A Personal Assistant Ch. 01

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Please be gentle as this my first submission anywhere.

Episode 2 should follow shortly…


It was mid January, 2005. Crisp outside with a fresh covering of snow from the night before and I was out on my daily run with my faithful companion Buster (my 3 year old chocolate lab). I had finished my run and started the 3 mile walk back to the house, my thoughts had again drifted back to my recent divorce which had been finalised a week ago.

I’d just had my 31st birthday but had not really felt like celebrating as I was still in the final throws of the divorce at the time. It was strange, I was so broken up about finding my wife with someone else 7 months ago but now that everything was final I felt the relief that I could finally start to move on with my life and forget about her.

Her, being my ex – Valarie. We’d been together for 6 years and married for 3, and I had thought that we were very much in love. But apparently not!

Anyway, I’d just walked back in the house and thought it was time to start thinking about work. Work being my own small construction business which I started 11 years ago, working on my own on site but now I was mainly office based running teams of sub-contractors and wore a suit most days.

It was a small but busy office that would receive a lot of incoming telephone calls, I employed 6 people (other than myself). Andy (31) was an old friend and my contracts manager, spent about a third of his time out of the office and his assistant Mary (43). Then there was Natalie (22), Sarah (23) and Amber (26) who basically job shared between receptionist, filing and other general office admin jobs.

The only other person was my PA, until November that had been Anne but she had taken early retirement after training up her replacement Melanie who was a bubbly enthusiastic 24 year old blonde. Tiffany was still new, so we were still getting to know each other and she had only been doing the PA job on her own since the Christmas break.


I got into the office before everyone else and went about getting my morning coffee and started on the work at hand. Time had flown by and it was now just after 3pm, I had finished my work for the day and just sat observing the others at work in the office. I hadn’t really thought about it before but Natalie, Sarah and Amber were all quite pretty and Melanie was a total knock-out. Tall and thin with a fairly large bust and a lovely heart shaped ass, she was also reasonably tall (5ft 9) which was helpful as my PA because I was nearly 6ft4.

I realised that I had been in a funk for a while due to my separation and divorce that I had almost been operating in robot mode for the last 7 months. Thinking back over those months, I had been completely oblivious to all the flirting and teasing done by the girls, including Melanie. In fact, Melanie I recalled had been very flirty and a bit of a tease at times as well. Then I also thought about the fact that I hadn’t taken the time to get to know Melanie at all, Natalie, Sarah and Amber had all been working for me for a few years and I had taken the time to get to know some things about them and their personal lives. One was married, one was engaged and the other had a long time boyfriend if I remember correctly.

It was then that I realised Melanie had been standing next to my desk watching me stare into space (in the direction of the other girls) for about 10 seconds.

“Earth to Mike.” Melanie said, as she smiled brightly and passed me some contract documents.

“Sorry Melanie, I was miles away… thinking about something.” I replied.

‘Yea, probably thinking about Amber’s ass… she does have a lovely bum’ Melanie thought, she smiled deeply at me and asked me to sign a few documents. Melanie then walked back to her desk and I couldn’t help but admire her beautiful ass encased in her short skirt as she walked away, that skirt was a little on the short side for work. Short enough to be sexy but long enough to be appropriate work attire, just! Then a thought popped into my head and I felt really bad, thinking back I realised that I hadn’t taken any time to get to know her and everything I did know I’d been told by someone else.

I picked up my phone and dialled Melanie’s desk and she answered in her normal bubbly way. “Hi Mike, missing me already?”

“What? umm, no sorry Melanie… umm, could you come to my office before you leave for the evening?”

“Yea, sure. Have I done something wrong?”

“No, don’t be silly I just need to talk to you about something”

“Okay, no problem I will stop at your office before I leave”.

5.40pm Melanie walked into my office, ‘was it just me or had the skirt got even shorter and it looks like she’s taken her bra off… damn this girl is a damn tease’ I thought. “You wanted to see me Mike?” she said, while leaning seductively on the door frame with a sultry look on her face.

“Yes Melanie, come in and take a seat for a minute”.

“Okay, no problem but please call Escort Bayan me Mel… only my Mum calls me Melanie, it makes me feel like I’m in trouble or I’ve done something really naughty” she replied while walking over to my sofa and taking a seat with a big smile on her face.

‘She knows what she’s doing’ I thought, moving with an extra bounce in her step making her boobs jiggle as she walked looking me right in the eye and smiling at the same time. I’m trying desperately to keep my eyes on her face and not look down, she sits and crosses her legs but with the teasing she’s doing I decide I’m not gonna rise to it and try to see what colour her panties are, if she’s even wearing any.

“Okay, Mel it is… look Mel the reason I wanted to see you is that in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been kinda running on autopilot for the last few months because of my divorce… I was originally worried that you’d take ages to get to grips with me and all our systems of work but you’ve been doing such a fantastic job that I barely noticed Anne’s retirement. Now I just think of you as a permanent member of the team but unlike everyone else I know absolutely nothing about you. So if we’re gonna carry on working together we need to get to know each other better.”

“Thanks Mike.” She said blushing slightly, “Anne was really organised so learning everything was far easier than I expected… Anyway, changing the subject I didn’t want to pry but as you brought it up, how’s your divorce going anyway?” she asked.

“I finalised late last week thankfully, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted but don’t change the subject missy… spill the deets, husband, fiancée, pets, family etc… I don’t need your complete life story in one hit, just give me the basics and we can work from there.” I replied.

“Well, okay. I married way too young at 19 to my high school boyfriend, but inevitably divorced by my 21st birthday. That was followed by a run of 3 boyfriends who lasted between 6 and 12 months. Each relationship ended with a proposal which I turned down. None of them felt right and if I did ever marry again, I will be certain he’s the one. I’ve been seeing a guy called Paul for about 3 months but it’s not really that serious yet. Umm, what else… Ah, no pets but I love dogs, I have a very small family, just my Mum and my sister Katie. Dad died when I was very young, my sister Katie is married with 2 lovely girls and lives close to Mum about 2 hours away by car or train. Anything else just ask, would you like my vital statistics?” Mel said with a wink.

I was blushing, I could tell I was but chuckled and said “It’s good to know these things Mel, sorry I’ve been so distant but my mind has kinda been pre-occupied if you know what I mean. Same applies to me, anything you want to know just ask me.”

“Oh, don’t worry I know all about you Mike. Anne filled me in before she left and what she left out I think Amber, Nat and Sarah have probably told me.”

“Well then Mel, I’ll let you get home to Paul and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, I’ll see you in the morning Mike but while we’re sharing, Paul doesn’t live with me. I share a flat with an old friend called Amy who I’ve known for years.”

“See, it’s good to know these things so I can try and avoid putting my foot in my mouth if I ever met him. I’ll cya tomorrow.” I said getting up from my desk and offering her my hand to get up. She took it and stood up so close that her boobs we pressed against my chest. She let go of my hand and walked out my office.

“Night boss” she said, as she turned the corner and left the office.

I started thinking that I might need some reinforced underwear if she was going to continue teasing me the way she currently was.

And that’s how things went for the next few weeks but Mel seemed to be continually raising the ante, like squeezing past me when not really necessary while rubbing her ass on my crotch, more provocative clothing at times especially on casual Fridays. Comments about things being hard or wet and emphasising the words, that girl was bad. She did seem to do it privately though, not even in front of the other girls and she never did it to Andy either. She just did it to me but I never acted on anything or asked her out like I would’ve done by now because she had a boyfriend and I thought it was just her way of flirting plus she was obviously just a natural tease.

To make matters worse, she was excellent at her job and I couldn’t fault her at all. She never did, said or acted inappropriately ever except privately just to me. Her teasing was really starting to get to me though, the constant erections and lack of sex since my separation and it was starting to stir an animal within me and I was worried that sometime soon she was going to push me a little too far. Several times this week I’ve had to stop myself doing something epically unspeakable for a workplace environment.


Early February, today was a casual day and we would also have our Escort monthly meeting in the afternoon to tie up current contracts and look at new contracts. I just wore jeans and a shirt and that’s what most were wearing but Mel was wearing a pair of black leggings that literally clung to every curve of her body (no visible panty lines either) and a tight black t-shirt with a scoop neck that showed lots of cleavage when she bent over. Overall, when she first took her coat off this morning it look like she was just wearing body paint.

During the morning she brushed past me a few times unnecessarily, leant over once with her elbows on my desk and when I looked up to sign what she’d handed to me I got an eyeful of cleavage and to top it off not once but twice when walking away from my desk she dropped something and bent over from the waist to pick it up. I felt stuck at my desk half of the time on the risk of being embarrassed by my hard-on being noticed. I had reached the stage where I loved and hated her equally at the same time.

It was approaching 2pm and Mel would be in the meeting room setting everything up for the meeting. Around 5 minutes before everyone comes in I like to go in and check everything over and make sure I have all the files I would need to hand for the meeting. As I was heading into the meeting room I turned the corner, Mel had obviously heard me coming and was bent right over at the water cooler wiggling her ass and looking at me over her shoulder. Something inside me snapped, I kept walking towards her, wound my right hand right back and smacked her ass really hard. Only once but I couldn’t help myself and after the slap I left my hand on her cheek rubbing it.

She slowly stood up without turning around while looking at me over her shoulder, I would say tentatively. I kept my hand on her ass cheek, rubbing where the spank had landed and I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“One day, very soon a sexy little bitch like you could find herself the victim of a proper spanking and who knows what might follow the spanking!”

Mel gently shut her eyes, leaned back into my body groaning softly and whispered “promises, promises sir.”

A month ago, I would have been totally shocked at her response but given recent behaviour I was only slightly surprised. Then I heard the others coming down the hall and moved swiftly into the meeting room and sat down before anyone could see the state of my crotch. This girl is gonna be the death of me!

Mel I noticed kept looking at me during the meeting from time to time with a look of pure lust and her eyes had changed from their usual mid-blue to a dark-blue almost black colour. He chest and neck also looked slightly flushed I noticed but the meeting actually went quite smoothly and finished around 6pm.

Today being meeting day, was a casual Friday and also the last Friday of the month and I always took everyone out for a meal and a few drinks afterwards at our local pub with an open invitation for partners to join us.

Mel had never invited anyone before but tonight after the meeting and we were the only ones left, she meekly walked up to me and asked “would it be okay if I invite my roommate Amy tonight? She’s been lonely for the last few weeks after her recent break-up.”

“Of course Mel, you can invite anyone you want but what about your boy-toy?” I said smiling.

“Thank you sir, and what do you mean boy-toy? If you mean Paul, I ahh think we’re gonna break up as well” she replied.

Interesting I thought but what’s with the ‘sir’ I wondered, “okay, c’mon Mel get your stuff together and your pretty little butt outside. I’m just gonna chuck this stuff on my desk and then lock up and head down the pub, you coming?”

We grabbed our stuff and headed out, I locked up while Mel was on her phone to Amy I would guess telling her where to meet us. After I locked up Mel put her arm through mine and said “c’mon Mike, I’ll give you a ride.”


20 minutes later down the pub, I had visited the bar and set up a tab, I grabbed my monthly celebratory cigar and gone outside with Andy to smoke.

A few minutes later outside in the fenced off smoking area Andy got a text from his wife Julie and trotted off to meet her in the car park. I decided to stay and finish my cigar when around the corner in the car park I heard Mel shout to her roommate Amy as she greeted her. They wouldn’t be able to see me hidden in the fenced off area. But, I could about hear them talking just.

“Hi Mel” a voice said that must have been Amy, “so what’s so urgent? What happened? I was just gonna sit home tonight watching some crappy movies until I got your call.”

“Sorry to drag you away from your ice cream Amy, but something happened today with Mike.”

“Fuckin finally, so perhaps you’ll shut up about him now” Amy giggled.

“Geez Amy, I can’t have been that bad, but what happened was quite odd. He actually spanked me, really hard, just once but I swear I nearly came when he did. Bayan Escort It just felt so intense, and my poor bum I swear I’ll have a hand print there for a month!”

“I bet he only tapped you, c’mon show me then! Oh and for the record you’ve been a complete pain in MY ass about Mike you know” then she paused for a few seconds and continued “OH, WOW! he did leave a mark, a full handprint in fact. Hang on a sec.” Then I heard a mobile phone camera clicking sound.

“Amy! Don’t take a bloody picture” Mel said giggling “oooh, c’mon let me it see then!” Followed by a short pause and then I heard a sharp intake of breath.

“WOW he did leave a mark, didn’t he! God, send that to me please. I’ll need it for future evidence and possible blackmail.” Mel said, giggling again.

Then I heard them moving and main door squeak open and they disappeared inside.

The rest of the night was good fun, It was nice to be out chatting, drinking and socialising with everyone. I almost felt like I’d just awoken from a long hibernation but the rest of the night was pretty uneventful, I chatted to Mel briefly when she introduced me to Amy who was almost the opposite of Melanie. Instead of tall and voluptuous, Amy was very petite. I would guess no more than about 5ft 2, small/medium boobs with a very thin almost a Vietnamese build and skin tone but her face wasn’t particularly Asian looking. At a guess I would have said Italian heritage but you never can really tell these days.

At just after 11pm everyone started to disappear, all the girls gave me a kiss on the cheek goodbye but Mel’s was accompanied with a discreet cock grab but I was a little tipsy and was also expecting it so when she grabbed me I slipped my hand between her legs and cupped her pussy and rubbed it gently at the same time. Her crotch was soft and warm, I also think my hand was also decidedly damp when I did let her go.

It was probably only a few seconds but she felt heavenly and I thought ‘if she wants to tease me all the time, maybe I can try and turn the teasing on her’ I thought. She did give out the smallest squeak when I touched her but didn’t resist at all and we all said our goodbyes and departed for the week. I thought would be it until Monday and I almost went to sleep thinking that I’d managed to leave for the weekend with the upper hand slightly.

Then I got a text message from Mel. A picture of her beautiful bare ass clearly showing the dark red hand print I had left on her right cheek with a note saying “my other cheek is jealous now!” with a pouty face followed by “xoxo”.

I just replied “tell lefty to be patient, I’m sure she’ll get her proper turn!”, “nice ass by the way, u naughty little minx!”


The next week was really busy, one of our biggest clients had a rush job they needed doing due to some unforeseen problems on a project and at about 2pm Friday they said they really needed a quick last minute quote doing before the weekend. So I grabbed Mel, told her to drop everything she was doing and start pulling out files and folders for me to put together this urgent quote.

Just after 5.30 everyone else said their goodbyes and I told Mel she could go as well but she just turned to me with a cross look on her face.

“Mike, I’m your PA. If you’re still working then so am I, besides if I help you we can get finished a lot quicker and then you could take me out to dinner” she said winking at me.

“Yes boss” I replied sarcastically and she giggled and trotted off the get the next batch of files.

Mel had been wearing a flirty skirt, white blouse and jacket today with what looked like thick tights underneath (it was bloody cold). Very well covered today but she still managed to keep catching my eye and distracting me.

An hour later and we were nearly done, the last of the files all being in my small office. I was sat at my desk typing away while Mel was on the other side of the room searching through the files. She excused herself to go to the ladies room but I just replied “okay” without even looking up from my computer.

5 minutes or so later , Mel wandered back in. She didn’t say anything and I just quickly glanced up and then back down at my desk and screen. In the following few milliseconds my brain tried to process what it had seen when I quickly looked up. Her flirty skirt she’d been wearing all day was quite modest and had sat a few inches above the knee and with her thick tights covering her legs, while still beautiful nothing really stood out to say look at me. Now though, what she had done before she came back into the room was to remove her jacket and tights, roll her skirt up until it was short enough for her ass to hang out and tie her blouse in a knot just under her boobs. Looking up again, she was again bent over the table near the filing cabinets clearly waiting for me to say something.

But I wasn’t going to say anything.

Quietly, I got up and walked over towards her. I could see her shuffling things around, she wasn’t really working and clearly just trying to get a rise out of me which she had accomplished, I was as hard as steel. I stood right behind her and just as she sensed me I growled “don’t move, put your hands flat on the table and spread your legs… NOW!”

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