A Soldier Story

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I want to thank my new friend Drew for the opportunity to help write his story. He asked that I write this story from his point of view.

I am Drew. I had served in the Army for four years and I had already completed two combat tours by the time I was twenty-two years old. I was five foot eleven inches tall and I weighed around one hundred and seventy pounds. I worked out constantly and I was in the best shape of my life. I had a forty-one-inch chest and a thirty-one-inch waist. I had just completed two of the military’s toughest training courses and I was assigned to an elite unit at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Military life suited me well.

While my career was going well, my personal life sucked and dating was always difficult for me. I had only one real kiss before I joined the Army at eighteen years old so in retrospect I was a loser when it came to women. Joining the Army and getting assigned to an elite unit at Fort Bragg was a dream come true from an Army and a career perspective but living in Fayetteville, NC wasn’t the mecca for an enlisted guy to find a pretty girl that wasn’t dating, already married or questionable. My social life still sucked!

There was a side of my life that no one knew about. I had a deep secret that I never told anyone and I was sure no one would understand. I wanted to have a physical relationship with my beautiful mother. Maybe all boys think about sex with their moms but I never asked any of my friends. I had masturbated to naughty thoughts of her since I hit puberty and, although she was my mom and married, I thought of how I would knock her up. In all honesty. I knew she had a great body and big tits and the image of her mature nude body was burned in my mind. My secret stash of porn was typically incest related and once I got older the websites I visited were of older women and their younger sons. I even had a few perverted photos I had taken of my moms’ tits when she was in her bathroom.

I tried to fight the sexual tension and constant erotic thoughts I had of my mom by going to church regularly. I found a parish just outside go the military post and I attended it regularly when I wasn’t training or deployed.

I had even met a few girls at church and gone out on a few dates. I was even asked by one mother to take her daughter, Ellen, to her prom. Ellen was eighteen and cute but she was on the chubby side. We seemed to have fun and, although she wasn’t a great looker, she had a great sense of humor and big tits. After the dance, we made-out in my car and I felt her DD’s. As we drove to a party she told me about her boyfriend and how her parents hated him. I was shocked when she asked me a few minutes later if I would like to have sex with her.

“Drew, would you like to fuck me?”

Of course, I wanted to fuck but I didn’t have any condoms and she wasn’t on the pill. We still got naked and I got my first feel of pussy. I sucked on her DD’s and finger fucked her as she expertly jerked me off. After my dick got hard again she sucked me off and I quickly blew my load in her mouth. We cleaned up and I took her home. I was at her house the next day and she gave me another blow job while her parents watched television in the next room. It was an incredible feeling to feel her warm mouth around my cock. I was certain she had sucked a lot of cocks before mine. I bought some condoms the next week hoping for the chance to fuck her but it never happened.

Later that summer I met Janice at a church social event. I saw Janice across the church sanctuary with her husband and her beautiful twin daughters. She smiled at me and waived at me even though I had never met her. I was instantly smitten. Janice was a brunette in her mid-forties and she was about five foot six inches tall. She had an amazing body with large breasts and a nice ass. She came over to me and introduced herself and her husband. I enjoyed her company, her smile, and her attractive build. She reminded me of a slightly slimmer version of my mom which attracted me to her. Her husband was a senior officer in the military and she seemed like a proper officers wife.

I looked for Janice every Sunday and made sure I spoke to her. She became a subject of my nightly masturbation fantasies.

The church held an adopt-a-single-soldier program and Janice and her husband asked if their family could be my host. I was thrilled. Every Sunday that I was in town I would spend the afternoon or evening at their house. I even met Janice and her husband for lunch or dinner on the military post a few times. As fall approached I spent more time Janice and her husband. Janice would invite me over for home-cooked dinners and we would chat and watch television. Janice even invited me over when her husband was gone. It was awkward at first to be alone with Janice but over time I realized nothing but my perverted mind was complicating things and she was just like a mom. I realized that she thought of me as a son but that didn’t stop my nightly fantasies about her.

I enjoyed her istanbul esc company when we were alone together and I began to prefer it that way. I appreciated looking at her large tits, shapely hips, and great ass. She started dressing different and sexier. She started revealing more skin and wearing tighter clothes around me. I jerked off more than a few times in their guest bathroom rather than walk around their house with an erection. I had not dated much and I avoided the topic of dating with Janice but she would bring the topic of dating up every week. She recommended a few girls that were single but I politely declined. I am sure she noticed my occasional erection but she never said anything.

One Sunday afternoon Janice and I were alone and watching a football game in her den. It was one of the few times we were totally alone while her husband was deployed for a long training exercise. She seemed distant and I felt uncomfortable as my mind venture off to sexual thoughts of her. She told me she liked my company and that she didn’t want to be alone but it was one of those days when my perverted thoughts kept me horny and I knew I should leave. To me, she seemed to be acting a lot different than normal but I thought it was all in my mind. She was wearing a low-cut white blouse and she caught me looking at her chest more than a few times as the afternoon progressed. When she saw me looking at her chest I was embarrassed and I quickly diverted my eyes but I wasn’t fooling anyone. After catching me looking at her breasts a few times she gave me a strange look and asked if I was ok. I was embossed and said I should leave but she insisted I stay and watch the next half of the football game with her.

Janice was typically conservative and she had never worn a shirt that showed that much cleavage with me around. The low cut neck and thin material allowed me to see her white lace bra. I liked the way her breasts were pushed together and they seemed to be flowing out of the top of her bra. I also noticed that in the right light I could see the outline of her large dark nipples. My cock was as hard as a rock and my khakis did little to hide my excitement. I saw her look at my crotch and blush. Knowing that she saw I was excited embarrassed me. I thought I should leave but she insisted I stay. I saw her blush a few times more and I know she wasn’t watching the game with her normal interest. She seemed fidgety and distracted. Again I thought that I had upset her and I felt bad that I had made her feel uncomfortable.

During one of the commercial breaks, she turned towards me. “Drew, you seem distracted. Are you ok? Is there anything I can do or get you? Maybe we can watch something else if you don’t want to watch football.”

I blushed even more after I saw her eyes divert to my crotch and her eyes seemed to get really big. She suggested we refill our drinks and as we made our way to the kitchen she looked down at my crotch and took a deep breath. I was embarrassed as I saw that it was obvious that my cock was stiff and making my pants stick out. I apologized for my situation and said I should leave. She turned toward me and held my arms in her hands as she staid in front of me and looked into my eyes.

“No, please say. It’s ok. I guess I should expect that to happen. Please stay. I want your company this evening. If you don’t have plans, you can stay for dinner. Honestly, it’s ok.”

I tried not to look down at her cleavage as we stood face-to-face but my eyes betrayed me and I felt my dick jerk. Janice blushed and took my hand and she led me to the den. She suddenly stopped and turned towards me and cleared her throat. Her voice cracked and she blushed bright red as she spoke.

“Drew,” she paused and took a deep breath. “I feel as if I can trust you. Can I trust you?”

She paused and I saw she was breathing deep. I nodded my head unable to speak.

“My husband can’t get an erection so I am sorry I keep looking at yours. I mean your pants. I know I am making you uncomfortable.”

My mind was going in circles. She cleared her throat again and wiped a tear from her eye.

“My husband was injured ‘down there’ and he lost his ability to get an erection. It has been 14 years and they have tried everything but nothing has worked”

She stepped back and looked down at my crotch and then she looked into my eyes. Her eyes were full of tears. She took my hands in hers and squeezed them.

“We are both adults, right? I trust you will keep a secret.”

She kissed my lips and then took a step back and looked towards the window.

“Not here. Come with me.”

The next thing I recall was that we were holding hands and I was looking at her ass as I followed her down the hall to a bedroom. We kissed once we were in the room and she had closed the drapes. She pulled my hands to her breasts and I gently felt the firmness of the very tits I had dreamed about for months. She was a great kisser and we kissed for a while as I fondled her large and türbanlı escort firm DD breasts.

“I have seen you looking at me. I thought you might want to touch them or maybe get a closer look.”

She remover her shirt and I struggled to unhook her bra. She nervously giggled and kissed me as she helped me unhook her bra. Her breasts filled my hands as her bra hit the floor.

“Honestly, I am not normally this type of woman. You do something to me. Promise me that this is our secret.”

Her areola was deep red and very large. Her half-inch long nipples were firm, rubbery and as thick as my pinky finger. She moaned when I caressed her tits and I felt her shake as I touched her nipples. I lowered my head and took one of her asymmetrical nipples into my mouth and I gently sucked on it. She moaned and held my head as I alternated sucking and kissing each nipple.

Janice took a deep breath and exhaled. “I hope this is a lot better than just looking at them like you were earlier.”

We kissed and she looked into my eyes. “Do you want to take off your trousers?”

I was unable to speak. I couldn’t believe this was happening but I wasn’t sure how far we would go before she stopped and I would need to leave. I nodded my head and she kissed me.

“I will get your trousers if you get my skirt.”

Again, I nodded my head.

She made quick work of my belt and unhooking my trousers. My trousers fell to the floor while I struggled to figure out how to unhook and unzip her skirt.

Janice smiled. “Cotton briefs, I am surprised you don’t wear boxers.”

I jumped and I almost orgasmed when she squeezed my cock through my cotton briefs. Janice moaned. “Oh my goodness.”

We stepped closer to the bed and kissed. Our tongues were buried in each other’s mouths. I finally figured out how to unhook her skirt and it fell to her feet. I caressed her firm ass through her small silky panties. I waited for her to stop me from caressing her ass or for her to wake me out of my dream. I thought that I had to be dreaming.

She caressed the front of my briefs and squeezed my cock until I thought my cock would explode. I looked down and saw a wet spot forming on the front of my briefs and I saw her hand holding my cock through my underwear. She used her free hand to pull my face towards hers and we kissed. I felt her trace her fingers around and squeeze my swollen cock head. My cock had become so stiff that it was pushing the elastic band of my briefs away from my waist.

My heart jumped when she brushed her had against my lower stomach. I felt chills and I shook as she reached in my briefs and grabbed my rigid cock. She moaned as we kissed. She felt up and down the length of my 8 inches circumcised penis. She looked down as she ran her fingers across my unusually thick head that was already leaking cum. She gently squeezed the thick flared head that is much larger and thicker than my shaft. Her hands felt like silk as then gently squeezed my firm shaft and cupped my bloated balls.

“Oh my. No wonder your pants were sticking out so much.”

I finally got the nerve to feel her crotch through her panties. I felt the warm dampness of her pussy and the thick tuft of hair that extended out both sides of the front of her panties. I was glad she was excited and I couldn’t resist sliding my hand into her panties to feel her. I slowly slipped my hand into the front of her panties and found a thick bush guarding her soft, warm and slippery wet pussy lips. Janice kissed me.

“Be gentle sweetie.”

Her voice was a quick reminder that I was not as smooth as I thought I was. It also reminded me that I was actually feeling her pussy. I wondered if I was dreaming? Was I really feeling up Janice’s pussy while she squeezed my cock? Why would she let me touch her like this?

Janice pushed my briefs down and my cock sprang up and out. My hand came out of her panties as she took a step back. She looked down at my male member standing at full attention for her and she blushed.

“Oh my. Oh my.”

I felt my face get warm and knew I was blushing as I stood there showing Janice my rigid cock. I was intimidated as she looked up and down my body. I wanted her to like what she saw but she was silent. The curve of my shaft placed the leaking head of my cock just below my belly button. I looked down and saw my cock twitch and a bubble of cum came out of the puckered hole on the tip of my cock. Janice looked up and into my eyes as she caressed my chest.

“You are so handsome and bigger than I would have thought. I mean, you are nice but bigger down there.”

I felt a sense of pride after hearing her say I was big. I was shaking as contemplated my next move. I slowly reached over and slid her panties off her hips and down her smooth thighs. The crotch of her panties was wet and stained. I smelled her sexy aroma. I saw the extremely thick dark tuft of hair I had felt earlier and it excited me. Her thick unstructured bush was aksaray escort sexy and covered a large portion of her crotch. I almost fell forward as I tripped only pants that were around my ankles. Once I recovered my balance we both laughed and she kicked off her panties.

“Now we are both naked. Is this how you thought I would look?”

I felt my dick twitch as I looked at her tits as she bent over and picked up our clothes. She smiled as she stood and she blew me a kiss. I looked at her beautiful nude body and she looked down at my rigid manhood that was liberally leaking pre-cum. I heard her sigh as I watched her breasts rise and fall as she took a deep breath.

“I think you like my boobs. You seem to like looking somewhere else too.”

She turned toward a chair facing away from me as she held our clothes in her arms.

“We better avoid as many wrinkles as we can. You still need to look respectable when you leave. I don’t want the neighbors thinking anything bad about us. After all, we are just watching football.”

I watched her ass sway as she walked across the room and folded our clothes before she went and sat them on a chair. I saw her pink pussy lips for the first time as she bent over. I couldn’t believe this was happening although I wasn’t sure how much further it would go. Surely she wasn’t intending to have sex with me. Why would she let me see and touch her? Why would she let me feel her pussy? Was she teasing me?

She slowly turned and faced me. I looked at her beautiful face surrounded by her shoulder-length brunette hair which had fallen out of its clasp when we kissed earlier. Her large breasts had a slight sag and she had a little pudge around her middle. Her hips were prominent and the dark thatch between her toned and firm thighs hadn’t been trimmed in years.

“You’re beautiful,” I said as she walked towards me.

She smiled and gave me a deep kiss. “I think your biased but thank you. I was never expecting you to ever see me like this. Heavens, I thought about it but never thought you would even want an old woman like me. Honestly, I can’t believe that I am naked with you.”

She paused as she stood in front of me. “So here we are. Naked as the day we were born. Not very many people see me in my birthday suit.”

I took a step back and looked at her before taking her in my arms. “I like your birthday suit, Janice.”

She smiled and playfully kissed my nose. “You shouldn’t see me like this. But, I am glad you are. I like yours too.”

I felt electricity as our naked bodies joined together from head to toe as we embraced. Her breasts felt amazing as they pushed into my chest. After we kissed she took a step back but she kept her arms on my shoulders. I slid my arms down until my hands were holding her hips and I squeezed her.

“Am I fat? I saw you looking at my stomach or were you looking somewhere else?” I reached around and squeezed her ass.

“You are perfect.”

She looked down between us and clutched my cock in her hand. She smiled as she looked over at the bed and then back at me. I saw her look down again and her eyes focused on my stiff penis. I felt her hand tremble and I watched her chest rise as she took a deep breath and then she looked into my eyes.

“I am nervous. I have never been with another man. We both know I am married. Well, you are much larger than Bert was but I assume that you would want to sleep with me? Am I assuming or asking too much?”

I looked at Janice. I no longer saw her as an older woman. I saw her as a beautiful woman. She was a beautiful size 8 brunette with firm but slightly sagging DD breasts and she had the most beautiful eyes I had ever looked into. I was less than half of her 46 years of age but it never dawned on me that she was anything but a beautiful and sexy woman.

She kissed me and looked into my eyes. “I will be honest with you Drew. I have tried to talk myself out of wanting you. I have tried to talk myself out of wanting you every time I see you. I have thought of you in ways that are not appropriate. I get a funny feeling in my gut and somewhere else thinking about you and us together like this. I know its not very Christian of me or of us to be in this position but I hope you have thought about me. I mean, thinking about me as I have thought about you.”

She paused and looked into my eyes. “I wore that blouse today hoping you would notice. I wasn’t surprised it excited you. I should feel guilty but I don’t. Seeing you look at me and noticing you had an erection made me feel excited.

You never answered me. “Am I assuming too much that you would want to sleep with me?”

I felt my chest pounding. “I would like to sleep with you but I still can’t believe you want to sleep with me. Honestly, I didn’t mean to stare. You are just so beautiful and sexy too.”

“I am glad you looked at me. I wouldn’t be naked with you and let you touch and kiss me if I didn’t want you sexually. I am not sure I went about this the right way but here we are. Maybe I should have asked if you were interested in me before I kissed you, stripped off your clothes and let you touch me. From what little you have told me about your dating life I can only assume now that you are a virgin.”

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