A Sexy Rendezvous

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Angel is a young woman, engaged to marry the man she loves when she comes in contact with a slightly older gentleman. Before too long, they start chatting about everything, from what they had for breakfast to what they enjoy in bed. There is an obvious attraction, a spark from the time David first said hello on that adult’s website. There is a firm trust between them, the feeling that they can say anything without causing offence or embarrassment. Within a few weeks, they are aching to meet, find out just how much they really can trust each other. With David working, and being over an hour away, it’s up to Angel to travel up to visit, so they make plans for coffee.

The morning of the meeting, Angel checks her bag to make sure her fiancé can’t see the pre-purchased bus tickets, or the sexy dress she has packed as a precaution at what might happen. She kisses her love goodbye as she leaves the train carriage to hope on to the other end where he can’t see her. She watches him get off at his station and takes a deep breath. She can’t believe what she’s about to do. A little while later, Angel arrives in the city, ready to board the express bus to her destination. She nervously chews her lip as she gets her tickets ready to step on to the bus. She’s already ducked in to the bathroom and changed in to her dress.

Further away, David sits at home, glancing at the clock. He’s managed to get the day off after all, not being able to concentrate. It’s not long before he gets a call from Angel, letting him know she’s about to arrive at the station down the road. David quickly grabs his keys, checks he looks ok and sprays one last burst of what he knows is her favourite cologne.

As he pulls up to the station, he sees her standing outside the terminal, clearly nervous. She’s got a knee-length green jacket with fake fur at the collar and cuffs that sits just above the top of her chunky Goth boots. She has it pulled tightly to keep out the cold wind, and he can’t see what she’s wearing underneath, but his pulls quickens at the thought.

David waves out the car window to catch her attention and her nervous glances immediately break in to a gentle but genuinely pleased smile. As she walks over, her knee high boots make surprisingly little noise, and it isn’t until she hops in the car and he smells her perfume and excitement that he’s even slightly convinced this isn’t a dream.

A few minutes later, they pull up outside his place. They sit quietly for a moment, before he hops out and races around to her side to open her door. She takes his hand as her knees almost give out. David catches her in his arms and pulls her in close. They just embrace for a minute before he’s away of just how she’s making her feel, and takes a step back. She quietly smiles at him, and he takes her arm as he leads her inside.

Once inside, Angel takes off her jacket, only to take Davids breath away. Her short black dress softly floats around her as she moves, and the low cut neckline shows off her ample cleavage, her breasts threatening to burst tuzla bayan escort out of the dress with every deep breath she takes to calm herself. She fluffs up her curled hair and slowly spins to let him have a full view.

“I curled my hair just for you, knowing how much you wanted to see it like this,” she replies to his heavy breathing, and takes a couple shy steps towards him, seeing the struggle in his eyes to not rush over and pick her up. She beckons him closer with a slightly raised eyebrow and a very subtle nod.

His hands shaking, heart pounding, David slowly approaches afraid to touch her in case he loses his last grip on his self control. As he nears, Angel takes a deep breath, looks in him the eye and takes his right hand, placing it gently over her heart. David closes his eyes as he feels her heart pounding in her chest, like a wild bird trying to escape its cage. He swallows hard as she takes his other hand and places it around her waist, pulling herself in so close that he can see the individual yellow specks in her deep green eyes. He can feel his pants tighten as his body responds to her warm body pressed hard against him.

The deep breath he has been holding since the dawn of time, so it seems, comes out in a low moan as he fights his desire to rip her dress off her body and take her as his own then and there on the lounge room floor. He is sure that it’s wrong to feel so aroused by her, but it feels so right that he can’t help whispering her name in a voice choked with his desire.


“Yes, David?” He shudders as his name rolls off her deliciously plump lips, deep red with her own excitement.

“I don’t know how long I can maintain control with you pressing so firm against me.”

Angel smiles in reply, making his knees weak. She leans up and kisses him ever so softly on his lips. He craves to have a proper taste of her lips, but she lets go of him and stands back.

With just a few hand movements and a wriggle of her hips that makes him moan again, Angel slips free of her dress. She slowly steps out of it, and raises her legs, one by one, to undo her boots, all slowly, teasingly, as his eyes feast on her curves.

Angel now stands in front of him in matching bra and panties, a soft blue satin with black lace, accentuating her curves magnificently. She quickly glances around the room and notices his bedroom door wide open. With an evil grin, she walks back over to him, swaying her hips, breasts jiggling in their cups, struggling to be free.

When she finally reaches him again, she slowly unbuttons his shirt, dropping it to the floor. She admires his chest, and softly runs her fingers around his nipples and up his neck, enjoying making him shudder and moan. Angel gently bites and licks his nipples as her hands continue exploring his body, eventually coming to the strain in his pants. David roughly grabs her wrist, not being able to take anymore. As Angel looks up at him, his face cracks in to a grin full of lust and desire. tuzla olgun escort He picks her up in his arms, and walks in to his bedroom. Steve gently lowers her to the bed and climbs over her. He could fuck her right now, slamming his cock balls deep in to her pussy, but he has something even better in mind.

He leans down and softly kisses her neck, nibbling on her ears and collarbone, as he moves down to her large breasts, still trapped in their satin prison. In one fluid movement, he slips his hands beneath her and unclasps her bra, throwing it aside. As he looks her hard in her eyes, he cups a breast in each hand, his grip overflowing with soft, warm flesh. Before she can blink, he takes a nipple in to his mouth, sucking, flicking it with his tongue as he gently twists the other nipple between his fingers. She cries out, a gasping moan that makes his cock ache to be buried deep inside her. He swaps nipples a few more times, enjoying her writhing beneath him.

When Angel can’t take anymore, he kisses his way down to her panties. Davids hands quickly glide over her hips to her soft mound, cupping it to feel the intense heat and dampness, knowing she is his to take. But he won’t let her win that easily.

His hands continue to flutter over her hops and stomach until she raises her hips, just the reaction he was after. David slowly pulls her panties off, letting his fingers gently burn a fiery trail down her legs. He gently spreads her knees, giving him plenty of room. Gently, he starts licking and kissing her inner thighs and hips, breathing on her shaved pussy, glinting with her excitement. Angel gently raises her hips towards his mouth, making it clear what she aches for. David laughs softly, pushing her hips back down, as if to deny her wish. He breathes on her mound one last time, lingering over her heat like a bee over the sweetest flower.

With speed that makes her gasp in shocked delight, he takes her in his mouth, gently rolling her hard clitoris around his tongue. Her back arches off the bed, neck thrown back in pleasurable torment. David places his hands on her arse cheeks as she lowers her hips once again, and takes control of them. He gently pulls each lip out, lightly running his teeth along them, soft enough to send thrills racing through her body as she moans aloud her pleasure. He drinks in her juices, savouring the sweet taste.

Knowing she is close to climax, and not wanting her to finish before the main event, David pulls away and undoes his zipper. Angel quickly sits up at the sounds, like a sexy jack-in-the-box. She pulls his pants down to his knees as she moves in to kneel. The look in her eyes is clear, as she takes his erection in her hands. He notices the lustful shine in her eyes as she takes his size in, dripping already. As she leans in closer, he closes his eyes, thinking it’s too good to be true. David gasps as she takes his pre-cum soaked head gently in to her mouth. His balls ache from the ever-increasing tension, building with no release. tuzla otele gelen escort

Angel’s tongue plays up and down the length of his shaft as her fingers dance over his balls, not leaving anything neglected. The divine attention being paid to his cock has him set to explode soon, and as difficult as it is, he pulls himself out of her mouth.

“Now, we can’t spoil the fun, my Angel,” David whispers as he gently pushes her back down on the bed. He checks how wet she is, and is pleased to find her still soaking. Just to make sure that she’ll enjoy the finale just as much as he knows he will, he lightly fingers her clitoris till it is swollen and bright. David then moves his fingers down to her entrance, the course of her wetness. He plunges two fingers in, knuckle deep, making her cry out again. He finger-fucks her for another minute until he feels her getting warmer, knowing she draws close to climax. Withdrawing his fingers, he traces a line of her juices up her stomach to her nipples, and then follows the sweet trail with his tongue, her hips bucking up beneath him. Angel is writhing under him, barely containing herself.

With neither of them able to hold on for much longer, he plunges his full length in to her warmth, both of them moaning load. David leans over and takes a nipple in his mouth as they recover from his initial thrust. He gently withdraws; afraid he hurt her, only for her to grab his shoulders and pulls him down on top of her, pleading with her eyes to not stop.

Not being one to disappoint, David gently re-enters, and thrusts a couple times, surprised how deep he can go, even with her being so tight. He can’t remember a pussy this tight, and yet hungry for all he can give.

Taking a deep breath, he looks Angel in the eyes as he picks up a rhythm of thrusting in and almost completely pulling out. She raises her hips so his pelvic bone grinds against her clitoris. They both know that they aren’t going to last long after such a powerful build up, and it doesn’t take long for her to gasp and start moaning as she’s overcome with her climax, at the same time his balls start tingling, warning him he’s close. He freezes, not able to move as pleasure racks his body, and she quickly takes over, moving her hips to continue his rhythm and help his release.

David finally collapses next to Angel as he catches his breath, and lets his heart slow its frantic pounding. They look at each other and laugh, contented and having finally satisfied their lusts. He wraps his arms around her, pulling her in close. The chat for a few minutes before her phone’s alarm warns the time.

She quickly jumps in to the shower as he fetches her clothing dropped around his house. As she comes out of the shower to find her clothes, he pulls the towel off and pulls her in for a lingering kiss.

“There’s no need for modesty now, my princess,” he whispers through her lips. With a smile, they pull apart and get dressed.

They quickly walk out to his car, running short on time. Once at the station, they kiss one last time, deep and hard. Too soon, she pulls away, and gets out of the car. With a final wave, and a kiss goodbye, she enters the terminal and boards the bus for home.

As he walks back in to his house a few minutes later, his phone rings. It’s David.

“How soon can you get another day off from work?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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