A Not-So-Boring Night

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The imperious ding of the doorbell startled Kay so much that she jerked her hand. Right across the carburetor on her motorcycle, which she’d just turned off. “Shit!” There was a hell of a sting, but not enough contact for an actual burn. Okay, maybe she was a little jumpy. Too much coffee, if there was such a thing.

“Damn it, I’m coming! Leaning on the doorbell’s just rude. And annoying.” And maybe she talked to herself and imaginary people. At least she wasn’t expecting them to answer. A quick trip through the garage, into the house and down the hall to the front door later, and she jerked her door open.

“Two orders of crab rangoon, one order of General Tao’s, one house rice and three veggie egg foo young’s.” He looked a little old to be delivering Chinese. And she hadn’t…. Oh.

“Oh.” Ummm… It was Thursday. She always ordered Chinese on Thursdays. But this wasn’t Jonah, the local delivery kid. And she hadn’t ordered anything. “You’re not Jonah.” Duh. Mr. Wen must have sent it over, figuring she’d just forgotten to order. Good man.

He looked nonplussed by her observation. “It’s twenty-three fifty. And that was the good news. The bad news is, my car died about half a block back. I need to use your phone and call the tow truck.”

She just looked at him. It wasn’t unpleasant. He was getting close to thirty. And medium height with fair coloring. Which put him only slightly above her own height. Slightly stocky build.

She let her lips curve. “I think there’s irony here. I’m almost sure of it. C’mon in.” She backed out of the doorway and headed to the kitchen area. Her house was small, but it’s most important feature was the lack of other houses around it. People irritated her.

“You can set the food down anywhere. And don’t bother with the phone. You’ll just wake Jake up, and he’d growl at you. And then call me. So really we can cut out the middleman, and flip a coin for who pushes. If we’re lucky I can fix it in my garage and save everyone a huge headache.”

He seemed to have trouble following for a minute. “You’re the local mechanic, I take it.” Not a question. His eyes weren’t on her face. Well, well. Nice to be appreciated. Not a whole lot to appreciate, but she had her moments. An unkind person would say she was skinny, but she was in good shape. And she had some nice curves, right where they were supposed to be. Mouse brown hair, and a full mouth.

“Yep, and you must be new to town. Well, I ain’t the welcoming committee, so…” She dug around in the pile of miscellaneous near the phone. And found a penny. “Here, you flip. I call tails, loser gets to push.”

He took the penny and pocketed it. “Or I could just push. Since I’m probably going to owe you quite a bit for a late night rescue.”

She shrugged, “Suit yourself. Incidentally, I’m Kay.”



He drove a Toyota Corolla, 2001. She wasn’t sure what to make of that. And clean inside.

“Lend me a hand?” He was sitting at her tool bench, just behind her. “Take that light and hold it… There.” And now he was leaning over her slightly. He smelled good. Well, relatively. There was Escort Bayan the lingering aroma of the Chinese, which was getting cold on her counter at the moment. And in her garage there were the smells of motorcycle exhaust and motor oil. Because that was what a garage should smell like. But he certainly smelled interesting. And he was very close…

Unfortunately she also smelled a sickly-sweet fume. And the lighting was bad. So the transmission was hard to see. “Other side, I can’t see the problem yet. But I think I know what’s wrong.” He shifted, and suddenly her ass was pressed fairly intimately against his hip. Her hands paused on the transmission. Her throat went a little dry. “Uh, it feels like the seal on your drive shaft is leaking. Fairly profusely.” Her face burned at the unintended double entendre. Good thing the lighting was bad.

“Is it fixable?” He shifted a little restlessly, and she took a deep breath. “Yeah, it’s not a huge problem. I can fix it, but I’ll need to get a seal from the shop.” She started to straighten up and he moved back. Not far enough back, she saw when she turned around. They were almost touching. Talk about tension.

“Thanks, I was a little concerned. I don’t suppose I could impose upon you again and get a ride to my place?”

“Sure. And on my way back I can stop by my shop and get that part. It can be fixed by tomorrow about nine.” Her voice was breathless. Hell, she was breathless. And hot and bothered.

She was just starting to think about jumping his bones in earnest, when he leaned forward and touched his lips to hers. Gently, sweetly. And pulled back, as she was getting used to it.

“Thanks.” He barely whispered it. And somewhere inside her, a little voice cried, WTF?!?

“You’re welcome,” and she reached up to drag his mouth back down to hers. Her kiss wasn’t very sweet. It was hot, but not sweet. And his hands made their way to her ass, squeezing firmly. She moaned.

“I vote we adjourn to my room.” He looked a little dazed and puzzled. “Well, I’m a mechanic. I’m not going to do it in the backset of your car until it’s fully operational and not in my garage.”

He apparently wasn’t interested in her reasoning, because he jerked her against him and started nibbling at her mouth. And her throat. And his hands were gripping her ass rhythmically.

“Excellent point. My workbench is much more convenient.”

Marcus tightened his grip on her rear and lifted. Kay gaped and clasped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He smiled, “It might be tacky to sleep with a girl in her garage on a first date. Just possibly. Which way to the bedroom?”

Kay laughed, “I suppose you did bring dinner. Left.”

Moments later she landed on her bed, Marcus on top of her, still nibbling at her lips. Her legs dangled off the bed and he positioned himself between them. Their hands reached for the bottom of each other’s shirts at the same time. He whispered, “Ladies first.” And let her tug his t-shirt over his head and down his arms. “Very nice,” her voice was thick and appreciative. Her fingers were also appreciative, stroking Escort his belly and toying with the hair on his chest.

Kay’s leaned up so she could lick one of his nipples. It was hard under her tongue. Marcus gave a little gasp as she gently bit it. While she had him distracted, her hands went to the button on his jeans.

“I’m not sure that’s fair. You’re a little overdressed.”

“That’s not my fault. You’re just easily distracted.” She pulled his zipper down and was reaching into his pants when he swatted her hands away. And proceeded to peel her out of her shirt. No bra. His cock twinged a little when he saw her hard nipples. They were tiny, but inviting. Marcus traced one with a finger, pinching it a bit to repay the little nip she’d given him. She made a little mewling sound and her hips wriggled, rubbing against him a little.

He leaned down and sucked, alternating the pressure of his mouth occasionally. Which caused Kay to dig her nails into him slightly and now her hips were moving more urgently, even though their jeans were still in the way. He let her yank him up for another rather brutal kiss.

And found himself being flipped onto his back with Kay on top of him. “Neat trick,” he said. She smiled and reached for his jeans again. “Yeah, this one’s kind of neat too.” And she pulled his jeans and underwear down to his knees. Marcus braced himself, and wasn’t disappointed when her hand gripped him.

He had to take a deep breath, though, when she slipped off the bed to kneel between his legs. Sure enough, her tongue tickled his cock. He sat up slightly, his hands behind him on the bed, so that he could watch her. Kay winked at him as she pursed her lips and sucked him into her mouth.

Her mouth was hot, her lips formed a tight seal and her tongue rubbed the underside of his prick rhythmically. And her other hand came up to massage his balls. He focused very hard on not grabbing her hair and cumming down her throat in the next ten seconds. At his age he was supposed to have slightly more control than an inexperienced teenager. But his breath was hard and fast and his hands were gripping the blanket behind him. She didn’t manage to fit all of his 7″ into her mouth, but what she was doing felt so good Marcus couldn’t have cared less.

After a few minutes he regretfully pulled Kay’s mouth off of his cock. “I think it’s my turn now.” He pulled her off the floor and gently dumped her onto the bed. He shucked his jeans before turning back to her. When he opened her jeans, he saw that her panties had little smilie faces on them. He chuckled and kissed the soft cotton. Her jeans hit the floor, but Kay was watching Marcus. He trailed a finger down the soft, sensitive skin of her stomach. As his finger moved, her muscles tightened in response to his touch. When his fingers reached her panties, he eased them down and off her legs.

At the first touch of his tongue, Kay’s whole body jerked in almost painful sensitivity to pleasure. Marcus was careful to only flick his tongue gently over her lips at first, before pushing his tongue into her cunt. She tasted salty and sweet, and her broken moans Bayan Escort and whimpers as he played her with his tongue were even sweeter. His fingers fount her clit and stroked it gently, as his tongue thrust in and out of her channel. Her hands reached down and began to play with his hair restlessly; she was close. He moved his hand to her box and used his mouth to suckle her clit. That earned him a small shriek. His hand moved lower and massaged her anus. Which earned him a low, purring moan. As his first finger entered her ass, she dug her nails into his head and whimpered, “I’m cumming…” Which was pretty obvious from the sauce that spilled from between her legs.

Since he was a gentleman and this was their first time, he counted his breaths and gave her some time to recover. Her sexy little mewls had made him rock-hard. He loved a woman who was vocal in the sack. He loved to be able to make them scream in pleasure.

After a few seconds Kay opened her eyes, her smile was pretty smug. “What are you waiting over there for? Are you bored?” He had to laugh at her friendly challenge. “No m’am. I’m surely not bored. But now would be a good time to ask if you have any rubber. Some mistakes are hard to take back.” She laughed and dragged him over for a steamy kiss. “I take my pill every afternoon at four,” she whispered into his ear. “Now, where were we?”

“I think we were somewhere around here…” He nudged her back onto the bed and crawled between her legs. She was open and eager and he positioned himself carefully. Marcus would have gone slowly, since he didn’t want to rush her, but as he eased into her cunt Kay gripped his ass and pulled. He lost his balance and ended up with his cock buried in her. He propped himself up on his elbows and forearms. She was so tight and hot inside that he took a few deep breaths to regain control. In an effort to keep her busy hands occupied, and because he wanted to, he leaned down and nibbled on her breasts. She stroked his back and was starting to moan again.

He began a steady rhythm, all the way in and almost all the way out. A shifted his weight allowed one of his hands to play with her breasts as he sucked her nipple into his mouth. Kay’s hips gyrated against him, trying to make him move faster. He could tell by how hard her breathing was that she was almost at another orgasm. He slowed down and she dug her nails into her back. Her tension was palpable, she was so close. He pushed himself up into his hands for better leverage. After several slow, smooth thrusts to keep her almost there, Marcus nailed himself into her with a hard jerk.

This time, she shrieked and her entire body jerked when she came. She felt like she was on fire, and she couldn’t catch her breath. Her entire body was coated in sweat, and she was pretty sure her toes had curled. He could feel her convulsions massaging his cock and knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold out for her to have another orgasm. He let himself thrust hard, pounding into her cunt. It gripped him hard, and he could feel the tingling in his balls. He felt himself spurt cum deep into her cunt as he pushed into her for the last few times. The pleasure was intense, he was shaking with it.

Seconds later, he dropped on top of Kay, limp. Pleasure and exhaustion had him sleepy and content. She was warm and relaxed and wrapped her arms around him. “So how do you feel about leftover chinese?”

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