A Night to Remember

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It was a dark and stormy January night. The Christmas/New Years business had died down and been replaced by a cold, stormy winter. So, I was drinking in a downtown pub, just a few blocks from my office. It had been a rough day full of nasty comments on a controversial story that I had written and I needed a drink, so I ventured out into the icy sleet. Most people were smarter than to brave the weather, or they had a life full of better things to do on a Wednesday night, so the pub was nearly empty.

I liked pubs the most when they were angry and sat at the bar and drank scotch and soda. Vodka had been my drink for the last few years since I turned 21, but I had discovered scotch a month before during a short tryst with an older man I had met online. Nathan and I had quickly gone our separate ways and I deleted my account, but I kept scotch in my life.

“Excuse me, miss?” the bartender snapped me out of my reverie. “The gentleman sitting at that table over there would like to buy you a drink.”

I smiled, accepted the bartender’s offer, then turned to look at the man who had bought me the drink. He was sitting down at a table behind me and to my right and he raised a glass and smiled when I turned. A dark complexion, intense looking eyes, a great smile and his jet black hair was going quite grey. He was good looking and I smiled at him, but didn’t really feel like talking, so I turned around right away and focused on finishing my drink before the bartender bought me the fresh one.

About ten minutes later, I was deep into the fresh drink and thoughts about my shitty job and the two biggest bitches I worked with, when I heard a man clear his throat behind me and then say, “Pardon me?”

I turned and unfortunately, the man who bought me the drink had come up to chat. When the bartender offered, I knew that I should have turned him down. But either way, this conversation was the price of accepting the charity. But, I smiled graciously as I turned to greet him. He was quite tall and close up, I could tell that his eyes were green. But, I still didn’t feel like talking, so I replied with a simple, “Yes?”

He smiled, pointed to the chair beside me and asked if he could sit down. It had been a really bad day and I didn’t want to be a bitch, but I really didn’t feel like talking, so I was truthful and replied, “Actually, I’ve had a really shitty day so I won’t be very good company.”

Rather than walk away, he laughed and said, “The rain is turning to ice and the city is turning into a big, frozen skating rink, but a few of us are in here drinking the night away. You aren’t the only one in here having a shitty day. I don’t really want to sit in this bar alone and repeat the same negative thoughts over and over again to myself, and you’re very pretty. Would you like some company?”

His words about repeating the same negative thoughts over and over struck a chord and I couldn’t help myself, so I smiled and pointed at the seat.

“I am David,” he introduced and offered his hand.

I shook it and introduced myself, then turned back to my drink.

“Oh David, my day was just horrible and I want to talk about it. My father, the king, arranged for me to marry an evil prince from a neighboring kingdom and so I had to escape the tower where I was confined and come out here amongst the mortals,” he mocked with a playful tone to his voice.

I couldn’t help myself and had a bit of a laugh then turned to him, “I had a bad day at work. It was nothing.”

He shrugged his porno shoulders, “Same here. What do you do?”

“Journalist. Sort of. How about you?”

“I started a company five years ago but recently stepped out of the CEO office, officially to ‘dedicate myself to the product’, but unofficially because I pissed off a few investors. Now, I keep an office and a few ceremonial duties, but mainly invest and help out in companies that are just getting started. What kind of journalism do you do?”

“I’m fairly new out of college, so I mainly fill in the blanks in a political magazine.”

“Is that how you imagined spending your…earlyish twenties?” he guessed.

I smiled and considered whether to be honest with him, then finished off my drink and decided what the hell. “I thought that I’d be doing something that matters and I’m compiling top six lists, photo galleries and link bait for our website.”

“I think it sucks that the kind of journalism you’re doing pays the bills and has to fund hard journalism. I somehow doubt that the Watergate scandal would break in today’s climate. What do you think? And hey, another round?”

We had a fascinating conversation about the past, present and future of journalism. He seemed totally clued into both business and ethical issues about modern journalism, but he also was also totally interested in what I was saying. It was a great conversation, we had several more drinks and I kept getting more and more comfortable. So, when he put his hand on my upper thigh, I was glad for his touch.

Over the next little while, we slid closer to each other, so our sides were touching. He kept his hand on my upper thigh and as much as I loved being around him, I was coming up to a hard truth. I had a fairly long train ride ahead of me and from what I saw, it looked like it was only getting colder and uglier outside.

As much as I didn’t want to, I cleared my throat and said, “I’m sorry to do this David, but it’s getting pretty late and I have a pretty long subway ride ahead of me to get home.”

He paused for a moment, had a sip of his drink then faced me, “You know, I’ve enjoyed this a lot, so I should mention that my hotel is just a few blocks away from me. And you’re welcome to stay with me if you’d like…”

“I have work tomorrow though…” I protested.

“It’s horrible outside and it’s likely going to turn into a fucking blizzard. You likely aren’t going to work tomorrow. And even if the weather clears up, no matter how bad your day was today, tomorrow, your manager would understand if you got home soaked and chilled to the bone and feel sick.”

He was being persuasive and I liked his eyes, so it didn’t take much more work for him to persuade me. He ordered another round of drinks to celebrate and we sat up at the bar, our sides touching, with his hand still on my upper thigh. Incredibly charming, intelligent, very good looking extremely funny and a great listener, he was everything I was looking for. And so, when he suggested that we go back to his hotel, I agreed without a second thought.

He was right about it turning into a blizzard. By the time we got outside, the wind was bitter, the snowfall was getting heavier and it was incredibly icy. It was a cold, treacherous walk to his hotel and we were both happy to step inside the front doors into the gorgeous (but more importantly, very warm) lobby. We stood inside the door shivering for a few moments before he reached down, took my hand and led me through the lobby to the elevator.

We rode up the fourteen floors in a comfortable silence and when the elevator door chimed, he casually grabbed my hand and lead me into the hallway and towards his room. He didn’t break the silence until he opened the door to his hotel room and said, “After you…”

Once he broke the silence, it unleashed a torrent. I walked inside the door with him right behind. As I heard the door close, I felt him right up behind me, his breathe on my neck and his hands resting on my hips.

“You’re stunning,” he purred as he ran his hands up my body. “I’ve wanted to do this all night.”

I let out a gasp when he finally kissed my neck then simultaneously cupped my breasts through my casual a-line dress and bra. “Let me see what’s under this dress,” he commanded and then ran his hands to the zipper at the back of my dress, then slowly unzipped it. “You’re shoulders are just so perfect,” he purred as he started to guide the dress off my shoulders, then he let out a long “mmmmmmm” when he finally pushed it down far enough that it fell to the ground.

My back was to him as I stood in the entrance of his suite now wearing only my bra and unfortunately plain underwear. I was at the end of my clean clothes and had no idea that my day would end like this when I was getting dressed in the morning. Either way, I silently chastised myself for not having done laundry the night before during my nightly Netflix binge.

“Your body is just perfect,” he purred as he turned me around to face him. He bent down from his 6’4 frame to kiss me on the lips softly. It was our first kiss and he was an exceptional kisser, with just enough tongue to leave me wanting more tongue when that kiss ended.

“You should help me take off my clothes now,” he said and again, it felt kind of like a command, but I was fine with it. He exuded both confidence and power, and I was perfectly comfortable doing what he asked. So I reached up and helped him out of his jacket and dropped it on a nearby chair, then started working on unbuttoning his shirt. The whole time, he stood still and made appraising little noises while I unbuttoned it, then took it off and revealed his very toned chest. He was clearly very fit and wasn’t lying about rock climbing as much as he could. So, I reached down and started working on his pants. Men’s pants are confusing and I never know if there will be a button, or a slide or something completely different, but he seemed to anticipate that and undid the slide fastener for me. All I had to do was unzip his pants and then bend down and help him out of them.

He was visibly excited through his boxers and once I got his pants off, he said, “You should take them off and see what I have for you.” I was incredibly turned on and still liked that he was telling me what to do, so I hooked my fingers in the waist of his boxers and slid them down. He was pretty average in size, but very hard and perfectly shaved.

“Now, you should get down on your knees and suck it.”

That request was a little more forward than I expected, but it didn’t offend me. Rather, it was kind of a turn on, so I got down on my knees in front of him and looked up at his face with a big smile on mine. I leaned forward and planted a delicate little kiss on the tip of his cock, then popped the tip into my mouth and swirled my tongue all around it. He closed his eyes and groaned, so I figured I was doing a fairly good job and kept swirling my tongue a little harder and faster around the tip and especially the sensitive little hole right at the tip.

“Suck on it,” he guided and I obeyed readily. I moved a little forward and leaned in, taking him a little deeper into my mouth, then almost out, then a little deeper, and then almost out again. So, quickly he was in fairly deep and when I’d be a little aggressive or when he’d give a little thrust, I’d feel his hard cock up against the back of my throat.

I loved sucking him immediately and I wasn’t sure if it was the sucking itself or the way he told me to do it, but I was extremely turned on and got very into it. I sucked him almost savagely, eager to please, eager to make him feel so good. When he praised me, with stroking my cheek, with words like ‘good girl’ or with words as involved as something like, “you’re so amazing at this”, it felt just incredible, like I was the center of the world.

So, when he said “Get up and get that bra and panties off” I got off my knees instantly, even though I was having an incredible time. I took my panties off immediately and was rewarded with an audible ‘mmmmmmm’, but I hesitated over my bra and asked, “Can I keep my bra on?”


I bit my lip and replied, “For some reason I feel pretty awkward about letting you know I’m super flat chested…and that I get lots of help from bras.”

He laughed and replied, “Get it off” and so I did. There was something immediate about his tone that took away my hesitation. He watched me as I reached behind myself, unhooked it and took it off, then he was silent for a second while he looked at my naked body.

I felt incredibly awkward until he exclaimed, “Your body is fucking perfect. Beautiful little tits!!! Mmmmm, I need to fuck you…come with me”, then lead me into the bedroom. He tossed me down onto the bed and climbed on top of me, kissing my neck softly. He reached down and I felt the tip of his cock briefly up against me for just a moment before he slipped it inside.

It felt amazing, but I still needed to protest. “A condom??” I asked, but he ignored me at first and started thrusting inside of me. It felt incredible having him inside, but we were still doing something I was uncomfortable with, so I pressed on. “David, can you please put on a condom?”

“I’m fine baby, I’m clean and you just feel incredible and….to be honest, I don’t have any.”

In my state, that was good enough for me and I spread my legs a little further and lifted up my knees to accomodate him. He was thrusting maniacally hard and the speed plus force of his thrusts felt incredible. I opened up my eyes and he was above me, looking so happy, so pleased, so wonderful….

“I’m so close,” he exclaimed and then grabbed onto my knees and lifted them onto his shoulders. He kept thrusting extremely hard, but the angle was different and it felt amazing all of a sudden. His maniacal thrusts continued until I felt his body get stiff.

“I’m cumming,” he announced and let out a moan as his body went stiff inside of me and then started to spasm as he came inside of me. When it died down, he whispered, “You’re fucking incredible”, then he pulled himself out of me and flopped down on the bed beside me. I was extraordinarily turned on and lay there silently, part expecting and part hoping that he’d get his second wind and help me. Instead, within a few moments, I could hear him snoring…

I was still breathing hard and still completely wound up, but the sound of him snoring convinced me that he was finished with me. It was odd how something that started so hot could end up being so unsatisfying. Maybe an unintended consequence of a drunken hookup?

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