A Mother’s Solution – Ch. 01

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A Mother’s Solution

Carla picked at her avocado salad casually, noting the generally depressed mood of her son.

“Is everything okay, Josh?”

Josh sighed. His habit of sighing deeply was something she noticed was happening more and more recently.

“Yeah. Well, no…” He raised his sad blue eyes to look at her. “Mom, I know you really like Amy but…would you be mad if I broke up with her?” He looked at her with a mixture of curiosity and nervousness.

“Broke up with her? Why, are things not working out, honey? She’s a lovely girl.” Carla sighed but gave her son a supportive look.

“She is, and I do really like her…” Josh’s cheeks blushed a little as he poked at his food with a fork. “She and I just…well….” His cheeks turned redder as he built up the courage to say what was on his mind. “She wants to wait til we’re married…to..you know…”

“Have sex?” Carla said plainly, knowing exactly what was making her son feel so low.

Josh nodded. “Y-yeah…that. I really like her but I don’t think I can wait that long.”

“Oh, honey, I understand, I really do.” Carla reached across the table and put her hand on his. “I’ve always had the impression that you two aren’t really that…intimate…with each other. I mean, not yet anyway. Oh, honey, you poor thing!” She give his hand a gentle squeeze.

Josh enjoyed her warm, motherly touch. He forced a smile. “Thanks, Mom. We…I mean, we’ve done some stuff. It’s just, I want more. I don’t think I can wait till after college to marry her so we can…have sex.” He blushed a little deeper, looking around to make sure no other patrons had heard him.

Carla smiled supportively with her eyes. “Well, have you told her how you feel? I’m sure if she knew how much you wanted to, she’d change her mind.”

“I’ve tried to and she’ll usually give me a ha-…use her hand…” He was blushing bright red now. “But that’s as far as she’ll go until we’re married. I mean, if she’d at least suck my…I mean….do oral I might be able to wait.” Josh was clearly getting frustrated as he vented to his mother.

“Oh, I see. Wow, she’s a very…old-fashioned girl.” Carla paused, thinking about what her son had said.

Josh nodded. “Yeah…way more than I thought, too.”

“Have you ever cheated on her?”

“C’mon, Mom…you know I’d never do anything with another girl.”

“But you must have thought about it, right?” Carla smiled, a knowing twinkle in her eye.

Josh nodded. “Yeah…That’s why I’m thinking of breaking up with her. I’m 18…I don’t want to wait till I’m, like, 22 or 23 to get my first…’ Josh suddenly lowered his voice to a whisper. “…blow job.”

Carla laughed lightly, then stifled it so as not to offend her son. “Oh, I completely understand, sweetheart. Wait–she hasn’t even given you oral sex yet?” It was hard to hide the expression of utter surprise on her face.

Josh shook his head. “If she would at least do that I might be able to wait but…hands just don’t cut it.” He blushed again, never in his life thinking he’d be having a conversation like this with his own mother.

“Well, you can do that for yourself…” Carla joked.

“Exactly.” He couldn’t help but laugh a little at her comment.

Carla studied him coolly for a moment. “So, if you could have sex with someone and Amy would never find out, would you?”

Josh thought over her words carefully.

“No…I don’t think I could cheat with another girl.”

“Even if she could never, ever, ever find out?” Carla said, raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“I don’t know…I’d feel bad if she cheated on me. Plus if I do that with any girls around here it’ll get back to her somehow.”

“True, but…” Carla looked at her son levelly, and smiled. “…what if it was not with a girl around here? What if you could have sex with a woman who’d make sure it never got back to anyone, especially Amy?”

Josh sighed, clearly mulling it over. “I don’t know, Mom. I guess if there was no possible way for her to find out I might. I don’t want to break up with her but…..god, I can’t do four more years of just handjobs…”

“Well, there is a way,” Carla sighed, taking a slow sip of her white wine. “A way that you could get your frustrations out of your system and then decide if she’s the one for you or not.” She nonchalantly speared a piece of lettuce with her fork and popped it into her mouth, her body language utterly laid-back and casual.

“And you know this magical girl who won’t ever let it out that I’m cheating?” Josh gave his mother a doubtful look. “Did you find a magic lamp over the weekend?” He smirked and playfully rolled his eyes. “Can you make her look like Scarlett Johanson, too?” Josh chuckled to himself.

Carla laughed at her son’s joke.

“No…I can’t make her look like Scarlett Johanson, I’m afraid. But there is a hotel room waiting for you upstairs.” She was totally reserved and somewhat enigmatic, wondering how soon her son would catch on. But she secretly enjoyed eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar his naivety. It was endearing.

Josh cocked his head a little as he looked at her. Never would he have guessed she would be offering herself like that!

“C’mon, don’t play, Mom.” Seeing the serious look in Carla’s eyes though made him curious. He suddenly wondered if she had a friend that was willing to go through with it. Carla could see the confusion on her son’s face, even though he was normally a quick thinker.

“I’m not playing, sweetheart.” She gave him a naughty smile and took another sip of wine. “Well, let’s put it this way. It’s not one of my friends, and it’s certainly not a hooker, and it’s not Scarlett Johansson…Wow, do I have to spell it out for you?”

It took Josh a few moments to process all the different options. He could come to only one conclusion.

“Wait…no…” He gave his mother a questioning look, finally coming to the conclusion that, yes, she was offering herself up for this ‘service’. “Seriously?”

“Why not?” Carla said, and continued to eat her salad as if she had just suggested the most normal thing in the world. “It would solve all of your problems. And Amy would never find out, that’s for sure…”

“Yeah but…y-you?” Josh’s eyes widened as he looked at his mother, feeling his heart starting to race. “Is that…I mean…is that something you’d even want to do?” His eyes dropped down to his mother’s breasts for a split second, noticing they were so much fuller than Amy’s.

“Well, it’s something that I’d be willing to do. I do hate seeing you so down all the time…” Carla hummed to herself quietly as she continued eating, very casually. “Of course, I’d totally understand if you didn’t want to. I mean, I’m no Scarlett…”

Josh nodded, still not quite believing his mother was offering this.

“No..I know…you’re beautiful, Mom. The ‘Scarlett’ thing was a joke…” Josh went quiet, clearly thinking the proposal over. His mother had appealed to the logical manner in which he thought with the way she laid it out to him. There was a long silence between them as he processed the information.

Finally, he said: “You’d really do that for me, Mom?”

Carla put down her fork and reached across the table again for her son’s hand. “Yes, honey, of course I would. I’d do anything for you, Josh, you know that.” She squeezed his hand again gently. “But do me a favor. If we’re going to discuss this, maybe don’t call me ‘Mom’ for the time being. Call me Carla, okay? At least until we’ve decided.” She smiled warmly at him, then continued with her dinner. “These waiters have ears…” she laughed.

“Y-yeah…okay, Mo-…erm…Carla.” His cheeks were bright red and he gave his mother a shy smile. Josh started eating his food again, his mind racing, part of him still not believing it was all real. His eyes stole glances at his mother, looking at her a little differently now.

“So, what do you think?” Carla said, finally finishing her meal and laying her knife and fork together on her plate. She sipped her wine.

Josh, his cheeks red, was already nodding before he spoke. “I..um….y-yeah, I think I would like to. At least try it once I mean…if that’s still okay?” He looked at Carla nervously, his eyes betraying profound love and more than a little lust.

“Good. It’s settled then.” Carla smiled affectionately at her son, noticing the difference in the way he was looking at her now. Then, with a quick glance around the restaurant, she leaned in and whispered, her elbows on the table: “Oh, and I give a pretty mean blowjob by all accounts.”

Josh blushed bright red and grinned. His eyes were already on his mother’s lips, wondering how they would feel on him. He took a moment to recover from the shock of hearing his mother say the word ‘blowjob’ and smiled.

“Well, I can guarantee it’ll be the best one I’ve ever had at least!”

Carla sat back in her chair and arched her back a little so that her large breasts lifted slightly inside her evening dress. “So, would you like to order dessert…” she said, “…or shall we skip it tonight?” There was a lustful glint in her eyes now. She was turned on.

Josh bit his bottom lip a little. He didn’t want to seem too eager; as it was, he was anxious to do any of this, especially with his own mother. “I…well…dessert does sound good.” He suddenly noticed the sexy glint in his mother’s eyes, something he hadn’t ever seen in them before. “…but, yeah, I think I’d like to skip it.” He smiled nervously but eagerly.

“Mm, good choice.” Carla looked around for their waiter and gestured for him to come over. She reached for her purse and took out her credit card.

Josh’s heart started to pound more and more as he watched the waiter take the card and slide it into the handset. Stealing nervous glances at his mother, he could see the glint in her eyes seem to grow as they waited for the payment to go through.

The waiter sincan escort bayan handed back Carla her credit card with the receipt. “Thank you. I hope you and your son have a pleasant evening, Madame.”

Carla quickly ‘corrected’ him. “Oh, he’s not my son.”

She glanced over at Josh and enjoyed the look on his face. When the waiter left she chuckled and felt a little erotic frisson run through her body. “Gosh, this feels so naughty, doesn’t it?”

Josh was blushing again. The waiter had clearly noticed the age difference between them.

“It really does,” Josh said. “I can’t see Amy ever doing something like this. Not anytime soon anyways.” Getting up from his seat, Josh suddenly went into date mode, and offered his mother a hand up from her seat. Just before she took his hand, Carla reached into her purse and took out a little atomiser, spritzing a dash of perfume on her neck and her wrists. It was a gesture to confirm that she meant business, that she was available to him. Then she popped the perfume back in her purse and took her son’s hand, standing up. She smoothed out her dress and stood for a moment, smiling at her son. Before they’d left home she’d asked what he thought of her dress and he had given her a throwaway compliment. It was not revealing, but it fit Carla’s body closely–a chocolate brown evening dress with long sleeves and a sweeping skirt. The front was not particularly low-cut, but the V-shaped neckline just dipped below the start of her cleavage.

For Josh, it was strange but also exciting, holding his mother’s hand as they walked through the restaurant and out into the lobby of the hotel. He gave her hand a squeeze as he looked at her, awestruck, then noticed the bank of elevators across the lobby. Part of him wondered if they were in fact really doing this–even after she’d given him so many signs. He caught a whiff of his mother’s fragrance as they stood there waiting for the elevator.

“You smell nice.” Then, as a quick afterthought: “Carla.”

“Thank you, sweetheart. And do I look nice?” Carla did a little twirl in her evening dress. “Your compliment was a little uninspired at home to say the least. A lady likes to be flattered, you know.” She gave her son a playful wink.

“Sorry…yes, you look beautiful!” His eyes wandered over her, in a different way than they had at home. This time he noticed his mother’s full breasts, the flare of her hips, how her dress hugged her ass. Then he saw the glimpse of flesh exposed at the neckline of her dress, her nylon-covered legs. “Gorgeous, even,” he added with a boyish smile.

“That’s more like it!” She took his arm and squeezed it, pressing herself up against his shirt sleeve. An elderly couple walked past them in the direction of the lobby, each with a slightly disapproving look, and Carla laughed. “My god, people must think I’m a…what is it called…a cougar?”

Josh chuckled as his mother said that. “Yeah, I think that’s the proper term.” They stepped into the elevator as the doors opened. “Though I think guys my age use the term ‘Milf’…”

“Oh really?” Carla said innocently. “Doesn’t that mean ‘mother I’d like to…’?” She raised her eyebrows teasingly and laughed.

Josh nodded, red-cheeked. “Yep…exactly that. I bet not many guys would be using it describe their own mother though.” He chuckled a little, part of him still not believing this was real.

“Maybe not…” Carla laughed. “But would you?” she added with a wicked smile. “Like to, I mean?” She was suddenly pushed against her son’s shoulder as the elevator rocked a little on its upward journey.

Josh blushed even more as he looked at her.

“Maybe…I think so…I think maybe starting out with…” his eyes dropped from Carla’s eyes to her lips, “…your mouth first? If that’s okay?”

The elevator stopped with a gentle bump and Carla’s full breasts squashed gently against her son’s arm. “Oh, I think that could be arranged,” she whispered, composing herself a little as the doors opened onto the seventh floor hallway.

Josh had felt a little rush of excitement when he had felt his mother’s breasts press against him in the elevator. He’d only gotten his hands on Amy’s tits a few times, but his mother’s were clearly superior in every way.

Arm in arm, they walked down the hall until Carla stopped at a door. She took a card from her purse and held it up to the lock.

“Thanks, Mom…Carla,” said Josh. “For this.”

“I think you can call me ‘Mom’ again now,” Carla giggled, feeling a little tipsy from the wine and casting a quick glance around the hallway. “That is, if it’s not too weird for you.”

She slunk into their room and flipped on the lights.

A series of wall and desk lamps came on simultaneously, softly lighting up the room. By the time Josh closed the door, Carla was already removing her dangling and very impractical earrings and was neatly placing them on the long desk sitting against one wall.

“You’re always going to be my mom,” gölbaşı sınırsız escort Josh smiled as he stood looking at her. When he’d followed her into the room he’d been unable not to notice the sway of her hips and butt in her figure-hugging dress. Now he simply stared at her body as she removed her jewelry. “I um…I was going to ask if you wanted me to call you Carla…during…everything.”

She turned and smiled at her son as he stood in the centre of the room.

“Sit down on the bed, honey.” She unclasped her bracelet and took that off too. “No, I think I’d prefer it if you call me ‘Mom’. ‘Carla’ is way too formal. And kinda strange, don’t you think?”

Josh nodded and did as he was told, sitting on the foot of the bed. Trying to hide his nervousness, he smiled at his mother, secretly glad she wanted him to call her ‘Mom’ still. He watched as she lay her jewelry out on the desk, his heart racing fast.

When Carla had finished taking off her jewelry she walked slowly over to her son and stood between his slightly parted legs.

“Besides,” she said in a soft, sultry voice, “didn’t you say that I was a Milf?” She let her fingers play in his hair for a moment. “A mom you’d like to…fuck?”

Josh was smiling more comfortably now; he always loved it when his mother played with his short hair.

“Now more than ever, Mom.” He felt a twitch in his pants, his eyes staring at the contours of Carla’s body and moving up over her dress slowly, taking in every curve and detail until he got to her eyes.

With a silent, sensual smile, Carla reached down and lifted up the skirt of her dress–slowly–raising it up over her nylon-sheathed legs to just above the knees, so that her son couldn’t yet see she was wearing black stockings and lace garters for him.

“Put your hands on me, sweetheart,” she purred.

Josh’s hands were shaking–he was so nervous but so eager–as they reached out and found Carla’s legs mid-thigh. He felt the sheen of the nylons; they felt smooth as his fingers trailed up and hit bare skin–smoother still, and nice and warm. His eyes looked up at his mother as his hands caressed her outer thighs, nervously sliding up under her dress to give her hips an excited squeeze.

Carla looked into her son’s eyes for a moment, then continued lifting her dress, pulling it upwards to reveal the tops of her stockings and frilly white lace garters. Then there were matching lace panties. Then the bra. (Josh took a deep breath as he saw how her heavy boobs packed it out–oh god! so much bigger than Amy’s!) Carla then pulled the dress over head tossed it on the floor, standing between her son’s legs in her lingerie and strappy heels.

Josh’s eyes moved slowly down his mother’s body. He took in every inch of soft-looking skin. Every curve. Her lingerie hugged her figure perfectly. His fingers dug into her full hips a little as he squeezed.

“God, you’re beautiful…” He whispered this out loud, admiring his mother in a way he’d never done before.

Carla ran her fingers through Josh’s short, dark hair and laughed. “I bet Amy would never wear anything like this for you, huh?” She stepped closer so her stomach was a few inches from his face, flat and pale in the space between the lacy bra and garter belt. Her hips moved very slightly under his nervous hands.

Josh shook his head. “N-no…never…”

His mother was so close now that he caught another whiff of her perfume and whatever body wash she’d used last. He looked up at her, almost like he was asking for permission, as he leaned in closer to her stomach. His hands followed the curve of her hips as they swayed seductively, and before he knew it he was cupping her ass cheeks in both hands and kissing her stomach.

Carla threw her head back happily as her son’s hands explored the shape of her ass over her lace panties. The touch of his lips on her stomach–so sensual, so taboo–sent a tingle of erotic pleasure through her body. Her nipples were small and hard inside her bra, and her nylon-clad legs brushed against his inside pant legs restlessly.

Josh felt his cock start to twitch more and more–growing, thickening–as he planted soft, loving kisses on his mother’s stomach. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks, pulling her tight against him as he kissed more and more of her stomach. Little flicks of his tongue–he was getting the hang of it already!–left glistening spots on his mother’s stomach as he tasted her skin between kisses.

Holding her son’s head gently as he kissed and licked at her stomach, Carla raised his face to look at her.

“Now, I seem to remember promising a certain young man a blowjob, am I right?”

His mother’s warm hands on his cheeks snapped Josh out of his dreamy state. He nodded.

“Y-yeah…yes.” He was trembling, nervous as he was about receiving his first blowjob, but his mother’s loving smile put him at ease a little.

Without another word, Carla slowly sank to her knees between her son’s legs, and her hands started to work at the buckle of his belt. “I hope I won’t disappoint you,” she said flirtatiously, biting her lip as she opened up his belt and popped the top button on his pants. Then there was the thrilling sound of his zipper coming down sharply, so taboo that it sounded unnaturally loud in the quiet of the hotel room.

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