A Timeless Place Ch. 12

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Double Penetration

Greg rounded the corner of the hospital entrance a little too fast causing them to skid. Jonathan held on for dear life feeling a thrill of titillation rush through him. His mouth suddenly dropped open and a screech permeated the atmosphere of the car.

“I got it, baby.” Greg quickly tried to assure him.

“Just let me off at the entrance.” Jon announced.

“I will not! You can walk in with me, just like always.” The man slowed to make another turn into the parking lot swiftly pulling into an empty spot.

As soon as Greg had stopped the car, Jon was out the passenger side door. He impatiently waited for the doctor who was grabbing the items Bruce had requested in his call. Jonathan suddenly realized the fact and opened the door to the back seat. Half climbing in, he reached to grab what he could. They soon had it all gathered and was on their way into the hospital.

In the elevator, Jonathan leaned on Greg; worried and confused as to the details Bruce had given them. The doctor set the bag down that was in his hand curling an arm about the young man.

“It’s gonna be ok. Bruce said they’re just holding them both for observation. It’s not serious.” He muttered into his ear.

“We could’ve lost them both, Greg.” Jon sniffled on the verge of tears.

“Yes, but we didn’t.” he kissed Jon’s forehead allowing his lips to linger there for a long moment.

When the doors opened they noticed the groupings of uniformed police standing here and there. It was obvious something criminal had taken place, but Bruce hadn’t stated that on the phone. All he had said was that Tony and Peter had had an accident, and were staying overnight at the hospital. He told Greg that they weren’t seriously injured, but the doctors just wanted to be sure.

And Greg knew that song and dance. Something must have been questionable for the professionals to make that decision. Still, if it were serious, the doctor on the case wouldn’t have offered to let them go home in the morning.

They saw Bruce talking to one of the officers and made their way toward them. Greg quickly assessed Bruce silently, upon approach, seeing that he was smiling and laughing with the man he was talking to. It made him calm down immediately.

“Ah, Greg.” Bruce happened to glance their way and see them coming toward him and the cop he was talking to. One glimpse at Jonathan’s face told him the young man was terribly worried. “Come ‘ere, Jon.” He stretched an arm to him and one to Greg at the same time. Curling them both to him, he held onto them desperately.

“What happened, Bruce?” Greg mumbled as he snuggled into the man’s shoulder and neck.

“Come to the waiting room. It’s quieter there. We can talk.” He released them leading the way. “We’ll be in the waiting room if you need me.” Bruce then said to the uniformed man standing next to him. The man nodded then stepped away to a nearby group of his peers.

After being seated in the small room alone, Bruce began to relay the events that led to both Tony and Peter being injured, then brought to the hospital.

“I had no idea Tony was hurt until we got here. I didn’t even check the restroom when I saw those men hauling Peter out of the building. The only reason I found out, is I saw his name on one of the lists at the nurses station.” He informed them.

“How are they, Bruce, really?” Greg asked then.

“Well, Tony has a concussion. Other than that, he’s fine. Peter was just knocked unconscious when the car hit the light pole. The doctor said he wanted to keep him overnight, just for G.P.”

“G.P. my ass, Bruce. What room is he in? I’ll find out right now.” He stood.

“Greg, he’s being watched. You’d be better off not even going in there.”

“Watched? What are you not telling us?” the doctor’s brow furrowed with sudden concern.

Bruce sighed long knowing he couldn’t keep the truth from either of them. And it wouldn’t be fair to them if he did. “Well, like I said, Peter was kidnapped by some Russian spies or something like that. And the police seem to think that since Peter’s still alive, they may try it again.”

They both heard the door close to the waiting room then. Each man turned to look, finding Jonathan had suddenly exited.

“Damn, where is he going. He’ll end up getting himself killed, Greg.” Bruce stood instantly starting for the door.

“I don’t think he cares at this point, Bruce. You know how he’s been lately.” Greg followed hurrying out of the room with the man to stop Jonathan.

They both saw him slip into Peter’s room the cop holding the door open for him as çankaya escort he went in. Bruce knew he wouldn’t allow all three of them in there at the same time, because of the danger in it. Still, he had thought no one would be allowed to enter the room until morning. He surmised that Jonathan had worked his charm to gain entrance and smiled at the fact.

“He’s ok. There’s a guard at the door. Let’s just let Jon have his time with Peter. We both know how he feels about the man, and I don’t blame him.”


Inside the room, Jonathan slowly approached the bed where Peter lay sleeping. He had expected to see him hooked up to a web of wires and tubes. But, that wasn’t the case. Only the I.V. was dangling from his arm at the moment.

His innards swirled with so many emotions. Fear, terror, and impending doom was just the tip of the iceberg. Standing there over the man, his lips parted slightly as he inspected the wound over the man’s right eyebrow with his fingertips.

A single tear slipped down his face splashing onto Peter’s hand. The man stirred gently, slowly opening his eyes. It took him a moment to focus on the youth, but he knew who it was before then. Slowly, his hand lifted to cup Jon’s cheek, brushing the tears away with a thumb.

“Don’t weep, Jonathan. I am still alive. And if I weren’t, I would rather that you rejoice in that I have finally found peace.” The man spoke softly.

“I would miss you desperately, Peter.” Jonathan’s voice broke.

“Yes, but I would still be with you, child. You do not think I would leave you and not watch over you, do you? I have made my life’s goal to see you well and healthy.” He smiled briefly. “And it is time you wean yourself from me. I can not be your nurse maid all your life.”

Jonathan’s jaw dropped at hearing this. “What do you mean?” he asked sharply.

Peter took in the shock on the youth’s face. His mind worked quickly at solving the equation without revealing anything at all. “I mean that it is time you stand on your own, Jonathan. You must be the man that you are. You will see what I mean when you are older.” His gentle manner soothed Jon momentarily.

“You made it sound like you were leaving, Peter.” He confessed to the man.

A chuckled emanated from him. “Would I hurt you so?”

“I wouldn’t think so. But, I know you do things differently than the rest of us. You have your own reasons.”

“Jonathan, if I did such a thing, I would do it for your safety and well being. Not to hurt you, you must know that.”

“I know, Peter. But, it would still hurt.” He took the hand that cupped his cheek in his own, kissing the knuckles lightly.

Peter smiled gently at him. “You’re much stronger than you leave us to believe. Why you do that?” he asked then.

Jonathan half laughed. “I don’t know. Habit, I guess.”

“Child, this is not a good habit. You are most valuable to all of us. You know this, yes?” Peter’s brow became furrowed with the seriousness of his meaning.

“Yes, sir. I know.”

“Then you should act like it. We are all concerned for you, child. You lately have portrayed to us that we no longer matter to you. You seem so distant from us now. It is as if you are so immersed in the things of your uncle that you have forgotten us completely. This is not the way to show us your love for us. Do you understand?”

“I do, Peter. And I’m so sorry I’ve made you all feel that way. I never meant to do that.” His voice became strained as emotion surged to the surface once again.

“I know this, child. And it is Greg, Bruce and Tony you have to convince, not I.” The man took Jonathan’s hand resting both on his chest. “They are feeling you no longer care for them as you once did. You must correct this, or worse things may occur.”

“What worse things?” Jonathan leaned on the railing hovering over Peter as they talked quietly.

“Worse things, Jonathan.” Peter stated somewhat firmly.

Jonathan sighed. He knew the man only did this when the subject was supposed to be common knowledge. It meant the man wanted him to think about it and his actions. He mulled it over in his mind silently for a long moment. The worse thing that could ever happen in his life at the moment would be to loose them all. He considered this fact thoroughly as he silently stood there.

Peter could see the wheels turning in Jonathan’s mind. Many emotions flickered across his face letting him know he had accomplished what he meant to do. Jonathan wasn’t an unreasonable young man; he was only confused and caught keçiören escort up in the resent grief of his uncle’s passing.

“Could you bare such a thing, Jonathan?” he asked almost in a whisper.

“No, Peter.” The young man choked even as he said it.

“Then you must do what must be done to prevent this. It will help you rise out of your grief and depression.”

Jonathan looked sharply at the man. He hadn’t known his depression had been so well seen by them. All in all, he had tried to conceal it. It seemed he had failed in that attempt, miserably. Now, he knew he would have to make some changes in his life. He had decisions to make that would alter the course of things a bit. And he needed to think on those now.

“Sit there, Jonathan.” Peter motioned to the chair in the corner of the room. “You have much to think about.”

Jonathan almost couldn’t bear to tear himself away from Peter. He wanted to be right there with him, no matter what. But, Peter had other plans for him that night. Slowly, he meandered to the chair the man had motioned to. He sat thinking long into the night and early morning hours when he finally fell fast asleep.


Greg and Bruce were allowed into Tony’s room. The man was somewhat discomfited by the events of the evening and the injury he had sustained. He felt it his fault that Peter had been abducted. And because of the injury, he couldn’t seem to grasp the fact that Peter, was only a few doors down from his room. Bruce and Greg were constantly reminding him that Peter was safe and well. But, Tony continued to argue the concept, only knowing that he had failed to protect the man.

Greg patiently talked to Tony each time he woke up asking about Peter. His gentle way and bedside mannerisms were consistent all night and into the morning. And it was just before six in the morning that the treating doctor entered the room to assess Tony’s condition once again.


Jonathan stirred gently, feeling a light breeze brush across him. It was difficult for him to wake up, and he convinced himself that he needed to check on Peter. Opening his eyes, he glanced over at the bed. He saw the mass of covers conformed to the man’s body. Closing them again, he fell fast asleep once more.

A couple of hours later, he woke again, needing to relieve his bladder. Meandering groggily to the bathroom there he disappeared for more than five minutes. When he returned to the room, he shuffled directly to the bed. Leaning over, he couldn’t see Peter’s head for the sheet and blanket that covered him. Jonathan gently pulled the covers back a bit looking for the man. Quickly, he snatched the sheet and blanket completely off letting it drop to the floor. All he could see were the pillows arranged in such a way that it appeared he was there.

Jonathan’s lips parted as his heart dropped into the very tip of his toes. Peter was gone. The emotions swirled inside him from fear, to that old familiar loss from abandonment. His mind tried to make sense of what he had said the night before. It seemed now, that he had been saying good-bye to him. And that everything they talked about was his way of forcing Jonathan to focus on the rest of the family, minus Peter.

A gentle breeze filled the room. Jonathan lifted his tear-filled eyes to see the window open. He wondered if someone had come in, and taken Peter, or had he left on his own accord. But, everything the man had said the night before pointed toward his departure.

The door of the room opened closing right away. A man in a white coat came around the bed with a metal folder in his hand.

“I’m here to see Mr. Rossenovff.” He stated.

Jonathan looked up at the man a tear slipping down his cheek.

“Hey, kid. Are you ok?” the man planted his hands on the railing opposite him.

“H…he’s gone.” Jonathan was barely able to speak it.

“What do you mean, he’s gone? He can’t be gone!” the doctor became suddenly concerned.

Jonathan pointed at the open window, his only evidence that Peter had left. The doctor turned to look, rushing to it inspecting the outside.

“I gotta call security.” He suddenly ran out of the room.

Again, Jonathan was alone, emotions building rapidly. He leaned down picking up one of the pillows that Peter had been resting upon. Clutching it to him, he breathed in the scent of the man. Closing his eyes, he surrendered to his need then.

The guard that had been seated outside the door rushed into the room. He ran right to the window sticking his head out etimesgut escort to look. There was a fire escape to the left of the window that led down a couple stories. It would’ve been easy for Peter, or whomever, to manage it without being seen.

Coming back in, he turned to see Jonathan with his face buried in the pillow. The young man was obviously distraught. Slowly, he approached the youth until he stood right beside him.

“Son, did you see Mr. Rossenovff leave the room?” he asked gently.

Jonathan shook his head negatively, keeping his face buried in the pillow.

“You didn’t see him go out the window, or anyone come in?” the officer was having a difficult time understand why he hadn’t seen it, being he had been in the room all night.

Again, Jonathan shook his head, sobbing into the pillow long and hard.

“How could you be here in the room and not see him leave?” the man pressed.

Jonathan didn’t answer. He couldn’t. He didn’t know how he could’ve been in the room all night and not see the man climb out the window, or hear anything.

“Son, I asked you a question. Did you see Mr. Rossenovff leave through the window?” the officer was becoming agitated by Jonathan’s seeming lack of cooperation. And when the young man didn’t answer again, he grasped the pillow to remove it from his face.

Jonathan tightened his hold on it instantly. It was the only thing he had left of Peter at the moment. When he did, the officer then snatched the pillow away. Jonathan went for it as if in terror. The noise of Jonathan’s cries and screams and the officer’s yelling were heard outside the room and down the hallway.

Bruce, Greg and Tony heard the commotion in the room Tony had stayed in that night. He was slipping into his jeans when it had begun. Still a little disoriented, he tried to hasten his dressing, yet maintain his footing. Finally, he sat on the edge of the bed pulling them up, before standing to fasten them.

They made their way to the room along with a few other professionals. This made it difficult to enter the room for the crowd that had formed. Still, Bruce persevered, pushing his way past people to gain access and see what the fuss was all about. He could hear Jonathan was very upset and this worried him.

Finally, he made his way into the room. Still pushing past people to get to Jonathan. By then a couple doctors had him detained on the floor of the room. He was still struggling with them crying loudly. One of the doctors ordered a sedative, which caused the room to clear out suddenly. It almost amused Bruce that so many people were needed to get one shot. But, then again, he didn’t think Jonathan really needed that shot at all.

“Jonathan.” He called above the noise the youth was making.

Almost immediately, Jon began to calm. Bruce knelt down brushing loose hair that was strung in his face.

“Hush, now. You’re alright.” he didn’t understand why Jonathan was so upset. “Let ‘im go.” He requested of the two men holding the youth firmly attempting to keep him from hurting himself, or someone else.

Reluctantly, they released him. Jonathan instantly sat up, standing slowly. He went right into Bruce’s arms crying on his shoulder.

“What on earth, Jonathan? What’s going on?” he asked concerned.

The officer that had been guarding the room the night before spoke up then. “Mr. Rossenovff is missing, sir. I was trying to get some information from him and he lost it.”

“Well, if Mr. Rossenovff is missing, I can understand why Jonathan is upset. The man happens to be one of the only people that has ever taken any time with him, or gave a damn about him.” Bruce blurted out to the officer.

“I didn’t realize that, sir.”

“Where the hell is Peter, anyway?” Bruce was only thinking he might have just stepped out or possibly gone downstairs to wait on them.

“According to the kid, here, he went out the window.” The uniformed man stated.

Sensation skittered down Bruce’s spine suddenly. Why would Peter do that? He thought to himself.

Note: Thank you once again for your patience on this chapter. I do apologize that it is taking me longer to write each one than it did Bigrig. I’m now working and have much less time to devote to this. And if that isn’t enough, I’ve hit a brick wall, as far as writing is concerned, suffering a major writer’s block.

I will proceed with this novel as best I can. Please be patient with me and I will complete it. I also ask that if you are subscribed to Literotica’s Story Feedback Forum that you visit my test plea and possibly offer some ideas of where to take this. What would you, the reader, like to see happen in the rest of this novel, not only with Peter, but also with Jon, Bruce, Greg and Tony, and let’s not forget the ghost of Mr. Bowman?

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