A New Chapter

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Our relationship has become difficult of late. Tom’s girlfriend sold her house and has moved in with him. He hopes it temporary, he fears it is not. Tom and she no longer have sex, not for a very long time. Tom continues to desire sex, “Gay” sex. Today was one of the few days he could host. We made the most of it.

We stepped out of the shower together. The sex had been incredible, our chests remained red from the warm shower as we dried each other off. While drying my friend, I paid special attention to his cock and ass. He wrapped a towel around himself as did I. We walked to the kitchen and had a shared bottle of water as we talked about this early morning rendezvous.

A warm gentle breeze blew through Tom’s house on this Wednesday morning. Because it was October here in Florida the humidity was low and for a change no air-conditioning was needed. He dropped his towel to the floor, revealing his very desirable cock. I too dropped my towel. We are very comfortable together nude. Tom threw our towels and his bed sheet into the washer, as we walked to his lanai. We sat out on the lanai and waived to his neighbors across Beşiktaş escort the fairway. The neighbors often see us nude, we’ve seen them having sex on their lanai, so all is good.

I spoke first about today’s activities in Tom’s bed. Today was the first time that I was the “bottom”. As our relationship started it was all about pleasing each other with oral sex. Confessing his desire for anal, I was his top he was my bottom. Until now our sex was for the acts alone. No foreplay just sex, it had worked for us for a long time, so why change?

We often talk about being bisexual. But in fact I think we are actually the most straight acting GAY men ever. Although we used to have and enjoyed sex with women, our focus is on homosexual sex acts. I vowed to myself that this day would change everything.

Minutes after his girlfriend left for work at an insurance agency I arrived at his house. Upon entertaining we both removed our clothes. I immediately told Tom of my feelings and that I needed to reveal how I wanted thing to progress going forward.

I told him it was time we not only had sex, but Beşiktaş escort bayan that we actually make love with each other. As I spoke I noted his cock getting hard and then harder. Perhaps he’d had latent feelings about opening a new chapter as well as me.

When I arrived this morning, like always we got naked. Had coffee and chatted. Walking to his bedroom allowed me the pleasure of seeing his incredible body, fit and muscular. Climbing into bed I had him on his back. I told him to let his inhibitors go and enjoy. I crawled up between his legs and took his very erect cock in my mouth. Sucking with zest and then to his surprise I began to “teabag” his balls.

Gently I took each of his balls one at a time sucking and licking. He smiled and squirmed with pleasure. Then sliding upon him I licked and kissed his nipples. Then taking a big chance I kissed him on the mouth, once then twice. To my surprise he opened his lips and began kissing back. Tongue met tongue with the fire of passion kindled and ignited. We kissed and touched for a long time. Sexual desire had me whisper in his ear that Escort beşiktaş today I would be his bareback bottom and he would be my bareback top.

Again Tom smiled saying “really?” I said I’ve wanted you in me for a very long time. Reaching for lube, I handed the anal lube to him. I assumed a yoga like pose to make his entry easy. His cock was very hard as was mine. Slowly he entered me. Yes there was some pain, but I wanted him so badly in me. Inch by incredible inch he entered. I felt my body yield to him as he slid in and out. Slowly at first then harder and faster. We are both sweating now, but Tom kept going.

As he fucked me my now incredibly hard cock began to cum. Spurts of cum flew out of my cock with each thrust. I listened as he moaned with pleasure on each thrust. My orgasm hit like a freight train. My mind spun with incredible sexual pleasure. Coming down from my high I begged Tom not to cum in me but to please cum in my mouth.

Slowly he withdrew his cock I maneuvered under him. I took every inch as he thrusted his cock in my mouth. Letting out an almost animal sound Tom came in my mouth. As he orgasmed his fire hot semen and sperm shot into my mouth and throat. His orgasm seemed to go on and on with each thrust. Then when he was done swearing and exhausted we rested side by side in bed. Gently and warmly we kissed. After resting we headed together to take a much needed shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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