A Night Away With Katie Ch. 02

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As I walked out of the bathroom I noticed Katie slowly opening her eyes. Slowly entering the day in a way that I am fairly certain she did not expect. As she was sleeping I had taken the liberty of once again securing her wrists, this time to the bed posts using a spare set of sheets. I was actually a bit surprised that she hadn’t stirred a bit as I tightly wrapped the end of the sheet around her wrist before intertwining it through the bedrail, and repeating the process on the other wrist. She hasn’t even squirmed as I repeated the process on the lower side of the bed, securing her ankles to the opposing bedrails.

Although, as I retreated from the bathroom, and Katie began to open her eyes, she also began to notice the position which she had awoken in. Her soft blue eyes looking over at me in the dim light of the room, only illuminated by the faint light escaping from the bathroom. I don’t think I could have been any more turned on than I was as I looked over at her and noticed the smile that formed on her face as she came to realize what I had done in her slumber.

She shook her head slightly, in an attempt to remove the hair from her face as I walked over beside her, looking down at her soft, fair flesh sprawled out there before me. I smiled down at her as my eyes ran across her body, surveying every curve of her figure. Her eyes still gazing up at me, still saggy from sleep, urging her to go ahead and continue to rest her eyes, I reached down and grabbed a tie from the bed stand, covering her eyes and tying it behind her head. Watching as her chest heaved slightly as she let out a satisfying sigh.

I walked slowly around the bed, watching as her breasts raised and lowered eskort bursa with every deepening breath. Watched as her body gently struggled in anticipation, unaware as to where I was. I quietly walked over to the ice bucket and withdrew a piece of ice. Walking over and placing it on her stomach, just an inch above her stomach, watching her body squirm vigorously at the shock of the ice on her tummy, causing the cube to slide down her skin, leaving a cold trail in its path to the bed beside her. Leaning down I used my mouth to trace its path back up the side of her body. The warmth of my mouth immediately changing the sensation that the ice had left behind as I slowly ran my tongue up along its path, my warm breath dancing upon her skin. Feeling goose bumps raising on her skin against my lips and I begin kissing along her stomach.

The slightly salty, yet sweet, taste of her flesh, the traces of sex left from the night before, stuck to my lips as I kissed and sucked my way up her stomach. Allowing the tip of my tongue to trace the underside of her breast, tracing the crevice created where it joined with her abdomen. Slowly circling my tongue as I slipped up to her shoulder. Kissing and sucking along her arm, slowly working my way down to her wrist, my hand raising to hers as her fingers intertwined with mine, her body continuing to squirm as she squeezed her hand around mine, letting out a soft moan.

Using my teeth I gently tugged at the knot in the bed sheet, loosening the grasp on her wrist as she wriggled, her hand slipping free as she reached out, her hand sliding up my arm and around my back, slowly slipping down my side, grasping at my boxers as she tugged them down. Slipping bursa yabancı escort my hand along the other side I assisted in slipping them down. Letting them fall to the floor and flicking them off my ankle as her hand grasped around my already stiff cock. Moaning as she began sliding her hand up and down my shaft. I kneeled down on the bed beside her as she leaned in, her soft lips pressing against the head of my swollen member. Watching as she began sliding her mouth up and down my cock. I raised my leg over her head, turning around, my body hovering over her face as she bobbed her head.

My hands slid around her body, gripping her luscious ass as I lowered my head, her mouth still working every inch of my thick, hard cock. My fingertips gently spreading her ass as I ran the tip of my tongue along the outer lips of her wet cunt. The sweet scent of sex lingering as I puller her pussy against her face, my beard tickling her thighs as I sucked her lips between my own. Drooling all over her cunt. My saliva mixing her juices as it ran down her thighs, down the crack of her ass, my fingertip gently teasing her puckered asshole as I spread her pussy open with the tip of my tongue. Allowing the tip to slip in and slowly circling her swollen clit.

Letting my fingertip slip gently against her moistened asshole as I puckered my lips, sucking in her clit and flicking it with the tip of my tongue. Feeling as her mouth wrapped tighter around my cock. Feeling her sucking harder as I massaged her clit with my tongue. Thrusting my hips, moaning, as she took my cock deep down her throat, I slipped my finger the slightest bit into her puckering asshole. Her bursa merkez escort clit pressed between my lips as her body began to shudder. Listening to her moaning, her mouth drawing me deeper as her body begins to shake. Every muscle in her body clenching as she reaches climax, her hand reaching around, her nails digging into my back as she presses my body down onto her face as she shudders into complete ecstasy.

Unable to control my own climax any longer, her body still stiff, struggling against the restraints of her wrist and ankles, her mouth clenched tightly around my shaft as she gripped her hand around me, milking my cock. Moaning as my fingers dug into the soft flesh of her ass as I felt my load begin to escape from the tip of my cock, erupting into her mouth. Moaning as I released, spurt after spurt, of warm sticky cum into her mouth. Our loud moans filling the room as we continued to cum in unison. Her pussy gyrating against my face as I filled her mouth with warm sticky cum. Feeling her attempt to swallow every last drop of my seed as our bodies began to calm in unison. Our breath sliding back to normal as I rolled off her body.

Looking over at her laying there, her body still restricted and blindfolded I reached over uncovering her eyes. Her eyes looking into mine as I pressed my lips, dripping with saliva and the juices of her wet cunt, against hers, smelling of my seed. Our tongues meeting as the flavors of our sex swirled, stirred by our tongues. I slipped my hand up her arm, untying her wrist as she wrapped both her arms around my neck as our tongues danced. I removed my lips from hers and unsecured her ankles, letting her free and falling to the bed beside her.

“Well we still have a few hours before your first meeting” she said to me as she threw her leg over my hip, her arm over my shoulder, pulling her sweaty, sex scented body against mine as we both closed our eyes. Drifting off for a few hours of sleep before we had to begin our day……

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