A Surprise Visit

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Yes, this is Dr. Rhonda Vesta, I speak half-assed into the receiver. It is Jim Michaels from Walt Disney Corp., the VP of HR. Jim wants the VAM™ from VISUS, Inc. as Disney has recently concluded that they are in need of more insights into the skills and areas of need in their upper-level management personnel. I sit back and go through the routine of describing VISUS unique data-driven assessment approach, trying to sound slightly less bored of the same spiel I have given over and over again. Once more, it appears to be a relatively easy sell. This has become more the everyday norm; VISUS has taken off as we had envisioned, even though we were always rather confident about the proposal and the core team of the company. We currently have about 50 people working for us in Miami, and Justin has another 60+ in Chicago, and the European and Asian branches are on fire.

I look at the original leather-bound copy on top of my desk and smile. A warm feeling flows through my body as I think about what that book and its contents mean to me, and my fingertips gently trace the embossed letters “Self Wonder.” It is a much deeper pondering than many would think. The association with this book to a certain man I know “somewhat” is strong, though he is rather far away. While diving into these thoughts, I glance at my feet. The fresh dark-hued polish complements the shoes that I know this man would love and my tan legs perfectly. My thoughts race back to many of the stories and imaginings and my pussy moistens as my sensory cortex tingles…in an axonal tribute, I close my eyes and imagine everything novel and uncomplicated!

My thoughts are interrupted by my administrative assistant, and he asks if it is ok to let the repairman in to check the air conditioning. A surprised and confused expression crosses my face. I am just about to tell Rob that there is nothing wrong with the air conditioning, and I certainly have not ordered a repair. But before I am able to get a sound out of my mouth I spot something that has becum common in my fantasies… the steel-toed work boots.

My mouth drops half open as I slowly look upwards not daring to break the illusion of the fantasy those boots provide me. But yes, the outfit continues with a pair of overalls. To my amazement they are also dark olive green and very dirty. They are tied to from the overalls arms to the waist of the repairman, exposing the upper torso that is clad in a tight black crew neck t-shirt. His biceps are slightly flexed and the veins in his arms are clearly visible as he carries his weighty tools. The visor of his dirty, worn out golf visor is slightly tilted forward so I cannot properly see the face, but it does look right in perspective to my expectations.

And then the voice gives it up. He says with a straight face:

“For our clients’ birthdays we perform gratuitous checkups of all appliances.”

He closes the door behind him and, not subtly at all, drops the tools from his hands. I am in utter disbelief! I stand up and walk right into his arms. A familiar Escort Bayan scent is present as I lean against his chest.

“Happy birthday, Little Minx” I hear him say.

“Well, thank you, Kind Sir” I reply. “Did you bring any presents for me?” I continue.

“Of course I did,” he replies. “You may open this package anytime you like…” he smiles.

I reach down to his crotch and he is instantly hard; I remember this spontaneity in stiffness from “dinner.” I slide my hand up and down the obvious bulge in the overalls. You guide my hands to the pocket of the overalls, which not to my surprise, also features a hole to access whatever may lie beneath the sturdy trousers. I find your cock and start stroking it slowly. You pull me in close to indulge in a breathless kiss, grabbing the back of my head and hair as you smother me with your lips and tongue. It is rather impossible to estimate how long this takes, but it is also quite obvious neither of us particularly would like to end it.

Finally, I tell you that I NEED to open the package now. I kneel down in front and unzip the lower part of the overalls. Readying yourself for the treatment you are used to, you place your hands on your hips, close your eyes and move your waist a bit forward to offer your now fully erect cock to me to the furthest depths you can be inside the warm moist environs. I take a quick glance at your boots and smile to myself. I then gently stroke your balls with my left hand as my right hand grabs the base of your shaft. In one giant swallowing motion I take your throbbing cock into my mouth. Slowly, I slide my mouth back and forth feeling each wrinkle of the bursting cock as I perform this rhythm. The excessive saliva creates a sensational sliding effect that clearly is bringing euphoria upon you, and thus to me. You take your hands and place them at the back of my head to thrust my head deeper, as if I were to need guidance to the already perfected maneuver. But the lust apparent from your guidance turns me on like nothing else. It is clear you want to flat out fuck my thoroughly hot wet mouth. Your breathing and muscle flexion clearly indicate that you are no longer in this room and you are closing in on a huge climax.

Shakily, you suggest I stop the vacuum, but I laugh internally with my refusal :-). I take your cock in as deep as I can with each thrust. Finally, with a huge moan you release your load. I can feel some of the cum fly right down my throat, almost making you gasp for air, but I tenaciously cling to the task at hand, closing my lips even tighter against your pulsing penis. You struggle to find your own breath as you deposit every single drop of the warm salty fluid into my yearning mouth.

“The piping here seems to be fully functioning…” you finally say, still clearly out of breath.

I am flaunting the most devilish smile as I look up to you.

“My turn,” you whisper, grabbing me from my ass, you lift me up against your waist so I can curl my legs around your body.

In Escort this closely knit position you carry me to the large mahogany desk and lay me flat there. The phone on the table rings, but I promptly reach over to it and silence it. Simultaneously, I press down a button that turns on a “busy” light outside my office. The door is still not locked, but it would simply not be the norm for someone to enter now…though neither of us is particularly concerned at the notion!!!

Now flat on my back, you grab one of my legs placing it on your shoulder. You brush your hands along the muscular calves that are spectacularly accented by thigh-high shiny nylons. As you caress your cheek and mouth along the inner part of my calf and thigh, noticing the moisture oozing down my leg, you smile and say,

“It appears as though you were expecting me! I would bet a hundred bucks right now that you are not wearing underwear.”

This comment makes me smile as I know I am touching your sweet spots to perfection. A quick glance towards your crotch confirms my suspicion. You are fully hard again! You now grab my leg again, and with both hands, run down my right leg. It is obvious you are enjoying the shape of my muscular legs. Continuing down my legs you reach into my skirt and find the laced top of my stockings. Delving deeper you use your right hand to ever so lightly brush my soaking wet pussy between the lace-rimmed stockings.

The expression on your face is that of a young boy in a penny-candy shop. You use both hands to curl up my skirt fully exposing an exquisite indescribable view of pure female sex. The lips of my swollen pussy are clear and the wetness palpable…and you indeed palpate. You quickly sniff the hand that had just rubbed against my smoothness increasing your now unparalleled desire. You pull off my stockings entirely exposing a most beautiful pussy and pelvic region, decorated by a small tattoo slightly below the left hip. The tattoo has a meaning to you as well.

Though, you have never been a fan of body art, this is one you now cherish with its multi-tiered meaning. My complete pelvic region’s smoothness is complemented by the very small “martini glass” that I at times choose to leave present to provide contrast to the otherwise omnipresent silkiness. As you lean over the desk to reach my pussy with your mouth, you crave to replay that first touch and taste. You choose a light licking motion all the way from my ass hole to my clit a few times. Taking your time, you enjoy the full visual ecstasy of my aroused cunt.

You then stop the lingering movements in the middle to tongue-fuck me a few times as deeply as possible. I can sense your lust as you burrow yourself into my vaginal folds. You then use your right hand to spread my pussy lips wide open fully bringing my clit to the forefront. From my face you can see that this sensitive knob is in desperate need of some tongue polishing. The “repairman” goes right in to work, circling your lips around my clit and sucking it while simultaneously Bayan Escort using your tongue to flick it as might a vibrator. My moans have become highly audible groans, and it is a clear indication that this motion is to be continued. The only occasional breaks are to marvel the sight before you.

Gradually, you give my clit increased rapid attention, and I stiffen to your touch, as you wait for the clitoral orgasm. As you observe this occurring, you dive two fingers into my pussy and one in my ass. At this point, it takes little time for my entire body to flex in sign of an impending explosion. My clit starts to throb… You then lift your head from between my legs and continue fucking me with your fingers. My juices are everywhere as you continue to thrust your digits into my hot pussy and ass hole. You are beyond ready to fuck me!

You pull me to the edge of the desk and stabilize my feet on your shoulders. As I try to insert your fully erect penis into my pussy, I am literally forced to fight the cock downwards to the correct angle; it is full of blood again as if it had not fucked this way in months. Guiding the swollen cock to my wet cunt, your assist is a slightly push forward. The sensation is indescribable. Slowly thrusting, plumbing the depths with every grunt, you stop and look directly at me:

“Happy birthday, Rhonda!” you say and smile.

“Fuck me like you never have and never will again,” I respond.

At my service, you grab my waist and begin to move back and forth, increasing the speed all the time, as I desperately reach around to return the favor of anal stimulation to you. The sweat pours from you as you pound me as “hard” and as vigorously as possible. The language spoken by my eyes are clear. You stop for a moment and pull off your t-shirt exposing your upper torso. Clearly the gym has become more of your home since I saw you last… As you continue to push your cock inside of my hot pussy I can see your upper body muscles flex. You grab my hips and pull yourself in as deeply as you are able; you then swipe some of my notes to the floor and climb on top of the desk as well. This enables you to push my legs even closer to my chest and you penetrate even deeper as you now have me folded completely. The pounding gets very intense as it is clear that I want it hard. My orgasm is inevitable.

You do your best to drill as deeply as possible and then it all explodes. My damn has broken; fluids burst all over the desk, as you continue to pump despite the intense heat and sweat. Finally, even you cannot take it anymore. You move into a spread eagle position sitting on my tight abs with your cock pointing directly at my face. I know what is expected of me at this point, and I raise my head slightly. I open my mouth, an indication that it is desired that your cum fly all over my face. You take a few “backhanded” strokes with your left hand, and then let ‘er rip. Mostly, the load hits my neck, but droplets also reach my cheek and hair. What a hot fucking sight. You collapse on the office chair next to the table. The orgasm aftershocks flow through both of our bodies.

After having recovered enough you stand up and scoot over me on the table, give a salty thank you kiss, quickly dress and walk out of the door. Back to work…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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