A New Experience

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When Lenny and Johanna arrived at the party at around nine-thirty it was already in full swing.

Lenny was not a party type but Johanna loved them. She had been invited to this one by her office manager, Tony Goodchild. He was a young guy, not particularly good looking but Johanna knew that he fancied her like mad. She had never given him any excuse to make advances to her and as a result he was generally polite to her. He once invited her out on a date but she declined, using Lenny as her excuse. She knew that he would be at the party but with Lenny there she knew he would leave her alone.

Lenny and Johanna entered the party and Goodchild instantly spotted them and oiled his way over to them.

‘Hello Johanna.’ he smiled as his eyes moved over her, ‘I suppose that this is your husband, Lenny.’

‘Hello Tony.’ she grinned back, instantly aware of the effect her appearance was having on him.

She was wearing a cream silk party dress with a scooped neck and open sides which showed off the cleavage and sides of her firm bustline to perfection. It clung to her hips and thighs, ending half-way up her thighs. Her shapely legs were enhanced by a pair of stiletto-heeled shoes matching the colour of her dress.

‘You look lovely.’ Goodchild said, his eyes taking in the rounded orbs of her smooth cleavage.

Lenny had dared her to wear the dress as he wanted the men to ogle her at the party, then he could take her home and make love to her himself.

As it happened the dress affected Lenny more than he planned and he kept trying to get Lenny away from her friends and colleagues at the party so that he could have her to himself. After a while his eagerness to get away began to irritate Johanna and she began to find excuses to slip away to chat with her friends, leaving him alone to make his own company.

In turn Lenny became annoyed with her constant habit of disappearing and told her that if she didn’t stay with him he would go home alone. His suggestion triggered off an argument during which she noticed a particular man on the far side of the room.

She excused herself and said that there was someone she needed to talk to. Lenny shrugged and watched as Johanna stalked off towards a tall middle aged man standing in a group of men and was obviously the centre of attention. Lenny could see that the man oozed confidence and was by any reckoning extremely handsome. He was Richard Osborn. He worked in the same building as Johanna but in another office.

She tugged at his sleeve and stood with hands on her hips as he turned to look at her. His handsome face took in her beauty, first her face before his eyes wandered over her shapely body.

‘Well, if it isn’t the lovely Johanna?’ he grinned.

‘I’m very cross with you, Richard’ she said with a stern look on her face.

Richard was the office flirt. He was known for his dallying with the more attractive females in the office.

‘What could I possibly have done to make you so cross with me?’ he grinned as his dark penetrating eyes bore into hers.

‘You walked right past me last week without even acknowledging me.’ she sniffed, tossing her head indignantly.

‘Surely not,’ he laughed, ‘how could I fail to stop and chat to such a sexy little lady whenever I visit your office?’

‘Well you did.’ she said with a look of mock annoyance.

He slipped his arm around her waist and turned her to face the other men surrounding him. ‘This is the prettiest little girl in the office.’

The other men obviously agreed with his as Johanna was treated to some of the most lecherous leering she had ever experienced.

‘Where’s your husband? He asked.

She turned to where kurtköy escort Lenny was standing. He was no longer alone and was talking to one of the only people at the party that he had already met before.

‘He’s over there by the fireplace talking to Peter Grimes.’

‘Why isn’t he with you?’

‘We’ve had a tiff and I didn’t want to introduce him to you.’

‘Why not?’

‘Because I wanted to talk to you myself.’

‘I’m flattered.’

‘So you should be.’ she grinned mischievously.

Lenny watched her from across the room. He felt a gnawing of jealousy forming in his stomach. He watched as the tall man’s hand roamed from her hip and over to slowly caress the roundness of her bottom. Earlier he had dared her to wear the dress over her naked body. Up until that moment only he knew that she was not wearing underwear. Now her tall friend would be sharing in that knowledge as his hands lingered on her firm rounded buttocks.

Her eyes were telling Richard to stop his little intimacy with her but he avoided her look and continued to banter with the other men.

‘I recently offered to make love to this sexy lady but she told me that she had a husband at home and had sworn to be faithful to him. Isn’t that admirable?’ he laughed.

One or two of his friends nodded as their eyes continued to take in her cleavage being squeezed from the low cut of her dress. She felt strangely vulnerable being nearly naked in front of all these men, but at the same time oddly safe in Richard’s company. She knew that Richard was flaunting her to his friends in that strange macho way that men like to appear worldly and in charge of their lives in the company of their own sex.

‘Shall we get a drink?’ she asked, hoping to drag him away from the others.

‘Of course.’ he grinned.

‘Lechers.’ she said as Richard poured her a drink.

‘Who do you mean?’

‘Those friends of yours.’ she said acidly.

‘They’re just admiring how sexy you look in that dress.’ he purred smoothly.

She snorted.

‘It’s a very sexy dress,’ he grinned, ‘and you wear it so well’

‘Thank you.’

‘And without underwear.’ he grinned approvingly.

‘How would you know that?’ she said feigning innocent surprise.

‘I could feel your lovely naked bottom through the dress.’

‘I might be wearing a thong.’ she grinned, teasingly.

‘But you’re not, are you?

She paused before answering. His sexy eyes were burning into her and sending her mind into a storm of confusion.

‘No,’ she heard herself admit, ‘nothing at all.’

She heard his sudden intake of breath.

‘Was that for me?’ he wondered

‘No, it was a dare.’

‘Who would dare such a thing?’ he laughed

‘My husband.’

Richard gave a soft laugh. ‘He wanted to know that under that sexy dress there was nothing but you, and he the only man at the party who was aware of it.’

‘I suppose so.’ Johanna said as she took a long draught of her drink to hide her embarrassment of his assessment.

‘And when you get home …’ he paused as he stared into her lovely face, ‘he planned to ravish you passionately.’

‘Maybe.’ she replied sheepishly.

‘What a lovely thought,’ he smiled, ‘a beautiful woman coming to a party prepared to be ravished before the night is out.’

‘Stop it,’ she laughed, ‘you’re making fun of me.’

‘Not at all.’ he said seriously, running his fingers up and down her naked arm, sending tingles through her.

They stood in silence for a moment before he spoke again.

‘Your husband seems to have found a friend.’

She turned to look in the direction of Richard’s glance. Lenny was talking to bayan kurtköy escort Adele Partridge. She was a motor racing fanatic and Lenny would be lost in her conversation.

‘She’s just his type.’ Johanna snorted.

Richard laughed, ‘I know what you mean.’

They laughed together for a moment.

‘Have you seen our host’s beautiful grotto-lit garden?’


‘You’ve got to see it.’

He took her hand and led her from the room. She felt nervous about following him but her legs seemed to have other ideas. They passed through a French window and were soon in the warm darkness of the outside air. The lighting gave a soft glow to the garden. People were walking slowly around admiring the soft lighting of the beautifully kept garden.

His arm snaked around her waist and he led her slowly amongst the trees and bushes.

‘Don’t you think it’s beautiful?’ he said.

‘Oh yes.’ she replied as she looked around at the delightfully lit grounds.

‘So romantic, don’t you think?’


She felt him drawing her closer to him. She looked around to face him. His mouth was only inches from hers.

‘No.’ she said quickly and put her hand onto his mouth.

He kissed her fingers then slowly moved them away.

‘I want to kiss you.’ he said softly.

‘Richard, you are very naughty.’

‘What harm can a kiss do?’ he smiled.

She gazed up into his face and waited as he lowered his mouth onto hers. They kissed for a few minutes then he turned her in his arms and pulled her back against him. Her heart was pounding as she relaxed back in his embrace. He was brushing his lips over her long neck.

‘You smell beautiful.’ he whispered.

She gave a low moan, enjoying the tingling delight of his lips on her neck and ear lobe. She felt his hand slip through the side opening of her dress and cup her naked breast. She gripped his wrist to pull him away.

‘No, don’t.’ she managed to gasp.

‘Ever since I first met you I wondered if your breasts were really as beautiful as they appeared. They are …. so firm and rounded … so full.’

She turned her head and responded as his mouth pressed once again onto hers. She gave a soft moan as his other hand cupped her breast through the dress. Her nipples swelled and tingled as the edges of his thumbs grazed against them.

She began to gasp for her breath and turned in his arms to kiss him insistently. He was cupping her buttocks as he pulled her against him. She pulled her mouth away from him, panting wildly.

‘My god, Richard, you have an erection; I can feel it against me.’

‘Of course I have, my sexy lady,’ he laughed softly, ‘what else would you expect me to have?’

He took her hand in his and led it to his lap. She made a token resistance but in a moment her fingers were resting on the swollen bulge. She involuntarily gripped the stiff shaft.

‘Unzip me.’ he hissed.


He took her hand to the zipper. Her resistance was dissolving quickly. She stared into his face as she fumbled with the zipper with both hands before slowly lowering it. Her hands were shaking as she slipped her fingers through the front of his trousers and into his boxer shorts. The shaft was hot and rigid as she wrapped her hands around it. She explored the length for a moment before burying her face into his shoulder.

‘My god, Richard, it’s so big.’

‘Of course,’ he whispered, ‘it needs to be inside you, filling you with its thick fleshy knob.’

‘No, don’t.’ she gasped, wanting to pull her hands away but unable to resist the feeling of his magnificent manhood in her grasp.

They kissed escort bayanlar again and she felt the hem of her dress rise as he ran his fingers up her inner thighs then slide gently over the soft smooth lips of her moistening sex.

He could feel her arousal and knew that her resistance to his advances were melting away. He took his hands from her womanhood and gripping her hips pulled her against him. She was forced to release his penis and wrap her arms around his neck. He moved his hips into place and his penis slipped between the vee of her thighs to rest against her pussy. As they kissed she squeezed her thighs together, pressing the slowly thrusting shaft of his manhood against her streaming sex.

She was clinging to him hungrily as he gently eased her into the darkness provided by a nearby bush. He lowered her onto the dry springy moss and crawled between her thighs, his hips forcing them open.

Her resistance was purely token as she felt the velvety head of his penis gently part her moistened pussy lips. He reached under her to lift her bottom from the ground and she moaned as she felt the stiff shaft of his huge penis slide deeper and deeper into her, its girth forcing her wide.

She’d had a few lovers before Lenny but none had penetrated her as deeply or thickly as Richard’s massive manhood.

They kissed hungrily as Richard rocked his hips ever so gently, moving the huge serpent against every screaming nerve ending inside her tight, streaming cavern. Her hooked fingers pushed the waist of his trousers down over his hips and sank into his tight buttocks, pulling him deeper and deeper into her. He pulled the top of her dress down and buried his face into her thrusting breasts, biting gently on the swollen points of her nipples. She pressed her hand against her mouth to muffle the gasps of pleasure from the unbearable pleasure of her new lover’s penis filling her most intimate place.

Her orgasm came quickly but Richard was merciless and thrust ever harder as spasm after spasm shook her body.

‘Oh my god,’ she gasped as her body began to relax, ‘what have I done?’

‘Nothing anyone need know about.’ Richard replied softly.

‘You won’t tell anyone, will you?’ she pleaded.

‘On one condition.’ Richard grinned wickedly.

‘What’s that?’ she asked.

‘That you turn over so I can fuck you doggy style.’

She kissed him quickly, ‘Willingly.’ she giggled.

She turned over and lifted her bottom high and parted her thighs. She moaned uncontrollably as his tongue explored her pussy and the little pink entrance to her bottom.

He slipped into her easily and this time his thrusts were more aggressive. He gripped her hips, pulling her onto him. This time it was much quicker and she felt him begin to tense.

‘Shall I take it out?’ he panted.

‘No, don’t.’ she gasped, her senses now completely out of control, ‘I want to feel you come.’

It was more than she could bear as she felt the thick leathery cock swell and stiffen for a moment before engorging her pussy with hot sticky semen. She only felt the first spurt before her own orgasm overpowered her senses.

As their hearts began to pump more steadily they kissed gently then dressed before moving back to the house. She squeezed his hand then moved straight to the bathroom. She dried herself thoroughly before moving back to the party. Lenny was still talking to Adele.

‘Hello, what have you been doing?’ he asked casually.

‘Oh just chatting to some of the office people.’ Johanna smiled. ‘You should see the garden, it’s beautiful.’

‘Your friend left earlier,’ Lenny said, pretending to be uninterested, ‘he seemed like a dog with two tails.’

‘Oh, that’s Richard. He’s had some good news tonight.’

She didn’t need to enlarge on that by telling Lenny that she had agreed to meet Richard again, but next time they had planned to be spending some time in his bed renewing their wild sexual acquaintance.

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