A Night at the Movies

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Gavin was in town on business, and had planned to meet up with his long-time online chat partner, Susan, for dinner and a movie. Gavin arrived at the mall, dressed in jeans, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and a black jacket. Having not had a chance to change from work, Susan was impeccably dressed, wearing a black knit top that outlined her firm B-cup breasts deliciously, and a black skirt with a hemline ending just above the knee. Appearing to cover her legs (as Gavin thought at the time) were a classy pair of black pantihose. Topping off the package was Susan’s shoulder length red hair, perfectly cupping the milky-white skin of her face.

Gavin and Susan sat down to dinner, and quickly ate their meals, anticipating the approaching movie time. The talk was the usual chitter chatter about their days at work, but Gavin’s mind was occupied with thoughts of sitting close to Susan, in the darkened movie theater.

It was a mid-week, early-evening screening, and, because of this, the theater was relatively empty. Even so, Susan and Gavin were unlucky enough to be allocated seats right next to another couple!

Susan and Gavin sat down, making themselves comfortable in the plush seating of the new theater. The lights dimmed, and as the movie began to play, Gavin moved his hand to Susan’s, caressing it gently, running his fingers over the top of her hand. As the movie progressed, Gavin’s touching became more intimate. He gently ran his fingers up and over her forearm, then up further to her shoulder, caressing her body ever so gently. Then his hands would drop back down again, allowing the back of his hand to graze the outline of her firm breasts through her knit top. Susan’s hands weren’t inactive at this point either. Much of the time, they were on Gavin’s leg, and Gavin enjoyed the sensations produced by Susan’s hands moving ever further up.

Gavin was incredibly turned on by the situation, and soon had an extremely hard cock in his pants. Wanting Susan to know this, his hand joined hers, and slowly but surely directed her hand to his crotch so she could feel his hardness.

Gavin’s interest was also in what was under Susan’s skirt. Casually, at first, Gavin placed his hands on top of Susan’s crossed legs, just above the knee. As the movie progressed, his hands edged further up, and eventually under the hem of Susan’s skirt. Susan’s reaction to this was to uncross her legs, and spread them, ever so slightly, giving Gavin more access under her skirt. At this point, Susan realized that the woman sitting next to her was noticing the movement, but Susan couldn’t Eskişehir Escort have cared less. Gently, Gavin’s fingers probed under Susan’s skirt, making their way to the tops of her thighs, and touching the fabric covering her crotch. “Mmmmm,” thought Gavin, “I definitely want some more of this later.”

Gavin continued to play, but this time, began moving his fingers up under her skirt at the side of Susan’s thigh, away from the neighboring woman’s gaze. Now Gavin was in for a surprise. As his fingers made their way up Susan’s leg, he encountered bare skin at the top! “God,” thought Gavin, “She’s wearing stockings!” Gavin’s cock instantly responded with another degree of hardness he’d never thought possible. Susan turned her head toward Gavin’s, and being clearly pleased with Gavin’s discovery, placed a very hot, slow wet kiss on his lips.

From then on, the movie seemed to drag, as Gavin longingly anticipated the possible fun that might eventuate after the movie had finished. Eventually though, it did finish, and Susan and Gavin held hands and cuddled as they ascended the stairs leading out of the movie theater.

From there, it was out to the car park, where Gavin had parked his car right next to Susan’s. Susan had said, earlier on, that she didn’t want anything to happen too quickly, so taking her back to Gavin’s apartment was out of the question. However, Susan did agree to sit in Gavin’s car with him. It was still early in the evening, so other movies were in progress, and occasionally people came and went from the car park. Luckily, Gavin had a good view of the entrance in his rear-view mirror, so had early notice of anybody approaching.

Once they were in the car, Gavin and Susan kissed passionately, Susan leaning over to kiss Gavin, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Quickly, Gavin’s hand made its way down between Susan’s legs, which were now spread in a manner that would have been totally inappropriate in the movie theater. Gavin’s fingers quickly made their way up Susan’s inner thighs and over the tops of her stockings to the band of exposed skin just below the crotch of her panties. Gavin let out a quiet gasp as he discovered how moist the tops of her thighs were. Then his fingers made their way to the crotch of her panties, which was totally soaked with the juices that had oozed out of her hot pussy. Susan moaned softly as Gavin’s fingers probed the softness of her pussy lips through her panties.

Given the light from the car park, Gavin found if difficult to see the colour of Susan’s panties, but she Eskişehir Escort Bayan quickly informed him that they were part of the black and gold lace set that they’d discussed while chatting. “God, she’s been planning this all along!” thought Gavin.

While kissing Susan passionately, Gavin slipped his hand inside Susan’s top, and felt the lace covering her breasts. Her nipple was very hard, and Gavin could feel it penetrating the fabric. He gently took Susan’s left nipple between his fingers and twisted it… then again, with a little more force, evoking a soft moan from her lips. She was enjoying this as much as Gavin was. Gavin soon decided to slip his hand inside her bra, and to cup her breast in his hand. “God, her breasts are deliciously firm, and I love the feeling of her hard nipple against my fingers” thought Gavin. Gavin continued to squeeze her breast gently, while their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

Then, Susan reached down and uncupped her left breast, pulling it out of its lace covering, and exposing her erect nipple to Gavin in the orange light from the car park. Gavin knew exactly what she wanted – they had discussed it many times… he took her breast in his hand and then lowered his mouth to it, taking her nipple into his mouth, and sucking on it… gently at first, and then a little harder. Susan had the most delicious nipples, and by sucking quite hard on it, he swore he could taste a sweet excretion from it.

While Susan’s nipple occupied Gavin’s mouth, his fingers made their way back down to her panties. Becoming bolder this time, Gavin pulled the crotch of her panties aside, and slipped his fingers under the wet material. Of course, Susan was completely shaved, as they’d discussed many times. The tips of his fingers brushed against her pussy lips, and he expertly separated them, running his fingers up and down her slit, feeling the hot lubricating juices that ran out of her vagina. Then, he slipped one, and then two fingers inside her. How delicious the feeling was to have his fingers inside the woman he’d fantasized about for so long.

Susan was moaning softly, enjoying the feeling of being finger fucked, and sucked on at the same time. Then, Gavin slipped his fingers out, and took them up to his mouth. He’d been dying for a taste of her. He slid one of his fingers into his mouth, and savoured the fantastic taste of her. Then, Susan grabbed his other finger and sucked her own juices off it seductively. Then, she planted a hot wet kiss back on Gavin’s lips, allowing him to taste both her Escort Eskişehir mouth and her pussy juices at the same time. Gavin thought the taste was absolutely fabulous.

Then, Gavin said, “I want to taste you some more… let me suck you pussy, please Susan.” Susan spread her legs, and Gavin pushed her skirt up, revealing her panties to his gaze. He pulled the crotch of her panties aside, then bent down, and started to tongue her delicious pussy. This was the moment he’d fantasized about for months, eating her out, lapping up the delicious juices that he’d caused. Gavin quickly found Susan’s clit and nibbled on it softly, and then he moved his tongue down, and eagerly spread her pussy lips with his tongue, using the tip to probe deeply into her vagina. Susan moved her fingers down to her pussy where Gavin got a wonderful close up view of her fingering her clit. Within a few moments, Susan was breathing heavily and then let out a gigantic scream as she came violently. At that time, Gavin had slipped a finger inside her, and he felt her pussy contract around it as she experienced her orgasm.

Once Susan had experienced her orgasm, it was Gavin’s turn. Susan helped Gavin unzip his jeans, and remove his rock hard cock. Then, she pulled his balls out too, and cupped them gently. Bending down, she began by taking his cock into her mouth, running her tongue around the head. Then, she ran her tongue up and down the full length of his cock, stopping at the base to suck his balls gently in her mouth. Gavin was in ecstasy, moaning softly as she expertly sucked at his cock. However, all was not to be as Gavin glimpsed people exiting the movie theater in the car’s rear vision mirror. And so they were interrupted in their pursuit.

As Susan and Gavin had spent many a night online chatting, they’d fantasized about watching each other masturbate. This was the perfect opportunity. So, Gavin took his erect cock in his left hand and slowing started sliding it up and down, stopping at the top to savour the sensation of his most sensitive spot. Gavin continued to masturbate, just the way he did while they were chatting. Susan moved her fingers under his balls, just the way he liked, as Gavin continued to stroke himself.

Gavin got closer and closer to his goal, but needed something to really send him over the edge. “Susan, would you finger your pussy for me, sweetie?” he said. Susan obliged, spreading her legs a little, and showing Gavin her hand disappearing down inside her panties. That was all it took, and Gavin moaned loudly as his cock exploded, shooting cum high into the air inside the car. Gavin managed to catch most of his cum on his hands, and Susan was quite eager to lick them clean.

Having both experienced fantastic orgasms, they kissed each other goodnight, and went their separate ways home. It was the best night at the movies either of them had experienced!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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