A Private Arrangement Ch. 01

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It was a bright, fresh April morning and James wondered what the week would bring as he munched on his toast and listened to the news on his kitchen radio. Life had become a bit dull since he had split up with his girlfriend in the previous December and he had somewhat sombrely endured the winter months, only occasionally visiting his local watering hole or dining out with friends. At last the clocks had gone forward and he had the spring and summer to look forward to. Soon town would be full of girls, dressed to kill in skimpy clothing and he would get some new gear and go on the pull.

He was looking forward to seeing Lindsey his niece, who had just returned from finishing school and was celebrating her 19th birthday at home. He hadn’t seen her for nearly two years. He had missed her for the last two Christmases when he had either spent the holiday period abroad or like the previous year, she and his sister had spent Christmas at their cottage in Scotland. Having no children of his own, Lindsey was the nearest thing he had to a daughter and he had doted on her as a child and loved her dearly. As she grew older and went to boarding school, he saw her less and less. He never once forgot her birthday though. He was sure she had been 15 the last time they had met. Even then she was blossoming into a fine young woman. Then they had spoken a couple of times on the phone, the last time on her 18th birthday, just before she went to Bern. He couldn’t wait to see her again — to give her the biggest hug in the world. Her actual father, his so-called brother-in-law had disappeared years earlier leaving his sister Kate to find the fees alone, although James had helped a little, unbeknown to Lindsey.

James day dreamed and then realised he would need to get a move on if he wasn’t going to be late for the meeting with his stock broker. This was a big deal and he wanted to make the right decisions on his portfolio. He reckoned there was at least £20,000 profit to be made with the right deals and maybe 10 times that in sixth months time if the predicted buyouts came off. James had become financially independent in the 1990’s on the back of speculation with mobile phone technology. He had gambled and it had paid off. Those were the days. One stock had started at 79p per share and rose to £52 when he sold. That market had petered out with user saturation and now he was dabbling and doing very well with mining and oil. It beat his old nine to five existence and meant he didn’t need to buy a pension, which he thought was a rip-off. They only traded his money on the stock market anyway and he was just cutting out the middle man.

It was a couple of day’s later and James had a text from his sister with details of the meet up for Lindsey’s homecoming. It was to be on the Easter Tuesday. He would buy the biggest egg he could find.. He wanted to make her return special. To make up for lost time and remind her how much he loved her. He shopped around and eventually found the one he was looking for in Harrard’s. It was unfeasibly big. But it was right. It was wrapped in gold foil and tied up with a big red bow. No less than 2kg with the chocolates it contained. Lindsey would love it. He had a couple of things to sort out before the day. He needed a new strap for his watch and would get his hair trimmed. It had only been three weeks since his regular appointment but wanted to look tip top for the occasion.

They were meeting at a local converted barn, which was now a successful restaurant with a good a la carte menu. He had eaten there a couple of times before and had liked it. He wanted to eat on such an occasion at a place he was familiar with. He was never really comfortable at new eateries, unless he’d tried them on his own first. He was always afraid of letting his acquaintance or party down if an unknown restaurant failed to deliver on the night. He arrived 20 minutes early, but his sister’s Jaguar was already parked outside. James walked through the foyer and into the bar area. He saw Kate and smiled and then looked at Lindsey and his jaw dropped. She walked towards her uncle and threw her arms around him.

‘Hmmm Uncle James, it’s been so long!’

‘I know babe. Gosh you’ve grown up sooo much!’

‘Hee hee… well yeah! Eh I want another hug Unc.’

Lindsey didn’t just hug James, she squeezed him and gave him the biggest kiss on the cheek. Two years of absence required a big hug, but this even caught James by surprise. When he thought an appropriately warm but respectful hugging time had elapsed he made to disengage but she pulled him back towards her. To his further surprise, indeed shock, she tweaked his bottom. He pulled away and looked her straight in the eye.

James put it down to youthful high spirits and thought no more of her little gesture but he wasn’t expecting it. He stood back and weighed up his niece who was dressed in a smart claret dress. She was a fine figure of a woman, with a shapely and athletic body.

‘Kate.. is this really my little Lindsey?’

‘Sure is. How are you anyway James?’

‘I’m fine Sis… eh I’ve almost forgot hiltonbet giriş the egg!’

‘The egg?’ Said the two girls simultaneously.

‘Yeah, hang on, I’ll be back in a minute.’

James went back to his Mazda and got the giant Easter egg from the boot. He took it back inside and managed to obscure it until he presented it to his niece.



‘It’s for you!’

‘Really — oh Uncle James it’s perfect. It’s huge!’

Kate shook her head.

‘Thanks James, it’s wonderful.’

The trio sat down and drank to old times. It was still two days short of her 19th birthday but Lindsey had a sneaky glass of white wine.

‘Where’s Mum?’ Asked James.

‘Oh she texted me, she’s running late.’

‘OK, say Lindsey — where will you have your first legal drink?’

‘I don’t know — wherever. Hee hee.’

‘What was Bern like? Was it a good school?’

‘Well, yes it was good.’

‘All girl’s school?’

‘Yes, of course.’

‘Oh, just like boarding school, so no boys on the agenda then?’

Lindsey looked down and her face flushed. She looked at her Mum awkwardly.

‘Erm, there’s plenty of time James…oh here’s Mum.’

James felt embarrassed for raising what was clearly a sensitive subject. She had been to an all girl’s boarding school since she was 12 and then a similarly monosexual finishing school for a year. He supposed boys had not featured prominently in her life hitherto and assumed particularly from Kate’s comments that she was a virgin.

There were further hugs and the small party were shown to their table. James arranged it so he sat opposite his niece, so much to talk about. Despite her figure, she retained a charming, girlie countenance, much as he had remembered. James enquired of her future plans.

‘What are you up to, now you’re free? Are you having a gap year?’

‘I reckon, yes. I’d like to see the USA. I want to visit the Great lakes and Niagara Falls and do New York. Then, I’ll go to Nevada and see the Grand canyon and then do Disney Land in Florida. Then when that’s all out of my system I’ll apply to Oxford and read Classics. Sound like a plan?’ Lindsey beamed confidently.

‘It’s certainly a plan. Sounds like she knows what she wants Kate, what do you think?’

‘Well, it’s up to her. But, we’ll have to see. I want to see something of her first. Eight month’s a year away at school since… what six years ago.’

‘It’s given her a great start in life though.’

‘Ha, an expensive one, hope it’s worth it.’

‘Mum, you make me sound like an investment!’

‘Well, you are in away.’

The banter continued in a similar vain for most of the evening. Lindsey seemed to make a lot of eye contact with James all evening and she blushed slightly whenever he smiled at her. She was clearly really fond of him as he was her, but he couldn’t help feel that she had come home with an instant crush on him, which made him feel slightly uneasy. After the meal, they went back to Kate’s for coffee. Lindsey’s Gran had a quick drink but went home shortly afterwards as she had a bridge morning the following day.

‘I’ve got that book you here you wanted to borrow. I dug it out last night’ Said Kate.

‘Oh OK Sis, don’t let me forget it will you?’

‘I’m really into Bill Bryson at the mo.’ Said Lindsey, ‘he’s so funny — have you ready any James?’

‘A bit, yeah, he’s OK.’

‘Say Mum I’m tired, I’ll turn in.’

Lindsey leant over and hugged James and for some reason blew in his ear. He was again surprised by this seemingly inappropriate little thing, but maybe it was just her way. How was it for a girl for so long — only with girls. When she had gone, he broached the subject with his sister.

‘Kate, I’m not going to beat about the bush — I think this girl is a bit frustrated, sexually I mean.’

‘I know, has she made it obvious — I’m sorry.’

‘Sorry? What for?’

‘Erm, we’ve been talking, me and her — about things. An all girl environment for this long, well maybe if I had have known.. but it’s done now and she’s a brilliant girl.’

‘She is. But are you going to let her out in to the wide world like this. I mean what about all the normal teenage things she’s missed, and being surrounded by girls, I’m surprised she’s not a lesbian.’

‘Oh, she’s not gay — far from it.’

Kate suddenly looked quite serious and bit her lip.

‘James, let me get you a drink, there’s something I need to talk to you about.’

‘Oh, OK.’

‘Brandy OK?’

‘Erm, yes sure.’

Kate supplied the drinks and sat down next to her brother. She looked at him earnestly.

James put his hand on her shoulder.

‘Hey what’s up Sis?’

‘You’re right about Lindsey in a way. She is frustrated. But I love her so much, I don’t want her to get hurt in any way.’

‘Too right. She needs to get out there though. There’s some nice blokes out there.’

‘Is there? Look at her James, she’s gorgeous, but she’s naïve. I don’t want some jerk to take advantage hiltonbet yeni giriş of her. She wants to travel. She’ll meet people and get into situations where she needs to be worldly-wise. At least no the score with things.’

‘OK, all sounds reasonable, so what you saying?’

‘I’d be happier if she had something under her belt so to speak. At least take away her craving. Put things into perspective. Sort of forearmed.’

‘O-K-A-Y.. and?’

Kate licked her lips.

‘I’ve been talking to her about things yesterday. We had a girl to girl chat. I probably made some presumptions. She seems so excited about it. Now, I’m worried.’

‘You’re talking in riddles Sis, what’s up?’

Kate took a deep breath.

‘I asked Lindsey who she would like to lose her cherry too, if it could be anyone.’


‘James, she said you.’


‘She said you. I asked her if she was joking, if she knew what she was saying. She was adamant. She loves you.’

James was stunned. Although earlier events made a bit of sense now.

‘Phew Kate!’

‘I know, it’s heavy stuff.’

‘What am I supposed to say? What do you think? You don’t sound…hang on you’re in favour of this aren’t you?’

Kate smiled.

‘Worse things happen.’

‘But she’s my niece. My sister’s daughter. I’ve only ever seen her as such. From being a little girl, growing up. She’s always been my little Princess.’

‘I know James. You’re a great bloke. The best brother in the world and a super uncle to my daughter. But we’ve got a situation here. She’s enamoured of you. She looks up to you and respects you. Now she wants you to be here for her in this special way. I thought about it all night. I guess it’s not right — strictly speaking, but it’s not morally wrong is it?’

‘Isn’t it?’

‘Is it? She’s not your daughter — that would be sick.’

‘Sis. I don’t know.’

‘Do you fancy her? I mean, if she wasn’t your niece, just as a girl.’

‘Frankly, she’s hot!’

‘Can you do this James?’

‘I don’t know, I almost feel like I have no choice. Will she still love me and respect me if I can’t do it?’

‘I’m sure she will — of course.’

‘I don’t know Kate, I can’t believe we’re even talking about this.’

‘It’s what she wants. What’s the alternative, what if she gets hurt by some guy?’

‘Oh but my Lindz!?’

‘I was shocked at first too, I couldn’t believe it but it made sense. She’s comfortable with you. You give her comfort and respect and love and warmth.’

‘I can’t.’

‘Think about it. Try to see it from her point of view.’

James gulped back his brandy in one go.

‘Are you really OK with this Sis?’

‘Entirely, you have my consent and hers — obviously. It will be OK.’

James thought for a while but said nothing.

‘OK. Maybe I should talk to her first. I could take her out for a drink on her 19th birthday on Thursday.’

‘It’s up to you James. I love you.’

‘I love you too. OK, I’ll be getting off then. I’ll call you up tomorrow and arrange things yes?’

‘OK. It was a lovely evening. Sorry for the bizarre ending.’

‘It was a surprise Sis. OK night then.’

Kate showed him to the door and watched him drive off. Afterwards she went upstairs where Lindsey was reading and chortling over Bill Bryson.

Kate knocked and entered her room.

Her daughter looked expectantly. Kate gave her a thumbs up and a wink.

‘Wow!’ Said Lindsey.

‘He’s going to take you for a drink on Thursday.’

‘OK, wicked.’

‘Night my baby.’

‘Night Mum.’

That night James lay awake for ages and tried to come to terms with the proposition his sister had put to him. It seemed to be a huge responsibility and a dubious treat rolled into one. If she hadn’t been his niece, he would be straining at the leash. But this was a sensitive, delicate thing. He looked forward to the drink with an equal measure of anticipation and trepidation. He fell to sleep suddenly unsure of everything.

James was up early the next morning and tried to go about his business normally but couldn’t get the issue with his niece out of his mind. He consoled himself with the fact that this was something she wanted. It was with her mother’s approval and he was really just extending his love in an unusual way. He loved his niece and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her and didn’t want to think he would leave her feeling upset and rejected if he didn’t go through with it. He had to do it. he would do it for her. He went out and treated himself to a coffee and a slab of chocolate cake at Spartuck’s. He phoned Kate up from there.

‘Hi Katie’


‘Yes, erm OK, it’s cool I think.’


‘Erm how about I come round for her tomorrow about 5pm?’

‘OK, sounds great.’

‘Is she OK today?’

‘Yeah, she’s a bit excited — on edge I think’


‘Erm, maybe her birthday and everything. Thanks James, you’re wonderful.’

‘I know. This is OK, isn’t it — hiltonbet güvenilirmi I’m mean it’s what she really wants?’

‘Yes James, definitely. We talked a lot about this on Monday. We thought it through. Of course it’s unusual I know, but it’s just our little private arrangement OK. This is just between the three of us. I realise there’s people out there who wouldn’t understand… but.’

‘It’s our business, like you say Sis, a private arrangement. I’ll see you later then yeah — I’m just having a coffee, but I have one or two calls to make.’

‘OK listen — I’m staying at a friend’s for the night, OK? So you can come back here if you like, do you know what I mean?’

‘Ooh, OK — right away eh? Erm, yes I guess — cool. OK bye’

‘Bye then.’

Stephen was becoming more assured of the set up now and was gradually becoming accustomed to the idea of deflowering his own niece. He wasn’t exactly warming to the idea, but was less and less uncomfortable with it as time passed. He even allowed himself to dwell upon the matter briefly during his walk to the shops and found himself quite excited. This was tempered by the realisation of who the target of his affections would be and he discovered a conflict. He had to get past the niece thing. While he was with her in this new way, he would have to see her as just a gorgeous young woman. He began to wonder what she would be like under her clothes. He checked himself. He stopped walking and examined his own feelings. He tried to look upon his own thoughts as if he was outside his own mind. Yes, this was how it would have to be. He could get aroused. It was sort of acceptable. He would just need to compartmentalise Lindsey somehow. Niece and lover. Niece whenever he saw her out or at home and lover in her bedroom.

James was enjoying his Easter break and wanted to relax before the evening. He went home in plenty of time and had a long relaxing bath. He took extra care over his shave to get his face nice and smooth; trimmed his finger nails; used an extra dollop of hand cream and put on his most expensive and favourite after shave. He arrived at Kate’s at ten past five. He was slightly nervous. He told himself, he was just taking his niece for a drink. Except it wasn’t just that. He was taking her for a drink and then he was going to come back to her house and… Well, what exactly was he going to do? He would cross that bridge when he came to it. He rang the bell and Lindsey answered. James was shocked. She was wearing a rather short black, pleated skirt and a dark crimson blouse. The latter suited her mousy-blonde hair perfectly. She had it twizzled in to long, broad ringlets, which fell beautifully over her shoulders. She was nicely but not overly made up with candy pink lipstick and just a touch of eye shadow. She looked stunning.

‘Whoo Lindsey, you look nice, are you ready then?’


She shouted cheerio to her Mum and closed the door.

She smiled a broad, sunny smile at her uncle and followed him to his car.

‘Where are we going then Uncle James?’

‘Erm, I thought we’d try the White Lion, it’s normally quietish. It’s mild enough to sit outside too — they have a lovely beer garden.’


‘Bye the way, can you drop the ‘Uncle’, it’s OK to call me just James.’

‘Erm OK, if you’re sure, it feels weird.’

‘I know, but just try to get used to it. You understand don’t you?’

‘Yes of course. How far is it to the pub?’

‘Oh, about 10 miles. What’s your favourite drink Lindz?’

‘Well..unoficially obviously, cos I was only eighteen yesterday…white wine.’

‘Oh, I thought you might say that — any particular variety?’

‘Erm not really, I just like wine — oh I guess a nice New Zealand Chardonnay.’

James chuckled at this turnabout from vagueness to specifics.

‘Where have you drank then up to now. It can’t have been easy?’

‘Bern wasn’t a prison you know Un…erm James.’

We were allowed to do more or less what we liked at weekends. We just had a structure and regime for the rest of the time.’

‘Oh, so you worked hard and played hard?’

‘Erm sort of…’


‘Some of the girls would mix with the local guys, even though that was banned.’

‘You didn’t of course.’

‘No, I’m a bit of a fish out of water near boys…erm’

Lindsey flushed and coughed politely.

‘Oh we can’t have that now.’

She looked up and beamed a lovely smile and squeezed James’s knee.

‘Eh young lady!’


‘You look lovely Lindz. You smell nice too. Very nice in fact.’

‘Good. I’m glad I look OK, I took ages to get ready.’

‘Oh you look more than OK. Last night I was gobsmacked, but even so. Well, you know.’


James sniffed, thinking how to put it.

‘You look hot.’

‘Oh flip, do I?’


They continued to the White Lion, but sat in a quiet corner inside as it had turned distinctly cooler during the drive. Lindsey had a glass of house white and James a pint of Stella Artois.

‘OK Lindz, do you like it here?’

‘Hmm, yes it’s alright, a bit old fashioned.’

‘Hmph, it’s a country pub, it’s meant to be old fashioned. See how the ceilings are lower, cos in the middle ages, people were shorter.’

Lindsey craned her neck and surveyed the pub ceiling.

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