A Sunday Drive

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Female Ejaculation

Earl and Katie had been together for several months. Spending all their free time together doing things and sharing a very imaginative sex life. Both of them were very sexual, open to trying new things as ways to excite each other.

One of their favorite nonsexual pastimes was going for long leisurely drives, looking at historical sites in the area. One Sunday on one of these long drives Katie was feeling very restless and thought it would be fun to do a bit of teasing to Earl.

As Earl steered the car onto the interstate heading home. Katie, suppressing a smile, undid her seat beat and turned in her seat, placing her back against the door of the car. She brought her left knee up and rested it against the back of her seat. Her right leg was draped over the front of the seat, allowing Earl a nice view of her pink satin panties. Katie watched Earl’s face as she slowly pulled the short skirt of her little sundress up higher on her thighs. Earl grinned like a Cheshire cat watching the show that Katie was putting on for him.

Slowly, Katie slid her left hand down the inside of her left thigh as her right hand reached up to cup her breast through her dress. She rolled her nipple between thumb and forefinger exciting it to a taut little nub before moving to her other breast to do the same. Once her left hand reached her panties she began
rubbing her pussy over her panties.

Earl could see the outline of her pussy lips under the fabric of the pink satin as Katie’s middle finger began rubbing tight circles over her clit. Busy trying to keep an eye on the road, Earl watched as the satin began to turn a darker shade of pink, evidence of the juices seeping from Katie’s pussy as she continued to rub her clit.

Her head rested back against the window with her eyes half closed and glazed as her arousal grew. Soft moans slipped from her parted lips as her hips began to move in rhythm to the pressure of her finger on her clit.

“Are you going to cum in those panties while I watch?” Earl asked softly. Katie just nodded her head and moaned in response. Soon her moans were louder as the dark spot on her panties grew in size. Her breathing came in sharp quick pants signaling to Earl that she was ready to orgasm. “Yes, almanbahis adres Baby, cum in your panties for me.” He encouraged her.

Suddenly Katie’s body tensed, she head arched back against the window and she cried out, “Oh my God yes!” Earl watched as the crotch of her pink satin panties became saturated with wetness as her honey flowed from her pussy.

Without breaking eye contact with Earl, she slipped her left hand down under the elastic of her panties letting her fingers find the little button of her clit and began to masturbate again. Earl managed to maintain his driving while he alternated between watching Katie masturbate and the road ahead. Katie slowly slid her middle fingers into her now very wet pussy before sliding it back over her hardening clit. Earl could easily see the movement of her fingers under her panties.

Taking his left hand off the steering wheel, Earl reached down and squeezed his now throbbing hard on, pressing his jeans tight to show Katie the affect she was having on him. She continued to rub her clit in little circles, her breathe quickly building to little pants and moans. Earl encouraged her by telling her,”Rub your clit for me baby.” Faster and faster Katie rubbed her clit and fucked her pussy with her two middle fingers.

Soon her voice had grown from soft sighs to breathy loud moans. Earl knew it wouldn’t be long before her pussy would be flowing with the sweet honey of her cum again.

Katie then reached down with her right hand and pulled her panties to the side to allow Earl an unobstructed view of her fingers fucking and rubbing her dripping wet pussy. He continued to rub his throbbing hard cock through his jeans while trying to watch Katie and drive. He watched her fingers move faster and harder. Moving back and forth from fucking her pussy to rubbing the hard button of her clit. He could see her juices glistening on her pussy and her hand while she continued to masturbate.

Soon her hips were undulating as she humped her pussy against her hand. Her gasps of “Oh yes” told Earl she was fast approaching another orgasm. “Cum for me baby so you can paint my lips and I can taste your sweet honey” Earl hoarsely whispered. Breathing faster and rubbing her clit almanbahis adresi Katie moaned loudly, “I’m going to cum!” Earl watched her body tense then tremble with the force of her orgasm. “OHHH YESSSS!!” she cried out as he watched her juices flow around the two fingers she had buried deep in her pussy.

Slowly withdrawing her cum soaked fingers she reached over and rubbed them against Earl’s eager lips. He held her wrist as he sucked and licked her fingers and hand. Then he gently kissed the palm of her hand and smiling at her he said, “Baby I can’t wait to get home and eat your sweet pussy.”

Katie giggled as she slowly slid her panties down over her hips. Slipping first one leg then the other out of her panties. Once she had them off, Earl reached over and took them from her hand. Bringing them to his face, he pressed them against his nose and inhaled her musky scent deeply before letting his tongue lick over the cum soaked crotch of Katie’s panties.

Katie eyed the front of Earl’s jeans where it was very obvious he had a raging hard on inside. Leaning over the low center console Katie let her left hand press and rub against Earl’s throbbing cock in his jeans. Repositioning herself, she knelt in the seat facing Earl and bent over to press her face against his bulging hard on. Earl moaned low in his throat as she did so.

Katie undid Earl’s jeans, reaching inside his jeans and boxers to take his cock in her hand and began stroking him. After a few slow stokes to the shaft of his cock she could already feel the wetness of his precum seeping over the head of his cock. She then pulled his hard cock free of the restraint of his clothes.

Bending over further Katie began to run her pointed little tongue over the head of his cock, tasting his precum that was there. Her left hand continued to stroke the shaft as her right hand reached down to gently caress and squeeze his balls through his jeans.

Earl shifted slightly in his seat to give Katie better access to his cock. As he did so her mouth closed over the head of his cock to suck and lick as she stroked him. Trying hard to stay focused on the road ahead, Earl raised her panties back to his mouth and nose as Katie’s hot wet mouth worked on his throbbing almanbahis adres cock.

He could feel the sucking of her mouth as her tongue rubbed and licked over the head. A combination of his precum and her saliva flowed down his hard cock making her hand slide smoothly up and down his shaft. He couldn’t control the moans coming from his throat as she continued her combination of sucking and licking on the bulging head of his cock.

Spotting an overpass just ahead, Earl smoothly guided the car onto the shoulder of the highway and came to a stop under the overpass. After putting the car in park, his right hand rested on Katie’s head as he ran his fingers gently through her hair.

He looked down to watch her tongue lick the head of his raging hard cock as he once again brought her cum soaked panties to his face to inhale her scent and taste her juices.

Katie turned her head slightly to look up at Earl, watching him as he watched her. She pumped her left hand faster and tighter up and down his shaft as she rubbed the head of his cock against her tongue.

Earl felt the familiar tightening beginning in his balls telling him he was close to cumming. “If you keep that up I’m going to cum in your mouth.” He groaned. In response Katie closed her mouth over the head of his cock again sucking harder and nodding her head.

Earl’s head dropped back on the headrest of his seat as he gave himself over to the sensation growing in his belly. “Baby, I’m going to cum…right….now!” He gritted out between clenched teeth as the first shot of hot cum erupted into her mouth.

Katie’s left hand continued to milk the shaft of his cock feeling him pulse in her hand as time and time again his hot cum sprayed into her mouth. She swallowed over and over again, her tongue licking and caressing the head of his cock in her mouth until she no longer felt him pulse with his ejaculation.

Releasing the head of his cock from her mouth she licked clean any evidence of cum from his cock as Earl sat panting and groaning with his release. Katie gently eased his cock back into his jeans and boxers before zipping up the fly.

Guiding her head up to his, he placed gentle kisses on her lips and face smiling into her eyes. “Baby, I think we better get back on the road before we have company stopping to check on why we’re stopped here.” He chuckled. “Besides, I’m hungry and you’re the dessert I want to eat.” He told her as they started on their way home again.

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