A new year a new adventures

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New year ,new adventures

I generally don’t go out to the bar’s but this year I decided too,and didn’t regret it.

Now I live in a small town where I bought my own house after my divorce from Debra.At 26 I had a nice job, nice car , and no woman to screw it all up. I was considered handsome by many women young and old and was now having fun playing the field.

I don’t have to go to the bars to find women ,restaurants, parks,and even the beach has brought me some fine ones. But since it was new year I figured what the hell and went to one. I was just sitting at the bar checking out the ladies. I did see an old friend Rick playing pool and several young ladies hanging around him but only one that I knew.

It was getting close to midnight when one of the girls that was talking to Rick pointed towards me,and then started walking my way with a smile ,”Remember me” she said when she reached the bar.I stood up and offered her my stool . She said “thank you”then said “are you still married to Debra”? She then said “smart man,she was a slut” when I said “no”.

“And you are Mary Anne “I said then said after seeing the ring on her finger “are you married” but she didn’t answer? Mary had changed a lot in the last 7 years,she lost her baby fat and filled out nicely. With her long blonde hair, blue eyes and average firm breasts she was pretty sexy.

“Rick and I have been just friends for years “ she said then began telling me all about the times they had together.Just about the time the ball was going to set she ordered a drink for Rick. She leaned into me and whispered in my ear “are you still bisexual”? “Rick told me that you and him used to give each other blow jobs. While giving me a kiss she said “don’t worry Rick is too, maybe you can come home with us tonight”.

She then went back to where Rick was standing and after the ball dropped Mary came back for another drink. “Let’s go sit down at that booth” she said “ I get turned on by guys blowing each other,so tell me how it started”.

Now giving Rick a blow job and him giving me one was when we both young .It all started by showing each other how much our cocks looked alike . We lived in the country and since we were neighbors we spent a lot of time in the woods behind our homes.Skinny dipping in the creek was a normal thing on those hot days and very seldom did anyone show up.

I happened to walk up on Rick and Mary one day while she was giving him a hand job.Little did I know he was trying to get her to blow him.When she saw me she quickly got dressed and left.Well considering that I was the one that made her leave I dropped down and took his cock in my hand.When Rick nodded his head yes I for the first time placed his cock in my mouth and began to suck .

I really didn’t know what I was doing but had to admit I liked the feeling of his cock in my mouth.The soft texture of the skin made it easier to suck it far back in my mouth until I choked. I knew Rick was liking how I played with his balls while I sucked him .When he held my head and fucked my face rapidly I tasted sperm for the first time.

Rick didn’t give me one back but did say I did well. It wasn’t until I sucked him off several more times that he wanted to try.We were only 16 at the time and neither of us had a girl to relieve our sexual appetite,so we did it a lot that summer .When we both found a girlfriend we pretty much put giving blowjobs on the back of our minds.

As Mary and I sat talking she admitted that she was also bi-sexual but after having sex with Rick she stopped for a while.It is just recently that they talked about sharing and they both were interested. “We both that we would enjoy watching the other having fun with the same sex”she said .When Rick finally came over and sat down he agreed to having şanlıurfa escort sex with me. He also said that he would like to see me having sex with Mary too.

Well with that said we all agreed and since they lived out of town I suggested that they come to my house. I was surprised when Mary sat beside me and put her hand on my cock while I drove them to my house.”I can’t wait to have both of your cock’s inside me”she said “and I can’t have babies so you can cum in me .This is going to be fun”she said when I pulled into the driveway and shut the car off.

After I made some drinks I showed them around the house to where the bedrooms and the bathrooms were. Then we decided to go to the bedroom where we all got naked and talked about what we would like to see.

”Boy ,you guys have almost the same size cocks”Mary said”maybe you are a little thicker than Ricks”. She pulled us closer rubbing our cocks together “very nice” she said,”okay who is going to start the sucking first”. She then slid her slim body back on the bed and spread her legs . She opened them just far enough so she could play with her bare pussy and get warmed up for our cocks.

She then motioned Rick to lay down in front of her,”okay start sucking”she said.It has to be at least 10 years since I have given someone a blow job. When Rick started stroking his cock it brought back memories and I was ready.He didn’t move his hand when I placed the head of his cock into my mouth.He started stroking it as I licked up his pre-cum and then sucked it faster enjoying the taste.

After 5 minutes Mary moved forward, taking his hand away and pushed my head down harder on his cock.She then sat down to allow Rick to lick her pussy. She controlled my head and started saying how awesome it looked. Several times she would whisper to me to make him cum.”I have never seen a guy sucking a cock”she said and eventually laid down on Rick to lick his shaft.

Mary began licking up his shaft, giving me a kiss each time our faces met,pushing her tongue into my mouth to retrieve his juices.This went on for about 10 minutes until she moved down holding Rick’s cock next to her pussy.

For a young girl her puffy lips folded around his shaft quite nicely making it look like a hot dog in a bun.I then started licking and sucking on his and hers juices as they started to dribbled down.I would lick at his balls when she pushed his cock inside her all the way. She rode him hard for a few minutes until he said he was going to cum.

“Not yet” she said then moved off of him, “I want you to fuck me, over his face”. She then told me to lay down and straddled my face letting me slip my tongue into her wet pussy . I got a nice view but after several deep licks his cock slipped inside her all i could do was see his balls bouncing.

It didn’t take long when Rick started cumming, giving the few first bursts inside Mary, Much to my pleasure the rest of his load was sent into my open mouth. I then sucked out the remainder of his load until I had it all and swallowed,Mary then told Rick to start sucking me. I then was able to lick his warm cum mixed with Mary’s as it dripped from her pussy. Rick sucked me all while Mary jerked me into his mouth telling him how hot he looked sucking a cock.

When I had cleaned her pussy out she got off of me and was kneeling beside us.”Good job you guys”she was saying as she rubbed on me “make him cum now”.I reached up and began playing with her firm breasts all while they both played with my cock.Mary and Rick were taking turns on my cock as if making me cum next was a priority .

Finally when I let them know that I was close Mary let Rick have my cock and started kissing me passionately. As I was nearing eruption Mary moved her chest up giving me her nipples to suck on while I shot my load into his mouth.She then escort şanlıurfa moved up beside him stroking my cock as they kissed and shared my cum.”That was so awesome guys”she said then kissed us both before telling Rick to lay beside me.

She then with both hands put our cocks near to one another and said with a sigh “ I would love to have you both inside me some time.So” Mary said looking at Rick and the clock“what shall we do now, it is only 2 am”.

Rick gave her a kiss “I don’t know what you two are going to do but I am going to sleep”.He then went to the bathroom, came back and got dressed “ wake me up in a while and take me to my car”then walked into the other bedroom leaving Mary and I looking at each other.

“Well”Mary said and took my hand “how about another drink”?then smiled when I got up and handed her a robe. I threw my boxers on along with a tee shirt and walked with her to the kitchen.”Lorraine did want him home tonight “ she said as we walked hand in hand “but I would like to stay”.

“I would rather have coffee “ I said “but I will make you drink if you want one”,she opted for coffee.When she sat up on the counter her robe opened enough to expose her breasts She didn’t seem to care, “I usually like to be naked” she said and let her robe open all the way ..

“So what happened to you and Debra”she asked “I am sure it wasn’t because you had a tiny cock”.She then giggled that is why Rick and I play together”she said I like big cocks . “I do have to share him though because he has a child with Lorraine . You remember her,don’t you” ,then said “black” when I poured her coffee.

“Debra cheated on me too many times”I said “and you are right she was a slut”,but you are gorgeous”.I ran my hand up along her breasts and said “these have grown a lot since I last saw you naked”.

“Oh my god ,you remembered” she said “I was so young back then . Rick was the first cock I ever had my hands on”she said .She took a sip of her coffee then looked down at my cock “you have to remember I am three years younger than you two”.

Thinking that I embarrassed her I said “I am sorry that I scared you away. But not sorry that you by leaving made me suck his cock. We had jerked off together several times and with you leaving made me just do what I had only thought about”.

I started to back away but Mary pulled me back, setting her and my coffee down. She pulled her robe open and kissed me,”don’t be sorry” she said and moved my hand up letting me rub her breasts.”For the next couple of years I just played with my girlfriends”,she said.

“Unfortunately Rick and Lorraine hooked up ,they both wanted to have children. The last thing I wanted was to get pregnant ,and to be honest with you,I live with them.We are not cheating either”she said “I am a friend to Lorraine. We actually were ,you know, very good friends.

We were playing with each other when Rick came into the picture,we still do at times. When she got pregnant again ,I took care of his needs with her blessings.

So you didn’t join in with Debra and her boy toys” she asked and waited while taking a drink . I opened her robe farther and placed my hand on her pussy and said”I knew every time she cheated. I would lick her pussy when she came home drunk and passed out in bed.A lot of times I wished I was there to see her get fucked and by whoever ”. I kissed Mary then slid two fingers into her still wet pussy ,all she needed was to tell me who. When I found out she was fucking the land lord and denied it that was the last straw.She left me and thankfully we didn’t have any children.

“Well you can eat me anytime ,I might even bring someone with me so you could suck them”she said . “Do you know Tina Kr***ton ,I play a lot with her and her boy you too”,She kissed me “shit just thinking about her makes me şanlıurfa escort bayan horny”.

I kissed her and said “I can take care of that” then lifted her up and placed her on the table. I sat down putting her legs over my shoulder and with my fingers stretched her puffy lips apart. I then drove my tongue deep in her wet hole while she laid down and grabbed her breasts.I lapped up the mixture of our cum that Rick and I placed inside her ,bringing back memories of Debra and I.

I think knowing whose cocks had cum in her made it much more enjoyable for me to suck and lick her longer.After all I had tasted Rick’s cum many ,many times when I was just 16.Thinking about Rick I stood up and drew Mary up and before kissing I said “should we wake Rick now’?I then slid my cock into her and started fucking her slow . “I am not ready to cum yet,I take longer after I first cum,but you can cum if you want too”I said .

After a few minutes of slow fucking Mary said “Rick is usually a one and done ,so maybe we should take him home”. I went and got dressed while Mary went in and woke Rick surprisingly she didn’t get dressed and still had the robe on. When she slid in the car between us she said“I would rather be nude if I could”.

I thanked Rick for letting Mary stay with me and dropped him off and started home. Mary seemed to have other ideas as she took the robe off, laid down on the seat and pulled my cock out. “Know any back roads”she said ,then began sucking my cock as I slowed down taking my time to get home.

“Damn girl you do that better than Rick or even better than Debra “ I said then slid my hand down along her butt cheeks.She was sucking on the head of my cock then sucked down the sides of my shaft. She would cup my balls with one hand, suck on each one while stroking my cock against her cheek. She had me squirming in my seat all the way home but thankfully we made it home before I came.

I took my pants off and grabbed her robe when we got out.I then threw the robe over the fended of the car and started fucking her. I was glad that my neighbors were far away because we both were making noise. Mary started to shake and came hard with a long soft cry ,but I did not.

I continued fucking her until she told me to stop and leaned back .”Fucking out side is nice” she said “but it is fucking cold, lets go inside.You’re right” I said as we hurried inside “sometimes I took Debra to the nudist resort and fucked her in the woods”.

We went straight to the bedroom where she laid down with her ass in the air “cum in me” she said with her fingers stretching her lips. She came hard again after fucking her for ten minutes then started to scream “mother fucker cum in me”.

With a few more jabs into her I started cumming and continued to cum as she laid down flat. I had collected her long hair and laid down kissing her neck.”You are the best” I whispered “I don’t want to pull out of you”. After a few more minutes I said “ roll over I want to lick you clean, I want to feed you our cum too.

Apparently she wanted it too as little of our cum dripped out when she rolled over and spread her legs. “Even Rick has never done that ,usually Lorraine would’.She then took deep breaths and moaned while I cleaned out her pussy. She had her mouth opened for me when I moved up along her body and let our cum spew out. I backed away and let some cum drip down on her nipple then sucked it up and fed it back to her.

After playing with our cum we finally swallowed it all, by now my cock was semi hard and I slipped it back inside her. “It has been a while since I have had such a hot babe like you “ I said, giving her a few more jabs before she pushed me off . Rolling on my side she moved beside me and gave me a kiss and said”A new year is going to be a new but fun adventure”.

She then gave me a longer kiss then said “I am glad I cant get pregnant because we are going to have a lot of fun”. We did too and Mary was a regular fuck for quite a while .She even brought her girlfriend’s and some times their boy-toys a long.Sucking a hard cock is fun but sucking the cum from the girls pussy is so much better.

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