A Morning To Remember

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It was a rainy fall morning and the house was empty and quiet. Due to the dark, cold morning, Kim had decided to stay under the covers a little longer than usual. It wasn’t sleep she was seeking, it was more about peaceful relaxation than anything else. Life was suddenly quiet, a very uncommon, and very welcome circumstance.

Life was usually so hectic around the house, but the last few days had been so nice. Her husband was away on business and her son was away with his high school on a 4 day trip to Washington, DC. Her daughter and one of her daughter’s friends, who was staying with them for a while, were away for fall break visiting her oldest son at the college he was attending.

As she watched the rain run down the windows, she found a relaxation that she hadn’t found in years. She pulled the thick comforter up to her chin – she felt so secure and comfortable. She started thinking about her husband and how they used to enjoy nothing more than escaping on a fall weekend and sleeping in on a cool, inclement morning like this one. On those weekends, relaxation would often turn into soft, passionate lovemaking.

As she drifted into that wonderful fantasy, she felt herself stir just a bit between her legs. An orgasm had always helped her reach an even deeper sense of peace, especially a solo orgasm. She had always been best at bringing herself to the highest level of sexual arousal and she knew that now was a perfect moment.

She slid off her panties and started slowly running here finger over the opening of her vagina. She was well trimmed and her lips were very smooth, adding to the sensation. As she slowly increased the depth of her penetration, she began to feel herself moistening. Finally, her finger slid deep inside and she softly whimpered from the wonderful sensation. With her finger quite moist now, she slid it up until it made the lightest contact with the tip of her clitoris. She began making slow circles around her clit with increasing pressure. It wasn’t long before she had to stop to gather herself.

Once again she began the slow circles, once in a while sliding one or two fingers inside herself. With the fingers of her other hand she was gently squeezing her nipples which were quite hard, partly from arousal and partly from the chilly air in the room. Finally, she let herself go over the edge and slid into a wonderful orgasm that lasted for several minutes. It would peak and then soften, peak and then soften. As she felt the climax slipping away, she dozed off into a wonderful, peaceful sleep.

As her eyes opened, she noticed that the day hadn’t changed much. It was a little brighter due to the passing of two and a half hours, but to her delight, the rain and the chill had not disappeared. She thought about what the rest of the day would hold for her. She had caught up on all of the cleaning and grocery shopping yesterday when the weather was better, so the day was pretty open. A shower and a cup of coffee would be a good start, she thought.

As the warm bahis siteleri water of the soft shower ran over her chilled body, she again drifted back to a time when she was younger – much younger this time. She was a small girl, maybe nine or ten, standing in a warm shower like this one. She remembered noticing for the first time that she was starting to get a puffiness around her nipples. She had recently begun noticing older girls and that they had breasts. She had asked a question or two but was always told that she should just wait and they would come. And now they were starting to grow, and it excited her a bit.

She also remembered noticing a few showers later that she was starting to grow hair in places she had never had hair before. Living in a very modest household, she had never seen a naked adult before and had no idea why this was happening. She remembered asking a friend and learning that it was perfectly normal. She remembered that her and her friend had snuck into her friend’s parents room and looked at magazines with naked women in them and saw pubic hair for the first time. She remembers being excited by that as well.

She remembered the same friend had asked her if she ever touched herself and she remembered being embarrassed by the question. Again, a modest household does not lend itself to sexual exploration. The friend had told her how wonderful it felt and that she did it everyday, sometimes twice.

So she had begun exploring a brand new world. The thoughts of her younger days got her tingling again and she began to softly touch herself. First her sensitive nipples, then to her now warm and very wet vagina. She had a very special way of making the shower head bring her to levels of pleasure that nothing else could. After several minutes of teasing, she flowed into her second orgasm of the young morning.

After her coffee, half a bagel and a load of wash, she decided to take care of some banking she had put off all week. The bank was a bit of a drive, so today would be perfect for it. As she left she recalled the wonderful morning she had experienced and was very contented.

When she arrived back at the house, she switched the load of laundry and began folding the clothes that were in the dryer. The house was a bit too quiet so she decided to put on a some music to take up some of the emptiness. She began climbing the stairs to the second level to retrieve her CD case when she heard something in the hall bathroom. It sounded like the water was running but there was no one home. The sound spooked her for a minute until she noticed Sarah’s overnight bag on the banister. Sarah was her daughter’s friend who lived with them. She must have been dropped off at the house while she was at the bank.

The door to the bathroom was open and she could see in. She saw Sarah leaning over the tub washing her hair, completely naked. Sarah was a pretty girl who had not completely developed into a woman yet. Her body was beautifully shaped, but her breasts were still rather youth-like, canlı bahis siteleri very much like her own were at that age. She was mesmerized by the girls nakedness.

Before she could turn away, Sarah turned and caught her eye. She gasped and headed quickly down the stairs. Her embarrassment was overwhelming. How would she explain staring like that?

Just then Sarah came down the stairs wrapped in a towel. She was smiling and didn’t seem upset at all. She asked, “Why did you run away like that? You scared me.”

“I didn’t mean to run, I just thought you would be embarrassed if you knew that I’d seen you.” she said. She felt herself flushing from the blood running to her face. How was she going to make Sarah believe that she wasn’t staring?

“I would never be embarrassed,” Sarah said, “We’re very open at our.” Sarah’s father was transferred to Florida. Although her parents moved in late September, they left her behind with us to finish senior year of high school.

“Really? We were never open in my home as a child. We’re a little more open here, but we never see each other completely naked,” Kim said.

“I think the human body, especially the female body, is a beautiful thing and should never be hidden away. I would walk around naked all the time if it was OK, my Mom and I always do at home”, Sarah said with a smile.

“I agree that naked feels wonderful, but society just doesn’t see it that way,” Kim said.

Sarah smiled, dropped the towel and said, “Well I do.”

Kim gasped when the towel hit the floor. Not a gasp of horror, more a gasp of disbelief. This beautiful young girl was standing before her as naked as she could be, and it was exciting her way too much.

“Well, what do you think?” Sarah asked, smiling.

What did she think? So many thoughts went through her head in the split second of time between the girl’s question and her completely unexpected answer, “You look amazing.”

“Do you really think so? I think I look like a little girl. I’ll be in nineteen next year and I still look like a Girl Scout.”

“Let Mother Nature take it’s course sweetie, you are absolutely beautiful.” She knew if she didn’t end this conversation soon something regrettable was going to happen. “You’d better go back upstairs and put on some clothes before somebody walks in and thinks something they shouldn’t be thinking”.

“Just what IS something they shouldn’t be thinking?”, Sarah said giggling as she bounced up the stairs, her perfect little causing a stir in Kim’s groin for the third time that morning.

What the hell was she thinking? This girl, although transforming into a beautiful woman very quickly, was still an 18 year old girl. Was the little giggle confirmation that she wanted something to happen? Would it be regrettable or wonderful?

“Kim, could you bring me my small suitcase by the front door”? The words broke her out of the spell she was falling under. Now more thoughts crept in. Was she still going to be naked when she canlı bahis got upstairs? How would she react if she were? “Ok, hang on a minute”.

As she got to the door of the bedroom where Sarah was staying, she was floored by what she saw. Sarah was on her back on the bed completely naked, legs facing the door and spread wide open. Sarah was gently rubbing her very wet, very beautiful pussy. Kim was stuck like her feet were glued to the floor and her neck was nailed to her shoulders. Her eyes were fixed on the girls body and there was no looking away.

What seemed like minutes, probably more like ten seconds, went by before their eyes met. The smile on Sarah’s face confirmed the fact that she wanted more than her suitcase. “All that naked talk really turned me on and I have to do something about it”.

There was no point in resisting now, her will power was demolished by the sight on the bed. “You really are beautiful, Sarah,” she said. She took a few steps toward the girl as her fingers began to move a bit faster and with a little more purpose. The girls smile turned from cheerful to seductive as Kim sat on the edge of the bed. Sarah leaned forward begging for a kiss and it was granted. A long, loving kiss the crushed any last thoughts of turning back.

Kim’s hands slid to the girls puffy areolas and began a gentle but deliberate massage. She heard a low moan from Sarah as she brought her lips to first one then the other nipple, sucking gently as she continued massaging the other. She journeyed down the girls stomach with gentle, well placed kissed and licks of her tongue until she reached the mound of very sparse pubic hair just above her soaked, aroma filled pussy. She kissed and sucked her pubic mound for a while causing Sarah’s hips to begin gently begging her lower. Slowly she let her tongue find its way to her pussy lips. She teased her by sliding her tongue up and down the opening without entering. The girls pussy was covered with an almost invisible fuzz that made the experience incredible. From time to time she would drop to her inner thigh and suck the area just below the crease on either side, driving the girl crazy.

The drop of pussy juice that ran out of her pussy to the bed was the official “starter’s pistol” and caused her to drive her tongue deep inside the girls soaking wet pussy with one hard push. Sarah gasped as Kim’s tongue fucked her like the cock of a young a boy on fire with lust. The taste was overwhelming and Kim was as close to a massive orgasm as her young victim obviously was. The moment she took the girls clit between her lips and sucked, she exploded. Not a little climax, but a soaking wet, earth shattering orgasm. At the same moment, Kim felt her own pussy explode and completely soak the panties and the jeans she was wearing. Never had she actually accomplished an orgasm without some kind of contact – but this whole day had been amazing and filled with firsts, why not this, too?

Once the orgasm finally subsided, Sarah threw her head back and moaned long and loud. The look on her face was like nothing Kim had ever seen, a contentment that only that kind of experience can bring. She wondered as she laid there what the rest of the weekend alone with this young girl would hold…

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