A Mistake Ch. 02

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Asian Babe

Hey people, if you’ve not read “A Mistake Ch. 1”, please do so as this is a direct continuation of the previous part.


The next morning, when Nicole’s eyes fluttered open, the first thing she perceived was the feeling of warmth and utter comfort under her thick blanket. But it wasn’t only the warmth from the blanket itself that made her feel so cozy, it was the warmth radiating from the body beside her nude body. For a moment, Nicole had to think as to why there was someone else in her bed. But as memories of last night flooded back to her mind, she felt the warmth spread down to her slender thighs as a smile slowly spread across her face.

Kevin, she thought to herself as she slowly opened her eyes and gazed at the wall of her bedroom infront of her. She could feel Kevin’s broad chest pressed against her back, the ever so slight movement of his chest as he slept; his breathing steady and deep. His arm around her tummy felt nice and comforting, so did his leg which he had hooked over and placed between her legs. Nicole couldn’t remember the last time when she had felt this familiar warmth and coziness of having him wrapped around her. Somehow she had never felt so protected or cared with anyone else as she did with Kevin.

Moving carefully so as not to wake him up, Nicole turned around and faced Kevin. He was still asleep. Nicole studied his face; he never did have that boyish charm or looks. He always had more of a moody look with his unshaven stubble and dark eyes. There was something attractive about his silence, his brooding behaviour and that fierce passion which he harboured inside. Looking at him sleeping next to her now, she realised just how much she had missed him. Nicole was scared too. She didn’t know why he had come back to Manhattan; if he had come back for real or if he was just visiting through. She didn’t even know what he had in mind about them or if last night had been just an one night thing. The questions would come later, she thought to herself. Right now she was just glad that he was here.

Gently she leaned more into his hold and kissed him gently on his lips. Moving slowly, she trailed her path down with soft kisses starting from on his lips, his jaw, his neck and then his chest. Nicole stopped and breathed in the scent of his body; the raw masculine smell. She also noticed how his body smelt faintly of the perfume she had been wearing last night. The fact that his body had some bits of her fragnance appealed to her in a sexual way, increasing the warmth between her thighs. Sliding down more into the blanket now, she reached his abdomen. Taut and smooth, she could feel the contour of the abdominal muscles; a reward for his dedicated workout routine and regular soccer games. Kissing softly around his tummy, she slid down further to his pelvis now and to the thing she had been wanting to see.

His cock was rigid and stiff with the morning erection. She trailed her kisses around his pubic region which he kept clean shaven. She loved how he maintained his personal hygiene and how concerned he was specially when it came to the genital area. Taking his stiff member in her hands, she kissed the tip of the head of his penis gently. Kevin moved slightly, mumbling softly in his sleep. She kissed the head again, this time a little deeper inhaling the sexual scent of his manhood. The slightly pungent taste and the intoxicating smell reminded her of the days when she used to give head to Kevin. Last night, in the haze of that hurried lust and passion, there hadn’t been any time for oral sex.

Plenty of time today, she thought with a mischievous smile. Nicole decided it was enough of sleep for Kevin. The throbbing between her thighs was getting more and more pulsating. It was time he attended to her ‘needs’. Taking his penis in her right hand, she slowly started to stroke it while her left hand snaked down and behind to cup his balls. Sliding her mouth over his cock head, she pushed down taking in his shaft.

“Ummm” she moaned out seductively savouring his taste in her mouth. She started building up a rhythm, her right hand stroking his penis, her left gently gripping his balls while she sucked on his penis. Kevin’s penis would approximately be around 9 inches or so, and the width was good enough to stretch her pussy more than enough to have her gushing. Pushing her mouth down on his shaft, she could take in just more than half his length before she felt herself gagging slightly. She pulled back for air and went down again, this time her tongue swirling and flicking around the head of his cock. After a few seconds, she could feel movement and then the blankets were suddenly pulled off. She looked up to see Kevin wide awake but he didn’t make any attempt to get up, instead watched her with his dark eyes as she worked on his love tool.

“Fuck, girl…” Kevin let out a whisper before throwing his head back into his pillow as she bobbed on his stiff member. Feeling a sense of pride at her ability isveçbahis to make him feel this good, Nicole tugged on his balls to intensify the feel just as Kevin let out a hoarse cry.

“Goddamit, Nicole!” He cried out putting his hands on the back of her head spurring her on. She could feel his precum leaking on to her tongue as it swirled sinfully around the opening of his glans penis. Suddenly, Kevin got up, pulling her head off his cock and bringing her face close to his. Pulling her down, he kissed her on her lips. Nicole didn’t need any invitation and opened her lips to take in his tongue. She felt a guttural growl escape into her mouth from Kevin, as he tasted himself on her tongue. Nicole did her best to duel with his tongue but he won out, taking over her’s and sucking it in between his lips savouring the mixture of her taste as well as his own. His right hand snaked down from behind her back, going down to her ass and then parting her thighs apart. His hand moved down her ass crack and reached her pussy. She could feel his lips curl into a smile, as he felt the dampness of her folds.

Breaking the kiss, Kevin said, “Get that pussy up here, I wanna eat you!” Nicole was already changing her position even before he had finished; her throbbing pussy needed his attention badly. Turning around, she brought her legs near his face as she went around to his stiff member once more. Moving down to take his cock back into her mouth, Nicole felt Kevin’s hands on her legs as he swung her left leg over his face so that he was now in between her thighs.

“Well well, someone’s more than ready.” He teased looking at her shaven pussy which was already wet. Sliding her body up a bit more, he kissed the insides of her thigh while Nicole went down on his cock again. Trying to fight off the pleasure that his kisses were giving her, she stroked his shaft as she sucked the head. As she built up a rhythm once more, she felt Kevin push his hips up matching the flow of her mouth. But it was getting harder to ignore the sweet pain he was inciting on her soft thighs as he now started to gently bite the skin. Kissing all the way till he reached her dripping vagina, he ran his tongue along her slit and dipped it into her wet pussy folds.

“Shit!” Nicole’s mouth came off his cock as the sudden feel of his warm tongue inside her sent waves of pleasure through her hip. Kevin licked along her wet walls, taking in her love juice; her taste on his tongue felt heavenly. Deliberately he avoided touching her clit which was now engorged and begging for attention. Instead he worked on her walls, licking and kissing the folds. Nicole started to push more of her pussy into his face as some of his stubble brushed across her clit illiciting a sharp intake of breath from her. But he still didn’t touch her clit.

“Kev, give me that! Give me that tongue babe…” Nicole said, her voice heavy with her panting. She resumed her stroking of his cock but couldn’t concentrate as Kevin’s tongue danced in between her velvet folds. The tension built up more with every flick of his tongue, her clit screaming out for his attention, for the sweet release. She started humping Kevin’s face trying to getting his mouth on her clit.

“Fuck, Kev. Stop being such a tease.” She cried out frustrated as he still didn’t heed to her humping. The itching intensified so much that she slid other hand to touch herself but he caught it and pinned it to her side.

“Come on, Nicole” he laughed, “Just tell me what you want, babe.” Irked by his taunting tone, Nicole grinded her ass into his face trying to get his tongue on her clit. Still he evaded her sensitive button, and instead dipped his tongue into her depths. Nicole closed her eyes at the feeling of his tongue inside her but it wasn’t enough. Frustrating and lust finally bioling over, she shouted out;

“Goddamit, fuck me with that bloody tongue of yo-“

Her voice got cut off by her sudden sharp intake of breath as Kevin latched on to her engorged clit with his mouth. Flicking the clit with his tongue, he sucked on it, tugging on it gently with his lips. Nicole silenced her scream as she buried her face in his tummy, her free hand clenching hard around his cock as she started furiously pumping his penis; her hand running smoothly along his shaft, made slick with her saliva. Kevin thrusted up in response to her strokes, harder and faster while he worked on her clit. Along with his mouth, he slipped in his finger into her pussy depths; first one and then another. The two fingers drilled into her depths as she started humping faster against them. Hooking his fingers, Kevin grazed the rough area inside her vagina where the G-spot was. The appreciative moan from her and the quickening of her thrusts told him, he had hit the right area. Kevin was feeling his own orgasm building up as Nicole now started to suck the head of his dick and maintained the stroking of his cock. Trying his best to divert his attention and delay his release, isveçbahis giriş he sucked on her clit, licked it, rubbed it with the broad surface of his tongue and finally grazed his teeth against it. He pumped in his fingers into her depths without mercy, as his lips locked around her sensitive bud sucking and tugging on it. He could feel her body stiffen up and her breath get caught up as he again grazed his teeth across her clit.

“Ooooohhh..” Nicole’s hoarse moan of pleasure was quickly followed by a shudder that ran through her body as finally the tension in her clit broke and the orgasm swept over her body. Her pussy walls contracted around his fingers, as he felt her whole body shake. Letting go off her clit, he licked up her juices that had flowed out in copious amounts, spilling over his face and chest and wetting the bed sheet. Nicole slumped down over his body, her breathing coming in ragged gasps and her chest heaving. Kevin got up, swinging her legs over, turning her over and bringing her up to him.

Nicole’s smoky grey eyes were hazed with lust, her beautiful face flushed and her hair askew. If possible, she looked even more ravishing than last night. He pulled her into his arms, closing his mouth over her. Running his tongue over her lips, he again tasted himself but this time along with her love juices. In a contented manner, Nicole lazily sucked on his tongue savouring the taste of her pussy. But Kevin wasn’t done. Adjusting his position so that she was now straddling him, he reached down and directed his now aching cock to her soaking entrance. Nicole broke the kiss, feeling his head at her entrance and looked down as she slowly but firmly impaled herself on his cock. Her eyes remained fixed as his dark cock slipped into her pink depths. She took in half of his length before giving out a moan; the fullness of having his cock inside her felt incredibly pleasurable and also a bit painful. She was still a bit sore from last night. But the pain quickly vanished as she lowered herself more on his cock, her wet walls covering the length of his hard member with warm moisture. Kevin threw his head back and closed his eyes as Nicole lowered herself completely on his cock, taking in his entire 9 inches.

“Shit, babe…shit! Damn, you’re tight Nicole.” He said through gritted teeth. The feeling of her velvety softness and that incredible warmth of her pussy felt heavenly on his cock. He fell back onto the bed, taking her with him pressing her body to his. Nicole snuggled her face into his neck, her body still trembling with the previous orgasm and from the fullness of his cock inside her. Sliding his hands down to her ass, Kevin lifted it up so that some length of penis slipped out, before he thrusted up pushing in his entire length. Nicole moaned into his neck, the friction bringing back the itching in her clit again. Kevin slowly started to build a gentle rhythm working her pussy along the length of his dick. Her tightness and the wet warmth, along with the friction made Kevin groan out in esctacy.

“Kev…” She whispered as he started to increase the roughness of his thrusts, pushing in deeper and building a faster rhythm. Kevin’s cock pistoned in and out of her sopping pussy; Nicole started to grind into his cock as another wave of tension started to build inside her lower belly. Kevin’s one hand ran through her hair, catching it and yanking her head back so that they were facing each other now. His hold in her hair was just firm enough to produce that erotic pain. Nicole was in a haze; Kevin could be rough when he wanted to and she loved it in some strange feral way when he would become aggressive ij bed. They both looked into each other’s lust filled eyes; her’s hazy and glazed over with pleasure while his, fierce and animalistic as he slammed into her. There was wet slapping sound as his hips hit forcibly against her’s, his cock barraging into her wet pussy.

Nicole’s breaths came out in grunts, her moans now turned to silent screams as her mouth remained open but no sound came out. Her body shuddered with ever stroke of Kevin’s cock inside her. Kevin moved her head to his right side and went for her neck this time. Tugging and kissing the skin which was already red with last night’s lovemaking, he lifted his hips up slightly and started fucking her pussy as hard as he could. Because her pussy was wet and his cock was now covered with her vaginal fluids, it pistoned into her depths smoothly with hardly any resistance. They were both covered in a seductive mixture of their sweat, their saliva and her juices; her body slipping over his. Sweat beads started to form on Kevin’s forehead as he could feel his release getting closer and closer. Every thrust of his was rubbing against her swollen clit and the head of his penis was grazing against the sensitive G-Spot area. He could feel she was getting closer as her own rhythm quickened and her grunting grew hoarse. Nicole matched his thrusts with her own, coming down hard on isveçbahis yeni giriş his throbbing dick. Nicole could feel her second orgasm; bigger than the earlier, rising inside of her like a crescendo. Her dirty blonde hair stuck to her body; the wet strands of hair streaking across her face.

“Fuck, yeah! Yeah, come on babe, more! Harder, fuck me harder! Give it to me!” Nicole ran her hands around his head, as she cried out in pleasure and the impending orgasm that was about to take over her body. “Yeah, babe fuck that pussy hard!”

Nicole’s dirty talk, the smell of her body and the sensation of her tight pussy around his dick was driving Kevin crazy. Knowing he wasn’t far off now, he bit into her neck. The bite wasn’t deep to draw blood, but it was enough to illicit that sweet pain. And that proved to be the tipping point for Nicole. The pain over her sensitive skin, the fullness of dick inside of her and mostly the insanely pleasuring feel of dick hitting her G-spot finally tipped her over as her second wave of orgasm ripped through her body. In a kaleidoscopic collision of pain and several shades of pleasure, exploded inside her pure and unbridled ecstasy. She threw her head back, her mouth open but her scream was caught out in her throat, her eyes rolled back as her entire body spasmed with the shockwaves of her orgasm. Her pussy muscles tightened and clamped down around Kevin’s dick as he too lost control. The sight of her beautiful face convulsing into a look of utter esctacy and the feeling of her pussy walls contracting around his dick proved to be too much. He gave one final push, going deeper into her than before and then his orgasm shattered through his body as he came deep inside of her.

Nicole could feel his dick grow bigger and heard the deep growl of pleasure from Kevin, as he pushed in for the final stroke and felt his cum gushing out inside her, striking her pussy walls and her cervix. The sensation of his hot semen inside of her brought another different feel of completeness. She felt three jets of cum inside her before Kevin finally stopped pumping and she fell back on his heaving chest. His dick now growing flaccid slipped out of her well satisfied pussy. But she felt a sudden emptiness as his dick came out; that blissful feel of fullness was suddenly gone. But he covered her with his arms and planted little kisses on her sweaty forehead, brushing away her hair.

“I love you, Kevin Volland.” She whispered against his chest, never meaning the sentence more than that moment.

“I love you too, Nicole.” She heard him say, as he continued kissing her forehead. She closed her eyes allowing the feeling of utter comfort take over her.


By the time Kevin had returned with breakfast, Nicole was done with her bath. She came out of her bathroom, wrapping her towel around her body just as she heard the front door open.

“Kev?” She called out from her bedroom, making her way across to her wardrobe.

“Yeah, I got breakfast.” Kevin’s voice came back from the living room to which the kitchen was attached. Nicole quickly grabbed a grey tee not caring for a bra. She was about to pick out a pair of pyjamas but then thought better of it. Instead she slipped on a black panty and ditched the pyjamas. It wasn’t cold inside her apartment, the heating system was working properly. Plus, she thought it would be fun to put on a show for Kevin.

Drying her hair with the towel, she walked out of the bedroom towards her kitchen. She saw Kevin setting the food packets down on the counter. He was wearing the same clothes which he had worn to the party last night. For a few moments, she just stood there leaning against the wall of her kitchen watching him searching for plates in the cabinets. She felt a strange feeling inside of her watching him; something between happiness and regret. Happiness to see him back again, while regret was that she had held on to her ego when she should have visited him once. It wasn’t that she didn’t know where he lived. He was always on the TV whenever Manchester United played. She had even watched some of his matches, alone on the TV. After that she would go to sleep feeling even more depressed and missing him more.

She shook her head to break her stream of thoughts as he looked around and saw her. She saw his eyes trail down her body, stopping for a moment on her panties and then down her thighs all along the length of her legs.

“Look at you.” He chuckled. “Who’s the tease now?”

She laughed and gave a quick spin, wiggling her ass at him. He shook his head still chuckling.

“Come over here, you!” He said, “I can’t find the damn dishes!” She walked over to him and pulled out two dishes from a cabinet. Setting down the plates on the counter, she took out the food while he took out the two cups of steaming coffee. It was only at the smell of the freshly made bacon and eggs, did she realise how hungry she was. They both sat down to have breakfast. She watched him eat in silence. Nicole had so many questions to ask him, she didn’t know where to start. But she had to ask.

“You never told me, what are you doing here in Manhattan?” Inside she prayed he was back for good.

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