobs but was overtaken by the pleasure. The nipples were still hard. My bottom half was in mess and the sticky cum was clearly seen.

Raising lordbahis giriş my petticoat, I lowered my panty and looked at the pussy. It was happy, it seemed, molested by a super cock of a superb brother. I touched the enlarged lips of the pussy which was still convulsing and so far untouched clitoris was shaking. My fingers easily went into the entrance opened by the beautiful cock and pussy was very juicy.

My imagination set fast and I was wondering how it will be if the full member entered here. My body began to long for it and my fingers were moving fast in and out of pussy. Again I collapsed as another orgasm came in a flash and was unable to believe what I did. I was totally engrossed by pure lust for the real fuck immediately by my younger brother, as I might not get another chance. The entire mind was full of one thing … heavenly fuck.

My legs began to move faster than my mind and was awakened by the voice of Kumar, “I had asked you to come naked and not with dress.”

I was blinking and found that I was in Kumar’s room without conscious. He was sitting naked at the same stage and I could see the member was glistening with juices and sitting proudly on the edge of the bed in between his legs, not allowing my eyes to drift from it.

“If you want you must come naked, otherwise return to your room,” he said to me with husky voice.

I told him, “It is not fair to do so. I am not used to that. Moreover, now I can allow you to do whatever wanted. So please don’t say like this.”

“You said that you won’t show me and I should not remove cloths as they are for your future husband. But I want to fuck you naked only and before that you should do whatever I say and should be kept secret. If you accept stay here, ok,” Kumar said sternly.

I was left with no options, so, “ok brother, I obey whatever you say and keep everything secret.”

“Come here and kneel down before me.”

I did so and his glistening member was just in front of me with odour I smelled in the morning.

“I will remove your cloths,” with these words he gently removed the pin in my sari and let the loose end fell into the ground.His eyes were on my proud boobs and erect nipple.

Then, he began to unhook my blouse and I went breathless. Slowly from bottom he unhooked one by one wanting to have a full view. Finally my boobs were set free and the chill air touched the naked skin and made me shudder. He cupped each one in his hands, gently squeezed and his thumbs played with the nipple. I left out a soft moan.

“Now, stand up sister, I want to remove the blouse totally,” Kumar said softly and I obeyed. My boobs were near his face and my future husband’s treasures were seen and touched by my younger brother. He removed blouse and sari. The knot in my petticoat was also removed and it fell into the ground made me stand only with a soaked panty right in front of eager eyes of Kumar.

“Hey look at your nipple, it is upright. Look down at your panty, it is full of your juices. Think you are now mad enough to allow me to remove the panty also. Is it not?”

At the final moment, a feeble voice inside me said, “Now also it is not over, you can retreat and save you.” Before I could do any thing his right hand touched my pussy over panty and massaged it. He then smelled his hand, “It is so sweet to touch your pussy and your juices smell good,” and with it he lowered my panty to my knee.

There was no chance to me as his hands touched the lips of pussy, one finger playing with clitoris and three more fingers entering, I came almost immediately in his hands and was totally at his mercy.

“Now you tell me sister, shall I fuck you with my young cock? Make yourself sure and should not blame me in future,” he said with his husky voice with his trade mark mischievous smile.

I heard my voice saying, “Please brother I want you inside me as deep as possible. Take everything I am having whenever, wherever you want. I am fully at your disposal. Please don’t delay,” to be frank begging.

“This is what I told you early that I will make you beg for me,” he laughed soundly and asked me to raise my legs to remove the panty. As I bent to help him remove my panty my boobs were on his head and he kissed my navel while removing. My whole body was in ecstasy and his kiss in my navel made me shiver with pure lust.

“Now kneel before me”

Again the close view of his member was seen by me, like a small baby seeing its new toy. He said, “Touch it and take it in your hands.”

What I could not have done or thought of it even in the morning, I did take his member in my hand. It was soft, but I could not fully encircle. “Work on it as I did.” I tried to play like him but due to inexperience I fumbled.

“No, hereafter you should not leave it. It should be either in your hand or in mouth or in pussy.”

I was unable to hear those words, so I said, “Please, no brother, you do anything you want.”

“You must accept what I say, ok, now take it and suck my juices and by working with hand and mouth make it erect.”

Out of shear lust, I took it and the mushroom head was right near my lips and he pressed my head towards it. As I did not open my mouth, my lips were with his juice. He applied further pressure on back of my head and his cock slid into my mouth and I tasted his juice.

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