A Slave of the Rus – The Conclusion

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IVI Become a Woman

Summer was coming to an end and there was talk of us returning to the Viking land. There was also talk among the Rus women of the end of Summer celebration. One of them would be chosen by lot to be honored along with the Jarl’s wife.

Two poles had been erected by a former expedition and it was said that when the shadow of the eastern pole was on the western pole at sun rise, that day was the end of summer. On that day all of the Rus women except the Jarl’s wife tossed the bones to see who the gods would choose to be honored that night. This was a very coveted honor and there were many incantations to try to persuade the gods to make the bones fall in their favor. Katche even asked me to participate in her plea to one god after another to help make the bones fall in her favor. It must have helped because she stayed in the tossing until there were only four left to toss the bones. However, she lost in that round.

Katche was very disappointed but she hugged me anyway and said we would hold each other during the ceremony. That night when the horn sounded the Rus woman who was to be honored was led by her husband to the Jarl’s palette. While the Jarl undressed his wife the honored woman’s husband undressed her. Their slaves brought the two naked women beer to drink. When they had drunk their beer they lay back and opened themselves.

The Jarl fucked the honored woman and the honored woman’s husband fucked the Jarl’s wife. As soon as this fuck was completed the women drank some more beer and were fucked by a new Rus who stepped between the women’s parted legs. This continued as each Rus stepped into position.

Before my master Bard went to take his turn, Katche and I shared in preparing his member. We licked it and took turns taking it into our throats. She begged him to come back able to fuck her. He said he would. He was far enough down the line that both of the women were begging for more fucking even while they were being fucked.

When he returned Katche cleaned his member by licking it. She then invited me to administer to his limp member. While I did she kissed him and soon his member was growing to its magnificence. When it would go down my throat, Katche moved me aside and stood over him as she prepared to lower herself onto him. She was so in need that her fluid ran from her woman’s wound down her legs. Her fluids ran down over his member as it disappeared into her.

I felt of myself and realized I was nearly as wet. Katche stopped fucking and asked, “Are you wet?” I responded that I was and she said, “Let Bard drink from you.” Not understanding I asked what she meant. She said, “Put you woman’s wound at his mouth and let him drink.”

I had not seen this before but when I glanced around I saw several slaves quenching their master’s thirst with their woman’s wound. I climbed up on the palette, stood over my master’s face and lowered myself to his mouth. The sensation of his tongue lapping at my slit was the best feeling I had had in my young life. I was facing Katche and she gathered me into her arms. She began kissing me and she swept my mouth with her tongue. She pulled back and asked, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Bard and I could touch tongues through you?”

With her arms wrapped around me she began bouncing both of us, driving his member into her and his tongue into me. The feeling was wonderful but I knew that the day that I was fucked for the first time would be better. I hoped that day would be soon. I wondered when Frye would open my wound and make me bleed. I called out a prayer for Frye to visit me.

A few days later the final trading session with the Bulgars took place. As was usual most of the female slaves were told to sit about in the great house naked. Before the Bulgars entered the Jarl said that whatever we did to distract them from their trading would be rewarded. There were six Rus fucking their slave wives as well as the rest of us slave girls. I watched the fucking and I fingered myself. I also licked my fingers as I had done before.

The Bulgars demanded slave women in trade for their furs. The Jarl refused. There was a party of six Bulgars who were having trouble keeping their minds on trading but their leader demanded slave women. The Jarl told them to go and take their worthless furs. He called for his slave girl to bring in beer which she did. When each of the Bulgars was served he invited his slave girl under his robe to suck on his member. The Bulgars were very agitated but their leader continued to demand slave women. The Jurl pulled his robe aside to expose his slave girl sucking on his member.

The Bulgar leader stood. He looked directly at me and demanded me in exchange for all the furs. The Jarl said, “No but I will give you one slave woman but I cannot give you a young girl who is not even a woman yet.”

“Let me see the one you would give,” the Bulgar leader insisted.

The Jarl called forward the three oldest unmarried slave women. Two of them were too old to have children. He then said, “I will let you take your pick.”

The Bulgar said, “These are old women. You must give us two of these old women.”

The Jarl said, “It is agreed,” and he instructed the youngest of the three slave women to return to where she was sitting before. The Bulgar started to protest but the Jarl said, “I respect you for getting the best of me. I had intended to give you only on slave woman but you got two.”

As the Bulgars left with their slave women, one of my fellow slave girls said, “I wonder if the Bulgar are as bad at fucking as they are at bargaining. I think we are fortunate to remain with the Rus.”

That night Katche and I were again given new gold neck chains. Bard held me tight to him as he swept my mouth with his tongue. Still holding me he called out loudly a prayer to Frye to hurry her visit.

The next day when the Jarl announced that in two days we would be leaving, I noted a drop of red blood on my ankle. I put my fingers to my slit. It felt dry. I opened myself enough to put a finger in. There was more moisture within. I brought my hand up into my view. There was no hint of anything on my fingers. I squatted down and touched the blood on my ankle. It was fresh and had not yet dried. I again felt of my slit. I was anxious to know if Frye had visited me. I now felt much more moisture and when I brought my hand into view there was fresh red blood.

I stood and looked about. Everyone was doing what was expected of them. My mistress Katche was not in sight but I saw my mother not ten steps away. I went to her and as we greeted each other I held my hand up to her. She knew what it meant. She took me into her arms and welcomed me into womanhood. “Go to your mistress. She must know.”

I found Katche in our great house. When I told her she had me lay on our pallet. She examined my slit and said, “Frye has been kind to you. She has been gentle in bringing you to womanhood. She must love you as I love you. We will begin counting the days but we will not tell Bard until we are absolutely sure Frye is not just playing with you.”

Seven nights later we had started our trip home to the land of the Rus and were camped along the shore of the river. It had been a warm day and now, with the sun to the west there was just the hint of a cooling breeze. I could hardly contain my excitement. This night I would be taken as a woman first by my master and then, out of respect for my master, by his inferiors. My mother, my mistress, and several others told me how wonderful it would be. If I had not had their encouragement I might have some fear about what was to happen to me.

Katche spoke to me lovingly as she took my two gold neck chains and placed them around her own neck. She then placed a crown of flowers on my head. She took time to weave the stems into my blond hair. “We do not want it falling out,” she explained. “You are so lucky,” she went on, “because of your efforts at distracting the Bulgars, Bard has moved up in rank. There are thirteen who will line bursa escort up to fuck you. When you are offered beer, drink it but don’t drink it all, just enough to quench your thirst. After about five fucks you will not care about your thirst. You will only want the fucking to continue. I will be with you to be sure you drink but not too much.” She wrapped a doeskin leather skirt around my waste.

The horn sounded nearby. It was time. My heart was beating much harder than usual. I wanted to run to the place I was to take before the Jarl but Katche held my hand. As Katche led me to where the Jarl would question me I remembered the one time I had witnessed a coming of age ceremony. I worried that I would not be able to speak when the Jarl asked me to.
When we stopped in front of the Jarl and his wife, he smiled at me. He leaned to whisper something to his wife who then smiled at me. He then said, “Ah, our young distracttress. Are you pleased to come of age?”

I called out, “Yes!” much louder than I had intended.

The Jarl’s wife asked, “Has any man fucked you?”

“No!” I called out. Again I had called out louder than I had intended.

“Who is your master?” the Jarl asked loud enough for all to hear.

With my eyes fixed on him as he stood beside our empty pallet I called out loudly, “Bard!”

“Bard will come forward,” the Jarl announced.

Bard strode with deliberate hast to a position in front of me facing the Jarl. I looked at his long braided hair. I had braided it myself earlier that day, making sure it was tight and perfectly done so that it would be as it was now.

“How long have you owned this girl?” the Jarl asked.

“It was only three moons ago that the gods gave me this treasure,” Bard said.

“Have you received offers for her?” the Jarl asked.

“Yes, you ask to purchase her on two occasions,” my master said. He had not told me this.

“And what did you say to me,” the Jarl inquired.

“I said I wanted her to be my wife,” Bard responded.

“If I now offer you four gold chains for her what would you say,” the Jarl asked.

Katche whispered to me that that was the highest offer she had ever heard for a slave. Bard spoke clearly and deliberately, “I am honored at your offer and if I were a poor man I might be tempted but the Jarl must know I want her as mine.”

“Five chains,” was shouted from the right.

“No,” Bard shouted back.

Other voices shouted out offers but what the offers were was lost in the conflicting voices. The Jarl raised his hand and silence fell over the congregation. “I would ask the girl who she wants to fuck her first.”

Bard stepped aside and turned to me. I called out loudly, “My master Bard!”

“Bard, is there anything I could offer you for this slave,” the Jarl asked.

“Nothing,” Bard stated.

“As an honor to you and to her I offer to fuck her first,” the Jarl said.

Katche whispered, “He is trying to trick Bard.”

“You honor me by offering but I will take her first and then you can have her,” Bard said.

“You are a good bargainer Bard. Because of this and because she has been beneficial to us all I will accept your offer,” the Jarl stated. There was hooting from both men and women to show their acceptance of the Jarl’s statement.

I was led by Katche to the Jarl’s pallet as the Jarl and his wife moved to a neighbor’s pallet. She must have known that I had not quite understood the Jarls last statement so she explained, “You and Bard are being honored by the Jarl. He will be your second fuck.”

I was offered a cup of beer, I took a quick sip as Bard vaulted up on the pallet. He reached down and with his strong hands he raised me up on the pallet. He undid the broach that held my skirt and it fell to the fur covered pallet. He carefully raised my tunic up and I stood naked before all. “See her pail clear skin. It glows as if there were a light from within,” Katche began. Bard raised me above his head as she continued. “Notice the un-sucked tits and the un-bloodied slit. Frye has gently visited her and readied her for womanhood. This blond beauty is worthy of our race. If Frye approves she will give Bard children, many children.”

I was again place on my feet and I knelt before my master. I waited as his belt fell to the pallet and Katche drew it to her to hold as she announced, “Bard is now armed with the only weapon that no woman can resist. A woman can try to disarm a man by swallowing his third arm but it will not be swallowed. The third arm is the arm of the gods. It cannot wield a weapon but is itself a weapon.”

I felt a twinge at my woman’s wound. I knew I was anticipating Bards third arm’s entrance into me. His robe fell to the pallet and I looked up to see my master naked standing over me. His member was before my face but I looked beyond it to his face. I could see the pleasure he was anticipating on his face. I rose up slightly and his member touched my lips. I kissed it and sucked in the moisture that had accumulated on its tip. I took it into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I relaxed and allowed him to force it down my throat. I backed off and took a breath before he forced it down my throat again. I had been doing this nearly every night for the past three months so I could now do it without any discomfort.

Bard knelt beside me, taking me in his arms, he kissed me hard on the lips and his tongue swept my mouth, not once but several times. I had known before that I was a part of him but he now reconfirmed his acceptance of me as a part of him. As we kissed he lay upon his back. Katche said, “It is time you sit upon his member. She announced to all as I lowered myself over his member, “If your woman’s wound feels pain as it is pierced remember it will be healed by the pleasure you will soon receive.”

I remembered that as my slit opened as his member penetrated me. There was a twinge of pain as there was some resistance. Then with a little snap within I sank down over his member. My thought was, I am filled. The good feeling of that thought filled me with pleasure and any pain that had occurred was gone forever. “Bend forward and kiss,” Katche encouraged. “I will help you she added.” I felt her hands on me, helping me move up and down on his member. The pleasure within my woman’s wound was even more than I had anticipated.
Bard’s tongue continually swept my mouth and I swept his in return. I had never done this before and I wondered if now not only was I a part of him but was he now a part of me? My hips were now moving rapidly up and down with Katche’s encouragement. Although I had never done this before I did not seem to tire. My body had endurance I never knew it had. Just when I thought I could not experience more pleasure I would feel new pleasure surge through me. I was now oblivious to anything but Bard’s tongue, his member, and the pleasure feelings surging though me. All else that may exist did not exist within my pleasure and pleasure was all that existed for me.

It all ended too soon but it ended with an added surge of pleasure as I felt Bart filling me with his hot semen. The sensation rose up within me and I could no longer control my movements. Bard held me to him for what seemed like an eternity.

The next I knew I was on my back and Katche was offering me a cup of beer. I took a big swallow and she took the cup from me. I looked up and there was the Jarl raising my legs wide and preparing to enter my woman’s wound. For a moment I heard the crowd hooting out their cheers. The Jarl’s wife was there to guide him in. In only moments I was again filled to the fullest. The Jarl’s wife said, “My sweet young thing, enjoy your special night.”

Bard was announcing to all that I was the best fuck he had had and he invited all to fuck his slave.

If I could have talked I would have said that I was enjoying this and that I could still see that the sun had not yet set. The Jarl was known as a hard fucker. He pounded my woman’s wound very aggressively and within görükle escort only a few strokes I was again experiencing indescribable pleasures. Again I was so consumed by pleasure that I lost touch with everything else. I was aware of letting go of some of the pleasure by moaning and calling out. It was as though I had more pleasure than I could hold and I had to let it go. Again when I felt I could feel no greater pleasure the Jarl’s hot semen pushed me to a higher pleasure.

I felt my head being lifted and there was Katche with a cup of beer. “Just a little,” she said as I drank from the cup. As the cup was withdrawn, I felt emptiness in my woman’s wound. I looked and saw that a new Rus had replaced the Jarl. I was aware of asking for more fucking and then the pleasure returned as once again I was filled.

In my remembrance there was a never ending procession of Rus that filled me and pushed me to higher levels of pleasure and each time just when I felt I could reach no higher level I would be pushed even higher.

Then I was aware of my master Bard. I was begging him for more. I felt empty and I needed to be filled. He was laying me on our pallet. I was asking to be fucked again. He moved atop me and again I felt the pleasure of being filled. Bard moved slow and gentle. I relaxed and drifted slowly into sleep. I awoke early, before dawn, cradled between my master and mistress. Both of them held me in their arms. I had to pee but I could not move. My woman’s wound felt like it was on fire. I peed to put out the fire and it only burned worse.

I spoke to Bard and Katche to wake them but they did not wake so I drifted off to sleep once again. When I awoke again, Bard was lowering me into the cold water of the river. Katche bathed me paying particular attention to my very sore woman’s wound. She spoke soothing words as well and then she said, “No one your age should have been fucked sixteen times.”

I remembered it as having gone on forever but I must have lost count after four or five.

That evening Bard asked if he could fuck me and I agreed but Katche made him examine me. She then told him to let me heal for at least three days. I did prepare his member so he could fuck Katche.

Three days later Katche said I was healing nicely. Though I had not returned to normal and it pained me to take his member that Katche had prepared, I once again experienced pleasure as I bounced up and down on his member while he swept my mouth with his tongue.

A Slave of the Rus
By Tim I Done
VThe Return to the Land of the Rus
Katche was showing signs that she was with child like most of the Rus women and a number of the slaves. I kept feeling of my belly hoping that I too would bear a child. Katche said it was too soon. We had been traveling for more than fourteen days when I noticed the shore where I grew up. I did not see our house but then mother told me that our neighbors would have burned the house with my dead father in it.

That night was the night of the full moon and our Rus Jarl decided we would sail through the night with a favorable wind. He rarely relied on sails unless there was an expanse of water such as this Viking sea. By sailing through the night we arrived at their home the next day. Home was a collection of small great houses and one very large, larger than the large one built in the land of the Bulgars, great house.

Katche led me to the house of her father and father-in-law. I remembered her telling me that those two men were brothers. In fact it was the house of two more of her uncles or four brothers. Those four brothers had four Rus wives and three slave wives. There were numerous children who were siblings and cousins of Bard and Katche and there were many small children. It was very difficult to tell to whom the children belonged. All of the grown men were at the community great house to hear of the adventure of the returning Vikings.

I was greeted with considerable affection by the women and children in the family. Katche’s son, Batch, and daughter, Kjore called me their kleinmuter or little mother. Batch, who was seven summers old, was very curious about me, wanting to know every detail about how I was enslaved and how I had become his father’s slave. Katche interrupted his questioning to tell everyone how I had distracted the Bulgars and thus had gained Bard extra wealth. Batch, who had been cuddling up to me, said, “Is that all it took to distract the Bulgars?”

Catche said, “Yes, they never see fucking. All fucking by Bulgars is done in little rooms only big enough for two people and all others are kept out.”

“Even their children?” Batch asked as he put his hand under my skirt and stroked my thigh.

“Even their children are kept out,” Katche said.

“Wonder how they learn to fuck,” Batch said as he slid his hand up to my woman’s wound. I wondered if I should stop him but Katche and the other women would have said something if it was not right. Batch asked, “How many fucks did you get when you were married.”

“Fourteen,” I responded as I felt his little finger exploring inside.

“Frye has built you well,” he said before he brought his fingers to his mouth where he licked them. He added, “Maybe when I get old enough, papa will invite me to fuck you.”

“When will you be old enough?” I asked.

“Long time,” he said before kissing me on the lips. He moved to my ear and whispered, “Six more summers.”

Later I asked Katche if I should have stopped Batch and she said it was just a boy getting to know his new mother. The fact was that most men will feel of me if they want to get to know me and I would be impolite if I stopped them. Now if a man who was not my master asked me to take his member without my master’s invitation, I should refuse.

After dinner that evening Bard told about the one battle that he was involved in when the Rus drove out the enemies of the Bulgars. He did not credit himself with any bravery. The only praise was for the one who died. When he finished his story he called me up in front of his family. He praised me for the wealth I had brought to him and added that I was a good fuck. He invited his younger brother Bjorn to fuck me since he had no wife to fuck.

Bjorn came forward and took my hand. He led me to his pallet. His father called out, “Bjorn, you talk to her. Get to know her before you fuck her.”

Bjorn was young. Although tall he did not yet have a beard. Like all of the Rus he had red hair. Unlike most of the men he did not have tattooed arms. He had me sit on the pallet and he sat beside me. “You’re young,” he said.

“I am as young as you,” I said.

He looked down at his hands as he seemed to be winging an invisible towel. “I’ve seen enough summers to be a man,” he said.

“Have you fucked before?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. He paused glancing around. I was about to ask who with when he said, “There’s old women who’ve lost their husbands. They teach the young men.”

“You’ve never fucked a young woman?” I asked. He shook his head.

“Until a few days ago I had never been fucked. Bard fucked me, then the Jarl, then thirteen of Bard’s fellows, then Bard; one right after the other. It was wonderful.”

“With all that I won’t be anything,” he said.

“Let’s start by getting acquainted. I’m new here but I am told that to get acquainted we are supposed to feel of each other,” I said as I stroked his thigh just under the edge of his robe. He in turn slid his hand under my skirt. He reached my woman’s wound just as I reached his swollen member. “Do you wish to undress me or should I undress myself?”

He moved in to kiss me. Our lips met when he pushed a finger into my slit. His other hand stroked though my long unbraided hair.

“I like your long golden hair. It is so soft; much softer than our Rus women’s course red hair,” he said.

“I like your red hair. It is so much easier to braid. I have trouble braiding mine unless I do it wet,” I responded.

“Do you have gold hair down there,” escort bayan he asked.

“Some,” I said, “go ahead and look.”

He undid the broach that was holding my skirt at the waist and I was suddenly bare below the waste. He knelt before me and said, “I was told that women love to have their wound kissed.”
Having never had my wound kissed I did not know but I said, “You may do anything you want with me.”

He pushed me so I was lying on my back. He raised my legs up over his shoulders and I felt his lips on my wound. I then felt his tongue lick up the whole length of my wound. It then parted the lips of my wound and entered into me. He pulled his tongue out and pushed it back in. I thought that he is fucking me with his tongue. I felt so excited by this and then he licked over my sensitive little button. The tingling feeling this gave me caused me to moan in pleasure. He then sucked on my button. I turned my head to the side in an attempt to keep from screaming out my pleasure.

There on the pallet next to us was Bjorn’s father lying on his back with pregnant Katche fucking herself on his member. I blinked and looked again. I was right Katche was fucking her uncle/father-in-law. I looked to the next pallet and there was Bard’s mother fucking him. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see what I had seen. I reached for Bjorn’s braided hair and pulled him forcefully into my wound. He nipped at my button and soon the feelings he was giving me were so intense I felt I could take no more so I pushed him away.

“You taste so good. May I fuck you now?”

“Fuck me, fuck me now,” I said more loudly than I needed. I heard hooting and I opened my eyes to see Katche still bouncing up and down on her uncle/father-in-law and Bard’s mother bouncing up and down on Bard. They and others in the room were cheering Bjorn on. As I felt his member enter me I realized I had not prepared it so I stopped him and said, “I need to suck you first.”

“No,” he said as he pushed his member all the way in. Almost immediately I felt his warm semen filling my woman’s wound. He fell on me as if he was exhausted. He began apologizing.

I did not know what to do. I held him tightly as I felt his member slip ever so slowly out of my wound. I rolled him to his back on our pallet. I took his slick member in my hand. It had not gone totally soft. I decided the problem must be that I had not prepared his member so I began licking it. I had tasted semen before but his was sweeter. Once his member grew hard again I took it deeply. It was not as big as Bard’s and barely more that touched the back of my mouth. As soon as I was sure he was hard enough I squatted over him and guided his member into my slit. I began to fuck him to my pleasure.

As I did this I looked about the room. There was fucking on almost every pallet. In a couple of places there was a mother with a child at her breast as she was being fucked. Some of the children were asleep and others were watching the fucking. A few of the older girls were fingering themselves and a few of the boys were stroking their members.

Bjorn lasted much longer this time. I was still bouncing up and down on him when Katche curled up to sleep with her uncle/father-in-law and Bard did the same with his mother. When I once again felt Bjorn’s hot semen, I lay down beside him and we covered with his robe. I felt someone lay behind me. It was Batch. I put an arm around him and pulled him to me under the robe.

I could feel his hard little member push up against me. I had the urge to suck on it but I thought that maybe that would not be right. I decided I should ask Katche about it first. When I did ask her she said, “Oh no, you only suck on a member to prepare it for fucking. Batch won’t be ready for that until he is much older but you could stroke it with your hand. That makes him feel good and makes him like you even more.”

The next night I fucked Bard’s father and before I fell asleep I felt Batch cuddle up to me. I reached down and began to gently stoke his little hard member. He sucked on one of my tits and fingered my semen soaked slit. It was nice falling to sleep that way.

Over the next few weeks I fucked each of the men in this great house, rarely getting to fuck my husband Bard. One night I was fucked by Katche’s two younger twin brothers. First one would fuck me for a while and when he feared he would pump out his semen he would stop and the other one would fuck me. This went on long after others in the house had fallen asleep. I began to experience a lot of pleasurable feelings.

That night Batch slept with his mother and father. From the glow of the fire I could see him sucking on his mother’s tit. His little sister usually slept with her grandparents and sucked on a grandmother’s tit.

The days were growing shorter and the cold that came in the night began to stay during the day. The men were spending more time in the great house and as a result spent more time fucking.

As Katche grew big with child Bard spent more time fucking me. Frye stopped visiting me so I knew I was with child. Before I grew big Katche gave birth to another son. Like all the Rus he had red hair. After the next full moon Bard took Katche to the large great house where they fucked in front of all present as a renewal of their marriage after the birth of a child. Only the elders of the family were allowed to go since the large great house, although larger than all the rest was not large enough to hold all in the community. I wanted to go along but was told it was not my place.

When the first day of spring arrived, all the Rus women in our house tossed the bones for the right to be the one to be fucked by all the men in our house. Katche’s mother was the one the gods chose for the spring honors and Katche was the one who served her while she took one fuck after the other beginning with her husband. After eight fucks, she was begging that the fucking should never end. She claimed she would die if the fucking stopped. There were only three Rus men left in the house who had not fucked her. They were Bjorn and Katche’s twin brothers. They were all young enough that they had never taken part in one of these ceremonies. The twins were eager to fuck their mother. I think she was too far gone to know who was fucking her. When the second twin stepped between his mother’s legs, Bjorn came to Bard and asked if he was old enough to take part. I watched Bard count the finger on his hands and then count the fingers on one of Bjorn’s hands. He then turned to me and told me to prepare Bjorn’s member. Bjorn removed his cape and sat on Bard’s pallet. Without further direction I knelt between his knees and took his member which was already as hard as bone into my mouth.
Before I had swallowed Bjorn’s member more than three times, Bard told him he had to go. He rushed to his aunt to fill her woman’s wound so she would stop crying for one more fuck. I watch as semen gushed out of her wound as Bjorn’s member was buried into her. Bjorn being young did not last long. When he finished she begged for one more fuck so her husband obliged.

Bard was preparing to go on another Viking voyage when I had my son. He also had red hair. Katche explained to me that Rus men only married Rus women and blond haired slaves because they always gave birth to Rus or red haired sons. It was the custom of the Rus to let one full moon pass after the birth of a child before the mother was fucked so Bard did not fuck me before he left on his Viking voyage. But his father, uncles, brothers, and brothers-in-law all promised him that I and Katche would get well fucked while he was away. His father’s parting words to him were, “Your wives will be kept warm for you. May the gods bring you wealth and another slave wife.”

When the day came for me to be fucked for the first time after the full moon, all the men tossed the bones for the right to be the one to take Bards place. While they were doing so I asked Katche if Bard were here would we have gone to the big great house for a renewal of our marriage? She said, “No that is only for Rus women.” It did not matter to me as I thought that one fuck hardly warranted the walk to the great house.


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