A Taste of What’s to Come Part 3

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We heard the car, it was all too familiar to both of us. Sangeetha was early for some reason. Sweat started to well upon my forehead. My heartbeat increased, and a total wave of panic flooded over me. I clumsily threw my pants back on, put my shirt on backwards, inside-out socks, a total frickin’ mess. And my eyes darted, in desperate search of a place to hide. Ananya was freaking out, swearing like a sailor returned to shore, when we both heard the sound of plastic rolling on the driveway asphalt.

Ananya took a huge sigh. “The recycling.”

That gave us at least five minutes. Plenty. Ananya gave me a wide smile of relief, and after peaking out the window to make sure that Sangeetha was taking her sweet time with the recycling bin, I pushed Ananya down to her knees and gave her a few thrusts into the back of her throat with my still hard cock.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned. “You like getting your face fucked while your mom is home?”

She muffled some words. I’m pretty sure there was a “Yes” in there.

I pulled out and spanked her ass, and we sauntered down to the dining room table. Books open, pencils out, and we both kept messing around, slapping asses, pinching each other…almost as if we wanted to get caught.

The door opened a few minutes later and I greeted Sangeetha as I always did. Talking to her mom, locked in tutor-mode, I could see Ananya drunkenly daggering me with those eyes. I don’t think she was in love with me, but I wasn’t certain.

We went through the motions and I put my shoes back on as I headed out the door and off to my next session. Ananya met me outside.

“Wow,” she said.

“You know it’s less safe out here than it is in there. Indian parents looking at us from all directions,” I said.

She laughed. “You know, I’m supposed to see 22 Jump Street with Jodie. But she’s sick. Mom doesn’t know though…”

This girl. Putting me in a state of an endless erection. I was surprised I could still teach kids anything with the lack of blood in my brain. “What kind of time does that buy you?” I asked.

“3 hours.”

“Quite a lot can be done in 3 hours,” I said.

Ananya played with her hair. “Meet me at the park over on Keller?”

“8?” I asked.

“9,” she said.

I got in my car and drove off, my mind racing a mile a minute. What was I going to do with her tonight? What hadn’t we already done? I bit my nails in nervous anticipation, and got a whiff of her tangy Indian ass. It was out of this world. The nectar of the frickin’ gods. And yeah, I know it was ass. But it drove me crazy. I couldn’t help myself. And as I spent the rest of the day working, all I could really do is play out the story in my mind of how I was going to get another taste later that night.

Around 8:55pm I pulled up to the corner of Parker and Keller. I had no more nails to bite. My palms were drenched. There was little to see; the dim moonlight upon the grass, a single lamppost lighting up the block. After a few minutes, emerging from the darkness was a tall Indian girl wearing tight white pants and a flowing red top. She saw me and smiled, and I reciprocated, but only for a second, when I saw what I saw. There was someone walking with Ananya! Another girl! She was pretty short, maybe 5ft1, Caucasian with blonde hair. I couldn’t see her well, but the light from the lamppost highlighted her curvy hips, similar to Ananya’s.

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit,” I muttered under my breath. The two girls hopped in the car, the blonde to the backseat.

“Uhhh,” was all I could get out. I looked at Ananya who looked back at me so casually, as if this wasn’t a big frickin deal. I turned around to get a closer look at the blonde.

“Chelsea,” she said, offering her hand.

“Hi. Um,” as I turned to Ananya. “Uh.”

Ananya and Chelsea laughed. “She’s 18,” said Ananya. “She’s a really good friend. She knows exactly what’s going on. And don’t worry–“

“Parents are Catholic,” said Chelsea. “And I mean weekly dinners with the monsignor Catholic. Eucharists in our pantry Catholic.”

“Fuck, that’s pretty Catholic,” I said.

I eased into my seat a little more and smiled at both of them. “I wanna taste something a lot more flavorful than a eucharist,” said Chelsea. She bit her lower lip.

I started to get a bulge.

“See?” said Ananya. “I say we drive to your place, and give Chelsea here the proper greeting.”

“What does that mean?” asked Chelsea.

I stepped on the gas and started counting down the minutes in my head. I was beyond “on edge”. I needed to take it slowly on speed bumps I was so close to bursting. The girls were chatting about God knows what while we approached my place. I raced in my mind as fast I did in the car. And just like that, we had stepped out and were walking up to my door.

“You never told me what a proper greeting is, Ananya,” said Chelsea.

Ananya coyly smiled at me. “Let’s show her first, sound good?” she asked.

“Fuck yeah,” I said. I opened the door, let the girls inside. Ananya stood in front of Chelsea and started to strip, as did I. And as Chelsea watched us, she started to say something but Ananya shushed her. Chelsea watched as Ananya and I, completely naked, walked over to the sofa without saying a word. Ananya laid on her gaziantep escort back upside down on the couch, so that her feet were dangling over the top, and her head was dangling off of the front edge of the sofa. With this easy access, I positioned myself, shoving my entire erection into her throat, and started throat fucking her like a deranged jackrabbit.

Ananya gagged and slapped me on the ass. “More,” she gurgled.

I kept pounding her face, letting my cock feel the incredible warm sensation of a sloppy wet endless orifice. Again, no talking, no words, no communication…just a repeated “shuck” filling my living room, and an occasional gasp from Chelsea. I could feel my balls starting to tingle. I was going to burst. So I pulled out and walked over to the door and took the frozen Chelsea by the hand.

“Time for a proper introduction, Chelsea,” I said.

Ripping her clothes off, I motioned her to the sofa. She excitedly skipped over there, orienting herself just like Ananya, the two girls giggling and whispering some sweet nothings to each other.

I stepped up to Chelsea. “Chelsea it’s nice to meet you,” I said, sinking my cock into her smaller but just as warm throat. I pounded away, being a little more sensitive just in case she wasn’t as much of a pro as Ananya. Her mouth felt so great, and even though I couldn’t get my dick in there as much, it felt just as amazing with its tightness gripping the walls of my shaft.

Soon I had both girls inches away from each other, head-next-to-head, and I would take turns dipping in and out of their mouths. Back and forth, back and forth. A gurgle followed by a gurgle. Gasps for air. My cock completely drenched in saliva.

“Fuck, I need some in me, right now,” said Ananya. She hopped off the sofa and got back on, doggystyle, ass up in the air, both of her hands on her cheeks, spreading it wide open for me. Chelsea sat next to her to get a good look.

“Fuck my ass,” said Ananya.

“Tell me again,” I said.

Hands still spreading her ass cheeks, she said, “I want you to shove your cock into Chelsea’s mouth, get it nice and wet, and slide that entire thing deep into my asshole. Pound it!” she shouted.

I did as told, and with a saliva covered cock I slid into the gripping orifice of Ananya, feeling the dirty tightness engulfing me. She said, “Oooh”, and I picked up the pace, fucking her ass really hard, making sure to go balls deep on each stroke.

“Ohhhhh, pound it pound it pound it uhh uhh uhh.”

It was so sexy, and I could smell the scent of our fucking wafting up and around Chelsea’s face.

“Mmmm, someone’s getting ass fucked,” Chelsea said.

“Smells intoxicating, huh?” I asked.

Chelsea stood up and leaned into my ear. “I want it. Let me taste it, pleeease,” she said.

When I pulled my dick out of Ananya, it was glistening. A close-minded girl would shy away from something like that. But when Chelsea saw my cock come out of Ananya’s gaping ass, her eyes widened and so did her mouth. She put her hand on the base of my cock and started to lick my entire shaft, lapping up the juices from our ass fucking session.

“Oh fuck,” said Chelsea, “it’s spicy. Oh my fucking god.” She kept licking and licking, more urgently by the second, as if she couldn’t help herself and needed to get every last drop of it.

Ananya lit up. “I knew you’d like it!” she said, turning around to see a completely clean cock. “Awww, none left for me?”

I pushed Ananya back against the couch, fucked her ass with about 10 solid thrusts, and pulled out once again.

“Ta-daaa,” I said.

The girls laughed, and Ananya got down on her knees and started sucking super hard. She licked her fingers and palm after cleaning me.

“That is the best fucking thing in the world,” she said.

“I seriously can’t believe it,” said Chelsea, as she licked Ananya’s tongue. “I never thought your butt could taste like this. It’s so spicy and flavorful.”

Ananya tongue locked with Chelsea. “Want it directly from the source?” she asked the pixie-like Chelsea.

With an approving nod Ananya laid Chelsea onto the carpet floor. She squatted her bubbly ass directly over Chelsea’s face. Ananya tried to tease, hovering just above the reach of Chelsea’s erect and wanting tongue. So Chelsea grabbed her hips and forced Ananya’s thoroughly fucked asshole onto her face. Chelsea was a fiend, lapping, sucking, intermittent purring…nearly as close as a person could get to gulping another’s ass. Honestly, it made me ashamed of my own desire. It was nasty and equally sexy. Even Ananya gave me a few wide-eyed looks of surprise. A ‘who is this girl and what did she do to Chelsea?’ kind of thing. But hey, I was busy jerking it to the girls’ performance while suctioning Ananya’s taste off of my fingers, so who was I to judge.

The night continued on as a total carnal extravaganza until Chelsea’s parents got in her head with a few suspecting texts. I didn’t want to risk it for her, so I dropped her off at the park. But then I returned to Ananya. And of course I dropped her off too. But not for another hour. And man, that hour with her…You know, it was a story outside of this story. A story deserving of its own time. But my friends now’s not that time. It will be one day though 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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