A Small Appetizer

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“How do I look?” Selma asked, standing in front of her lavish vanity. She was wearing a tight-fitting white business suit with absolutely nothing on underneath; the jacket hung open to reveal the curve of her ample breasts and she was currently debating whether to have it buttoned, or just leave it as it was.

“You look amazing mistress,” said Jack. He was standing patiently in the corner as he usually did when his mistress was getting ready; at times he would even be required to help her get dressed, but there was no need for that today, today he had the pleasure of just watching.

“Yes, I think this will do,” she said, brushing her hair back slightly. “Come here and stand next to me.”

Jack obeyed, instantly rushing to her side.

She put her arm though his and stood with him in front of the mirror as if she were posing for a picture. At forty-five Selma looked great for her age; she had straight blonde hair which fell up to her shoulders, a stern yet attractive face, and a toned body which she kept fit by working out everyday. The signs of age had crept upon her though; there was a seasoned look to her skin and facial features, along with a noticeable sag to breasts, especially when they were hanging unassisted as they were right then. She wore it well though; somehow all those things that made other women look old, only made her look more womanly, and attractive.

At twenty-two Jack was less than half her age, with a shaggy crop of dark hair and a budding physique, which he had been building up over the past few months under his mistress’ tutorage. He was naked, as she had instructed him to be, and an hour of watching her try on different outfits had left him with a firm and powerful erection; it stuck out lewdly from his body, pointing up towards his mistress’ reflection.

“I think I’ll keep it buttoned for now,” said Selma, closing the top button of her jacket.

“You look great with it either way mistress,” said Jack.

“I know,” said Selma, and she gave him a small pat on the bottom. Jack blushed, though he loved his mistress’ attention he could never get used to being naked like this. He felt exposed and vulnerable, and having an erection only made it worse, as if he was Anadolu Yakası Escort not only baring his body but also his inner feelings and desires. On one hand he did want to share everything with his mistress, to submit to her completely, but on the other he still felt shy and afraid.

Selma smiled as she saw the embarrassment in his eyes; there was a part of her that enjoyed making him suffer, it turned her on. “Do you want to come with me tonight?”

“Yes.” Jack’s eyes lit up, he desperately wanted to go to tonight’s party but had been too nervous to ask himself. It was an erotic themed party hosted by one of Selma’s friends, and Jack had never been to anything like it. He had overheard some of his mistress’ phone conversations and so he knew bits and pieces of what was to take place, but that only made him all the more curious.

Selma smiled again and ran her hand seductively up his back. “And what have you done recently to deserve this threat?”

“I’ll do whatever you want mistress,” said Jack nervously. He knew that it was a dangerous offer to make, but he really wanted to go, and he was starting to think that perhaps mistress wanted him to go as well. After all she had brought it up, and she had asked him to come stand next to her, as if…as if he was her date!

Selma turned to face Jack, and took a step forward. His erect penis was now poking into her waist and Jack shivered as its head brushed against the fabric of her trousers.

As she gazed into his eyes, Selma could see his burning desire for her, and his yearning need to accompany her that evening. She liked it; she liked knowing that that she held everything that he wanted in the palm of her hand.

“How about a little game?” she said playfully, ignoring that fact that his penis was throbbing against her. “If you can masturbate for five straight minutes without cumming, then I’ll take you too the party as my little boytoy.”

Jack’s face lit up briefly, until he realized that he probably couldn’t last for five minutes in his current state of arousal. But he nodded nonetheless; he wasn’t willing to give up on this opportunity. He would try his best.

“Good,” said Selma, picking up her phone Avrupa Yakası Escort from the dresser. She set a timer for five minutes and pressed start. “Begin,” she said, “and don’t disappoint me.” She ran her hand tenderly over his cheek, “I’d really like to take you with me this evening.”

Jack’s heart nearly skipped a beat; he was right, he thought to himself, his mistress really did want him to come along.

He took his penis firmly in his hand he began stroking it hard and fast, determine to prove that he was worthy of being her date. Within seconds he was close to an orgasm, and he was forced to bite down on his tongue to push the feeling away. Perhaps if he had been somebody else he would have simply cheated and taken a short pause, his mistress would never have known she was far too busy looking through her jewelry drawer, but Jack was not that kind of person. He was devoted to his mistress, she was everything to him; a lover, a teacher, a mother, a Goddess, she was what he had been looking for his whole life.

The clock counted down to three minutes, and Jack focused on the carpet in an attempt to control himself. He was almost halfway there.

Meanwhile Selma picked out a large necklace made up of broken shards of amethyst, it looked imposing and feminine at the same time, and it went well with the white of her suit. She debated whether or not to accessorize further, but decided against it, she wanted to go minimalist tonight, to just let her presence speak for itself.

“How much longer do you have dear?” she asked, turning her attention back to Jack.

“Fifty-one seconds mistress.”

“Really?” asked Selma sounding surprised, she had not expected him to last this long. She walked back to where he was standing and checked her phone, the timer now showed thirty-seven seconds. “It looks like you’re going to get to come with me after all,” she whispered seductively, as she stood behind him and rested her hand on his bare shoulder.

Jack let out a cry as her skin touched his; it was such a pure and helpless sound that for a moment Selma almost felt sorry for him. She looked as his reflection in the mirror; every muscle in his body was tense, bent on İstanbul Escort holding in what was so eager to come out. His penis itself was red and covered in a layer a pre-cum, while below it his balls swung back and forth with every stroke, but what she loved most of all was the half-pained, half-pleasured expression that was on his face. A flutter passed through her body as she thought about what she was going to do next.

“Just ten more seconds,” she said, as the timer reached ten. “You can do it.”

Jack groaned, he wasn’t sure if he could do it. He had come so close however that he felt like he had to go on, he couldn’t give up now no matter how much it ached.

“Eight, seven, six,” Selma counted down, “five, four, three…” Then suddenly without warning she reached down between his legs and grabbed his balls.

Jack screamed and a shot of cum sprayed out from his penis, then another, and another. He tried to stop it but it was of no use; five long jets of cum erupted from his penis and covered the nearby wall. Selma squeezed his balls tightly as the last drops of cum dribbled out from his trembling body, and then let them go, allowing him to collapse onto the floor.

“You came so close dear,” she said in an innocent voice, “just two more seconds and you would have made it.”

“I’m sorry mistress,” said Jack, in a feeble voice. He did not blame his mistress for what had happened, instead he believed that it was his on fault; his mistress had only been testing him and it was he who had failed.

“It looks like I’ll be going alone after all.”

“Please mistress may I not come? I’m sorry I failed you,” pleaded Jack. He knew he was not worthy but he had to try.

“No,” said Selma, “I offered you a chance and you let me down. It’s probably for the best anyway, you’d just end up straying your boy juices over everybody and embarrassing me.”

“Mistress I promise—”

“Stop it,” said Selma, putting her heeled foot down on his chest. She felt good, almost as if she had cum herself, there was even a little moisture between her legs. “I want this mess cleaned up before I get back. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress,” said Jack sadly.

“Good boy,” she said, and she dug her heel into his chest a little harder just to make sure the message had gotten through, and because she felt like it.

Selma checked herself in the mirror one last time and then left, thinking how this little episode was the perfect appetizer for what was to come later that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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