A Story for Carin Ch. 02

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This story is a request from Carin. For many years she was not happy with what she was or who she was, but today Carin wants the world to know she is very content with the young woman she has become.


Dawn had just turned 30 and she was a happily married woman. She had two wonderful daughters who were now in school and a husband who was a great provider. Dawn’s husband traveled at least one day a week to his company’s satellite office and he was going for two days this time. He left Thursday and wouldn’t be back until late Friday, which meant Dawn had to get a babysitter when she attended a bachelorette party for one of her dear friends from work.

Carin was their normal babysitter and the girl was filled with confidence since learning and accepting her sexuality. Once she found out that Dawn’s husband would be out of town and that the woman was attending a party, Cari was ecstatic. She was a strong believer in fate and believed that she and Dawn were destined to be lovers, so she willingly accepted the babysitting job. When Cari worshiped and loved someone deeply, she couldn’t imagine the love not being returned.

Her plan of seduction was well thought out and Cari was positive it would be successful. She knew Dawn would have a few drinks with her girlfriends and that the woman would come home a little tipsy. When Cari babysat during similar circumstances in the past, she would stay overnight because it was too late to go home. She usually wound up sleeping in a spare bedroom or sometimes on the living room sofa, but her plan called for something different this time.

She vowed to make her dream come true after realizing Dawn’s reluctance to offend or disappoint anyone, which she planned using to her advantage. Cari remembered one particular event that happened shortly after she started babysitting for Dawn. She was only thirteen at the time, but the images of Dawn’s affection and comforting still lingered; it felt like it happened yesterday.

Dawn being the observant motherly type noticed something was bothering her young babysitter that night. She found out that Cari was troubled with bullying at school and the girl cried when she told her about it. Dawn readily wrapped the girl in her arms and tried hard to comfort Cari, telling her that everything would be alright. The girl’s whole body shock, as she sobbed in her arms, and Dawn simply tightened her hugging embrace. “They don’t mean it. They’re just saying those things because they don’t know any better.”

“But I’m ugly. They made fun of me. Saying that my body is too skinny… that my breasts are too small,” Cari sobbed. “I wish my body was beautiful and sexy like yours.”

“You’re a beautiful young lady and you should be proud of being slim. Not everyone has your metabolism and you’re lucky because you don’t have to struggle with your weight,” Dawn said. “Your body is developing beautifully and you’re becoming a very sexy, young lady.”

In reality, Cari didn’t have a problem with her boobs. She was one of those girls who developed early and at thirteen already had breasts, even if they were quite small. Her nipples were not yet the defined beauties they were today, but they did have a certain profound radiance to them when they got hard.

The most defining moment of the entire event occurred, as Dawn embraced her tightly. Cari put her cheek directly on top of the woman’s luscious boob and imagined it being fully exposed. She felt a definite bulge of something hard pushing against her cheek and even stuck out her tongue pretending to lick the woman’s nipple in loving fashion. When the embrace broke, Cari’s cheek was flushed and her only thoughts were of being held by the woman she adored.

Now years later, her plan of seduction was set. Cari had arrived at Dawn’s in an overexcited state and after a few hours of waiting, she was filled with anxiety. Her heart pounded in her chest when the taxicab pulled up to the house about midnight. Cari opened the front door of the house and smiled warmly at Dawn, as she stumbled up the sidewalk. “You look so lovely and like you had a great time.”

“Oh, I did. Gosh, I’ve had way too much to drink.”

Cari rushed out to meet Dawn. She steadied the woman and they both giggled, as Cari helped her into the house. They continued all the way through the living room and Cari guided Dawn down a hallway to the master bedroom. “Please let me stay with you… you’re in no shape to tango,” Cari said.

They both laughed and Dawn was thankful for the girl’s helping hand. “I’ve been such a bad girl tonight… had too much to drink, that’s for sure. Really glad my husband isn’t home tonight.”

“Me too, I’m glad it’s just the two of us.”

“Me too,” Dawn whispered, as she fell backwards onto the big bed. She landed flat on her back with her arms and legs outstretched, as if making a snow-angel.

In a flash, Cari jumped on the bed and stretched out right beside Dawn. She lay on top of Dawn’s right arm and let her fingers roam to the front of the baggy blouse. “Let me help you. Let’s get you ready for bursa escort bed,” Cari whispered, as her fingers started unbuttoning the blouse.

Dawn’s left arm came up in a feeble protest motion. “It’s okay. I can do it,” she whispered.

The determined teenager easily pushed Dawn’s arm away and in seconds had the blouse wide open so that the lacy bra was exposed. “I’m staying with you tonight. It’s too late to go home and I know you don’t mind if I stay here,” Cari said.

The two lay still for many moments with the room growing serene and quiet. Cari lay beside the outstretched woman and her head rested on a shoulder. Her face pointed directly at Dawn’s chest and she watched the boobs rise and fall gently with each breath.

Then the most startling thing happened and Dawn was too confused to react. Cari jumped up. She stripped her clothes in a flurry and quickly lay back down beside her. There was one thing an inebriated mind wasn’t able to do and that was to reason. Dawn realized the girl got naked with the intentions of sleeping in the same bed with her; yet she merely lay motionless when the girl snuggled up to her.

Dawn’s head was spinning like crazy and it didn’t help that the girl put her hand on her bra. Her eyes fluttered, as the clasp was deftly unfastened, and Dawn felt the cool air wash across her bare chest. She would never know why her body moved in full cooperation when Cari took off the bra and blouse. Her arms seemed pinned or handcuffed to the bed when she felt fingers at her waist, undoing the button and zipper of her pants.

Again the cool air and this time it washed over her tummy when the pants were opened. Then Dawn was aware of Cari nudging and prodding her hips and legs and obediently she allowed the remaining garments to be stripped without a protest. She desperately wanted to tell Cari to stop, but her mind rebelled. The only thing that came to mind was faking sleep, which Dawn quickly realized was the silliest thing ever.

Cari’s head was on her chest and the girl didn’t move. She put her lips in the shape of an ‘O’ and blew across the mountainous chest, which was heaving up and down. Cari wet her finger and transferred the wetness to the very tip of one nipple, repeating the procedure for the other outstanding bud. She kept blowing across the tits and it looked like the erect buds were ready to burst.

The teenager raised her head and glanced up at the gorgeous face. Dawn’s eyes were tightly closed and it was very apparent her breathing was ragged and uneven. Her mouth was open and Cari had never seen anything so tantalizing or tempting. The teenager watched intently, as her fingers grasped one of the upstanding nipples and stretched it until she noticed an obvious fluttering of Dawn’s closed eyelids.

Cari was ecstatic because she was in control. She was going to make love to the goddess even if she had to use physical force. Cari shifted upwards until her face was directly over top of Dawn’s and then she merely breathed. Her hot breath washed over Dawn’s already flushed face and made the cheeks go beat red. When she fondled one of the womanly boobs, Cari couldn’t resist pinching the nipple and rolling it around. She felt the bud get extremely hard and erect so she switched to the other one.

“No, it’s not right,” Dawn whispered very softly.

“What’s not right?”

“Aaahhh, what we’re doing.”

“Doesn’t it feel good when I caress your tits?” Cari swiftly switched from one nipple to the other and watched Dawn’s face twitch with uncertainty. “You have such exquisite nipples.”

“No, no, we can’t.”

Cari’s hand slipped downward and she lightly caressed Dawn’s tummy, which was heaving up and down. “I’ve wanted to make love to you for a long time… ever since you held me years ago in your arms.”

“Oh, Carin, we have to stop. I’m a mother, a grown woman and you’re just a child,” Dawn whispered.

“I’m nineteen and know what I’m doing,” Cari said.

“Gawd Cari, we can’t.”

“Oh, Dawn, I’m in love with you.”

“Dear gawd, Carin, you can’t be… can’t be in love with me.”

“I dream of being with you… all the time.” Cari moved her hand again and let her fingers trace a burning path all the way to the ‘V’ at the top of Dawn’s tightly closed legs. She let her fingers run back and forth in the crevice and tried to taunt the woman. “Don’t you like it when I touch you like this?”

“Gawd, no… no! Oh please, don’t. Don’t touch me there.”

“Have you ever been with a lesbian… made love with another woman?”

“No, never. I’m married… to a man.”


Dawn stared up at the bossy teenager with a newfound respect. Carin had always appeared timid and quite shy, not the overbearing type, which kind of surprised Dawn. She looked into the girl’s eyes and her determination seemed to diminish. “Well in high school there was this one girl who kissed me and touched me, but nothing serious. In college my roommate and I fooled around a little, but again nothing too serious.”

“I’m a lesbian!” çanakkale escort Out of the blue, Cari revealed her belief and it made Dawn’s heartbeat quicken. She didn’t know what to say so she merely lay still, looking up at the teenager.

“Open your legs for me… so I can see your cunt,” Cari whispered. “I’m going to fuck you and make you cum like a lesbian slut.”

No one had ever talked to Dawn with such fowl and dirty language. She should have been disgusted, but it seemed to have a reverse affect, which she attributed to the alcohol. Somehow her legs parted and spread about one or two inches, but it was enough for the teenager.

Cari’s daring fingers swooped between the open thighs and instantly found the coveted slit. She cut the labia and put the end of her forefinger on top of the pulsating clitoris. “Open your legs wider. I’m going to make you my lesbian lover. Make love to you until you cream all over my fingers… then fill my mouth with your love-juices.”

Dawn opened her mouth to protest, but all she got was tongue. Cari kissed her hard on the lips and let her desire be known in no uncertain terms. At the same time, she put the throbbing clitty between her fingers and twirled it around madly, making Dawn’s hips thrash to the same tune.

Suddenly Dawn twisted her head to the side so she could breathe again. “Dear gawd, Carin! You have to stop.”

The teenager was lying on one arm and Dawn brought her other up to the girl’s shoulder. Cari grabbed Dawn’s wrist and sternly jerked the arm up and around her head so she could hold it with her left hand. She quickly returned her right hand to the heavenly land and again seized the little jewel. “No! I’m not going to stop.” She yanked the clit out of the sheltering labia and caressed it with her fingers. “I’ve waited too long.”

Dawn cursed her body for betrayal. Even in a drunken state, she knew it was wrong to be in bed with another woman, or girl. She felt her precious womanhood being groped by Cari and tried to control the emotions that seemed to be riding a runaway roller coaster. “Oh please, don’t do that to me. Please, Cari!”

Cari pinched the fluttering clitty and rolled it around vigorously in the abundant oil. She felt the woman’s body quiver wildly and knew Dawn was losing control rapidly. “You’re going to fuck for me, aren’t you?”

“Dear gawd, no!”

Cari squeezed harder and her hand was a blur. “You want to cum… to fuck, don’t you?”

“No, dear gawd, no.” Dawn prayed for an escape, but deep inside she knew there was none. She could not remember ever stopping or regaining control once she passed a certain point and that point was long gone. Her clitoris was fully inflamed and Dawn was well aware what happened once her clitty became overly sensitive.

“I want you to say it. Tell me you want to cum with my lesbian fingers on your cunt.”

“Carin, don’t make me.”

“Don’t make you what, cum or say it?”

Dawn already knew the first one was inevitable, but maybe she could save some dignity. “Don’t make me say it.”

The long wait was worth it and Cari relished every moment. She held the puffy clitty between her two fingers and used a squeezing and vibrating motion to end the struggle. “Tell me you’re going to cum.”


“Say it.”


“Say it, my love. Tell me you’re going to cum.”

“No.” Dawn argued with the girl while cumming at the same time. The first few spasm were in the same rhythm as Cari’s fingers, but then her hips started gyrating in a purely random fashion. “No. Yeeees, oh gawd, yes.”

Cari let go of Dawn’s arm with her left hand and grabbed a handful of hair. Then she glared into the woman’s teary eyes and displayed supreme control. “Say it, my love. Tell me you love me.”

“Oh gawd, I’m cumming. I’m cumming, my angel,” she moaned.

Cari jerked her head and glared into the teary eyes. “Say it!”

“Dear gawd, I love you.”

“I love you, too. I’ve waited years to hear you say it.”

Her body seemed to float in the air, being held in the clouds by Cari’s fingers, which never slowed down. The girl molested Dawn’s clitoris without any penetration, yet the orgasm was earth-shaking. When the last spasm finally rocked her lithe body, Dawn collapsed. She felt strong loving arms around her and must have blacked out from total exhaustion.

It was many minutes later and after a catnap when she felt a renewed invigoration flowing through her entire body. Cari kissed her all over. Every time the teen’s lips caressed a spot, Dawn’s hands moved to protect herself, but Cari merely slapped the hands away. Then Dawn felt one of her nipples devoured by the overzealous girl and suddenly teeth raked the tender bud.

Cari moved from one upstanding nipple to the other until she was completely satisfied both were extremely erect. When her expert teasing moved below the raised boobs, it brought a moan of distress from her mature lover. Cari used her tongue to wet and lightly caress the shivering flesh until she heard çankırı escort more dire moans. Then she rolled on top of Dawn’s torso and shifted her body all the way down so that her face was level with the quivering hips. She cleverly kept the two nipples between her thumbs and forefingers while twisting the buds around and around. Dawn’s hands rested on top of Cari’s caressing fingers, but they merely cupped the hands in a tender fashion without removing them.

Cari stared at the glistening crotch and she was in awe of the womanly beauty. A very familiar and pleasant aroma drifted up her nostrils and she slowly forced Dawn’s legs apart with her shoulders so her upper body fit between the spread thighs. There was a neatly trimmed patch of hair on the upraised pelvis, but it was the puffy labia that attracted Cari’s attention. No hair covered the pussy-lips and the precious gemstone was trying to poke out of the pretty hideaway.

She desperately yearned to devour the magnetic clitty, but shrewdly decided to make the lovemaking last a long time. Cari ran her tongue all over Dawn’s pelvis and through the short curly hair, leaving a trail of saliva on the velvety skin. When she began kissing and pecking the milky thighs, the reward was like a drug to her disillusioned mind. Cari noticed the woman flinch and respond dramatically after each kiss and the moans grew louder and more constant.

Then Cari put her tongue directly on the quivering labia. She ran her tongue up one lip and down the other and each time Dawn pushed on the top of her head. The protest was feeble and one meant to pretend she didn’t want the molestation; yet no one was fooled. Sadly Cari removed her fingers from the overly erect nipples and grabbed each side of the spit-coated labia. She pulled the lips apart and used her tongue to flick the exposed clitoris. When Dawn’s hips reacted to the teasing, Cari rammed her stiff tongue at the sacred honey-hole.

Dawn didn’t utter one word for fear it might either offend the teenager or make her stop the affectionate embraces. Her fingers clutched the top of Cari’s head and held it steady for only reasons that she would understand much later. Suddenly the teen covered her entire opening with her hot mouth and sucked the pulsating clitty between her teeth. Cari put her teeth around the base of the floppy morsel and skillfully beat the clit with her tongue.

This time the climb was slower, but the elevation were profound. Dawn climbed the ladder of lust and felt herself teetering on the summit for the longest time. Then Cari wisely rammed her middle finger to the hilt while she kept sucking on the sensitive clitty. She curled her hand until the palm faced upwards and used her fingernail to rake across the most sensitive spot inside the heated cavity.

Dawn stared down at the top of the bobbing head just as the dam overflowed. Not knowing what else to do, she grabbed her nipples and roughly rolled them around with her fingers. She arched her back so that her head rolled back into the bed and she let go. The hungry mouth kept sucking and drinking the excess fluid, as the finger-fucking intensified. Dawn didn’t know how long her body belonged to the young woman, but it kept convulsing until Cari stopped the cunnilingus.

Her head literally pounded with blood rushing through her veins when Cari decided what was next. Before Dawn could prevent or stop the young woman, she found herself crouching between the thighs of a woman for the very first time. Her eyes opened wide at the sight of a freshly shaved pussy and marveled at how exceptionally defined the thin, pink lips appeared. Dawn glanced upward and across the freckled chest, which was rising and falling at a rapid tempo. She focused on Cari’s boobs and noticed the perfectly shaped nipples sitting proudly on the ends of the firm, cone-shaped tits.

Cari’s tits weren’t huge, but they were definitely a good handful especially for someone with small hands like Dawn. For the first time in her life Dawn felt the urge to touch another woman’s breasts. Slowly her hands reached out and she heard a loud moan when she cupped the boobs. She felt the hard pebbles putting a dent in the palm of each hand so she used her fingers to encircle the raised buds. When she squeezed and pulled at the same time, Dawn heard another moan escape Cari’s throat. “Ooohhh, God, that feels sooooo good. Yes, squeeze my tits.”

The sight of Cari’s nipples rolling through her fingers mesmerized Dawn. Each time she stretched them to the outer limits, it caused further demands from the young woman. “Suck’m! Hurry up and suck my tits.”

To her utter astonishment, she obeyed. Dawn slowly bent over and the small, erect nipple got closer to her face. Suddenly her lips brushed the bud and the teenager screamed. “Yes, suck my fucking tit before it explodes. Hurry up!”

The nipple disappeared when Dawn sucked it into the back of her burning cavity. She stuffed as much of the tit into her mouth as she could and let it settle for a few seconds. Dawn let her teeth sink into the delicate, pink flesh and she was positive her sharp teeth left a mark. Then she slowly pulled her head backwards and let her teeth rake the tender titty until only the nipple was inside of her mouth. Her tongue licked the bud for a moment and then she switched to the other tit. ‘Yes… yes, oh God, suck my boobies… bite my tits!”

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