A Slave’s Tale: Auctioning Amelia

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Mistress Jen has had me tied up for the last 2 hours with a vibe on it’s highest setting deep in my cunt. Fuck it feels amazing I’m Amelia her slave or whore here for her pleasure and who ever she wants to to be pleasured. I am blonde, 5″10″ ish, blue eyes, curvy and a lesbian nymphomaniac sub. I am tied up like this as punishment for not servicing her well enough in bed. I have already been spanked and now I am being forced to constant orgasm so I am not tempted to touch my cunt in today’s festivities.

Mistress Jen is having a party for all her lesbian friends and their subs if they have one. The slaves have to show off their abilities to pleasure on each other and on their Mistresses. My job is to be tied under the dinner table and lick their cunts until the cum and drink their pee so the don’t have to get up for the toilet. All of Mistress’s friends want to sample my cunt too with a dildo and their mouths.

Mistress Jen entered the room wearing an outfit that making me moan with pleasure at the sight of her. She was wearing thigh high boots, crotchless panties and a leather Basque. She came over to my side and began stroking my clit slowly in circles.

“Are you going to behave for me today my slut.” she asked gently.

“Of course Mistress I want to please you.” I replied.

“Good, I want you to be the best slut at this party nothing short of perfection my little whore” she whispered as she removed the vibrator and sucked it clean of my juice. Mistress untied my bonds and hooked the leash to my collar..

“Stand bitch!” her command sending shivers down my clit as I immediately stand at her side. She leads me downstairs and puts me in a little tutu and apron, no panties or shirt. She tells me I am to serve the food and in between service the guests. The doorbell rings and Mistress leaves me to prepare the drinks and food.

I hear the door open with the shuffle of shoes and muffled whispers. Then Mistress called for me to bring margaritas and to be inspected by the first friends. I straighten my back, grab the tray with the drinks and walk into the living room. The woman sat their was completely naked making me very wet I am sure they could smell my cunt as soon I entered the room.

As I bent down to put the drinks on the table my tutu flew up in the air revealing my bare bottom to the gorgeous woman to my left. Mistress insisted I stayed in the position for inspection. As the woman who I later found out was called Marie knelt behind me and spread my arse cheeks apart began to feast on my soaked cunt. She had such I skilled tongue I wished she hadn’t stopped but that was part of their fun.

“Jen she tastes divine and looks delicious I hope I get a better taste later on.” she said licking her lips.

“You will get your turn with my little whore later yes, you may leave Amelia your job is done until our other visitors arrive.” Mistress said proudly knowing all her hard work was paying off.

I returned to the kitchen wanting to rub my sopping cunt but I said I would behave for Mistress. So I sit down and wait for the rest of the visitors to arrive. The process was much the same for all of the guest some wanting to finger me in both holes instead of diving in tongue first, as far as I can tell they loved my taste.

Soon there was laughter and chatter coming from the living room as the friends got talking. Their slaves were confided to the kitchen with me if we were needed we would be shouted. I was cooking the entrées being stared at by the other slave girls with sex hungry eyes.

They were ready to eat sooner than I thought or should I say ready for me to eat them. I gave every woman there own home made goats cheese tart. Marie was the first of the party to demand I lick her red hot cunt. I was in no position to argue not that I wanted to. I crawled under the after Mistress Jen gave me permission noticing Marie hadn’t worn panties just for the occasion. The smell coming from her was so gorgeous I dove straight into taste her wet hot cunt.

I part her lips with my wet tongue as I search for her hot love hole. The way she tastes is like heaven my tongue works it’s way through her folds her taste filling my mouth as it enters deep into her hole. I hear Marie moan loud.

“Fuck this slut has a talent I should come here more often.” she growled lustily.

“She is yours any time you need or want her.” my Mistress laughed.

I am excited by the thought of having Marie me often. I latch onto her hot clit sucking her deep into my mouth rubbing it between Anadolu Yakası Escort my teeth listening to her hot moans of pleasure grow in volume.

“Finger fuck me you teasing little whore make me cum all over you gorgeous face aaaaaaaahhhhhhh” she commanded and I dare not disagree.

My fingers slip up her sopping cunt, as her juices flow all over my body and lips. Banging her cunt so hard until she screams loud as all the other women round the table cheer as the first orgasm of the night fill the air with the smell and sound of sex. Her squirt soaking my hair, face and body.

Mistress Jen calls me from under the table I crawl out to cat calls and clapping. I stand by my Mistress and she says I have to be spanked for taking so long in letting Marie cum then I will fetch the main course.

She bends me over the small decorative table behind the dining table so all the women can see my wet arse and cunt as I am spanked. None of the women there no that spanking sends me to great orgasms which is exactly why Mistress is doing it. I willingly bed over the table as the ladies sip their wine and stare at my round behind wiggling at them. Mistress slaps my arse three times.

“Ugh ugh ugh.” I moan at each slap.

“Ugh ugh ugh uuugggghhhhh.” as more hard spanks rain down on me cum running down my thighs.

“Wow I have never seen a slave enjoy their punishment as much as your little whore can’t wait until I get to test drive her.” she moaned as she fingered herself hard.

More spanks hit my red hot arse and Mistress only has to slap my clit and I cum squirting over the floor as my legs buckle, my clit jumps and twitches. I struggle to stand up straight immediately falling over and licking Mistress’s boots of my cum. I crawl away to prepare the rest of the food as my Mistress gets entertain by two other slaves and their sex performance with a double dildo.

I have to get a whiskey to steady myself. I hear many women moaning and I get horny again not sure how though after this mornings torture but life is a mystery, so I carry on cooking for Mistress. The heat from the oven making my body course with sexual energy, cum dripping onto the floor of the kitchen I am positive she has given me something in that drink I had earlier this morning. I hear scuffling on the floor I turn to see the other slaves licking my cum off the floor and trying to catch it as it drips off my pussy lips. I let them carry on as The Duck a l’Orange is ready.

Mistress must have heard the timer go on the cooker as she enters on me trying to cook with 3 slaves trying to lick my cum directly from the source. Mistress Jen is chuckling at the sight of me trying to get them to stop so I can get the main course out on the plates.

“Jen what is so funny.” comes a shout from next door.

” Your sluts aren’t very well behaved.” smirks Mistress Jen.

” We haven’t heard a peep out of them all evening how are the not well behaved” one of the women shout back sourly.

“Really they have no self control as they are feasting on my whore’s cunt and she is trying to prepare the meal through the onslaught of tongues.” Mistress stated very proud at my resolve.

In enter the guests who look very displeased at the sight before them, well all except Marie and my Mistress. In between moans of pure ecstasy I cut the duck, plate the asparagus and baby carrots and pour the sauce. After that I can’t hold it any more I scream covering the poor sluts in cum and pee. I look at Mistress who seems impressed rather than upset, which I am relieved about because it wasn’t my fault.

The girl covered in my cum and pee decide to begin licking each other clean as I serve the main course to the beautiful women at the party. I get under the table as my job requires one woman opens her legs and says she needs to pee I think her name is Debbie. I crawl to her feet, clamp my mouth around her pee hole and she lets her stream flow into my mouth. Drinking down her hot steaming pee just to please my Mistress even though the wine makes it taste foul.

Finally after what seems like hours her stream finishes and she sighs with relief. I lick her clean like Mistress has taught me to in the past so I don’t get punished and wait to see if any more women need servicing of the toilet. One of he Mistress’s I am sure her name is Amanda wanted me to tongue her clit for a while which I was only too happy to do so. Crawling between her milky thighs, kissing and licking them softly working my way up to Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan her her fabulous smelling pussy. The slightly salty taste of her skin a huge contrast to the sweet taste of her snatch. Using just my tongue I work my way between the wet hot folds of her pleasure centre, stroking away at her glorious thighs.

Her clit hiding from my intruding tongue slippery and hot. Her heavenly moans filling the air as her hands intertwine with my long blonde hair forcing my face deep into her slit. Absorbed in her smell and taste I carry on sucking licking and kissing her solid little pearl wanting her cum all over me. My hands sneak up under her shirt unhooking the front clasp of her bra and releasing her melon sized globes with nipples the size and hardness of a pencil eraser.

Her moans started to reach a crescendo my lips drew her pearl into my mouth so I can suck it hard to make her orgasm come so hard and fast. The grip on my hair tightened and a wet rush filled my mouth and she screamed bucking hard against my wet face. I cling to her taught toned thighs holding on as the rush of juice flows over me.

“Kiss me,” Amanda says lustily,” kiss me now.” Sliding up to her face our lips mashing hungrily together, tongues battling and teasing within our mouths I knew better than to play the dominant on so let her tongue fight it’s way past my lips and into my mouth.

Mistress tells Amanda to let me go and to let me get on with dessert. I clear almost everything off the table because dessert is something very special. My mum didn’t accept my lifestyle or my sexuality so Mistress Jen brought her to the house last night not by choice to show her I will be happy the way I am. Mum is going to be the plate for dessert and all the women were going eat off her and then Mistress wants me to watch all the guests take my Mum’s lesbian cherry. I was also told in my mothers presence I had to call Mistress mummy.

I head to the love dungeon to fetch the dessert plate, there I find her chained to the bed with a red collar on. Red collars are training collars before you get branded with a tattoo. I walk over to the leashes ignoring my mother’s pleas for me to take her home. As I bend mother sees my brand ‘Mummy’s good little girl’ in flowing writing with pink flowers around it.

“Did she make you get that?” she quizzed looking concerned for once since I told her I was a lesbian.

“Mummy didn’t make me do anything she asked me to and I agreed.” I retorted.

“Don’t you dare call her mummy I am your mother.” she snapped.

” Mummy didn’t reject like you she embraced who I am and now you will do as she wishes or be punished.” just glaring blankly at her.

“I thought you said you had a choice in what you did Amelia.”

” I did but you upset her sluts or anger her and the choice is taken from your hands.” Untying her as I give her the straight facts of how Mistress Jen works.

“Thank you so much daughter, do a get to leave now?” Her voice full of hope until I clip the leash to her collar.

“You aren’t leaving you are dessert for the party guests and you will be a lesbian.” I pull her along as I get the restraints from the bed and a big strap-on Mistress’s favourite as it pleasures her too.

“Crawl or I will get punished” I command the new slut.

“You have got to be joking Amelia?”

“Mummy will whip me if you don’t crawl.” she looks at me and drops to her knees. I smile slightly, I knew she wouldn’t want to see me hurt and comply to the request.

She did as I said and followed behind me on her hands and knees all the way up the stair and into the kitchen. I had prepared all the dessert stuffs on a tray before collecting the dinner plate. I went to tell Mistress to prepare for the surprise and she got everyone into the living room so a could arrange things I put all the dessert foods on the small table in the corner and returned to the kitchen to collect her. Bringing her through I told her to lay on the table face up and I would sort the rest. She lay down and I tied her arms to the table legs and same with her tanned shapely legs.

Mistress had a few other things laid out that needed placing on her. A blindfold to cover her eyes so she wouldn’t look displeased at the touches forced upon her and a gag to stop any back chat. I reached for the cold bowl of ice and rub an ice cube over each nipple to force arousal, the placed a few in a small plastic bag and pushed it into her wet cunt both bringing moans of Escort Anadolu Yakası pure lustful pleasure from her mouth not that she would admit to such things. The whipped cream was next to be laid upon her, spooning great dollops of fresh cream all over her her breasts they both look like snowy mountains the fresh cream was to cover her hot cunt too so a spread a huge spoonful over her clit on purpose driving her wild as the spoon danced over her hard pearl. After adding a generous amounts of fresh fruits and chocolate she is ready.

I decide to remove the tutu to unveil my tight little slit. I knock at the living room and wait to be invited in. Once invited in I tell them dessert is ready they were all eyeing me up Mistress was smiling proud that they all wanted me but they are all going to have to pay in generous amounts to eat her slut, Mummy’s pride and joy.

“Ladies Amelia isn’t our dessert but you can have a longer sample of her later if you so wish.” she laughed “Our dessert today is Amelia’s Mother that deserted her when she needed her most. Which is why I have decided to train her and sell her to the highest bidder for deserting my little treasure who now calls me mummy. Isn’t that right my good little girl?” she smiled holding her arms out for me.

“Yes mummy I am your good little girl.” I say as I curl up in her arms and give her a kiss of pure devotion.

“Lets eat before I tuck into Amelia, please do not disturb her she will be tucking into me as we eat.”

They enter the dining room licking there lips at the treat before them. They decided not to bother with cutlery there mouths would do just as good a job. Mistress got my ex mothers cunt and the rest were left to share her tits. I crawled under the table and felt at home between my Mistress’s thighs as I always have her thighs wide open so I could spread her lips with my fingers and let my tongue find it’s way to her fuck hole. Tasting the sex juice which has me addicted to my Mistress and always will have me addicted. In the background I can here the Moans of pleasure coming from the slut on the table but I can’t even think about her my Mistress is the only thing on my mind at the time.

Slurping on my hot sexy mummy Mistress and her slurping on Josephine’s cream covered snatch. The other women were feasting on the fruit,cream and chocolate and making Josephine cum over and over again.

“Come sit on mummy’s knee and kiss me.” she whispered sexily. “Do you like the taste of that?”

“Yes mummy what is that taste?” letting her hold me close to her chest.

“That is Josephine’s cunt and you are going to taste right for the source not by choice darling.” Mistress smirked.

“But…but…but..?” I stuttered but I was cut off by my face being forced into Josephine’s cunt. Unable to breathe and Josephine struggling trying to get away as my tongue touches her. I know Mistress won’t release me until I have made her cum do I stick my tongue out and start to lick and tease her clit in her juicy slit. I licked and licked Mistress must have let go but I didn’t notice I was trying to save myself from a beating. Licking, sucking, kissing and nibbling Josephine enjoying it not that she would admit it. It took ten minutes for her to cum again.

Mummy Mistress looks at me and pulls me in for a passionate kiss. It was a kiss full of pride that I didn’t run when she let go of my head. I knew it was time for her to auction me off for an hour of fun to the highest bidder amongst her friends.

I get off her lap and open the double doors that divide the lounge diner into a living room and dining room. I sit on the rug with my big dildo that would soon be in me. Waiting for the ladies to get settled on the sofa and chairs mummy Mistress standing in front of me. My snatch is so so wet and needs badly filling with mummy Mistress’s twelve inch dildo.

“My darling slut daughter will now perform with her sex toy for us and you will bid for an hour with her, you have until she cums to bid, Daughter you may play now.”

“Thank you mummy Mistress oooohhhhhhhh.” Plunging the dildo five inches into my pussy moaning and writhing on the sex rug. The bidding started at fifty pounds from Marie I was so pleased I pushed the dildo in another three inches groaning and grunting in sexual pleasure the thought of sex with Marie driving me wild. I roll onto my stomach sticking my ass in the air so all the bidders get a good look at me fucking myself hard. Bucking against the floor and my hand wanting to cum hard but holding on. I hear one of the women shout three hundred pounds then Marie shouts four hundred and I cum screaming and squirting over the sex rug.

Mummy handed my leash over to Marie and gave me a kiss. Marie walked me up to the bedroom and we didn’t come out for an hour. She won’t let me type what happened because I am her slut no one elses.

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