A Rendezvous with Rikki Ch. 01

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Matt, Chris and myself drunkenly ambled through the door at half three, trying our very best to not make too much noise, knowing fully well that the kids would be fast asleep by now. Elise and Sam were in the living room as we entered; the ladies had been out on the town themselves however their night had been drawn to a close significantly earlier. Rikki was also in the living room, once again she had been asked to babysit, and as a 19 year old with an unfortunate lack of ID she accepted. Noticing a space on the couch next to her, I parked my arse before inevitably falling over on account of the vast quantities of whiskey I had consumed. Matt and Elise departed to the bedroom followed by Chris and Sam walking out of the door soon thereafter, leaving just Rikki and myself alone on Matt’s sofa.

By this point Rikki and I had been acquainted for roughly five months, an innocuous relationship comprised of friendly greetings and occasional “how’re you” small talks. Her ex-boyfriend Adam had at one time been a reasonably good friend of mine, before showing his true colours and alienating everybody. By now the effects of the alcohol were starting to wear thin, but the elevated confidence level that comes with drunkenness remained, allowing me to freely converse with Rikki without fear of embarrassment. My eyes wandered up and down at the rather jovial girl sat beside me, platinum blonde hair, ruby shade lipstick and a tight fitting black t shirt and jeans. Nothing about Rikki screamed unique, however her friendly, flirtatious nature made her a fun person to converse with no matter how minimally. Neither of us being able to sleep, we curled up on the sofa, pulled a blanket our legs for the two of us to share and watched crappy late night TV. Eager to get comfortable as well as establish a nicely platonic level of physical interaction, I reached my arm around her and wrapped around her nice full hips.

Neither of us being particularly tired, nor entertained by any of the television’s offerings, we found ourselves laughing and joking for the next hour or so. Due to various interactions in the past, I jokingly referred to her as a racist, a claim she dismissed with hearty laughter. As she laughed away my eyes came to focus on her overall demeanour, her facial expressions and her body language. In the past whenever I’d made a humorous observation, Escort Bayan my jokes had been met with more of a giggle, however now she seemed to be really laughing hard, so much so that her body seemed to sink lower into the sofa as she did so. Another thing I noticed was her willingness to interact more forcefully. I kept jokingly nudging her in the arm and then denying that any physical contact had ever taken place to which she responded with small punches to my stomach. I found myself relieved that we were able to enjoy this level of uninhibited flirtatiousness without feeling awkward in the slightest. Eventually when we got sick of the flashing mundanity of the television, we decided to turn it off and try to get some sleep. I peeled myself off our shared sofa and moved towards the other one.

“Oh, is my sofa not good enough!” she called through the darkness.

Grinning to myself I got back up, moving back towards my comfortable position with Rikki. We adjusted our bodies so that we could both comfortably lie down on the sofa, one of my arms wrapped under her and the other wrapping over the top as we silently spooned into the darkness.

After about half an hour Rikki shifted her body, startling me slightly as I had assumed she had fallen asleep.

“Are you awake?” she softly called out, now lying on her back as my arms still wrapped around her soft midsection.

“Yeah, I can’t sleep” I replied.

Slowly and carefully, Rikki once again adjusted so that she was now facing me, our legs intertwined and my hands resting comfortably by her ass. Staring at her close up features in the darkness, I felt an overwhelming urge to plant a kiss on her lips. I inched my face towards her and found myself pleasantly surprised to find myself kissing her much sooner than expected, as I had leaned in for a kiss she had been thinking the same thing, causing our lips to meet in an impulsive embrace. Taking a minute to register what had just happened, I grinned before leaning in for a succession of sweet, tender kisses, enjoying the taste of her soft lips. My hands began to run along the small of her back, drawing invisible shapes and patterns as our mouths intermittently interlocked. Slowly, my lips moved away from her mouth and softly planted kisses down her neck, causing her to coo softly as her hands began to Escort play with the back of my hair. Sensing the collective sexual arousal in the room growing, my fingers impatiently tugged at the bottom of her shirt as I began to kiss her more feverishly on the neck and collarbones. She began to reciprocate, burying her face into my neck, nibbling excitedly. My erection ached through the fabric of my jeans and I felt my hips gyrate, desperately eager to enter Rikki’s pussy.

Eventually, I rolled Rikki on top of me as she continued to devour my neck. Once again my fingers reached for the back of her shirt and after momentarily pulling her face away from me, she complied, pulling her tight fitting black top off to reveal a white lace bra, barely concealing her sizeable tits. Pulling Rikki close to me I kissed down her neck and to the tops of her velvet soft boobs, the sensation causing her lower body to contract with pleasure.

“Take it off” I ordered breathlessly, my hands groping her tits and my pelvis continuing to thrust impatiently.

With a sultry grin, Rikki complied taking time to tease my aching desire as she ever so slowly removed her bra, revealing two wonderfully sized globes of flesh. I pulled her right tit to my hungry mouth, taking an erect pink nipple between my lips and sucking hard, eliciting a long groan of arousal. I swirled my tongue around the areola before staring my assault on the other one, unable to get enough of her fantastic tits. As I continued to play, one of Rikki’s hands began fumbling around for my belt buckle, squeezing my steel hard cock through the denim. Deciding I couldn’t take it anymore, I swiftly scooped Rikki up in my arms, my hands hoisting her gloriously fat ass for support, placing her down on the carpet as I kneeled between her spread legs, staring at the gorgeous, flustered specimen before me.

Once again kissing her on the lips, this time with a lot more ferocity, we both fumbled at the waistband of each other’s jeans, my fingers deftly unbuttoning her jeans as my kisses cascaded down her naked upper body. Tearing my lips from her heaving chest momentarily, I tugged her jeans down tossing them to one side, leaving her lying in just a pair of white cotton panties. I took a moment to drink in this beautiful sight as I swiftly removed my own jeans, my throbbing cock now Bayan Escort firmly pressed against her red hot opening, only a thin layer of fabric separating our collective desire.

“I wanna taste you” I growled seductively into her ear, her nails digging into my shoulder blades with anticipation. “I wanna taste you all night long!”

I kissed down her neck and towards her tits, stopping briefly to allow my tongue to once again swirl over her nipples, before continuing my descent down her flawless body.

“Please don’t tease me anymore!” She whimpered through the darkness, as I strategically kissed along her waistband. “Please just eat my pussy, please!”

I smirked, loving the amount of control I had as I could feel her thick legs shaking with desire. I traced along her slit with a finger, she gasped slightly as I ran my digit across her swollen clit, aching for some oral attention. Taking the backs of her knees, I pushed her legs into the air, and kissed her pussy through the fabric of her soaking wet panties, stifling a giggle as I worked my way down, getting dangerously near her asshole.

Deciding she had endured enough teasing, I carefully removed her panties, mimicking the way she had slowly and sexily removed her bra earlier. I held her panties up, inhaling the beautiful musk emanating from them before bringing them up to her face.

“Do you smell that?” I asked with a whisper, “Can you smell the excitement from your beautiful pussy?”

“Mhmmm” was her only reply as her eyes looked slightly glazed over with bliss; slowly she took the panties from my hands, and brought them to her nose, inhaling deeply as she closed her eyes.

My lips returned to the vicinity of her pussy as I began kissing her steamy opening up and down, loving the enchanting odour as I spread her outer lips. Taking her throbbing clit in between my lips, I sucked it hard, causing Rikki to whimper excitedly and her hips to buck wildly, desperate for my mouth to pleasure her glistening pink. My tongue began the assault, licking frantically as she tried her best to stop herself from howling loudly, putting her hand over her mouth as I went to work on her pussy. As she neared her first climax I slowly pushed two fingers into her hot cunt, curling them upwards to find her G-spot, rubbing it quickly as the pace of my tongue quickened. Barely able to contain herself, Rikki grabbed a handful of my hair with one hand as she barely managed to conceal muffled screams of ecstasy with her other hand. Her climax hit and her sweet, tangy pussy juices squirted into my face.

To be continued.

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