A Not So Prim , Proper Wife Ch. 06

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Our story thus far:

Tessa has been captured in her own home! After the fatal conclusion of the saga with her neighbor, Roberto, with his death of natural causes after attempting to rape her, Tessa had returned home after a trip to the hospital, to find her fire-damaged home dark, and with no electricity. Finding a way into her boarded up home, she was ambushed by some of her students, High School Seniors who were out for revenge, from the beating their ringleader, Andre, took when he forced himself upon Tessa in a public park late one evening. Tied down and gang-raped by the three boys and a mysterious older man, she had been their sex-object for over eighteen hours.

Meanwhile, her husband Daniel had been on a poorly-timed and ill-executed business trip that has placed his job and even his career in jeopardy. Recalled to the office, he had been in a foul mood, unable to contact his wife for the past 24 hours, due to the events with Roberto, Andre, and crew. Reaching home late afternoon, he has called out to his wife, as he breached the only way into their home, a broken out back sliding glass door.


“Tessa?” Daniel called out, as his eyes took in the surroundings. “What the fuck happened here?” He muttered aloud. In the daylight, he could see the results of the kitchen fire. Tessa was a normally fastidious cleaner, and her kitchen looked like a bomb went off in it. Broken glass on the ground, scorched and charred walls, decorations either burned up or strewn about, even the kitchen drawers having been pawed through. As he stepped inside, leaving his briefcase and suitcase outside, he continued into the semi- darkness, the window coverings drawn shut, and the various glass doors boarded-over.

He could suddenly head some shuffling, and movement coming from down the hall.

At the first sound, Charles and Duane immediately sprang into action, grabbing a freshly showered and cleaned up Tessa and covering her lips with a hand, and then roughly manhandling her back into bed. Now well-practiced with the bungee cords holding her, the white wife was tied with her legs wide open and wrists bound together over her head in just a few short seconds, while she still squirmed. The hand over her mouth was replaced by a pair of men’s jockey-shorts shoved into her lips, muffling her.

Andre, for his part, simply crept silently into an ambush position. Though all the men were naked, they were more than ready for Daniel.

Benny, for his part, decided he would sit this one out. Standing quietly over Tessa, he did his part to ensure her silence, but nothing more. Older and in poor physical shape due to his homelessness, he was in no condition to try and battle with younger, healthier men. Fucking Daniel’s wife was just fine for him, certainly, but that was the limit of his endurance, despite his dominant personality.

Restrained as she was, she still was able to make some noises, the bed creaking, her muffled voice crying out. This drew Daniel’s attention towards their bedroom, which was the opposite of what she wanted. Having been sexually used and abused for so long, she was more than willing to submit to their lust, if it would keep her husband safe. Any proper wife who loved her husband would do the same thing!

The bedroom door left open only a crack, Daniel tentatively pushed it open, and what he saw astounded him! His beautiful wife was tied down, spread on their bed, the satin sheets sheening what little light there was from the seams of the boarded up sliding glass door. She was violently shaking on the bed, as he belatedly realized there was a naked black man kneeling on the bed over her, his hand on her mouth. It took him perhaps a full second to process what he was seeing, but he never saw the fist that would obscure his vision right after.

Andre’s fist unloaded with a fury, and hit Dan squarely across the mouth and nose, instantly dazing him, while flashes of blinding pain scorched his mind, his lips starting to swell, and his nose beginning to bleed. Andre then dragged him in further, and gave Dan an uppercut to the abdomen, bending the husband over, and knocking the wind from him. Defenseless for the moment, he was then dragged to the chair in the corner, the same one Andre had been leering at Tessa while the other men fucked her, as his cock leaked post-emission dribble, and then began to rise again from the live-action porn movie he had been watching, all day.

Charles was only too happy to use some of the extra bungee cords and tie Daniel to the chair, his wrists to the chair’s arms, and his ankles to the legs.

“Teeesssaaaa?” Daniel mumbled. That is when the beating began.

Andre began to exact his real revenge on Daniel now, intending to inflict the same beating he had taken from Daniel the last time they had met. Hard fists pummeled Daniel in the face and stomach, as he was tied there, helpless to do anything to take it.

“I ain’t sing’ up fer this.” Benny spoke plainly. “This is plain wrong.”

He Isparta Escort started digging through the pile of clothing, until he found his own, smelly, worn-out attire. Shuffling his way out, he stopped and made his way back to Tessa, amongs the sounds of Daniel and Andre’s grunts and cries of pain. Lowering his head, he whispered to her ear.

“Remember me. I was the fair one.” Was all he said, as he took away his boxer shorts from her lips.

Closing the bedroom door behind him, he shuffled out in his gait, leaving the couple to their fate, his body cleaner and better fed than he arrived, and very well-sated. Truth was he just couldn’t keep up with the virility of the boys, as he called them, and he needed to rest. Making his way from the house, he looked about cautiously. When he felt it safe, he stepped out, only to see Dan’s travel-cases. Turning, with a heavy grunt, he lifted them and placed them just inside the kitchen.

“Don’t want these stolen…” he muttered, even as the sounds of the one-sided fight emanated from the house, softly.

The last thing he heard from inside was Tessa’s soft voice crying out, “Noooo!”


Inside the house was a far different scene. Tessa had been long-defeated, resigned to her fate, the many hours of continuous sex having all but destroyed her resistance, to the point where she found herself willingly having sex with one or two of the men. It had seemed like ages since she had last been a woman she would recognize. Prim, proper, and pure. Her hopes had bolted to the sky when Daniel announced his presence, only to find herself fighting again as she was tied down, her cries bringing her husband storming in. Not to her rescue, like she had hoped, but to his defeat. He was now sitting in a chair, arms and ankles secured to the chair by more of those same bungee cords. His eyes were dark and puffy, and his lip swollen, with a thin trickle of blood coming from both corners of his mouth. His nose was also battered, and possibly broken, a gush of blood splattering the front of his shirt and face.

Hearing the sounds of Daniel’s grunts and anguished cries, she started to sob.

“Please… no… don’t hurt him! I’ll do whatever you want!” she was reduced to begging.

“Name it, and I’ll do it. Fix your grades? Have sex with you after school? Name it!”

Charles responded first. “Shut up, bitch. He’s got this comin’!”

She couldn’t see any of this, of course, for once the threat of her husband coming to her rescue was vanquished, all she could see was what her restricted view would permit. That was currently Andre, as he was sticking his black meat back inside Dan’s wife. She gasped with a soft, feminine grunt as he did so, using the head of his cock to push against her folds, until the pressure separated them, and allowed his entry to her love-passage. Once his head engaged, he paused, looking over at his new prisoner.

“Hey, Dickhead, wanna watch how your wife responds to a real man’s cock?”

He jeered at Daniel. Without taking his eyes off of the man, Andre began to push his cock into Daniels’ wife. Her soft voice was loudly moaning, a sexual admittance of his manhood’s effect on her.

He then began to focus on his woman, or so he began to think of her. Andre’s bitch. Her voice started to mew again, each thrust making her breath exhale another validation of his prowess. The high and mighty teacher was not only his bitch now, but would be for years. He kept thrusting into her, until Tessa was panting for air, then he stopped.

“Hey, asshole!” Andre tormented Daniel again. “Watch how your wife kisses me, like a desperate slut for my cock!”

Tessa was, in fact, ready for the kiss, and even desired it, her tongue waggling lewdly in the air. Andre’s cock was tormenting her pussy, while his public bone was smacking her clit around, increasing the raw sexual tension in her body. She had reached that point where she would willingly fuck an entire street gang, if it meant being pushed over the edge and climaxing.

Andre simply obliged the white wife and lewdly kissed her, his tongue deliberately showing how he wrestled and slathered over hers, which she returned in lustful need. His hips began to push again, and as he fucked her body, his tongue fucked her lips. That was all it took, and she shuddered on the bed, her limbs once again fighting the bonds holding her lewdly. Her voice squealed and then cried out, as Andre then turned to Daniel.

“Now you know how a black man fucks a white woman…” he jeered, working on humiliating Tessa’s husband. The others in the room, Charles and Duane then piled on, standing there and softly stroking their longer cocks.

“She’s a hot fuck, that’s fer sure.” Charles said.

Duane added. “And she can’t wait to have my black baby in her!”

That made Charles and Duane high-five each other, as Andre bellowed out his own climax, holding his black snake deep within his erstwhile lover. Once he could Isparta Escort Bayan talk, he looked back to Daniel.

“She got a deep hole, now, an’ loves my cum in her. Go on, ask her!”


Daniel, for his part, found himself in a world of pain. His gut ached, and his face felt like a pile of anvils fell on it. He was dazed and not really taking the whole thing in, until he saw that black kid climb onto the bed, between Tessa’s outstretched legs. Pried far apart, he had no illusion of what was about to happen. It just sickened him to know he was about to watch his beautiful, dutiful, proper wife be violated.

Andre’s thick, throbbing rod beat in the air as he was lowering his body onto his sweet Tessa, until he heard her gasp. Could it be true? Was she going to enjoy this horrid thing, her rape by a black thug? Daniel was ashamed at his inability to save his wife from this. Looking back, he had been only too happy to stop Andre after he had violated her, finding the beat-down very satisfying. But now, on the other end, it was humiliating to watch his wife respond favorably, even as she was sobbing and crying, trying to protect her husband. He tried to turn his head, to avoid having to watch, but Charles put an end to that, grabbing Daniel by his jaw and swiveling his head back to watch, as Tessa was impaled, along with hearing Andre’s narration.

It didn’t take long before he didn’t need to be stopped from looking away. The sight of his pale wife being fucked by the dark-skinned man had a hypnotic effect on him, and as he watched, he began to have the same voyeuristic pleasures the rest of them had in watching Tessa raped repeatedly. It was like watching an oncoming train wreck. Nobody wanted it, but no one could stop watching.

Tessa’s soft voice mewing, as Andre copulated with her, was growing higher and higher, and her breathing changed until she was moaning a lustful groan as each pelvic thrust of Andre’s drive his ebony shaft back into her. Her body was coating Andre’s manhood with a milky coating of her love-juices, something Daniel had never seen before.

Was she more aroused by the black kid than himself? She never sounded like this when they made love, and when Andre embarrassed him further by the lewd kiss, he realized she never did that for him. Daniel found himself humiliated beyond words. He was realizing that he wasn’t as skilled of a lover as Andre was, and he was a brute, compared to Duane’s standards. Daniel was realizing he didn’t measure up to these blacks in bed. When he heard Tessa scream in orgasm, it was the end of his resistance, and he vomited all down his front, the humiliation and knowledge that his wife was being forcibly and enjoying it more than making passionate love with him devastating his ego.

The sound of his puking drew everyone’s attention, even Tessa’s, as she lifted her head as high as she could, to try and see what was going on. All eyes on him, they at first had a very negative reaction.

“Oh, Jeez!” Charles exclaimed.

“Fuck, you pussy!” Duane bellowed at him.

Andre was just laughing as Charles spoke up. “Dayum, I am NOT going to be in a room full of puke! Where’s the damn scissors?” and he started to paw around in their bedroom, until he found what he was looking for. “Help me get his clothes off, Duane, we gotta’ get this shit outside before I puke, too!”

It was as his trousers were being cut down, that Duane noticed Dan’s crotch. There was a tent, an obvious declaration of his arousal. Then he started to howl laughing.

“Holy fuck, Andre! This guy’ getting off watching his ol’ lady get porked by you!”

Daniel looked down in shame and realized it was true. His cock was sticking out straight, and throbbing, his shorts showing a small stain of his pre-emission dribble. He blushed in embarrassment as the others mocked him.

“Lookithim! He’ only got hisself a girl’s cock!” Tessa wasn’t sure how it was, probably Charles.

“Only a pussy likes watching a man fuck his wife!” the howling was definitely Andre’s. Tessa was sure of that one.

“I wanna’ see what he does after I’m through with her!” Duane boasted.

Daniel was silent, but enduring the bullying and shame he was being put through. His tormentors had gotten to him, and had discovered something even he wasn’t aware of. Daniel wasn’t aware he liked to watch his wife with other men, but the results were impossible to deny. He was immensely turned on, despite the jeers and taunts.

Tessa, for her part, settled her head back down onto the bed, as Charles made his way to her. She tried to steel herself. He was brutal in his passion.

Daniel watched as Charles started to maul his wife’s tits, hard handfuls that were making her wince and yelp, bruising already-bruised pale skin. She yelped in pain as he simply shoved his throbbing mamba into her, without advance warning, yet Daniel sat there, watching, as his wife was sexually abused. Hair pulled aside, Charles Escort Isparta delved into her neck and latched on, marking her below her ear, her voice whimpering as he fed her body sensations of erotic intent, while his cock vigorously thrust in her. She whimpered and wailed, and yet Charles was ever the same, hard, demanding and thorough. She didn’t climax, as she was in too much pain, but Charles did, and he made sure to make a show of it, as his cock started to spurt. In fact, he pulled out, and started to ease his shooting semen out of his shaft, so that the thick gobs dripped into Tessa’s open vagina. Leering at Daniel, he simply bragged.

“I bet she’s pregnant by me!”

That was the last straw, for Daniel, as the heavy shots of sperm were running down Tessa’s passage, Daniel shot his own load. It spurted against his boxers, but there was no doubt he had ejaculated. A fact Andre had noticed almost immediately, as he enjoyed watching Dan’s reactions to his being made to watch his wife have sex with the black men.

“Hell, bitch! If Id’a known you liked this, I woulda’ come over and fucked her for you in the night-grade!” and the thugs burst into laughter.

Duane was now ready for his turn, and he intended to take it, and demoralize the white man even further. He reached to the bed and started to release Tessa from the cords holding her prisoner.

“What the fuck?” Andre bellowed. “What you doin?”

“Relax, she ain’t gonna’ fight me.” Duane grinned evilly at Daniel, as he released her ankles. Just glad to have her legs free, she proved his point and lay there, as she was fully freed.

She looked to Duane, and had some real fear in her eyes. This man could break her, like Benny had. The homeless made had a way about him, and it simply dominated her. She wouldn’t resist him, no matter what. Duane was so skilled, she couldn’t resist him, either. He was going to make her scream in ecstasy, and he knew it. She did to, as did the others. The only one who didn’t was Daniel, and he was about to find out.

She looked to Daniel, and held his gaze, having some sort of unspoken communication with their eyes. She was saying ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t help it.’ Daniel was trying to say simply ‘I’m sorry.’ But when her eyes looked down to see his cock starting to rise again, she shook her head at him in disgust and then looked back to Duane.

Duane was already sporting a hardness that throbbed with every movement of his body as he made his way up and onto the bed Daniel and Tessa slept on. She lay still, arms and shoulders stiff, and her hips splayed widely. She was open to him, and for him. The barrage of sex had seemingly trained her to be compliant, especially for Duane. The only pain she felt from him was emotional, and that was shame, embarrassment, and humiliation. He could make her cry out in those expressions that resulted in sheer bliss. In fact, it was beyond anything she had ever felt with her husband. That, alone, just added more to her debasement. How did a proper wife feel such joy in the arms of another man? Especially with one as young and immature such as him? Still with a nervous look on her face, Duane smiled to her, and spoke softly.

“Relax. We’ve done this before, and I won’t hurt you. Now your man just gets to see what a real man can do to you.”

For her own reasons, she was dreading this. Dreading the feelings she was about to have. Duane had been playing her like a fine musical instrument all day, and the prim and proper in her was about to be destroyed.

“Please…” Tessa begged. “Not like this. Not in front of him?” There was genuine fear in her voice, as her eyes were locked on his. She didn’t want to humiliate her husband any more than she had already.

Duane’s answer was to simply hover over her with both hands astride her shoulders, while he began to use his hips to slide his cock along her slippery void, gently applying pressure to her body, until her petals slid apart, her flower opening to allow him to plunge deeper into her. Keeping his arms locked, he began to align his shaft with her opening, until he felt his head engage.

Tessa had started to gasp, and her soft voice whimpered in a tight and thin expression of fear. “No… No… Nono… Nonono!”

But her words ceased as he began to lower his hips, and press his advantage, slowly making her accept his cock inside her. The stark contrast of skin tones made it easy to see his body penetrating hers. Something Dan was given a near up-close and personal look at. As it was, he had a full view of his wife’s slender body, with her knees lewdly splayed, and her hands laying over her head in supplication. To him, his wife was actually welcoming the black man’s cock into her. She wasn’t being raped, she was consenting!

Tessa’s back arched as she took more of him into her, the mix of love juices, semen and use allowing him relatively easy penetration. So much so he moaned softly, and spoke lewdly. “You fit me good, Cumbucket…” he jeered at her, his eyes looking dark and foreboding as his face was still an arm’s length away.

“It’s like we done this before!” The other black men broke into hard and loud laughter as Tessa was humiliated even further. Daniel had no idea how much sex abuse his wife had endured up to this point.

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