A Pro-Wrestling Cuckold Ch. 03

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Apologies for the late submission, I will try to keep the upcoming posts timed consistent and quick. Once again, I hope you all enjoy reading what I write as much as I enjoy writing them.

It’d been almost 3 weeks to that fateful day when we’d visited the club and Lily had proceeded to snog and grope a complete stranger on the dance floor. That of course, had led to me cumming right there in the club. It was no ordinary orgasm either, it was one of the best I’d ever had.

We’d gone back four times since then. Each time better than the last. Lily had been pushing our boundaries every time since. Snogging, groping and she had even given her latest ‘conquest’ a sneaky handjob on the dance floor.

All while I was looking of course. She had forbidden me to cum or touch myself whilst in the club because she wanted to be the one to make me cum. So I was to wait till we reached home. It was hot as hell to be honest.

Today was a surprise apparently. Lily had made some arrangements and she was real excited about it She’d gotten all dressed up and helped me select a shirt and trousers to wear too.

This wasn’t entirely atypical of her other than the suspense, she wasn’t very good at keeping secrets. And the mere fact that she had and succeeded for so long ignited the flames of curiosity in me to no end. I really wanted to know what she had cooked up.

The day buzzed by and I could hardly concentrate on my studies, I was getting really impatient about the surprise.

Soon, we were both walking up the footpath towards the club, my heart thumping in anticipation.

Suddenly she stopped. “I think you’d look better if you tied your hair back”

My hair had been left open as usual, now almost reaching the small of my back.

I hesitated, “Is that necessary?”

“Yep, I’m tying it up.”

She stepped back, gathered my hair in a low ponytail and tied it in a swift motion. Pinching my ass, she giggled a bit, “All tied up babe”

The club wasn’t as crowded as I remembered it mersin esc to be from our previous visits. Maybe because it was a week day and it wasn’t yet dinner time.

We made our way to the bar and got some drinks, there was a snazzy groove on and it really set the mood. It couldn’t however , have prepared me for what happened next.

“Hey buddy, fancy seeing you here!”

My jaw dropped open, I was looking straight at Darren, who was smirking in his usual infuriating manner.

“Darren…what a surprise.”

I glanced at Lily, trying to gather whether she’d planned this.

She grinned at Darren and hugged him, ” Hi babe, how have you been?!”

“Oh I’m good, why don’t we get a table and then we can talk in peace and quiet”.

Sara and me sat down in a booth across him.

He looked dangerously good, wearing a soft white shirt, coupled with black trousers, his hair was loose and open, hanging around his handsome face.

I grimaced as my thoughts flew back to how he had kissed Lily.

“So Jason buddy, I hear you guys have been up to some kinky shit”

I nearly choked on my drink, ” What?!”

She sniggered evilly, “Yes, I told him, Jason, this is the surprise. He is the surprise! “

For a moment I couldn’t fathom what to say.

Darren was the surprise she had planned.

What had she planned? Was she going to make out with him? Fuck him?

My thoughts were interrupted by Lily stating, “We’re going to hit the dance floor okay babe? Why don’t you enjoy your drink, we’ll be back in a bit.”

She blew me a kiss as Darren guided Lily over to where other couples were dancing. They settled into a slow tune, swaying gently to the beat.

My penis grew steadily harder as the song progressed and by the time they came back ,it was almost painful. They seemed quite comfortable with each other, Lily giggling at something Darren had said.

“Hey, babe, could you go get us some whiskey please?”

I stammered, “Yes yes sure, of course.” I walked esc mersin off to the bar, the two of them still caught up in their conversation.

Darren and Lily were talking about something very seriously when I came back with the drinks, both of them stopping to look at me as I sat down.

“Well, so how should we play this out?”

Lily fixed me with a smouldering gaze which only served to harden my already erect penis.

“I’ve told Darren about us baby, and he’s really interested in being a part of our lifestyle. Maybe even as someone who’s more than just a temporary fuck buddy.”

“What does that mean?”

She glanced over at Darren.

He cleared his throat, “Do you know what a Dom and Sub is?”

My throat grew dry, “Yes I do.”

” I used to be in a relationship with a girl who was my submissive. I really get off on dominating , not just girls but men too. Believe it or not, I’ve been the bull in three cuckold relationships before this. “

“He thinks you’d make a really good sub darling”

“For who?”

“Us. Me and Darren. I really want us to progress to something more permanent. Maybe find a long term bull but someone who is the perfect fit for us. Darren is experienced, he’s going to be meeting you regularly, everything works.”

I gulped. The proverbial ball , it appeared, was now on my side of the court.

“What were you guys thinking?”

Darren chimed in, “Nothing too drastic at the moment. Maybe treat this as an introduction of sorts to what is going to be happening. I’m quite experienced at being a dominant, Jason. And I really think you will enjoy whatever it is this is. You have to let yourself go free though, to find your feelings.”

I blushed. My one time opponent was telling me in no uncertain terms that I was to be his submissive. It was excruciatingly erotic. I had never been more turned on in my life.

“What does that mean, being submissive? What do I have to do?”

“Nothing. That’s the point. I will control the things that mersineskort turn you on the most. You having sex with Lily, you masturbating, everything.”

“And where does the cuckold fit in in that?”

“The denial that comes with the submission is what is enticing for most cucks. I will be free to have sex with Lily whenever I want to. I will be free to kiss her whenever I choose.

You on the other hand will have to ask for my permission. And I will not grant it always. That’s the premise of domination and to some extent, cuckolding too.”

I pushed my hair back and shifted in my seat. It was becoming visibly uncomfortable for me now because my erection threatened to tear a hole in my pants.

Darren smiled, ” You’re turned on aren’t you?”

“Y…yes I guess so”

“Would you like me to kiss Lily?”

My face turned red, “Maybe”

“Yes or no, cuck”

I sighed, “Yes”

Darren leaned into Lily, they kissed , open mouthed with their tongues dancing against each other for what seemed like forever.

He got up, holding Lily’s hand.

“C’mon let’s leave”

We got up , me trailing behind the two of them as we exited the club, Darren’s hand on Lily’s gorgeous ass. We walked a bit further and then Darren turned to me, “Well, let’s leave things here for tonight. Why don’t we get dinner together tomorrow after the practice match? “

Lily smiled at him, “Of course, our place works”

“Great. I have one task for you though, Jason.”


“You will not French kiss Lily or have sex with her before we meet tomorrow. Neither are you allowed to touch her ass” , he patted her ass as he said this. She squealed in excitement and giggled slightly.

I started becoming hard again, “Yes okay”

“Yes what?”


“Very good. I like your ponytail. Makes you look more feminine. Suits a cuck like you. Turn around a second.”

I turned, Darren walked me to me and I heard him whistle.

“His hair almost reached down to his ass! We’re gonna have to do something about that”

He slapped my butt lightly.

“See ya tomorrow cucky.”

He walked off, leaving Lily, extremely delighted and me, a quivering mess of cuckold angst.

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