A New Thrill

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My wife and I joined the Roadies Biker Club a few years ago for fun, in hopes of meeting people and finding others with the love for Harleys that we had. Thankfully we were fairly welcomed in to the club and found a home among like minded people. We were young in our early thirties, and without many restraints save for a work a day job.

About six months ago the group started accepting new applicants and before we knew it there was new couple aboard. They were more middle aged and very anxious to be taken in by the group, often hanging around the bar with us to get integrated. Chuck was in his early fifties, in fairly good shape, bald, donning a goatee, and very and very interested in showing everyone he was young at heart.

Especially when it came to his doting wife who, while attractive, spent most of her time chasing after her husband and talking about their now grown children. Chuck had spent most of his time around children after marrying young and rarely had fun, so joining the bike club was a big deal for him. My wife and I were fairly different. I was slimmer, with a full head of dark hair, and took good care of my body.

After six months in, my wife Kelly and I made friends with Chuck and his wife Sheryl and spent a good portion of time together, drinking and getting to know one another. They were at that age where they could travel now and a local biker convention garnered out attention.

As usual Sheryl and I were ready to hit the road, and much to our surprise Chuck and Sheryl asked to join along. Chuck more than Sheryl, of course. Sheryl was content to stay behind but Chuck persuaded her after days of maybes.

Nonetheless after a few days we all hit the büyükesat escort road together driving side by side and paling around as we usually did, and Chuck loved where we’d holed up for the weekend. Kelly suggested joined hotel rooms, and surely enough we were neighbors. I didn’t mind it too much since Chuck and Sheryl were good people, but most times it was just the pair of us enjoying the sights and partying.

In either case, the first night there, we all prepared to hit the town and Sheryl and Kelly made a point of rushing out first for a trip to the bars. I combed my hair preparing to leave as Chuck rushed out obviously nervous and prepared to blow off some steam for the night.

“You’re more pumped than I am,” I laughed tying my boots.

“I love my family, but thirty years tied down and you get antsy,” he smirked.

“We have a weekend to let off some steam,” I assured him walking toward the door.

“Thanks a lot for letting us tag along.”

“No problem,” I replied shaking his hand.

He gave me a hearty hug prompting a chuckle of gratitude from me and much to my shock, before I could step back, he’d leaned in kissing me. I’d have responded but was surprised he’d managed not only to kiss me, but shoved his tongue down my throat with zeal. I lurched back pushing him a way slightly as he turned slightly ashamed.

“I’m sorry,” he insisted softly.

“It’s fine, I’m flattered but… your wife.”

“I’ve just been in to you since we met. I can’t help it…”

“I’m married. We’re both married,” I insisted, “Nothing can happen here.”

“I just wanted to see what it’d be like to cebeci escort kiss you,” he muttered, “No one ever has to know what we did.”

I was always a thrill seeker for new experiences and I admit the prospect kind of excited me, so I agreed to keep it cool. I turned to leave again and before I could turn, Chuck leaned in for a deeper kiss. Except this time I didn’t really pull back and reciprocated, grabbing the back of his head and kissing him deeply. As we brushed tongues, Chuck looked in to my eyes excited and we stepped back toward the bed.

Before I knew it, I was unbuckling my leather pants and slid them down around my ankles. Chuck silently dropped to his knees and slid his mouth down around my hard cock, swallowing it and sucking it almost like a pro. I sighed, moaning in pleasure and leaned my head back with my legs spread as Chuck sucked furiously at my cock. It was obvious he’d thought about sucking me off for a while now as he maneuvered around my cock intent on pleasing me. I sat back with my shirt up and head back moaning and sighing as he crouched down at the edge of the bed sucking and running his hands down my tan abs.

I stood up and we traded passionate kisses as I unbuckled his pants and slid them down rubbing his hard cock as he sighed kissing me passionately. I turned bending him down along the edge of the bed and while grabbing his hips thrust in to him in one swift motion. He grunted sighing and looked back as I slowly pumped him and then quickly picked up speed pounding him. He grunted and moaned submitting to the hard pounding on his butt as I dominated him, pounding fast and hard and panting while kolej escort he groaned taking it in with long moans.

After moments of soft moans between us I grunted dropping down over him as I came in to him. I moaned as he masturbated beneath me releasing with a loud grunt. After moments of panting and heaving, I slid back sliding my cock out and walked back to the bathroom to wash up. He sat along the bed lying back, almost stunned and satisfied, looking over at me as if he’d lived out a bucket list item.

Shortly after that encounter, we agreed to keep it between us, cleaning up and forming a pact. Suffice to say, whatever happened in the room relieved any aggression, as we entered in to the party without worry, and our wives were never the wiser. Sheryl always did wonder why Chuck seemed so ecstatic that night, and surely enough only we knew why.

After that day all four of us were together quite often, and though Chuck and I never made anything of it, we had so much fun we made sure to have the experience again.

The next morning, we’d all had breakfast together and we’d sent the wives off to the restaurant downstairs ahead of us as we dressed. And like clockwork, Chuck was in our room spread and naked as we fucked, relieving all our anxiety on one another up in the room. Within an hour we were back in to the party with Sheryl and Kelly.

Chuck especially loved being the submissive bottom in the friendship and soon our little session became a ritual before every night out. By some quick thinking, Chuck convinced wife Sheryl that guys always prepared to go out together much like women did.

And every time we had double dates or outings, Chuck and I would relieve our tension with a hard pounding with one another before venturing out with the wives.

They’d laugh off our delays as just guys being guys, and we’d laugh along with them, knowing what they didn’t. For them it was guys being guys, but for us it was finally having a damn good adventure we loved that was just for the guys.

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