A New Year’s to Remember

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New Year’s Day fell on a Friday this year and delivered our family a long holiday weekend. My story begins in the early evening of Thursday. It was a typical New Year’s Eve with all the excitement and anticipation of the midnight hour. What we didn’t know then was just what the New Year would bring.

The weather outside was cold on this December 31st, as we ventured out to ring in the New Year. The New Year’s Eve party was at our neighbor’s house, down the street and a couple of blocks away. We bundled up and made the short walk in the brisk night air.

At the party, there were other couples there from the neighborhood that we had met before at block parties. Everyone was drinking and enjoying the delicious hors d’oeuvres that our host had provided. As the evening progressed, the celebrating got louder and inhibitions subsided-perhaps just a little too much.

At the stroke of midnight, all the couples kissed and toasted in the New Year. Everyone was having a wonderful time. The party was going great and everyone toasting in the New Year. Mommy excused herself to find the bathroom and was gone for about ten minutes. When she returned, she found Daddy kissing and groping a young, sexy girl.

The young girl was extremely attractive and dressed in a tight black party dress. She wore stiletto heels and her perky breasts were well defined in her low cut dress. Her name was Ashley. Ashley was home for the holidays from college. She’s a senior this year and set to graduate in the spring. Ashley was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Parker. They were hosting the party and Ashley was being a very gracious hostess.

The look on Mommy’s face was one of shock and disbelief. She intervened and slapped Daddy’s face. She picked up her purse and said, “We’re leaving now”. Daddy became red-faced and embarrassed. The other couples in the living room all turned and stared. They were wondering what had just happened. Mommy and Daddy quickly said their goodbyes and left the house.

During the walk home, no conversation took place. Upon arriving at home, the silence was deafening. Neither was saying a word to each other. Mommy went straight to bed. Daddy made another drink and sat down in the living room to recover from the events at the party.

Shortly after two o’clock in the morning, Daddy awoke to noises coming from downstairs. Not sleeping soundly due to an evening of drinks, Daddy crawled out of bed. He grabbed his flashlight, put on his robe, and went downstairs to investigate. There was no one in the house, so Daddy got a glass of water and headed back upstairs.

Halfway up the stairs, Daddy realized that the noise was coming from the garage. Quietly he walked over to the door. He opened it slowly. The garage had a dim night light that was plugged in next to the light switch. Daddy didn’t see anything as he gazed over to Mommy’s new SUV. It was Daddy’s gift to Mommy for Christmas this year. He noticed right away that all the windows were all steamed up.

Puzzled yet curious, Daddy walked over to the car. With his flashlight, Daddy peered through the back window. The flashlight illuminated the back of the new SUV. “Oh my fucking god,” he said, “It’s Brittney!” Brittney is his stepdaughter. She was visiting from out of town for the holidays.

Brittney’s twenty-two, and recently graduated from college. Her delectable ass was poised high as she was leaning over the back seat in the SUV. A young stud was fucking her doggy style. He was thrusting his big cock in her tight pussy as was pulling her hair. Daddy opened the back hatch and said “That’s it – everyone out of the car.”

The young man quickly pulled up his pants and stumbled out. Daddy recognized this young man. His name is Ryan. He’s Ashley’s older brother. His parents are the couple who hosted the house party that they went to last night. “Get the hell out of here’, he snarled at the young man. Daddy opened the garage door and the young stud ran for his life down the street. Daddy was furious. He told his naughty slut stepdaughter to get out of the car. “Daddy will teach you not to fuck the neighbor boys in Mommy’s new car.”

Brittney got out of the car. She was naked from the waist down, wearing only a tiny loose fitting satin top. The top barely covered her ripe breasts and erect nipples. Her tight bald pussy was still glistening from all the cum the neighbor boy left. It was still running down the inside of her leg as she stood in front of Daddy.

‘What in God’s name were you doing?” Brittney replied, “you know what I was doing, Daddy. Ryan sent me a text and wanted to come over. I couldn’t sleep so I told him yes. It’s New Year’s Eve, after all. You’re daddy’s little girl and I’ll tell you who you can fuck. You must be punished, my naughty stepdaughter. Just stand there while I decide what to do with you.

Daddy walked over to his work bench. He unlocked his rolling tool chest and opened a couple of drawers. “There’s a reason I keep this lordbahis güvenilirmi locked, my little girl”. Daddy pulled out a couple of ropes and a shiny stainless steel anal hook from the drawer. From another drawer he pulled out a ball gag. “Come over here you little slut. I want you to stand right here”, he said. She walked over to the middle of the garage.

Daddy stepped behind his little girl, tightly placed a ball gag in her mouth and buckled it behind the back of her head. “We must be quiet as Mommy is sleeping”. As Daddy brushed up against her, she could feel his hard cock against her ass. Daddy then took the smaller rope and tied his little girl’s hands behind her back. He tied them tightly without cutting off her circulation.

Her eyes opened very wide, wondering what punishment was in store for her. Daddy then took the longer rope and through it over the rafter near the ceiling in the garage. “This is what happens to little sluts when they disobey their Daddy”. He reached for the large stainless hook and tied one end of the rope to the eyelet at the top of the hook. Brittney’s legs trembled as Daddy placed the cold steel hook against her skin. He then dropped his robe and boxers to reveal his hard stiff cock. A shivering smile came to his little girl’s face and her trembling immediately stopped.

Daddy slid the cold steel down her back and rested the hook between her cheeks, carefully inserting the end of the hook in her ass. With the hook in place, he then pulled the rope tightly that was draped over the rafter and the hook plunged deeply into his little girl’s ass. Without making a peep, she stood there on her tip toes as the hook lifted her ass.

Daddy reached down and fingered her wet pussy with two fingers.” That’s my little girl”‘ he said.” You’re enjoying the punishment, aren’t you?” She nodded. Daddy then stepped behind his her. He pulled her ass cheeks apart opening her wide, tightening the hook even more. Brittany’s ass was in the air and she was leaning forward adjusting to the tension of the rope. Daddy then went over to his tool chest and took out a cat o’ nine tails.

“Now it’s time to take your medicine, my baby girl. It’s time to ring in the New Year”. Daddy then gave his little girl a good lashing with the tails. Her rosy red cheeks were beaming and there wasn’t a peep out of her. Daddy says,” I’ll show you a good doggie fuck, you little slut”. Daddy grabbed Brittany’s red cheeks and plunged his hard cock deep into her slippery pussy.

He felt the steel hook in her ass on the top of his cock as he fucked her like a dog in heat. He came hard after several long, deep penetrations. As Daddy pulled out, his cum dripping out of her, he said, “I’m going back in the house. I’m tired; I’ll be back in a while.” Daddy then proceeded to leave the garage.

As the door shuts, a feeling of panic comes over the stepdaughter. How long is he going to leave me her she wondered? Daddy walked up the stairs and went back to the master bedroom. He quietly got into bed. After a minute or two, Mommy asked him where he was for the last forty five minutes. Daddy replied, well your little slut daughter is at it again.

Mommy said what the fuck are you talking about? I just caught the little whore fucking the neighbor boy in the garage. They were in the back your new SUV. I think they got some stains on your carpet. Mommy was pissed. Where is the little slut? I left her hanging out in the garage so to speak.

I’m going down to the garage Daddy. You can come down there with me if you want to but I’m going to teach that little bitch a lesson. How dare she fuck that boy in my new Christmas present? What dam nerve she has. Doesn’t she have any respect? Mommy left the bedroom and Daddy followed shortly after. Mommy entered the garage and opened the door. She saw her little girl on her tip toes with the anal hook up her ass. What were you thinking girl? Why did you think it would be ok for you to have sex in my car in the middle of the night with that boy?

Daddy walked in and turned on the light. Mommy asked him what else you have in that rolling tool chest. I know you have all sorts of things locked up in there. What are you looking for Mommy? Get me that strap on harness. And, I want that big 10″ monster cock too. This little girl has got to learn a lesson from this. Mommy, are you sure that’s the right one for our little girl? Mommy then strapped on the harness and slipped the big dildo into the O ring. Daddy got out the lube and rubbed it all over the big jelly cock.

Lean over and take this you little slut. You got cum all over the back of my car. You’re going to have to clean that up. With her right hand Mommy guided the big dildo into my stepdaughter’s wet pussy. It took a minute to get it all the way in. Take that you little slut and Happy New Year. Daddy then took off the ball gag from his little girl.

While Mommy was ramming that strap on into her girl, lordbahis yeni giriş Daddy grabbed the step stool and stood on the second step. His cock was hard again and he aimed it right at the level of Brittney’s face. She opened her mouth eagerly to take Daddy’s hard cock in her mouth as Mommy pounded her pussy with the anal hook still in her ass. She was definitely learning her lesson now. Mommy pulled out of her and told Daddy to let her down. She’d had enough for now.

Daddy untied the rope and pulled it over the rafter but Mommy said wait, hang on to that rope and we’ll go to the living room. Daddy led his little girl out of the garage and into the living room keeping the hook tightly secured in his little girl’s ass. Mommy lay down on the floor in front of the fireplace. Brittney’s hands were still tied behind her back while Daddy led her over to Mommy and positioned her.

Brittney was on her stomach with her face in Mommy’s pussy. Give me that rope Mommy said. This little whore is going to eat my pussy while I grab it and pull her toward me. The hook was in Brittney’s ass and her tongue extended in her mother’s wet pussy. She’s going feel that that cold steel in her ass and learn her lesson while making Mommy cum. And Daddy, I want you to fuck her tight hole while she’s licking my pussy. And that’s just for starters.

Mommy came three times as her daughter licked her pussy, nibbled and bit her clit. Daddy sucked Mommy’s tits and fed his cock to her eager mouth. After the third orgasm, Mommy let go of the rope and the hook slid out of Brittney. Her little girl was at ease for the moment. Daddy pulled his cock from Mommy’s mouth gave it to Brittney. She sucked it briefly and turned her attention back to Mommy’s pussy. The gas fireplace cast a warm light on their sex by the fire. Mommy told her little girl, you have one last duty for your punishment.

Mommy got up and strapped on her dildo again. She instructed her little girl to ride the big cock as Mommy laid on her back. The daughter complied with her direction. Mommy began to fuck her little girl’s pussy as she held onto her waist rocking her back and forth. Next, Mommy told Daddy to fuck his little girl in the ass. Daddy walked around his little girl and stood behind her.

He lubed her tight ass and swiftly forced his cock into her pink rosebud. He mounted her ass with his hard cock. She yelled out oh Daddy as his hard cock penetrated her virgin ass. It was her first time. She was filled with family and ready to cum at any second. Daddy came again in his little girl’s ass and let her taste his cock after he pulled it out. It was a wonderful first time experience for Brittney as he untied his little girl’s hands. She was very happy.

What a happy new year she thought. It was almost five AM in the morning now. Everyone was exhausted and tired but glowing and sexually satisfied. Daddy said, let’s all go to bed. The sun was beginning to rise and it was time to get some rest. Daddy, Mommy, and Brittney all got up and walked upstairs to the master bedroom. Daddy’s little girl climbed in between Mommy and Daddy. Hugging his little girl, Daddy kissed his little girl.

The morning came quickly. It was like we never went to sleep. I rolled over and discovered that our little girl was not in bed with us. Daddy couldn’t lie in bed any longer as the sun was streaming through the blinds. Daddy walked down the stairs and found his little girl sitting in the recliner watching the Rose Parade by herself. After all, it was New Years Day.

The Christmas tree was still up and all the decorations filled the living room. Daddy walked over to his precious stepdaughter and said, are you ok my little girl? She said yes Daddy, I’m so sorry for last night. I shouldn’t have invited Ryan over. I was just so horny and I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t want to be alone on New Years Eve. He’s a very cute boy. Daddy told Brittney he understood and that all he wanted was for her to be happy.

By Now the New Years Day parade was in full swing now. All of us were feeling a bit hung over. Daddy mentioned to Britt, I’ll tell you what sweetheart, how about I invite Ryan over to watch the football game? I want to do that for you. Do you think after last night he will consider coming over? Well Daddy, I’ll send him a text and see what he says. Daddy’s little girl was cuddled up in the easy chair wrapped in a cashmere shawl and pajamas. She picked up her phone and sent him a text message. It wasn’t long before Ryan responded saying that he was good with that as long as her father was not going to run him off again.

Brittney assured Ryan that it was her step fathers idea and not to worry. Mommy finally got up and the three of them ate breakfast. They were all watching the end of the parade when the door bell rang. Our little girl hopped up from the recliner and answered the door. It was Ryan. He was wearing a tight T-shirt and jeans. She embraced him and lordbahis giriş gave him a big kiss. He was wearing his leather jacket and you could see that his arms were muscular. Ryan walked in and said good morning everyone. How are you all doing this New Years Day? We all smiled and said great. We welcomed him into our home.

Everyone had already eaten breakfast so my thoughts were snacks while watching the end of the parade. Feeling responsible, Ryan spoke to everyone and told them that he was sorry for last night’s events. He asked the family for forgiveness. Daddy said, don’t worry about it son. Boys will be boys. I was you age once and I did some crazy things to. As it turns out, no one really cared or thought anything of it except for Mommy. She was still pissed at him for leaving cum stains all over the back of her new SUV.

Daddy just laughed and said that it’s just another naughty night of play for my stepdaughter. After we cleared the air, Mommy left the living room to get some more snacks for everyone. After all, the game would be staring soon. After a few minutes I heard some dishes break in the kitchen. I got out of my chair and went to see what was going on. Mommy was still angry that the little prick got cum stains all over the back of her car. Mommy was going to give him a piece of her mind.

Laughing and joking about last night was the topic of conversation. Ryan excused himself to go to the bathroom. The downstairs bathroom was through the kitchen. He walked into the kitchen to get to the bathroom and Mommy stopped him. Mommy asked Ryan if he thought she was attractive. Ryan said of course. She said I know you like to fuck my daughter but what if I offered my pussy to you? Ryan’s eyes lit up. He told her yes. I would love to have your pussy.

Like daughter like Mother he said. Ryan grabbed Mommy’s ass as he passed by to the bathroom and said you have a nice ass and I’ll bet your pussy tastes very sweet to. Ryan walked through the kitchen and off to the bathroom. His cock was visible and bulging in his jeans. As Ryan walked away, Mommy uttered under her breath, I’ll show you a good time young man.

After Ryan cam back from the bathroom, Mommy was back and she had the snacks on the table. Daddy took control of the conversation. Daddy asked his little girl, do you like Ryan and the way he had sex with you? It was such a blunt question and caught everyone’s attention. Knowing the answer, Daddy just smiled.

Daddy asked Mommy if she would you like Ryan to put his hard cock in you. Mommy blushed and turned very red. She smiled and said yes, of course. Daddy was pleasantly shocked to hear Mommy willingness to fuck her daughter’s new boyfriend. He said, let’s go for it. It was a Happy New Years Day and everyone in the house wanted sex. Daddy said, ok we’re all horny as hell. Let’s all go upstairs and fuck. So, they all proceeded upstairs and get naked in the master bedroom.

My cock was as hard as a rock and so was Ryan’s. I told my little girl to watch while Ryan and I fucked her mother. We tagged teamed Mommy and fucked her in the pussy and her ass. Mommy loved it and kept saying that she wanted more. After we fucked Mommy, Brittney licked her mommy’s pussy enjoying the taste of Ryan and her step father. Now it was her turn. Our little girl got down on all fours and begged us both for an ass fucking. Ryan and I obliged and pounded her tight asshole. My little girl screamed with delight and sucked both of our cocks when we were finished.

Mommy then changed the mood. She moved to the edge of the bed and sat up. She wanted a bit more fun. She was still pissed at Ryan for soiling her new car with cum. While everyone was basking in the glow, Mommy got up and opened her toy drawer. She rummaged though a few things and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and ankle cuffs, and a few lengths of thin black rope. She picked up her strap on harness and a new toy.

The toy was a 6″ black slim cock with a wide base that fit nicely in the strap on. Mommy and Daddy have played with that toy before. Ah, she said, this will do the trick. Mommy told everyone to get off the bed except Ryan. She asked Ryan if he had ever been tied up before. Ryan said no. Well not to worry Ryan, I’ll teach you.

Mommy instructed Ryan to get on his knees and hold his arms up. He complied with Mommy’s demand. Mommy stood up on the bed and threaded a length of rope through and eye-hook that was screwed in to the ceiling. Brittney nodded with approval having not noticed the eye-hook before.

Next, Mommy put the hand cuffs on Ryan and tied the rope to them. She pulled the rope tightly and raised Ryan’s hands and arms above his head. Then Mommy tied his ankles to the foot board of the king bed. Daddy and daughter were intently watching Mommy conducted her bondage scene. Mommy asked how you feel Ryan. He said that it feels good.

I’ve never done this before. Mommy said I’m sure that you will remember this. As Ryan stood kneeling on the bed with his hands cuffed and arms in the air, Mommy put on her harness and put the slender black cock through her strap on. Mommy then reached for the bottle of lube and covered the dildo. She drizzled some onto Ryan’s back and tight ass. Daddy and daughter kept watching intently.

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