A Party at the Beach

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“Come on,” they said.

“It’ll be fun,” they said.

So like a fool I let myself be persuaded. There was going to be a beach party that night. There’d be a bonfire and music and we’d all have a blast. I’ve never been a real party goer, preferring the company of a few good friends rather than mingling in a crowd, most of whom would be strangers and most of them on the prowl.

For some reason the wolves tend to look on me as a particularly desirable little lamb. I’d learnt to run when I was sixteen and have kept on running for the past three years. That’s not to say I haven’t let the occasional wolf run with me. It can be fun if you pick a really nice wolf.

So I went along to this fantastic beach party and it was incredible. Incredibly boring, as far as I was concerned. Yay, they had a bonfire. On a night that was so hot it made getting close to the fire an exercise in masochism.

Yay, there’s lots to eat and drink. But you can only eat so much and if I let myself take too much drink I know damn well I’d be regretting it. I tended to get a can at the start of a night and let it drag out. People see me drinking and assume that I’ve gone through a number of cans.

The music wasn’t bad though – I quite enjoyed that – but the dancing? Have you ever tried to really dance on soft sand? It just doesn’t happen. You stagger around all over the place, but no-one notices because they’re half pissed and struggling to stand anyway.

Another downer was the drugs. I could smell the marijuana and I knew that other stuff was being passed around, and that’s not my scene.

Half an hour after arriving I was seriously considering cutting out and heading home. I eased back beyond the light thrown out by the fire, edging under some trees bordering the beach and sat down on the grass there, contemplating the fire. For a party that had been advertised as exciting and a blast it seemed rather dull and ordinary to me.

I was about to get up and head off to my car when someone approached me from behind.

“Looking a little bored and lonely there,” he said.

I glanced up but all I could see was this tall figure looming over me.

“A bit,” I admitted. “I was told it was going to be a real fun party but it sure doesn’t grab me. I was about to call it off and go home.”

“I’m Sam,” said the stranger. “And you are?”


“Well, Lucy, you’re not seeing everything that’s going on. You’ve been staring at the bonfire and it ruins your night vision. Why don’t you turn around so that you’re not looking at the fire and close your eyes? I’ll tell you when to open them.”

“Why?” I wanted to know.

“I’ll point out a couple of things that you’re missing. But you won’t be able to see them until you get your eyes adjusted to the dark. Come on, look away from the fire.”

Curious, I did what Sam suggested. Sitting there I could sense him settling down onto the grass next to me. He was sitting close enough that I became very much aware that we were by ourselves and that I only had on my bikini. Sam, I suspected, only had on his own bathers. I hadn’t noticed a lot of clothing among the party goers.

I tensed up a little in case Sam made a grab, but he just sat there. After a couple of minutes he told me to open my eyes. As soon as I did it seemed that the night wasn’t quite as dark as it had been earlier.

“OK,” said Sam. “Now why don’t you look that way, past the trees? You should be able to make out a silhouette against the sky. Don’t strain. Just look and let your eyes work out what’s there.”

I did as suggested, looking at the skyline, and slowly I was able to see details forming against the sky. It was a bit vague at first but then I spotted some movement and the little scenario seemed to come into focus.

Sam must have heard my shocked gasp, because he laughed. There was a man further down the beach and he was behind this woman who was leaning against a tree. I won’t say what they were doing.

“Now follow the line of foam that marks the edge of the water. porno See what you can make out.”

Blushing slightly I traced the line of foam. It came and went in little ripples and I didn’t really notice anything. Then a larger wave broke, leaving a much broader ripple of white foam and boy, did I notice it then. This guy was flat on his back on the sand and, silhouetted against the foam, I could see this woman bouncing up and down.

“As you can see, the party isn’t quite as quiet as you thought,” laughed Sam. “Didn’t you know that this sort of thing was going on?”

“No,” I said, because I truly hadn’t. Remembering the reputation of a couple of the girls at the party I guess that the whole thing didn’t come as a complete surprise.

“I definitely think I’d better be heading on home,” I said, rising to my feet.

Would you believe it? As soon as I was standing Sam took hold of my bikini bottom and pulled them down. Not just a little tug. He had them right down to my ankles in a trice. I squeaked and reached for them, but found his hands were on the insides of my legs sliding up. What to do? Fend off his hands or grab for my bikini?

I finished up doing neither with any success. Sam, however, wasn’t trying to grope me. He just cupped his hand around the back of my knees and tugged. My knees promptly bent forward and I was sitting on the ground again, half naked and with Sam’s hand perilously close to places where it shouldn’t be.

Oddly enough, I wasn’t scared. Sam just didn’t strike me as the sort of person who would rape a girl. Why would he, when there seemed to ample willing women around?

“What the hell do you’re think you’re playing at?” I hissed at him. “If I scream there’ll be a dozen people here just like that.”

“I know, but don’t worry. I’m not going to force you. But I do want to make love to you.”

“You’re mad. I don’t even know who you are. I’ve never seen you before and you expect to make love to me? Get real.”

“I saw you when you arrived and I decided then that I wanted you,” said Sam. “You’re gorgeous and I just know you’ll feel great. When I saw you retire under these trees I figured it was time we got closer acquainted.”

He squeezed my leg slightly while he was giving me that little spiel, but I was relieved to note that his hand didn’t try to move up higher. I was acutely conscious of it holding my inner thigh but I could tolerate that without making a big fuss as long as he didn’t try to lift it higher.

“Yes, that may well be, but I think that this is as close as I want to get acquainted,” I told him. “And I’d appreciate it if you’d move your hand.”

He did, but the wrong hand. The hand that wasn’t causing little ripples of nervousness reached out and took one of my hands. He drew it to him and I found out I was wrong about him just wearing bathers. He wasn’t. My hand automatically closed over what he placed in it and it took me a moment to realise what I was holding. I snatched my hand away very promptly.

“Don’t be like that,” protested Sam. “Even if I can’t introduce you to it properly it’s reasonable for you to check out what you’re missing out on.”

He took my hand and placed it on his erection again. Not wanting to annoy him I just left my hand there, holding it. That’s all. Just holding it.

“I wanted you to move your other hand,” I said pointedly. “Away from me,” I added when it felt as though he was going to move it the wrong way.

“Listen, I want to get my bikini back on. I intend to go home.”

Sam’s response to this was to reach up and pull the tie at my neck, letting my top fall down. I was still half thinking that we were in the dark and he couldn’t really see anything, but looking down it dawned on me how well my eyes had adjusted to the night. I could see my breasts quite well, which meant that Sam probably could as well. What was worse was that I could see past them to where my hand was wrapped around him. I gulped. Even though I was actually holding it I hadn’t thought that thing was that large.

I snatched my hand away again and found myself watching fascinated as his erection promptly swayed back and forth. It was like an evil snake trying to hypnotise me. I actually welcomed Sam’s hand cupping a breast and squeezing it. It moved my focus away from his attributes.

“Do you mind,” I hissed at him. “I’m not going to have sex with you. I don’t know you and there’s no way I’m going to have sex with a man I don’t know?”

“Why not?” he asked.

Why not? Was he kidding me?

“It’s just not done,” I said, pointing out the obvious, “and will you please take your hands off me?”

“It is done. Frequently. And I’ll make you a deal. I’ll remove one hand if you replace yours. It felt nice.”

“No deal. Just move your hands.”

“Not like that,” I said with a yelp. The hand at my breast had simply switched breasts but the other one had slid those last few inches up my leg. I could feel his knuckles pressing against my pussy.

“I’ll move one of mine if you use one of yours,” he told me. At the same time he relinquished by breast and took hold of my hand again. Moments later I was holding his erection again.

The damn thing seemed bigger each time I touched it. And I was more keenly aware of it and what he wanted to do with it. Now I’m not a virgin, but the few times I’d been with a man it had been a man I knew well. Not some stranger who appeared on the beach. Wasn’t going to happen. I told him so.

“But don’t you find all this exhilarating?” he asked. “We’re sitting here naked on a beautiful night with a bonfire burning in the background. The weather’s warm, there’s music playing and the sound of the sea in the background. What could be more romantic than to yield to the charms of your beau?”

“You’re not my beau,” I pointed out. “You’re a complete stranger. Yielding to the charms of a complete stranger doesn’t seem to have the same romantic appeal.”

“Well, if you’re determined not to, that’s the way it goes,” he sighed. “Am I allowed to kiss you before you go?”

That seemed a reasonable compromise. A kiss was nothing. I nodded.

Never trust a man. Never, ever trust one. They’re lying, deceitful creatures.

A kiss, he said. OK, I said. The next thing I know I’m flat on my back being kissed. It’s just that it wasn’t my mouth he was kissing.

As soon as I’d agreed to the kiss Sam had taken my ankles and lifted them high, tilting me onto my back. Then his head was between my legs and his mouth was doing wicked things to me. I grabbed his hair, meaning to pull it, hard, but found myself helplessly clutching it while his tongue dipped into forbidden places. His breath was hot upon me and that was all that was needed to inflame the fires that had been simmering ever since my bikini pants came down.

I was whimpering slightly, I just knew it, but I was also biting my lip to keep from screaming. His tongue was darting in and out, raising havoc everywhere it went. I eventually found one hand untangling from Sam’s hair. I needed to cram it into my mouth as a gag when Sam started touching around my clitoris. I thought I was going to climax on the spot.

Sam finally withdrew, leaving me lying there, trembling. Sam gently encouraged me to roll over.

“Come on, up you go,” he murmured, and I thought he was being a gentleman and helping me to my feet. Lying deceitful bastards, the lot of them. I’d barely got to my knees when Sam was pressing me forward, his hand on my back, holding me there.

I found myself sort of crouched on my hands and knees with Sam behind me and his hand was squeezing my pussy, gently rubbing it, then easing my lips apart.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I managed to gasp out. A stupid question. I knew damn well what he was doing and I couldn’t stop him for the life of me. I’d dropped into some sort of hypnotic state and was just letting him do what he wanted and he’d been perfectly clear about what he wanted.

I felt his cock pressing against my lips. He seemed to ease them slightly further apart and push in a little more, and I could sense his hand withdrawing and feel my lips closing over the head of his cock. He didn’t just ram it home against my wishes, mind you. He held it there, with just the head of his erection captured by my pussy.

“Yes or no?” he asked softly.

I wanted to yell, “No, stop, take it out.” I opened my mouth and heard myself say, “Ahhh. Yes, damn you. Do it.”

So he did. He pushed into me and I could feel myself pushing back against him, taking him deep. He felt just as big inside me as when I held him, filling me and, in what I was quite sure would be a permanent state, stretching me in all directions to fit him in. He just seemed to keep coming and coming and I could feel myself stretching further and further. Then just when I thought I couldn’t stretch any further, I did, and he was firmly inside me.

He stayed like that for a few moments while his arms came around me and started caressing my breasts. He squeezed them gently, teasing the nipples, using them to help get me excited. Ha! As though having that snake jammed up me wasn’t enough to get me worked up.

Finally, taking a firm hold of my breasts he started taking his pleasure of me. He moved firmly, sliding in and out with a deft touch, bringing me pleasure while taking his own. He quickly established a rhythm, encouraging me to move with him, and once we were in accord he did his best to fuck the arse of me.

He hammered me, he pounded into me, demanding a response and rewarding it with more of the same. He seemed tireless, sliding in and out with relish, enjoying my surrender and making me enjoy it, too. He nibbled on my neck, whispering words of delight in my ear, while his hands ravished my breasts and his erection made my body his plaything.

I was vaguely conscious of the party on the beach, not that far away from us. I knew I couldn’t afford to squeal or scream. The thought of someone coming sent shivers down my spine. Or was that caused by Sam licking my neck and then blowing on it? I practically buried my hand in my mouth in an effort to stay quiet, but a constant stream of soft squeaks and gasps filtered past.

It wasn’t all one-sided. Sam was breathing hard, too. I could hear him gasping with the effort he was putting in and I appreciated it. I truly did. If one is going to be ravished by a stranger then it’s only fair that it be a really good ravishment.

Sam pulled out. Just like that he suddenly disengaged and I damn near screamed from shock. It wasn’t the finish though. He rolled me onto my back and he was on top of me, and he was driving in hard, and his hands were crushing my breasts, and his mouth was crushing mine, and he was hitting home faster and faster and the whole world was coming apart around me.

I screamed. I couldn’t help it. Sam had taken me too high and when the release came I just went with it, and that included a scream. Thankfully, Sam’s mouth was fully covering mine and he drank down my scream. I doubt that so much as a whimper escaped.

I was aware that Sam was disengaging and rolling off me but I was too spent to say anything. When I finally got myself together I turned to him.

“I thought I said no,” I started to say and found that there was no-one there. The rotten swine had had his way and now he’d vanished. I didn’t even know what he looked like, not properly.

Fuming quietly I groped around to find my bikini pants, got them on, did up my top and gathered up my few things. Time for home. I took about two steps and a voice spoke to me.

“Where do you think you’re going?” asked Sam.

Startled, I turned to see him coming towards me.

“I thought you might need a drink,” he said, handing me a can. “And why have you put your bikini back on? I haven’t finished.”

Take the can or run for my car? I really need to think faster. While I was trying to make up my mind I found my bikini pants were heading south again.

“Sam,” I wailed. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I told you earlier. I want to make love to you. Now that we’ve had a little warm up session I thought we could take some time and see how things go.”

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