A Quiet Night at Home Ch. 02

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Cats Ears

Please read the first chapter to find out what Siobhan has been up to so far.

Thanks to those who commented and emailed. I hope this continuation of the story makes you happy.

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The smell of her juices, though now quite faint, was intoxicating. She felt a flush race through her body as she inhaled her scent. It was a lot like the smell of her wet pussy, only somehow stronger, despite having faded over the past few days.

In fact, it made her feel exactly like she used to feel as a teenager when she smelled her sex. Back then, she was really getting into masturbating in a big way, playing with herself most nights of the week, often into the early morning.

She learned all sorts of different ways to do it back then, some successful, others not quite so good. The first orgasm she’d _ever_ had (even before her teenage years) was brought about through pillow-humping. As she grew older, her friendly pillow remained a firm favourite. She could always be guaranteed an orgasm this way, and usually a pretty fantastic one.

She’s not sure what it was that made the pillow so good – the feeling of something between her legs, combined with the ability to vary her movements however she wanted, perhaps? There was also no denying, especially as she got older, that it was a real comfort thing. Some people had a comfort blanket, others had comfort food – she had her pillow!

Now she was in her twenties, though, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d fucked herself this way. It might have had something to do with wanting to be an adult and leave behind the things she did as a teenager. Since leaving home, she’d approached masturbation almost with a sense of seriousness, rather than the more homely and comforting attitude she’d had as a teenager.

This wasn’t really a conscious thing – it had just turned out that way – but kneeling down by the bed, she was reminded of it. Kneeling there and breathing in the aroma of herself from the edge of the bed brought back a sharp and pleasant memory. Many times as a teenager, she’d gone to bed without the intention of masturbating. Just as many times though, she’d been able to smell herself on the pillow (even with a new pillowcase), and this would soon be enough to have her astride the pillow, rubbing herself to orgasm and falling asleep with the pillow clamped between her legs.

This memory, combined with the heady scent of her come, spurred her into action again. She grabbed both pillows off the bed, and took them to the living room, dumping them on the towels.

Before starting to play with herself again, she remembered to dash back into the kitchen and quickly drink another glass of water. She hadn’t had a huge amount of alcohol, but the last thing she wanted was to get a hangover while masturbating!

Back in the lounge, she arranged the pillows on top of one another, then knelt over them. The feeling of them against her inner thighs was enough to send another jolt of pleasurable mecidiyeköy escort nostalgia through her body. She sat down into the pillows, slowly letting them take her weight and press up against her fanny.

She was still wearing her panties (and the shoes, of course), as this was more often than not how she’d done it when she was younger. The extra layer of fabric always allowed her to slide over the pillow a bit better (especially when the panties were soaked like tonight!), and while the friction of her clit and lips against the pillowcase were occasionally welcome back then, she much preferred this way.

Once she was comfortably resting on the pillows, she began to rock her hips slowly back and forth. She didn’t let her clit rub against the fabric yet, just enjoyed the feeling of pressure on it, and her lips sliding against each other.

Already she was very pleased to have decided to do this, before getting anywhere near the kind of wild bucking she knew would come. The nostalgia trip was great, but she reasoned that combining it with something from more recent times would make her feel even better. So, she reached for the remote, and started the video playing again, from the start.

As she watched her tits bobbing up and down on-screen, and listened to the sound of her finger rubbing over her hard, wet clit, she started to move against the pillow.

She kept up the rocking, but now started to shift her weight forward and back. As her clit began to rub against the fabric, she felt another shiver of delight. When she closed her eyes, she was transported back to the single bed in the bedroom of her parents’ house, in the pitch-dark.

She could smell the smell of the house, a combination of incense and cooking, and overlaying it, the stronger smell of her juices as they soaked the pillow.

She allowed herself to stay in the past a little longer, a glorious feeling of warmth and comfort spreading from her stomach and fanny, filling her up as she started the inevitable climb towards orgasm.

She opened her eyes again as the video changed to close-up. The beautiful, homely, loving feeling remained and intensified as she watched herself pull the skin of her stomach tight, making her clit stand even prouder for her fingers’ attention.

The feeling became almost all-encompassing, and she found herself leaning forward on the pillows, her hands in front of her and her bum pushed back. As she did this, and saw her clit flicking back and forth on the screen, another feeling joined the gorgeous warmth.

This was one of incredible naughtiness and sexiness – exactly how she’d felt the time she quietly, steadily rubbed herself to orgasm in the unversity library. The two feelings together were almost too much to take, and she felt her pelvis involuntarily speed up the back-and-forth motion. Each time she rocked forward, she thrust her clit deeply into the pillow, and when she rocked back, she sat down hard on her haunches.

She started to feel an overwhelming pressure deep inside her vagina. It was both nişantaşı escort ticklish, and almost painful. She first mistook this for the beginnings of her orgasm, but soon realised what it _really_ was.

Everything she’d drunk earlier in the night – including the two big glasses of water – was beginning to have its effect. She was busting to pee!

Now there were some real conflicting emotions. On the one hand, she was feeling sexier than she ever had in her life, and didn’t want to stop for anything. On the other, she REALLY needed to pee!

It didn’t take long for her libido to override her decision-making. She’d held on before, and anyway, it actually seemed to be making her even hornier, now that she knew what it was.

She got back to humping with renewed vigour, watching her labia on-screen become engorged and start to flutter with her orgasm. She was sure she could feel something similar happening to her lips, buried deep in the pillow.

She could barely feel the need to pee now, just a dull pressure on her whole fanny, adding to her feelings of pleasure.

She closed her eyes briefly again, and was rewarded with another glimpse into the past, this time of something she’d almost completely forgotten about. She could still smell her teenage bedroom, and felt the lovely warm feeling of masturbating at home. However, she also felt very . . . full is the best way to put it.

She could remember it clearly now – she’d been experimenting with different things to see if they’d affect her climax. This night, she’d drunk lots of water, and tried to avoid peeing. She ended up having to go to the toilet just before she went to bed, though, but managed to stop mid-flow, and still took a big bottle of water to bed with her.

Once she’d finished this, she’d grabbed her pillow, and started to hump in earnest. She had an idea that a full bladder would make her come much harder, as it always made her hornier.

Hearing the moans of her on-screen self, she knew that deciding not to pee was the right decision. Her eyes still closed, she remembered the absolutely massive orgasm she’d had that night in her room.

She remembered back to how the orgasm had started, much differently to any other she’d had before. There was a huge tension within her, making her buck her clit wildly against her old friend, the pillow. All of a sudden, the tension was replaced with the most complete and overwhelming release, and an amazing warmth spreading between her legs.

In a split-second, what had caused that feeling came back to her. It hadn’t been an orgasm at all – that came a bit later. She’d been bucking her hips, marvelling at how wet she was, making it so easy to rub deliciously across the material. Just as she’d lifted her bum off the pillow to reposition herself, she’d heard a squirting sound.

Along with this was a new smell – she very quickly realised that her pillow and legs were completely soaked. Not with her sexual juices, but with pee. She’d got so carried away she’d peed herself! Correction, she was STILL peeing etiler escort herself – she didn’t seem to be able to stop. In fact, it felt so good, she didn’t even think about stopping.

She just carried on bucking her hips, feeling the liquid jet deliciously out of her as her climax started for real.

She opened her eyes with a start – she knew why she hadn’t remembered this before, too. After she’d come that night, she’d fallen almost immediately asleep, only to wake up as her mother threw the covers off her in the morning, revealing a her naked, her sodden pillow between her legs, in the middle of an absolutely soaked bed.

Back in the present day, she is feeling so good again that she puts this embarrassment completely out of her mind. She was starting to feel that same feeling of overwhelming tension, and she knew _exactly_ what was causing it. She knew _exactly_ what would happen next – and she didn’t care! She was so looking forward to that wonderful feeling of release that nothing mattered, apart from gettin there.

She watched her finger on-screen change between slowly rubbing the length of her clit, and frantically massaging it. All the while her hips kept moving, building the tension inside her. Just when it felt like she couldn’t possibly tense up any more, her clit would rub over the seam of her panties, and the tension would build.

She could feel her legs, completely tensed up, her buttocks clamped together.

Out of the speakers came an, “oh!” as on the screen, her fanny jetted out come as she orgasmed.

This pushed her over the edge completely, and there was a millisecond of free-fall, before she relaxed totally, feeling absolutely fulfilled. She still hadn’t come, so her hips continued moving back and forth as the delightful warmth spread between her legs. She could hear splashing noises as her cunny lifted off the pillow, and smelled the same smell as she had all those years ago.

This time though, she was more aware of what was happening. She could feel the pee still jetting out of her, and was momentarily amazed at both how much there was inside her, and at how utterly uncontrollable it was. She couldn’t have stopped, even if she’d wanted to (not that she _did_ want to, she wanted it to carry on forever).

Her purple lips on-screen had just begun the second, big climax, the fluid starting to jet out of them, when she heard what sounded like a voice behind her.

At first she dismissed it as background noise from her video, but then it came again. There was a definite, “unh” from behind her.

Still bucking back and forth, and emptying herself into the pillow, she twisted her head to look over her shoulder.

There was Kirsten, lying back on the couch. Her skirt was up around her waist, her panties around her knees. Her top was wide open, her bra pushed above her tits, her left hand rubbing and kneading at them.

Her right hand was between her legs, two fingers deep inside and hooked into her G-spot, the heel of her hand pressing against her clit.

Siobhan glanced up at Kirsten’s face – it was screwed up, eyes shut tight, obviously in the throes of a climax. Just as Siobhan felt her own cunny begin to convulse in orgasm, Kirsten opened her eyes and looked right at her. She smiled, flushed and red, and the two of them stared into each other’s eyes as they came.

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