A Private Viewing

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“What appointments do I have today, boss?”

“Well Jenny, you’ve got a number of viewings for the 2 bed houses in the morning. Pretty much back to back.”


“But just one in the afternoon at 3.”

“One? Couldn’t you rearrange it and give me the afternoon off?”

“No! It’s a guy looking at the executive properties. The more remote ones with the nice views. He’s come down from Bristol especially.”

“Okay but he had better be rich or good looking or both.”

“Well he sounded nice enough… but it’s your call on the rest! Have a good day.”

A dull morning showing families round. Probably one out of five might actually buy, she thought. She ate her lunch on the cliff top, taking her time. It was sunnier now and the day was warm, she slipped on her shades. She went to the house to check it over before the viewing. It seemed fine. She caught sight of herself in the mirror. She turned sideways to see how she looked. Smart jacket, blouse, unbuttoned to just the right level so that a well directed male glance might just get a glimpse of her cleavage. Tight business skirt, black hold up stockings, elegant heels and no panties, of course. She never wore panties to work – it was her little secret, her special turn on, and she loved it.

She went back to reception in plenty of time for her 3pm appointment. A BMW convertible pulled up and a man stepped out. Hmm, she thought. Nice car but nicer looking guy. Rich AND handsome. 30s, Italian suit, silk shirt and tie, slim, athletic looking, comfortable in his skin, moved easily. Maybe he’s overconfident and a bit arrogant – he can’t be that perfect.

“Looks like your three o’clock is here. Good luck!”

“Okay, see you later. I’ll go straight home after that. See you tomorrow.”

“Mr Thomson? Pleased to meet you. I’m Jenny Jones.”

“The pleasure is all mine. Call me Andy.”

“Okay… the house we’re viewing is a little more exclusive than our regular properties. More remote, better views, more privacy. We normally have more run of the mill properties but we wanted to try something a little different. We’ll drive up there, okay?”

“Sure, shall I drive?”

‘I’d love that’, she said under her breath, but out loud she said “Sure.”

Mr Thomson held the door open for her and just rested his hand on her back for a second. It sent a tingle down her spine. He wasn’t wearing a wedding ring was he? What did that mean anyway?

“So are you looking to move here with a family?”

“Ah, well my personal circumstances aren’t good. I’m looking to move my business here and make a fresh start…”

“Oh, okay, good! I mean I’m sorry to hear that… er … this is a very good investment, an executive style property. I think there’s room to run an office from home if that was suitable … here we are.”

They went in. The siting of the property was such that it could barely be seen from any direction and had a fabulous view. Once inside Mr Thomson asked:

“Do you mind if I take off my jacket? It’s very warm today.”

“Not at all. I’ll take off mine too if you don’t mind.”

“I’d be delighted if you did. “

They both took of their jackets and sunglasses and looked at each other for a moment. A frozen moment.

“Shall I show you a bit more?”

“… er …?”

“… of the house.”

“Of course, of course.”

“We’ve furnished it – you can buy it furnished if you like with what we’ve done or you can choose to buy it completely empty…”

“I like it… do show me round.”

As they went round, she pointed out various features but she felt all the time his gaze on her. Piercing her thin blouse, taking in her lacy bra, noticing her perfume, appreciating her curves. Was he more interested in the house or her? Both she hoped.

As they’d gone round the downstairs rooms, there had been a certain amount of unnecessary brushing against each other, more touching on the arm or back or shoulder than was normal. The tension was certainly building like the heat before a thunderstorm.

“Shall I take you upstairs now?”

“I’d love that…”

“… to see the bedrooms…”

“…of course…”

“Follow me.”

She could feel his gaze on her buttocks. She sashayed from side to side to make sure she had his undivided attention. There was almost a heat like intensity to his gaze. Did he know she was knickerless? She was sure he knew. She was certainly moist already, and he was close enough to detect her aroma.

Did his hand just brush against her? She stopped half way up the

stairs, turned round and he practically stuck his nose between her breasts, pretending he hadn’t realised she’d stopped.

“Are you okay?” he enquired. “I wasn’t expecting you to er … “

“I’m not sure why I stopped either…let’s go on up…”

She showed him round the smaller bedrooms indicating one that might work well as an office, but when they got to the master bedroom she knew this was the moment. If anything was going to happen eskort bayan bursa it was now. Did she want it to happen? Hell yes! Why not? He was fit and good looking and she hadn’t had a good seeing to in how long?

“So this is the master bedroom. a very fine view, I think you’ll agree… “

“… oh yes …” but he wasn’t looking out the window.

The room was large with an ensuite and a very large double bed with pillows and a duvet and cushions strategically placed on top.

“… a very private part of the house, the window not overlooked at all. Why no one would even know you were here. “

“No, I guess not. You couldn’t really be overheard either could you?”

“No one could hear a thing, whatever you did or said.”

“That could be quite an advantage….”

“Was there anything else you’d like to see?” she asked, turning her full gaze upon him with her hands behind her back. she was practically shoving her tits in his face.

“I’ve seen all I want of the house.” he smiled.

“Does that mean you’d like to go back to the office now?”

“Not at all. I was rather hoping that we might stay here for a while… it is a very warm day… “

“Mmm it is, I wondered if you wanted to remove your tie?”

Without waiting for an answer she slipped off his tie and flung it on the bed. He was entirely passive and compliant, so she ran her hands up and down the silk of his shirt.

“Still too hot?”

He nodded.

“Maybe I should remove the shirt too.”

He nodded again.

She undid a button and kissed his chest where the button had been. then another button and another kiss, and another and another, until he was naked from the waist up. Lovely muscular chest and back; a little chest hair but not too much.

“As it’s so hot, maybe you’d like to lie down…”

He nodded again and lay on the bed. He put his hands above his head, crossed over. Very compliant, she thought. He’s trying to tell me something. Maybe he wants to be tied up. Yes that’s it! With his silk tie! He was completely submissive, allowing her to tie his wrists together and then tie them to the bed head. He was hers. She had captured her man, and she was going to make the most of this. She had all the time she needed, no one was going to interrupt them. Why she could keep him here for weeks!

Oh God! Where to start? Her pussy was on fire for him. Wet and needing something stiff inside… but there was no rush. Let’s get him naked and let that cock out into the open air.

First his shoes and socks. Then she undid his belt and eased that down past his ankles. There! Perfect! His cock lay invitingly on his abdomen. Stiff – yes. Fat – yes. Size – perfect! A goldilocks cock. Big enough to fill her pussy nicely but not too big for her mouth. Irresistible! She lowered her head and licked along the thick vein, with her hand underneath. She spent a little longer at the tip, playing with it, teasing it with her tongue. He was moaning with pleasure already, and starting to thrash around. It was a good thing he was tied up.

She needed him in her mouth now. She wanted to taste his cock; feel it in her mouth. She sucked at the tip. Just the tip to start with. He was moaning more than ever now. She had him just where she wanted him. Now a little deeper in my mouth. God, his cock is lovely. I could suck this for hours if I didn’t need to fuck it so much… but I am going to fuck him later once I’ve got him good and ready. Yes, I’ll make him come first. He might last a little longer the second time.

“Shall I make you come? “

“Please, I’ll do anything for you. anything. I need to come so badly. It’s been so long. “

“Since what? Since you’ve come? Or since someone sucked your cock?”

“Both. I never masturbate, it’s sex with someone else or nothing for me.”

“Oh yeah? You don’t think I’m going to believe that do you? You’re the only man I’ve ever met who’s said that!”

“If you make me come you’ll see how much there is. Will that answer your question?”

“Okay, we’ll see. What am I going to do with you after that?”

“Please let me lick you. I’ve wanted to go down on you since we met at your office.”

“You dirty little thing. Is that what you’ve been thinking of all this time? Eating me out? What makes you think I’d want you to do that?”

“Firstly you aren’t wearing any panties. Secondly I can smell how turned on you are. Thirdly, I’ve never met a woman who didn’t enjoy getting licked.”

“How did you know about the panties?”

“I didn’t brush my hand against you by accident. And I was so close to you coming up the stairs.”

“If you want to eat my pussy you’re going to do everything I ask or you’ll end up here for a long time.”

“I love being in your power. I’ll do anything for you.”


“Anything. Your wish is my command.”

“When you arrived you looked so self confident and assured. arrogant even. And now you’re completely passive. “

“Outwardly, business-wise, altıparmak escort I like to be in charge, absolutely. In the bedroom, I enjoy being completely submissive, some of the time anyway.”

“I’m going to enjoy this…you will do whatever I command. Firstly, lie back. You are permitted to orgasm, but you must tell me when.”

She spat on his cock, lubricating it well. Then with both hands she began working it. Using both hands, sometimes together, sometimes independently. One hand on his balls, one on his shaft. Or one on the shaft, one rubbing his glans. Some more spit and another really good rub and he was getting really close.

“I’m going to come real soon. Please don’t stop now.”

She really wanted to see him come. To see that lovely come spray his chest. She pumped him harder and harder and there it was. Magnificent spurts of his white come. Spraying his chest and even up to his chin and neck. Again and again he spurted and he just kept gasping “oh, oh, oh” with each spurt.

“Well this is another fine mess!” Jenny exclaimed. “What are we going to do with it? I think we need to mop it up. I think something suitable would be … your silk shirt!”

“No, not the shirt, please. “

“If you want to eat me out you have to tell me to use the shirt. Otherwise it’s no pussy licking for you. Understood?”

He gulped.

“I guess I’ve got no choice… please use my £80 silk shirt to mop up my come.”

“Good boy.”

She cleaned him thoroughly, until every last drop was on his shirt. the she stood up and ensured she had his gaze. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her lovely pink bra. He murmured appreciatively. Next she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. His eyes ravished her, enjoying her stockings, elegantly held up with lacy trim, and her delightful. curvaceous buttocks. He so wanted them in his hands. But then, oh then, she lifted one leg onto the bed to reveal that most beautiful of sights, the most beautiful of places. She was completely smooth; he wanted so much to touch her.

“You want it don’t you? You want to touch my lips, stroke them. Oh there’s more isn’t there? You want to taste them too. They’re already wet and glistening aren’t they? Have you ever seen a pussy as beautiful as mine? I thought not. You’ve got one minute to tell me why I should let you lick me. You’d better make it good, or I might just leave you here and drive off in your BMW. Ha ha! That would teach you!”

“I’m totally in love with your pussy. Every moment since we met I’ve been thinking about how much I want to pleasure you with my tongue, how much I want to nibble your labia, how much I want to suck on your clit… “

“Okay, okay. I’m convinced. Eat, it’s your birthday! Eat me out till I come on your face.”

The next period of time might have been five minutes might have an hour. The two of them were completely lost in their own world. He licked her lips up and down and managed to nudge them apart with his nose. He turned to one side slightly to nibble on one of her labia, which was so lovely to suck and chew on. Now the other one, too. By now she was getting really turned and and very wet. Her hands went to her breasts, playing with her own nipples. Her pussy was completely open to him. He licked in between her lips. It just got better and better for her. He traced little paths on her pussy wandering as if at random from one sensitive spot to the next. Eventually he decided he wanted to make her come. He’d been compliant for a while but he was gradually turning the tables on her. She was losing control of her feelings. As her pussy got wetter she got closer to orgasm but she knew, too, how much she wanted to get fucked. And hard! She could ride him for a while but she wanted a really good fucking. To get that she was going to have to untie him. What the hell, he’d been pretty good so far. His mouth reached her clit and her moans changed to gasps which changed first to noisy “aaah ooh”, then to crying out loudly and finally to screaming obscenities at the top of her voice.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Suck my fucking clit. And don’t fucking stop until you’ve made me fucking come all over your face. You’re going to be covered with my pussy juice when I’ve come. Oh fuck, yes, don’t stop fuck, fuck. Aaaaaaaaah, yes! yes! That’s it, yes, stop, that’s enough, I can’t take any more now.”

She fell off him and lay on her side, unable to do anything more than breathe for several minutes. At last she spoke.

“Oh that was good, very good. I’m going to need your cock now. Can I trust you to behave if I undo you?”

She thought for a while and then answered her own question.

“You know, I don’t think I can trust you. So I’m going to stay in control a little longer. I’m going to fuck you, myself. I’m going to use your cock for my pleasure, not yours. So if you want me to ever let you go you’d better stay hard and not come too soon. I need a good hard cock inside me and you look the best candidate for bursa türbanlı escort it right now. And you’re not really in a position to argue are you? Now lie back and enjoy the ride.”

He smiled and awaited her attentions. He was going to be used. He had thought she might let him go and he would have her such an unrelenting seeing to that she wouldn’t have sat down for a week. And he always lasted much longer the second time. Maybe, though, this was better. She would want him to come. She would want to show him that he couldn’t last the pace. We shall see, he thought.

She raised herself above and held his cock up, perpendicular to his body. She moved so that she just caught his tip in her pussy lips. This wasn’t a time for playing, this was a time for fucking so she slid down onto him, slowly but steadily. Although he was a good size, she took him all. It was tight and filled her beautifully. This was what she’d been imagining since she first saw him at the office.

She bounced up and down on him, landing hard on him. Sometimes it made him grunt a little but she didn’t care. She shut her eyes and concentrated on fucking him hard and fast. Oh it was so good to have him in there, lovely sensations all over her pussy. And feeling his balls when she was right down on him. She was in her own world and her hands drifted to her nipples again without her realising at first. They were stiff too, sticking right out. That made her, incredibly, even more turned on. And when she slipped one hand between her legs and started tweaking her clit she was already close to coming. All that time at the gym was paying off. She felt so fit and strong. She could fuck him all night and never get tired. But her orgasm was going to happen very soon. She fucked him even harder, forcing her body right down and shouting “Oh, oh, oh!” so loudly that someone surely must have heard. She was making so much noise, that she didn’t know or care how he was reacting. And then, oh God that was it, one final rub on her pussy and she came. It felt like a wave washing over her taking her under the water and then finally letting her up for air. She was so overcome that when she realised where she was she had fallen off him and was lying on the bed.

“Did you enjoy that?” he enquired politely.


He was still stiff so she could fuck him some more if she wanted. But not quite yet. A little rest and then she’d have another go. But before then….

“My pussy is very wet and juicy. It really needs cleaning up before I fuck you again. What shall I do?”

He pretended not to have any ideas.

“I’d shrug if I could. I have no idea what you’re going to do with that delicious, mouthwatering, beautiful, perfect pussy. If you needed it cleaned up ideally you’d need someone with a wet and willing tongue, and where will you get one of those round here?”

“Lick me as fast as you can and don’t stop til I tell you.”

He did exactly as he was told and he absolutely loved it. He licked her gorgeous pussy up and down as fast as he could. She moved against his motion to make the most of his tongue, exaggerating the pleasure, rubbing herself against his chin, his lips and his nose and loving the different sensations.

“Suck my clit! I want you to make me come again. I want to come on your face.”

It was difficult to say who was enjoying this more. He was is pussy-licking heaven and she was approaching yet another orgasm. It was so long since she had come this much but she knew already that another one was close. She had reached a plateau of intensity and once there it was so good.

He sucked obediently and willingly on her clit and pussy lips. Sucking nibbling licking chewing rubbing squeezing with his lips, probing with his tongue. She was so receptive to everything he tried that it just wanted to make him try harder for her. Her screams got louder and louder and it was as if the house was reverberating to the noise. Finally she stopped needing any more:

“You can stop now, I can’t take any more.”

She keeled over to the side resting her head on his chest.

“You’ve been a good boy and served me well today. I can’t decide if I want to keep you here and just keep on fucking you when I feel like it or if I should reward you in some way. Hmmm let me see now … why don’t I untie you? I’ll let you use me as your fuck toy. You can fuck me any way you want. So long as it’s hard and fast and you really fuck me hard. I mean that I want you to ram that stiff cock in and out of my tight wet pussy. I want you to give me a really good seeing to. Or … “

“Or…? “

“Or I could leave you tied up and give you a long slow prolonged treat. I would use my hands, tongue, mouth, lips, and my tits to give you and your cock the time of your life. so it’s up to you as to which one. You choose.”

“Completely my choice?”


“I want both. I want you to keep me tied up, I want you to sit on my face so I can eat you out again and I want you to lick, suck and play with my cock. I’m sure that’s going to be amazing … and then you’ll untie me and I’m going to fuck your brains out in every room in this house. In every single room I’m going to fuck you hard, in a different room, in a different position each time.”

“I didn’t say both, I said one or the other.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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