A Night At The Pond

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This is the shortened version of a true story that happened a while back. I am still very good friends with the young woman mentioned in this story. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

It was dark as I pulled into her parents drive way. To say I was nervous would be a understatement. She and I had agreed that we would go out and drive the old dirt roads and drink a few beers. So you see I couldn’t turn back now. Not that I wanted to at all. I said hello to her mother and we made a quick get away from her house and headed south. I could smell her perfume from where she sat in the passenger seat of my truck. The smell was intoxicating.

After getting back in touch with her through the internet, our friendship has rekindled nicely. I had a curious feeling she was not the innocent girl that I knew from high school. She had definitely grown into a stunning woman. She ask for a light and I gladly provided her one. I shouldn’t have been smoking but hey, its my vacation right? After we got settled into a good dirt road we cracked out the beer from the back.

As she passed me a bottle she brushed her fingers against mine. Letting them linger there longer than what it would normally take. I picked up on that sign but did not elude to it. Instead I continued the small talk we were making as we drove along. I’m not saying it was easy though. The thoughts of our last encounter were fresh in my mind. Making the crotch of my jeans a little to tight for comfort. I ask if she would like to drive out to my parents tank (a pond to those of you not from the south). She gladly accepted saying it would be nice to be able drink under the start.

After another 15 minute drive we arrived and I pulled the truck as far back in the field as I could shutting the lights off so no one could see me from the road. That would have been Escort Bayan hard to do because my truck is black but I was not taking any chances on my night being ruined. Once parked we exited the truck and settled on the tailgate. As if she knew I was stressed and nervous, she started to rub my shoulders. I backed into her between her legs so she could rub them better. I started making idle chit chat as her hands made easy work of the knots in my back.

Then I felt it. Her lips against the skin of my neck. Closing my eyes and biting my lip I surprised the moan I wanted to make so badly. Her hands left my shoulders and wrapped around me pulling me to her as she continued to kiss my neck. I didn’t want to move to fast so I slightly pulled away. Half to tease her and half to get away for a second to readjust my throbbing cock bundled in my jeans. She announced she needed to pee and allowed as how she would go in front of the truck. I took her spot on the tail gate as she left to do her business.

Upon her return she slid between my knees and leaned in close. I felt myself lean into her. Waiting for the moment where the hot flesh of her lips would touch mine. Bringing my hands up to the back of her head to pull her in closer. Our lips meet with fierce fire as we started a long passionate kiss. I felt her moan as my tongue played with hers. Her hands wrapped around me clawing at my ass. I slowly moved from her lips to her neck. Kissing light kisses down it. My hands had moved from her head to her large hot breasts. They felt so good in my hands. Her nipples pressing into my palms like hard rocks as I continued to kiss her. I traced my kisses from her neck to her ear then back to her waiting lips.

The passion and heat building with every move of our lips. I felt her hands going for my belt and zipper. Feeling Escort relief as she released my throbbing cock from the confines of my jeans. She broke the kiss as she leaned down to my waiting prick. Running her tongue over the engorged head she spread my precum around it in slow circles. Moaning I leaned back as I felt the warmth of her mouth slide down my hard cock. I had the pleasure of her doing this once before and to have it again was pure heaven. Slowly up and down she moved. Sucking me in and out of her mouth. I could feel the pressure building in my balls. Before too much longer her mouth would be filled with my hot cum. She picked up the pace of her sucking and I felt my sex release the cum she had worked to hard to get. It filled every inch of her waiting mouth before being swallowed. She released my still hard cock into her hand and smiled up at me. Leaning down I kissed her deeply. Tasting what was left of my cum on her lips and tongue.

I pulled her up to me and laid her down on the bed of the truck. I kissed her hard as I released her zipper of her jeans and clasp to her bra. Her beautiful breasts spilled out into my hands and I admired the beauty I held as I started to suck her nipples. Slowly I snaked my fingers under the band of her panties down to her wet pussy. Taking her clit between my thumb and finger I rolled and pulled it in rhythm to my sucking of her chest.

Slowly I entered her hot opening with my fingers. Pushing two fingers in with ease due to her wetness. I started to finger her in and out. Fast and slow with her moans as I pleasured her with my fingers. Until I felt her pussy explode in a huge orgasm that drenched my fingers with her juices. I pulled my fingers to my mouth to suck them clean. I sucked one as she sucked the other. Seeing her suck her juices from my fingers again made me very Bayan Escort hard. I pulled her clothing from her body as she stripped off mine. Laying me down she straddled my hard cock and slipped it into her hot folds. The sensation was great as I entered her inch by inch.

She started to slowly move me in and out of her. Her tits inches from my face as she grinds her clit into my body. I reached up and sucked her mound into my mouth. Flicking my tongue over her hot nipple. Then reversed it to take the other one. Faster she moved, her moans filling the chilly night air. Again and again she slammed my cock into her. Our moans reached out as we both started to cum. I could feel my balls and legs drenched as her pussy rained down her hot cum. I pulled her down to me and kissed her deep. Pushing back her sweaty hair. Before moving her down beside me. We rested for a little while and made idle chat as our bodies rested. I moved down her body and started to suck her clean. Her hot clit hardened when I moved my tongue over it. She smelled and tasted so good as I sucked her lips into my mouth.

With her legs above me I traced her slit slowly from the top down. Licking lightly as I want. Crossing her clit, to her pee hole down to her wet opening still farther to her hot ass. Running little circles as I moved up and down her. I started to dive my tongue into her burning pussy while I used my fingers on her hard clit. Her moans of pleasure driving me to work harder. My work paid off as I felt her insides tighten and a blast of her cum wash against my open mouth. She tasted wonderful. I sucked our cum from her depths as she moaned with orgasm.

I released her spend body and laid down beside her. We repeated this several times during the night and well into the morning. And I got the kiss of a life time as I dropped her back off at her parents house. That night remains one of the hottest and best nights of my life.

She and I still talk and stay close. The only regret I have is not being able to make a part two to this night. But time will only tell if this is to happen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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