A Morning with Bill

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It was just after 7 am on Saturday morning, and I was surfing the web before getting out of bed to start the day. I checked the messages for my adult dating site account, and saw a new note. A man named Bill had liked my profile and was interested in a meet – nothing serious, just a chance to get to know each other.

He didn’t have any photos attached, but his profile described him as medium height, a bit on heavier side, and mid 40s. He was gay and single, suggesting a man who could accommodate a visit, and knew his way around a cock! I sent a note back saying I’d be up for meeting in public, sooner the better if he was still available. To my delight, a return message appeared several minutes later. He suggested a Starbucks off the freeway about 15 miles away. I knew the location well and eagerly accepted the offer.

Jumping out of bed with an already half hard-on, I quickly brushed my teeth, got cleaned up, and threw on some loose jeans, a t-shirt, and comfortable shoes and headed out the door. I normally would shower before meeting, but had already done so at the gym the night before after a short run. I didn’t think a little man-smell from sleeping would be an issue, especially since Bill had suggested just a casual “get to know each other” cup of coffee, and intimated that he didn’t get involved physically straight away. Even so, my heart was already picking up its pace in anticipation of the unknown on the drive over.

Bill said he’d be wearing shorts and a sweatshirt, and reading a book if there first. When I got to the coffee shop, I didn’t see anybody fitting the description, so I ordered a vanilla latte and took a seat, scanning each person who entered while simultaneously trying to appear somewhat cool (and failing I’m sure).

After about 10 interminable minutes, a stocky man walked in fitting his description. As advertised, he was dressed very casually for a crisp October morning – red and white striped shorts down to his knees with a gray hooded sweatshirt and flip-flop sandals. His hair was a grayish blond, which was unexpected for some reason. His hair was matched by a grayish blond goatee.

After his hair, I immediately noticed his huge calves which narrowed at the ankles. Their girth hinted at sturdy thighs hiding under his shorts. His upper body was barrel shaped, with a thick neck protruding from what must have been an XXL sweatshirt. He looked neither overly fat nor overly fit – just a big guy, which was right up my alley. I was already imagining what it would be like to be up against his heavy nakedness.

He looked around and I gave him a rather meek nod. He came right over with a big grin and we introduced ourselves. His large hand quite dwarfed my own bony fingers as we shook. After pleasantries, he went back to order a cup of black coffee and returned. We got to chatting right away, and he told me about his job as a consulting demetevler escort contractor on a large construction project at a major university not far away. Socially, he tended to enjoy the pub scene near the university, and casually mentioned his frequent success in finding curious younger men to take back to his place. He said it was nice to have a chat with a man nearer his own age, who could relate to the same cultural references. Overall, Bill was very outgoing and warm, and I felt very relaxed in his company. I was hoping this conversation would soon lead to more than just coffee.

Sure enough, he was feeling the same way. He invited me over to his nearby apartment to check out his classic rock collection on original vinyl. His flat was only a short distance away, and he offered to drive. I jumped into the passenger seat of his pickup truck and we were off.

Bill’s pad was simple but very comfortable, with a large sofa and easy chair in front of a large flatscreen TV. He grabbed two glasses of water from the tap and came back and sat next to me. We engaged in some more small talk for a few minutes until Bill got up to put on a King Crimson album. Although I was more relaxed around him than I would normally be around someone I just met, I was also desperately yearning to be closer to him. Bill must have sensed my eagerness. After fiddling with the stereo for a spell, he turned and cut me off in the middle of a sentence, asking quite directly: “What do you really want right now?” I timidly replied, “Your cock, I think.” Standing next to me while I sat on the sofa, he simply smiled and said, “Well, then come and get it.”

I immediately sat up as he stepped in front of me. I placed my hands on his hips and stroked up and down, feeling the strong butt muscles with my head almost pressed against his sweatshirted belly. His pure manliness was intoxicating and I was just taking it in slowly. After a minute or two of just rubbing up and down his thighs and ass, Bill asked, “I believe you wanted my shorts off?”

I leaned back and felt the thick bulge forming under his ridiculous red and white stripes. After fumbling a bit with the button, I slid them to his ankles and he kicked them over towards the door. He made a rounded tent inside his white briefs and I knew this was the moment of truth. I cupped the bulge and massaged it in my hand for a minute with my face just an inch away. Thick blond curls protruded out of his briefs, joining the hair on his thick thighs. Finally, I knew it was the moment of truth and I relished the joy of seeing his thick meat flop out as I slid his underpants off.

His thick blondish bush surrounded a perfectly smooth cut cock, with a swelling thick shaft and even thicker head. It looked absolutely delicious. I stroked it in my long fingers as he took a half step back allowing otele gelen escort me better access. The thickness of his legs and cock were spectacular, and quite in contrast to my own frame. His cock quickly became fully erect, with a more pinkish head as it came to its full potential with a slight curvature upwards. It wasn’t the longest cock I ever saw, but it was by far the thickest.

I gently caressed and tugged his large balls with my left hand, while my right hand stroked his shaft in a twisting motion. I did this for a minute or so and soon Bill’s thick hands dug into my shoulders. I asked if he’d like to lie down, and he nodded and sat next to me on the sofa, still wearing his gray sweatshirt over his thick chest and belly. I slid off the sofa and onto my knees and helped him stretch out along the sofa’s length. He fit quite well, unlike my taller frame would have done so. I pushed his inside leg against the back of the sofa.

While knelt on the carpet, I let my hands stroke along his full length – along his calves and thighs, lightly brushing against his coke and pubes, and then sliding them under his sweatshirt and over his belly and chest, and into his pits. I was exhilarated by the muskiness rising from his core. I was about to lick him when he asked me to take off all my clothes first, to which I obliged while he finally removed his sweatshirt. I returned to my knees, with my soft and smooth body contrasting against his thick hairy masculinity.

Finally it was the moment I had been waiting for, and I stretched over him and finally tasted his beautiful cock! The swollen pink head filled my salivating mouth. Bill let out a soft moan as I did so, ever so slightly raising his hips up as my mouth went down. I continued to lightly fondle his pubic hair and balls with one hand, as I began licking up and around his cock, while every now and again taking it into my mouth and sliding it up, down, and around. As he wasn’t so long, I was able to take his full length and press my lips down to his body. His cock soon gleamed with saliva and I saw the pre-come glisten at its tip. I licked around the tip so that the pre-come made a stringy line to my tongue. It was silky and wonderful.

Bill was slowly starting to thrust a bit more each time I took him deep in my mouth. He asked me to grab his cock tighter, which I did at his base, using my hand to just slide up and down perhaps a half inch or so, pressing firmly against his pubic region as I slid my mouth up and down on the rest of his shaft. He began thrusting a bit more heavily each time. Soon, he grabbed the back of my head and pushed it firmly but not forcefully with each stroke and I was in heaven realizing he was now fucking my face. I gurgled “Mmmm, fuck me, Bill. Keep fucking me,” although I’m not sure it came out so clearly.

I could balgat escort tell he was going to come soon, even before he said the same. I asked him to come in my mouth, and he let out a grunt as I felt his hot spew hit my throat. He thrust at least three times with his hands pressed firm against the back of my head, and I felt a thick blast on each thrust. I had sucked three cocks before Bill’s, but this was the first time any of them had come in my mouth. I was so happy that Bill’s beautiful cock was the first, and savored swishing his come around my mouth and then letting some of it run out, down his slick cock and into his pubic hair. I enjoyed licking every drop back up. Once I was done, I rose up off him and took a long drink of water, swirling it around to wash down on any remnants. Then I massaged his receding cock and balls while he watched.

He laid there for another few minutes as I continued gently massaging him. My own cock had grown hard as can be, and there was a small wet spot on the bottom face of his sofa where I had leaked some precome. I so enjoyed seeing him get off without having any reciprocation, but I knew now that my turn was coming.

I lifted Bill’s heavy leag’s and sat next to him, but he stood up and said, “No, you’re coming to my bed.” And then he led me down the short hall and laid me down on his large bed, with white linens glowing in the morning light. I lay on my back as he reached into a drawer and took out a bottle of lubricant and a rubber ring connected to a wire with battery and operator button. He gently rubbed the insides of my thighs and around my pubic region but it was obvious that I was already terribly excited. He slid the hard rubber ring around my cock, and it pulsed like a vibrator when he flipped the switch. It was a bit unnecessary given my arousal, but it did feel very good. Bill laid there staring at my cock as the ring hummed. He held the bottle of lubricant over my cock and let it dribble down. With just one finger he began making strokes up and down the underside and circles around the tip. It felt wonderful without being overly stimulating. He did this for a few minutes, just gazing at my medium-sized, average-thickness cock the whole time.

Finally, he crawled up and swung his leg over me so his balls and flaccid but still thick cock dangled over my face while he faced my feet. He started stroking me with one meaty hand a bit more firmly. Then he laid down with the weight of his belly on mine and took me in his mouth. He knew I wasn’t going to last long, and I didn’t. I slightly pushed him before I was going to come, to let him know, but he just pressed harder down on me. I released the most intense orgasm of my life into his warm mouth and he slurped up every bit of it.

He was now growing erect as my cock wearily subsided. But he got up to wash down with water, and when he came back he suggested we watch a movie and relax. We laid together in his bed as he popped on the flatscreen in his room. We watched a full 16-minute video featuring three chubs on a bed. We didn’t really need the stimulation, but it was something to have on while we laid and gently stroked each other’s bodies. After the climactic end of the scene, we were both ready for our own second act.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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