A Rude Awakening

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I’ve known about what’s been happening for the past year.

That he’s been visiting my room when he thinks I’m asleep and satisfying his needs as well as mine. Not once, ‘it seems,’ has he ever considered how it is, that I’m always ready for him.

Some time ago, I’d heard him and my mum at it, ‘which didn’t help my condition any,’ when I got home as I crept up stairs to bed. Later that night, he came into my room, and nearly caught me touching myself, ‘Oh boy, was I ready.’

I was face down chewing pillow, thrusting, and dribbling, against my hand. Well on my way to an orgasm, when he opened my door, ‘knocking first of course.’ I thought he’d come in to tell me, I’d been making too much noise.

‘If he’d just go away, I could finish myself off, I thought.’ I was only in that condition because of a guy I’d met at the club.

A few friends and I were out celebrating the end of collage, and getting our results, so we were getting pretty tipsy, ‘you know how it is.’ He paid me lots of attention, wanted to dance with me, so did I, ‘he was a bit of a hunk.’

On the dance floor, he was like an octopus, I don’t think there was a single place on my body he hadn’t touched, rubbed or pressed himself against. His last move got me though, he dipped me, and gave me a long lingering kiss with one of his hand squeezing my bust between us.

“Would you like a breath of fresh air,” he asked taking my hand, I knew what that meant. I smiled and nodded, and he led me out into the parking lot.

It was obvious what he was after, I’d felt it all evening when he pressed himself against me during our dancing. I wanted just as much, because I was ready for it, I needed it, and now I was going to get it.

He perched himself on the wing of his car with me in his arms between his thighs. I let him put his hand up my top, pushing ‘it,’ and my bra, up and over my nipples and squeeze me. I sighed into his mouth and reached down for the bulge in his pants to release the animal trapped within.

It popped out when I pulled his zipper down and I took it into my hand, ‘It wasn’t long,’ but I knew it was thick enough to stretch me. I held it horizontally and pressed my skirt covered sex against the fore skinned head of his cock.

He moved his hand down my body and I sucked in my stomach when he pushed past the waist band of my skirt and knickers. I curled, and spread my legs, pressing myself against him as his fingers followed the contours of my front, dipping inside me, tantalizing my clitoris.

He asked if I’d be willing to go down on him, ‘give him a blow job. Although I was happy to, I love giving blow jobs, but I so wanted to feel him inside me stretching me open. I only gave in, because I also love the feel of a man’s cock in my mouth.

He pulled his hand out of my knickers, sniffed his finger then put them in his mouth moaning at my taste. I got down on my heels, held his cock out in front of me and took it into my mouth looking up at him.

I was loving it, I pushed his foreskin back, held onto his balls and pushed myself onto it until I started chocking. I didn’t want to stop, even when two of his friends joined us wanking themselves off, and reaching for my breasts. I wanted, ‘no,’ I needed more from them, than Escort Bayan just a face full of cum.

So I stood up bending over, so my face was still full of this guy’s cock, I wasn’t giving that up, not for all the tea in china.

My knickers were pulled down, and the back of my skirt was lifted up over my bum.

I felt fingers touching me, rubbing me, entering me sending me crazy with lust.

“Fuck me,” I mumbled around his cock.

I didn’t need to ask twice, I could feel them both trying to get in me at the same time. ‘if only,’ I thought. But one won out, and shoved his cock in me, and started humping me like I might take his new toy away from him.

He was alright…, but he came to quick though, I felt him spurting inside me more or less as soon as he was in me. He slipped out of me, when his taller friend pushed him out of the way so he could take his turn at me.

He thrust himself inside me a few times, then he pulled himself, ‘not quite all the way out.’ I could feel his hand against me, as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down inside my pussy, masturbating himself, and holding the head against my clitoris before letting it slid upwards.

I’d braced myself for his sudden thrust, but it was to late for me to object when he did thrust at me. If I’d have known what he was planning, I might very well, have objected. It went straight up my backside, he’d thrust at me so hard, I was pushed forward, further onto the cock in my mouth.

I couldn’t scream out in pain, ‘not with a cock stuck down my throat.’ I couldn’t even take a breath, I tried to lift my head up but hands around the back of my head held me there. I was getting fucked from both ends at the same time. The guy behind me was humping me with some speed and force. I felt his spunk ejaculating down my throat, ‘some of which,’ getting into my lungs causing me to start a coughing fit.

What ever was happening had the guy down my throat thrusting at me, and the guy up my ass filling me up down there too. I collapsed to the floor breathing hard, battered and bruised when they both pulled their cocks out of me.

Putting their cocks away, they thanked me, got in the car and drove away laughing.

I had several men that night, not one of them was able to satisfy me, ‘not even one.’

I got home that night wet, sore, and still very aroused, so what else could I do, I’d have to satisfy myself I thought climbing the stairs. I was on top of my bed naked, blankets pulled to one side and was bringing myself towards an almighty orgasm, when I got a knock on the door.

I just about managed to cover myself up before it was opened. What else could I have done, but cover myself up and pretend to be asleep, hoping he’d go away. Instead he came into my room whispering my name, closing the door behind him.

Then he sat on the edge of the bed, his hand on my shoulder gently shaking it. He was also breathing heavy because he was masturbating himself next to me, as his hand moved slowly down my spine to my hips, exposing my body as he went. I’d been so aroused all evening, I could quite easily have finished myself off if he left me alone right now. But this was something new.., something potentially exciting, and naughty.

I Escort was so desperate, I’d even let my mother’s husband fuck me. I didn’t really believe he would,’ being my step dad and all.’ So I just lay there pretending to be asleep just waiting for him to leave and close the door.

But now he was rubbing my bottom, running his fingers down between my cheeks.

Over my anus, and perineum and pressing his fingers inside my wetness. I wondered what that clicking sound was, I could hear besides me?

I opened my eyes, ‘just a little,’ that’s when I discovered what the clicking sound was.

He was masturbating himself, while he was fingering me, that’s what the clicking was.

I lay there with a hand still between my thighs rubbing tiny circles inside my wetness.

Listening his hand going up and down his erection next to me, ‘god help me,’ I wanted to feel it in my hands, my mouth, and between my legs. Suddenly he stood and went towards the door and opened it ‘finally,’ I thought I can get on with it now.

I did feel the loss of what, I could have been missing out on, as I watched him stepping out of my room. I very nearly called out after him, for him to come back, I needed him. Luckily I didn’t need to, he came back in after checking the landing, and closed the door again.

‘Could it be, would it be,’ I thought excitedly, and hopefully, as he came back to my bed. Without a moments hesitation, he pulled the blankets completely off me, and climbed up on the bed and lay down on my back.

I felt the spongy head of his hardness pressing between my cheeks. As he got his legs between mine, and with a little help from me, he spread my legs open.

`I wanted him, but at the same time, I wanted him to have control over me, to think that I was sound asleep, to do to me whatever he wanted.

He adjusted himself so the head of his cock was pressing up against me, I too adjusted myself slightly and he slipped easily right on in me. It was hot, it was hard and it was longer than I though it would be.

I was reminded of the time I’d hidden outside their bedroom door, watching mum on her hands and knees with him thrusting it into her. It was hard to control my breathing, and my body’s reaction, as he started to slowly, ‘very slowly’ move himself in and out of me.

Oh I wanted him in me, ‘balls deep,’ going at it the way he had done to my mother. I showed remarkable constraint, ‘I thought,’ for not pushing myself back at him, for not meeting him stroke for stroke.

He didn’t do it to me for long, he pulled himself out of me and moved himself down my body, kissing my spine all the way down to my bottom.

Then he did something to me I’d never experienced before, he squeezed my cheeks and pulled them apart and licked my anus.

I groaned, and nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt him suddenly kiss me down there.

His face wedged between my cheeks, his beard tickling me, and his tongue licking and probing at that tight little annual knot of mine wanting it to get inside.

It was a blissful sensation, luckily, he was too busy feasting on me, licking me up and down to notice that I was moaning and groaning. He started to get up and I shut my eyes again as fast as I Bayan Escort could. He crawled up the bed on his elbows his body rubbing against me, sliding up, my back.

His knees forcing my thighs even further apart and the spongy head of his rigidly manhood pressing against me. Pushed himself, ‘ball deep,’ up my backside. Instinctively now, I’d tilted my hips up to accept him, and felt his balls up against the back of my fingers that was still covering the front of my pussy.

I was ready, I wanted him to take me, he didn’t force himself inside me, the way you might think he would have. He took it slowly, little thrusts at me, kissing and gently biting my neck until he was all the way in me. His erection slid easily in and out between my cheeks, and I played with myself whilst his balls slapped against the back of my fingers.

I experienced my first really intense orgasm with a man inside me. It was so intense in fact, that I failed to notice the hot spurts splashing inside me of his own satisfaction as he pounded himself at me.

He quickly got up off the bed, and stood there looking down at me. I peered at the end of his manhood, through the cracks in my eyes, at something still oozing from the end of it. Then just as suddenly, he spun on his heels and left my room.

After the first few days of him not returning to visit my room again at night. I started to think the reason for his sudden departure and lack of interest, had to be that of shame, and that he wouldn’t be doing that again ever.

Boy, was I ever wrong, the first time mum was called into work, that night he was back. I wouldn’t mind but I wasn’t even expecting it, I’d gotten used to the idea of him not returning, and was busy myself in my room.

He probably waited until it was dark, and late, thinking that I’d be asleep when he came up, fortunately, for both of us I wasn’t. It was a warm night that night, and I was laying on top of my bed abusing myself, thinking about him, when I heard him coming up the stairs.

I was going to cover myself up and pretend to be asleep like I did last time. ‘Balls, to that,’ I thought spreading my legs as wide as I could.

I was nervously fingering myself, and playing with my nipples when I heard him stop and quietly called my name out side my door. I moaned, pretending not to have heard him, and waited to see what he would do. I didn’t have long to wait, and when I heard the door handle start to turn, I really went to town on myself.

It didn’t open all the way, just enough that he could peer through and watch me.

I knew that’s what he was doing, because I was rolling my head from side to side, and every time I faced the door I could see him masturbating watching me.

‘What a turn on that was,’ to be watched but not touched. I started to orgasm, in earnest, I grabbed my nipple, pulling it up hard, and lifted my hips up off the bed and orgasmed to the sound of him moaning and groaning.

After all that, I was exhausted, and collapsed back on the bed moaning my pleasure when he came in. I didn’t look at him, my hair was a mess but covering my face so he couldn’t see me looking. I could hear the fast ‘clicks,’ of him masturbating, and felt him, when he emptied the contents of his balls all over my abused pussy and left me like that closing the door behind him.

First thing I did when he closed the door, was rub some of it into my cunt, and over my tits. Then I licked my fingers clean tasting both the essence of ‘his manhood,’ as well as ‘myself.’

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