A Private Christmas Party

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I yawned and looked at the clock on my screen. It was 18:30.

“Fucking Hell” I muttered to no one in particular. But it wasn’t as if anyone was around to hear. I was all alone in the office and it was Dec 22nd — Black Friday. Incidentally, it was also the day of the annual Christmas Party.

To my non-UK readers, Black Friday was dubbed so by the emergency services as traditionally it had nothing to do with shopping and more to do with the amount of drunken people found on any UK high street as all the office parties seemed to happen then. For them, it was the blackest day of the year. Hence the term Black Friday.

However, looking at the time, it didn’t look like I would be joining in on the Christmas activities this year. Literally ten minutes before everyone was due to leave, the Software Team leader, a poison dwarf named Ian had approached me with some new software that reportedly had to be released to the customer tonight. With that, they (and most of the office) had sauntered off into town on the Christmas do, leaving me with the unenviable task of verifying the software and preparing it for release. Usually, this wouldn’t be too hard a task as there was a team of 4. But due to the proximity of Christmas, there were a lot of people off and I had ended up doing a lot of the work myself.

But finally, the paperwork was completed, and I was ready to send the software off via a secure server.

But then the server had decided to go down. I had tried everything to get it back up and running, from cycling the power to installing updates. I was now in the process of configuring the server, but error message after error message had kept popping up. According to the computer, the updates were missing key files which meant even more updates.

I looked at the clock again. It read 18:31.

“Fucking hell,” I muttered again. It was going to be a long night. I decided to go and make myself another coffee — that would be the strongest thing that I was going to have that evening and I was thoroughly annoyed at that.

As I made myself a coffee, I mulled over the events of this evening. I had quite enjoyed a night out every now and again and I had needed to go out this evening. It had been a long tough year, especially having to look after the configuration needs of a cowboy Software team! It had all boiled over a few months ago, when the team leader, Ian had been particularly rude to me while I was in a totally different conversation. Unfortunately, I had clapped back (I wasn’t the type of character to back down from a challenge) and it had escalated from there. Since then, Ian had made my life a living hell – dropping work on our team at the last minute and claiming “issues” had prevented them from telling me sooner. Blocking attempts to introduce improvements to the system, even pushing the blame onto our team (and me in particular) when things went wrong. Unfortunately, he had the ear of the department head, so there was nothing I could do — There was a viewed upon with disdain by most of the department.

I had really needed a night out. I was looking forward to it too. Until Ian and his bloody software release had fucked that one up!

I walked back to my desk and took a sip of my coffee — the dark sweet liquid soothing my despair, and I felt a little bit better. As I sat down, I logged back into my machine to notice that a picture had popped up on my screen. I recognised the picture. A dark-haired woman with light tan skin and a shock of pink hair. She was slightly chubby, but still she had a sultry vixen look about her, as if she were inviting you to think naughty thoughts about her (although she would tell you that it was her sarcastic look). It was Vikki. She had worked with us up until 3 years ago, when she had been transferred into another department. She was part of sales and marketing now. But I would often chat to her (and sometimes flirt with her too, albeit playfully) on messenger when things were quiet.

I opened the IM window. Surely enough it was her.


I smiled as I sat down, reading it in her voice, which would have been full of wonder and delight. I started typing a reply.

ME: Yeah, still here… ?

I hit enter. Then a thought hit me.

ME: What are you still doing here???

I waited a moment as somewhere on site, she typed her reply. A few moments later, it appeared on my screen.

VIKKI: I’m in hiding ??

I stared blankly at the screen for a few moments trying to figure it out. Then it hit me. I started to type.

ME: Didn’t want to go to the office party then?

VIKKI: Correct!

VIKKI: All those lecherous men and stalkers rumbling around drunk? No thanks! 😀

I nodded to myself. It was a fair point. In an engineering company where most workers were middle aged men from the 70s era, it would be a hazard for a thirty something woman at the best of times. Vikki was also not fond of office parties. She had told me about one office party a few years ago where she had been followed Escort Bayan by a particularly lecherous man (who was 50 odd and had a wife) and she had gone to a club just to get rid of the guy.

I typed my reply.


ME: So, how did you get out of going?

After a few moments of her typing, I got my reply.

VIKKI: I just made up an excuse about finishing some work and stayed until everyone had gone…

I started typing, knowing what had happened next. Almost everyone across site would’ve left early — apart from me, being silly.

ME: And ended up doing actual work?

There was a pause while she read my question. Then she was typing again.

VIKKI: Yep, that’s the one! I know, I don’t really do much! X-D

I had to laugh at this, I was happy that nobody was in the office as I openly laughed and typed my reply.

ME: 😀

VIKKI: What are you doing here still?

That question brought me back to earth somewhat, as I remembered everything that had happened since 4 o clock. A sharp pang of anger filled me. Luckily, I could write it all down, so I did:

ME: Bludi Software Team dropped a load on me just before 4 and dashed off.

ME: Of course, there’s nobody in to sort out the paper work and do the checks, so I’ve had to do it all

ME: Took me up till 5

ME: Then the bludi server breaks down

ME: And I’ve been here ever since

ME: Wouldn’t have minded, but I was really looking forward to the Xmas party this year

ME: Now I’m stuck here, installing updates ?

ME: Ian, fcukin up my life

ME: He’s been like that for months

ME: Ever since the bust up

ME: F***wit!

Rant over. I read what I had written. It was a rant alright — a proper out of control one. Would have scared anyone if I had done it face to face.

However, all I got back from Vikki was:

VIKKI: Soooo, sorry ?

VIKKI: I knew you were looking forward to having a

VIKKI: Ian is such a d**k isn’t he? X-D

I had to laugh. She had taken my rant in her stride, which was a bit of a relief. Also, she had a frank way of talking which made me laugh, especially as I was reading the IM in her voice.

I was about to message back when I got another message from her.

VIKKI: You know, I was going to pack up now, but I think I’ll pop round and keep you entertained while you’re installing updates?

VIKKI: We can have our own Xmas Party! 😀

VIKKI: I’ll bring some Prosecco ??”

This stopped me for a moment and got me thinking. It was 18:40 now — even if I finished here in the next 10 minutes, but the time I got home it would be 19:20. Then to get changed and go back into town. It would be too late. On one hand, it would be good to have a quiet one here — I don’t think I could put up with the bustle of town on Black Friday stone cold sober and playing catch up. But on the other hand, what Vikki was suggesting was a bit risky. It was drinking at work, and I did have a job to finish.

But almost as soon as I thought this, it was countered by another thought. I had been dumped on for the umpteenth time that year. And there was nobody else around to catch me. I deserved a bit of fun — it had been a hard year after all.

My next IM would be the most significant one and would trigger more risqué activities than just drinking.

ME: Yeah, sounds like fun ??

ME: Lets Paaaaartaaaay! X-D”

The response was instantaneous.


VIKKI: I’ll see you in a bit…x

ME: Haha, see you in a bit x

I closed the window and smiled, somewhat excited about seeing Vikki again and at the thought of doing something naughty with her (although at the time, the naughtiness was purely about drinking on the clock). It truly had been a long year, and I had been faced with disappointment at nearly every turn. For me, it was about time I switched off.

Even as I thought this, I had a sudden feeling of sadness. I couldn’t possibly switch off just yet, I had to finish the job at hand. I stared at the screen. The updates were still at 20%. I couldn’t do anything until they were completed. I frowned, not for the first time that day. It would be just a small drink then. I stared at the progress bar on screen, willing it onwards.

I was still staring at the screen when I heard the door buzz and click open. It didn’t really worry me too much as I knew who it was already. I did a lazy spin in my chair and sure enough, it was Vikki, carrying a large Tesco carrier bag.

Vikki was very short, being 4’10. She could have been described as a spinner, if it hadn’t been for the fact that she was also a size 14 in dress size. As a result, she was also very curvy and she carried it extremely well. She had very wide hips that swayed seductively as she walked and a large pair of breasts for a girl of her size. I guessed that they were D cup.

“Helloooo” she said happily, setting the bag down on the desk and opening her arms wide for a hug.

I looked Escort up at her from where I sat. She was very pretty, with a large doe like brown eyes beaming with excitement. She had a round chubby face, but that didn’t detract from her beauty, in fact it suited her. She didn’t need that much makeup to look beautiful and she wasn’t wearing much of it — just a little bit of eyeliner and bright red lipstick being. Her olive skin made her look somewhat Mediterranean — but her roots were firmly in North Wales somewhere.

Despite working in a professional position, Vikki was a goth at heart and as such was dressed all in black. The black cardigan over a black vest top and long black skirt and black leather knee high boots. The style that matched her long straight black hair. However, being Vikki, she had dyed a section of her hair pink, which acted to add a flash of colour to an otherwise all black outfit, probably her playful streak manifesting itself.

I smiled as I took in her beauty and got up out of my chair. “Hiya, Vikki,” I cried, pulling her into a big hug. Lordy she felt warm and soft. A mild relief from the stress of the past few hours. “How are you?”

I smiled at her weakly as I pulled out of the embrace. “I’ve been better.”

In response she reached inside the bag and pulled out a large magnum of Prosecco and two mugs.

“Well,” she said grinning playfully. “I’ve got just the thing to cheer you up!”

I stepped forward and took the bottle from her. “Now that, I can agree with,” I said, all thoughts of remaining disciplined gone.

As I worked on opening the bottle, Vikki sat herself on the desk. “So, what have you been doing this whole time?”

“Updates,” I replied, whipping the cover off the bottle and tugging on the cork.

Her eyes went wide with disbelief. “Really?”

“Yep,” I nodded. “I could be here all night, you know.”

“Oh well,” she said with a grin that was half playful, half teasing. “It just means that we’re gonna have to party here all night too!”

I turned to her and a few moments passed while we looked into each other’s eyes. She was all playful as usual, but the tone of her voice suggested something else. To be honest, she was a very pretty girl although some would say she was a bit overweight. It hadn’t been the first time that she had seemed to be flirting with me, but Vikki had a rule not to get it on with anyone she worked with. That had been the rule while we had worked together, but now she was with another department – Could she be meaning…that?


At this moment, the cork popped free of the bottle, spilling some of its fizz onto the carpeted floor and shaking me out of my thoughts. I looked down at it as it fizzed over my hands and onto the floor.

I looked up again. Vikki was looking at me, wide eyed in shock and surprise.

And then I started laughing. This broke the tension and she started laughing too.

“Well, I didn’t expect that!” I laughed, relieved.

“No, me neither.” She laughed, equally loudly. Then, as I poured the drinks. “You’re dangerous with a bottle of champers, aren’t you?”

I walked to her and handed her a mug. “Very. You’d best take a hold of this, who knows what else I’m dangerous with?” I said winking at her.

She looked up at me softly, seemingly contemplating what I had just said. Then she took her mug and raised it to me. “Cheers,” she said smiling.

I raised mine to meet hers. “Cheers.”

And so, our little naughty drink started. It had started well enough, simply chatting to each other and doing what is termed as a catch up. She told me about the building she had done on her house so far — I told her about what I had been doing on mine. We chatted about a myriad of things, from our gaming activities on Xbox live to music and what gigs we were going to see and even onto TV shows. I was an Expanse fan, she was into Game of Thrones, so we compared the two.

And the drink kept on going down. Despite my disliking for bubbles, the Prosecco flowed freely as we drank and soon two bottles had been drunk and we were laughing raucously as I played Christmas songs through my mobile phone loudly.

“So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun!” I sang, rather badly. Cheesy 80s songs were not my thing.

Vikki on her part was laughing at me, her tanned cheeks were flushed with red — a clear sign that she may have been slightly tipsy.

“Look to the future now, it’s only just beguuuuuuuuun!” I sang a bit out of tune as the song ended.

“Oh wow!” she cheered loudly, clapping. “That was fun!”

I gave her a quizzical look. “I was bad!” I said smiling.

“Better than most of the bands I see.”

“I don’t believe you!” I said, smiling. “Anyways, it’s your turn to sing.”

“Oh no,” Vikki said teasingly. “I don’t want to sing.”

“There’s only you and me here,” I reasoned, flashing another look at the computer. It was now on 50%. “Besides, there’s still 50% to go on this thing and its quarter to 8, so you’ve got to keep Bayan Escort me entertained.” As I said this, I gave her my best disarming smile.

Vikki responded to this by giving me a long pout, which I found strangely alluring. I suddenly felt a little flustered as I felt something stir inside me. It was just a fleeting thought, but at that moment I just wanted to take her up in my arms and give her a long deep kiss.

But then the moment was gone as she moved to get off the desk. “Oh, alright then,” she said, slightly slurring as she was tipsy. “Give me a…Whoops!”

At that moment, her hand had brushed against my cup of coffee (which was now cold). It hadn’t been a hard knock, but it had been enough to knock it off the desk and spill it onto the floor.

“Oh shit!” Vikki gasped as the cup fell onto the floor.

I watched as it fell, the dark liquid forming a damp puddle on the carpet. Vikki herself turned around and bent down to pick up the mug, showing me her big, round, sexy ass in the process.

I stood open mouthed, completely mesmerised by the sight of her ass in front of me as it wiggled and jiggled sexily with each movement she made. Although it was covered by her long black dress that she wore, it clung to her, accentuating her giant ripe peach.

And now it was just a few feet away from me, swaying and jiggling invitingly.

I don’t know whether it was the alcohol I had drank or the result of the years of flirting and subsequent build-up of sexual tension between us, but I couldn’t resist. At that point I had to touch it. Had to feel it her soft behind in my hands. Instinctively, and full of desire, I reached out and started to caress Vikki’s ass.

Oh, my days it felt awesome! It was everything I had imagined it to be — and more! It was firm, but soft, round and warm. I had wanted to do this for nearly three years — it was fantastic! I allowed myself a small smile and a soft moan escaped my laps as I continued to caress her…I couldn’t believe that this was happening and furthermore she was…Hang on!

The thought that I had just touched Vikki inappropriately shook me back to reality. I could lose my job over this! I recoiled in horror at what I had done.

“Oh shit,” I breathed. “Vikki, I’m so…” I started, but the girl merely turned back to me and smiled.

“It’s ok. I know how you like big butts” she said, winking at me.

That put me at ease. Normally, I would have felt relieved, but for some reason (probably the alcohol), it filled me with confidence. So instead of backing down I grinned at her.

“That I do, Vikki,” I answered even as she turned back to me and closed the gap between us. She put her arms around my waist, and instinctively, I put my arms around hers. We remained like that for a moment regarding each other. Vikki’s eyes were deep brown pools of desire, her cheeks slightly flushed. He long black hair and pink flash flowing freely. I noticed her eyebrow piercing and her lip piercing for the first time. She was so beautiful. I wanted her — and she wanted me.

“Oh, look Mo,” she said with a voice that was full of lust. “You’ve caught me under the mistletoe.”

I couldn’t hold it in any further. With that, I pulled her into me and our lips locked in a long passionate kiss.

It was magnificent. Our tongues sought each other out, twisting and feeling each other. Tasting each other. The stale but sweet taste of prosecco filled my taste buds. The smell of her perfume mixed with her own unique smell filled my nostrils. Her hot breath blowing into mine as she sighed gently into my kiss. It was exhilarating to say the least. I pulled her closer, wanting to bury myself in the source of my joy and feeling the soft crush of her large boobs against me.

My hands moved downwards, feeling the curve of her ass over the small of her back. Subconsciously, I felt myself gently squeeze her butt, causing Vikki to moan again. She liked me doing that for sure!

A gentle, but growing pressure in my loins told me that my dick was getting hard under the trousers and, I shifted around, giving it more room to grow. It must have been pressing into Vikki as she simply ground into it a little more, albeit subtly. All the time, I was still kissing her. And it was fantastic as we nibbled each other’s lips, before I moved on to the side of her neck, leaving her gasping as I gently nuzzled her.

She responded by tugging my shirt free. Gently at first, but then with more urgency as more and more of my shirt came free. I noticed her breathing become shallow with desperation and excitement to see my naked form as the jumper hem rose up my torso. She must have wanted this for a while too.

Eventually, there was nothing more for it. I broke off my nuzzling and took over, grabbing the hem of my jumper and pulling both it and the shirt underneath over my head. I stood there topless and facing her. Her eyes were dark pools of desire as she took in my dark naked torso. Then her eyes flicked down to my trousers temporarily. It was only then that I noticed the tightness in my trousers as my erection strained against my trousers, desperate to be free.

Vikki looked back up at me and grinned. She only said two words, but the meaning was clear as day. “You first.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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