A Night at the Opera Ch. 03

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We kissed and cuddled for a long time, there on the couch, my head full of questions and doubts, but my body glowing with satisfaction.

Mrs. Bastrop … Kate … surely loved kissing! She nuzzled my neck and trailed small kisses around my ear. Her tongue traced the contours of my ear then darted in, making me shiver. Meanwhile her fingertips traced patterns up one thigh across my bush then down the other. Her hand explored across my flat belly and gently cupped one breast, then the other.

I kissed her back when her lips touched mine, still finding the faint taste of my puss in her mouth.

“I’m sorry to come on so strong,” she whispered. “But you really woke something in me … something I haven’t felt in awhile. There was a time in high school when I thought I was gay … when I chased girls as hard as I’ve ever chased guys. Maybe it was a phase? But then I had to drop out of school, change towns, start again. And I was just … back to guys.” She was silent for awhile, then whispered, “Do you think you could … do something for me … I … I need someone to make love to me. But I’ll understand if you don’t want to. You’ve probably never done anything with a girl.”

I couldn’t say I’d never done ANYTHING with a girl. Rowdy loved to surprise me by grabbing my ass or my tits. Once, while changing, she’d yanked my panties down to my knees and slapped my ass when I bent over to pull them up. For awhile her favorite trick at work was unhooking my bra while I sat in the break room and laughing while I blushed and tried to recover. And that was when she was sober! When she was drunk she sometimes was very clingy and would boozily kiss me on the lips and tell me what a great person I was. A time or two she’d climbed into bed with me before passing out. I’d wake up in the night to find her spooning me, squeezing my breasts and grinding on my ass.

But that was just Rowdy being Rowdy. I chalked it up to her insatiable need for sex. I never touched or tried to kiss her. Even though she sometimes shocked and frustrated me, I loved Rowdy because she was the wild extrovert I could never be.

Now there was Kate Bastrop. Beautiful, sensual, overwhelming Kate who had just taken me to heaven with her tongue and fingers. I looked down at her strong, slender hand stroking my body and said, “Yes. I want to make love to you. But you’ll have to tell me how,” and then her mouth was on mine and her tongue thrusting Bostancı Escort eagerly.

She led me to the bedroom and my single bed and I was so glad the sheets were clean. Staring into my eyes, she pulled her t-shirt off and dropped it on the floor. Her bra was a delicate, lacy thing that held her breasts high and full. She pushed her tight jeans down her legs and I saw her matching panties clinging to her full hips. I stared, my breath starting to come faster. I took off my t-shirt and bra and dropped them.

“Shall I take off my bra for you, sweetheart?” Kate asked.

“Yes,” I said, my mouth dry.

She unhooked her bra then held the cups on her breasts while sliding the straps down her arms. I suddenly felt shaky, waiting to see her breasts. Her bra dropped to the floor and her breasts were free … full and sagging slightly with wide areola and thick nipples. She put her hands under her breasts and held them up to me.

“I sooo want you to suck me,” she cooed as she rubbed her thumbs over her stiff nubs.

Then her breasts hung down as she slowly pushed her panties down her legs. There was a small triangular patch of dark blonde hair above her pussy, but her lips appeared hairless, either waxed or carefully shaved. My breathing was deep and harsh as my eyes went from her face to her breasts to her ‘V’ drinking in her sensuous beauty. This was a new sensation, being aroused by a woman’s body. Maybe because, for the first time, a woman was offering herself to me? Willing? Eager?

Slowly she laid on the bed then beckoned, “Lie on top of me.”

I knelt then slowly laid on her, my breasts flattening on hers … her pubic patch tickling my thigh. We kissed. Her tongue was a warm, insistent presence in my mouth, wrestling with my tongue, probing eagerly.

“Now,” she said. “My breasts. You know what to do.” And I found that I did know what to do. I did what I wished every guy would do to my breasts. I caressed them with my hands and licked gently, teased her areola and grazed her thick nipples. Then I sucked her, gently at first then harder as she groaned. I sucked a nipple deep into my mouth then flicked it over and over with my tongue. She moaned. I gave her other breast the same slow, intense treatment and I felt her chest rising and falling with arousal.

“God I can’t take any more of that,” Kate said after a few minutes, pulling my face away Bostancı Escort Bayan from her breasts. “You know what I need!” and she was pushing me down her flat belly, down to her hips, her legs spread wide.

That’s when I smelled her … the warm earthy smell of wet pussy … and instead of recoiling and turning away I was intrigued. This must be what my pussy smells like, I thought … and it’s … not bad.

In fact, her pussy had a subtle melony fragrance that invited me to taste her. I pressed her leg wide and inhaled.

“You smell good,” I said, looking up to meet her eyes. “I think I’m going to like tasting you.” She groaned and her head fell back on the pillow.

Her full outer pussy lips were bare and swollen and between them peeked her crinkly inner lips, pink and glistening with her wetness. I put a finger on each side of her pussy and pulled her open. I’d seen pictures, of course, but never been close to woman’s pussy in real life. I was fascinated.

Her inner lips were slightly parted so I could see the mouth of her vagina … very pink and wet … and her channel leading up to where her inner lips met just above the round little bump of her clit at the end of a distinct shaft that disappeared inside her. Hesitantly, I lapped at the wetness of her opening and I tasted another woman for the first time. It was like nothing I’d ever tasted, but also familiar. I lapped at her again and my tongue and lips were coated with her juices.

Then I stiffened my tongue and pushed it inside her. Kate groaned and one hand gripped my hair. I slipped my tongue as deep as I could inside her, collecting her juices, then pulled out and swallowed. I was eating a woman’s pussy!

Again and again I thrust my tongue inside her, and collected and swallowed her flowing wetness, while she sighed and groaned. Her taste was subtle yet a bit tangy. I sometimes opened my eyes and looked up to see her staring wide-eyed down at me. I knew I was driving her crazy!

“I’m fucking you with my tongue,” I said the next time our eyes met. “This is amazing! Why don’t people do this all the time?” She simply moaned and mouthed, “Please, PLEASE!” her beautiful face twisted with desire.

Again I pulled her open and gazed at her pussy. Her clit was even more swollen, begging for attention. I put out my tongue and touched it and Kate jerked her hips sharply upward. I put my open Escort Bostancı mouth over the top of her pussy, enclosing her clit and some of her inner lips. My tongue traced around her clit and I felt her hands on my head pulling me into her.

Impatient to see what she’d do, I watched her face as I finally began brushing my tongue against her clit … slowly and lightly at first then gradually pressing harder and going faster.

She tensed at the first touch of my tongue on her clit, then as I thrummed by tongue against her nub she began thrusting her hips and I felt her thigh trembling against my neck. I caressed her clit faster, but let my touch become lighter and lighter and now heard her gasp and cry out above me.

I realized I wanted her to make her come more than anything. I wanted to make her explode with pleasure and cry out my name and gush her juices into my mouth. I wanted to fuck my beautiful Kate and satisfy her like no one ever had!

Then it happened. At the same time she uttered a loud, hoarse groan and her thighs locked tight around my head while her hands gripped my hair.

“AaaaAAAAoooo!!” she cried, thrusting her pussy against my mouth, and I kept lashing her clit with my tongue.


She thrust her hips, held them suspended above the bed for a few beats, then gave two quick thrusts again.

“OhFUCK,OhFUCK!OhFUCK!” she cried, as my tongue caressed her clit.

Her hips bucked and her hands clawed the sheets while her breasts swayed with the jerking of her body.


She must have finally gotten too sensitive as she pushed my head away from her pussy and rolled to one side.

“OhmygodOhmygod!” she groaned.

“Stop, sweetheart,” she whispered. “Let me rest. Let me get my heart back in my body” and she pulled me up to lie on her and covered my face with kisses.

“Here put your leg between my legs,” she said, and she clamped my thigh between hers, tight against the warm wetness of her pussy. She sighed.

“They say a woman knows how to satisfy another woman, but that’s not always true,” Kate whispered. “Sometimes a woman doesn’t know enough about her own body to treat another woman right. And some girls may go to bed with another girl, then find they don’t like it.”

“You, my dear, must know your body. And you’re generous enough to satisfy another woman, thank God.” She sighed. “Thank God! I feel filled to the top with warmth and pleasure! You were sooo good to me!”

And we laid there for a long time, my face nuzzled into Kate’s neck while we held and caressed each other, and didn’t think about anything except that moment in time.

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