A Neighbor Has Ideas Pt. 02

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… It was Janet. “I was beginning to think you were gone or banging someone behind my back. Your new neighbor looks pretty nice. Tits the way you like them.”

“Yours are perfect,” I said as I smiled looking at the t shirt with a faint hint of her nipples.

With that she promptly pulled her blouse up and showed me the perfect alabaster white globes that jutted out so nicely with pink nipples that were already erect in anticipation of what is going to happen to them. They were 32 DD’s cup beauties. As much as I was tempted to bite them I had to get her out of the apartment so Sharon could get out.

“I want to go out for a bite to eat before we do anything,” I firmly said. “We can go later”. You can’t refuse these pretty mountains can you,” she said. I cupped both of them and gently bit on one of her huge nipples. While I was sucking on her huge nipple she was moaning and pulling her panties off in anticipation. I stopped and pulled my shorts off worrying about the fact I was too soon but I was rock hard already.

“I want to suck on you before we titty fuck,” she said. In a flash she was down on her knees and my cock was in her mouth. I went back to massaging her beautiful pair. God they were nice. She stopped on her sucking at least for now and started the tit fucking. As she wrapped her beauties around the shaft I could no longer see it. But I could sure feel it and it was really nice. I wanted to come but I knew waiting was my only option. Janet wanted the full treatment on her boobs as well as a good fucking.

I pulled her down on the rug and began to slowly work on her beautiful rack. Already with the squeezing and sucking the alabaster white mounds were tinged with pink.

As I rammed my cock into her she screamed “fuck my brains out. Fuck me hard.”

I grabbed her melons of joy and squeezed them so the nipples touched each other. Her nipples were engorged enough that by squeezing them they touched and I couldn’t resist in laying my cock on top of them as much as I hated to leave the oven it didn’t seem to bother Janet at all. The feeling of my cock on her nipples made her just as horny if not more. My cock grew another ½ inch and I knew it was time to back off a bit. She gurgled, loving the attention.

“Are you ready for some attention to the best pair on the planet?” “Do whatever you want to do,” she replied.

Sharon, who wasn’t trying to get away but listened to every word I was saying came from behind the shower curtain still nude and…”Shit, you just told me that I had the best pair 20 minutes ago and now you tell her,” she screamed.

“Janet immediately went for her top and yelled I’m getting out of here and never want to see you again.”

Don said, “Wait, and Let’s settle this.”

“What porno indir do you mean settle this,” Sharon yelled back.

“No more games,” Janet chimed in.

Don said, “You can both leave at anytime but I really don’t think you want to. I never once said this was exclusive or for forever. However, both of you enjoyed it and I think you want more. I’ll give you each 15 minutes. Winner comes back for more tonight… loser tomorrow.”

Both girls looked at each other and nodded, not really happy but satisfied.

“Who wants to start first?” Don asked

“She can but I’ll never stack up against those 44D’s “Janet smiled realizing what she just said.

“We were about to take a shower Janet.” Do you want to watch?”

“Sure I might get some pointers although my rack points really well. Can you see how far the nipples stick out? Sharon’s are flat like pancakes.

“Enough of the cracks, Don said, Get the shower warmed up and let’s have a contest I’m really looking forward to.”

As Sharon tested the water Janet came up behind Don and pressed her 32J bubble breasts on his back making his throbbing cock rise. She leaned her arms over and felt the rod, smiling knowing which he preferred. The water was ready and Don got in with Sharon, she put body wash in her hand and started soaping in the right places, his cock. She smiled when it sprang to attention, handing Don the body wash which he promptly filled his hand and attacked her 44D’s. He rubbed his finger on the nipples and they sprang to attention. He looked over to Janet and made sure she watched which she was closely. His soapy hand went to her pussy and when she said “Oh Don” we knew he had entered the forbidden zone.

“I can’t believe I want you to fuck me again but I do,” Sharon said

Don replied, “Get on your knees and let me titty fuck you.”

She immediately got on her knees the water gently cascading down on her, pushed her tits together around his throbbing cock and pushed gently up and down, the soap acting somewhat like a lubricant. Don watched and got even more excited seeing the head spring out of her titty flesh with soap bubbles. It took will power to keep from cumming all over them.

“Fuck em, Fuck em, “Sharon yelled. “Cum for me baby! Paint those titties with your cum”

As much as I wanted to I knew I couldn’t do it. I had to give Janet her time. In fact…

“You guys your 15 minutes are up unless you want to forget the whole thing “, Janet chirped in. I knew she was angry and I wanted to prove to her she was the best and if I had to choose it would be her but I had to do it in such a way that I wouldn’t say anything in front of Sharon. What a mess this whole thing was.

Janet, looking rokettube to seize the opportunity for her came into the shower with me, taking Sharon’s place, grabbed the body lotion, and said “Why don’t you cover my titties with this and I’ll give you a fucking you won’t forget ever.”

I grabbed the bottle from her, turned it upside down, and poured a huge amount on my hand and promptly coated one of her beautiful mounds of pleasure. I coated the other and then began the pleasurable experience of rubbing the lotion in. They were quite lubricated and I looked forward to getting something else lubricated as well as adding some baby batter to the mixture.

“Are you ready to fuck my titties now? Better hurry or your 15 minutes will be up and you won’t get to spray them.”

“I’m ready,” I replied

“Not on your life, buster,” Sharon butted in. “You cum on me too or not at all.”

“Only if it’s okay with Janet, I said with a ray of hope in my mind. I would love to spray both of them and then rub it in with my cock. My eyes were feasting on four gorgeous mounds to have my way with and do whatever I want to them.

Sharon took the initiative and went over to Janet and hugged her so that their breasts mashed against each other. “Lie down and put your rod in between both of them and we’ll unplug that load from you. Four soft titties fucking you silly until you cum all over them and paint your load on both of them.

As I lay down and placed my erect shaft between them the effect was wonderful and my rod got even harder and longer.

What I felt were 4 erect nipples gliding up and down my shaft and they were becoming harder and more erect!

“What do you think?” Sharon asked

“My nipples are making me horny. It’s like your biting them,” Janet cried out as she continued the pleasure.

“Don’t stop. This is the best tit fucking I’ve ever had,” I shouted with a raspy voice.

The nipples became more erect, now swollen like hard pebbles around my cock. The girls were moaning for more so I decided to stop, continue with my vibrator and hand and please them to no end knowing I would be taken care of later. I stopped and got up to the surprise of the girls, went into the bathroom to get the vibrator, and returned smiling.

“Your turn to have some fun,” as I turned the vibrator on and used my two fingers and vibrator on Janet’s vagina making her twitch.

Sharon leaned over and began biting her rock hard nipples making her twitch again even harder.

“Don’t stop I’m going to cum,” she lustily cried,” I’m so horny now.”

I continued with my hand and the vibrator while Sharon bit her love mounds, squeezing them, making her horny beyond what I ever did. She stopped seks filmi and kissed her and I could see both of their tongues wrapped together.

She came over and over pushing hard on my fingers and the vibrator. As she came I could see Sharon kissing her even harder feeling her great cum.

She collapsed in ecstasy. I then moved to the other side and began my pleasure on Sharon, who was eagerly waiting for me.

While Janet’s vagina was tight I used 3 fingers on Sharon rubbing both sides while I used the vibrator on her swollen vagina lips.

Janet attacked the already swollen nipples and also squeezed her aching red breasts from the previous activity.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop,” she cried out.

We didn’t and continued the pleasure even more until she began to buck back and forth cumming over and over. She finally stopped and both girls sexily looked at me.

“What is your pleasure,” said Janet as she arched her back showing me her glorious melons.

“I want some of this too,” Sharon cried out.

“My pleasure is to fuck both of your tits and cum on both of them. I can feel a good load coming soon.”

“Let’s have a contest to who gives the better titty fuck. You start first Sharon”

While I positioned myself on the edge of the bed Sharon knelt in front of me arching her back. Her eyes showed she was ready. Both used oil and I began with Sharon who immediately held me in her magnificent globes and wiggled back and forth only exposing the tip of my head which was beginning to turn purple. God that breast flesh felt so good being almost covered. She wanted to win the contest by making me cum. In addition she was licking the tip, urging me to cum.

With all my willpower I pulled away from her and stared at my aching 7″ shaft. I went to Janet with her smaller but firm globes. She made the cleavage tight as I slid in. Janet used her mouth on the head of my shaft while the rest was covered with breast flesh. The feeling was fantastic. I pulled it out for fear of coming and rubbed it on each swollen nipple.

In a slow throaty voice she said “Cum all over my pretty tits.”

With a smile I returned to fucking them good. I moved up and down holding them together so not even a credit card could get in between them, njoying the feeling too much.

I pulled my cock out and began stroking it urging both girls to get together for the finale of their lusty massaging.

The first spurt hit Janet in the neck slowly running down her cleavage. The second spurt hit Sharon on her left nipple and began to drip off. The third hit on the upper side of her right breast and left a long line. Since she had her mouth open I shot the last load in her mouth which she showed off to me and Sharon.

“Who won,” she asked

“All I can say is it’s a tie. You were both perfect beyond my wildest imagination. You both have magnificent titties.”

“I knew you were going to say that,” Janet purred. We’ll do it again if we get a full massage first.

I lit up…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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