A Tour du Monde

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I’d inherited Jeanette from Texas Bob. I couldn’t believe my luck when he said he was giving her up. Jeanette was unbelievable—face, figure, hair, all like something from a magazine, and affectionate like you wouldn’t believe.

“Is there something wrong with her, like she has a wooden leg or tits like spaniels’ ears?” I asked.

“No way,” Bob said. “You’ve seen her in a swim suit . She’s god’s gift to the horny.”

“Is she scared to take her clothes off?”

“Get her into the bedroom and she’s stripped before you can find your zipper,” Bob assured me.

“Then what’s the scam? Why are you passing her on to me?”

“She’s a prick-teaser,” Bob said. “She’s sexy as hell, she’s got a cunt that gushes like a waterfall, she’s got nipples that practically stand up and bite you, she’ll do anything your filthy mind can think of, but she won’t fuck. You know me, I can’t last that long, I want to get my meat in the oven before it explodes. She’s all yours, you see if you can score.”

So I inherited Jeanette. And Bob hadn’t been lying. I was wondering what sort of approach to adopt and she came right out and said, “Your place or mine, Lover?”

I’m all for climbing into strange beds, so I opted for her place. It was nothing out of the ordinary, except for the full size mirror on the ceiling. And Bob was right. She’d stripped to her bra and pants before I could say, “Where’s the bathroom.”

No beating around the bush there, so I decided to get straight to the point myself and check out her bush. “Bob says you’re a prick-teaser.”

“If all you can think of is fucking, I guess you could say that,” Jeanette admitted. “I’m rather particular what goes inside me, that’s all. But there’s a lot more to sex than fucking.”

This gal had read all the right books and she was on the same page as me. I could enjoy a body like hers all night long, and still not exhaust the possibilities. Besides, I figured by the time I was through with the ideas that were chasing through my dirty mind that pussy of hers would be clamoring for something inside it, and it wouldn’t be a dildo.

I reached for Jeanette’s bra. “Ugh ugh!” she said, fending me off. “Why should you get all the fun? Your turn to peel.”

I had no objection, and by the time I was down to my shorts my prick was making such a statement that there seemed to be no point in keeping it covered. I peeled off my shorts and let it salute.

“Now?” I asked, and reached out and turned her round with her back to me. I had the clasp of her bra undone in double time, and slid the shoulder straps off her shoulders. As I turned her round she slid the straps off her arms, and there they were. Bob had been right. Her nipples stood out like they could bite me. But I figured I was going to bite them first.

Since I was already balls naked I figured she should be the same. Except for the balls. I got on my knees and grabbed the waist band of her panties. I was beginning to drag it down when I saw the damp patch between her thighs. Gushing like a waterfall, Bob had said. I hadn’t done anything to her yet, and already she was trickling at the possibilities ahead. I hauled down the rest of the way, and looked up at a demure bush that was obviously trimmed for action.

“Ever had a Tour du Monde,” I asked her.

“What’s that? Sounds French, so I guess it’s got to do with sex. I hope.”

This gal was right on my beam.

“French it is,” I said. “It means a Trip Around the World. Sound alright?”

“As long as it doesn’t take too long,” she said. “I’ve only got all night.”

“It starts on the bed, ” I told her, “so I think you’ll enjoy it. Starts off with you face down. Across the bed, please. Pity I can’t look at those beautiful tits. But everything comes to he who waits. Mersin Escort If I don’t cum first.”

She was onto the bed double quick, and the view from the rear was good. She had the most beautiful ass, round and full, the two cheeks together making a sort of heart shape, and the valley between starting where her panty elastic had marked the flesh and finished as an exciting cave between her thighs.

I started the tour with the soles of her feet. I licked my way up to her heels, and then up her calves to the hollow behind her knees. Then the territory became more lush. Her thighs were full and firm and deliciously smooth, and pretty soon I was delving into the creases where each thigh joined her buns. This was where I had to use my hands as well as my mouth, because this was for me as well as for her. With one hand I massaged one of her soft, swelling cheeks, while my mouth explored all over the other and then probed between them.

Jeanette was beginning to wriggle a little, particularly when my finger found the entrance to her little back door. But I was getting impatient for the other goodies that she had to offer, so I ran my tongue up the crack between her buns, browsed up the small of her back, down to the sides of her bulging breasts, deep into her armpits and up to her neck. And then to one ear. She wasn’t wearing earrings, so I was able to take the lobe into my mouth and suck on it. That was when she started to make funny little noises into the pillow.

“Time to roll over,” I told her. “This is where the fun really starts.”

Jeanette was smiling in a satisfied sort of way. “You think this hasn’t been fun already? I’ve never had such protracted foreplay. Usually a man wants to suck my tits and then stick it to me.”

“There’s a lot more to come, ” I said, “and it gets better all the time.”

I moved round to the other side of the bed where her head was. Now that she was on her back she could look up at me, and I took care to make sure she had a good look at the hard that was reaching out over her face. She grunted appreciatively. She may be a prick teaser, I thought, but she knows what it’s for, and if she doesn’t I’ll make sure she finds out.

I looked down on her face from above her head. She made a kissing shape with her lips, so I bent over her and pressed my mouth to hers. It was the first time I’d kissed an upside down mouth, and as she opened hers I slid my tongue between her teeth and explored inside. But those fantastic tits were looming at the edge of my vision, and I figured her mouth could wait till another time. I moved down her throat, kissing and licking my way down to the hollow between those swelling mounds. My hand was already cupping one firm globe, kneading it all the way round and feeling the hard knob of her nipple pressing into my palm. My tongue started its own voyage of discovery, tasting the softness of her breast and teasing her as I licked round and round, moving closer to the aureole which I could see was hard and swollen already.

I had played with a lot of tits in my time, licked them and sucked them and fingered them and squeezed them. I considered I was a connoisseur of nipples, nipples of all shapes and colours and textures and hardness. This one was something else. The aureole was bigger than most I’d seen, not spreading out all over the breast like a saucer, but still capping the whole summit of a hill that was full and firm and upstanding and pointed rather than melon shaped. And as I teased it, licking round its perimeter, pressing with my tongue and not quite touching it, I could see it swelling, swelling out of the top of Jeanette’s breast almost as high as a walnut shell. The pinky brown surface which had been rough looking with tiny pimples was stretched smooth Mersin Escort Bayan and shiny like the head of my cock when I was about to cum.

The nipple at the centre had been a little nut when I first took off her bra, but now it was protruding from the upstanding aureole which was already cone-shaped like a small volcano. While my fingers squeezed her other nipple, I fastened my lips round the whole swollen protruberance and sucked it into my mouth and explored every part of it with my tongue .

Jeanette’s whole body was heaving now, thrusting her tit up into my mouth as if she would push it all inside. She was moaning and gasping, and I lowered my chest so that she could find one of my nipples. Her moaning increased as she grabbed my right nipple and sucked it as I was sucking hers, and it was a sensation I had never felt before.

I could never have left her nipples if there hadn’t been even more delights to come. But it was time to move on, and my mouth caressed the soft underside of her breast and pressed into the hotness of it. Then on down to her navel, where my tongue probed for a while, over the swell of her belly to the fuzz covering her love mound.

It was short, soft fuzz. I hate the long, wiry kind. I shouldn’t say I hate it—I don’t hate anything that’s at the entrance to the tunnel of love. The mound it hardly concealed was bordered by the vee of creases leading down to the junction of her thighs. As I nuzzled it, I came to the beginning of the slit that led to heaven. I tasted it with my tongue, and found inside the mysterious land of the clitoris. I explored for a moment, then pressed my whole mouth to it, opening it so that I could suck the hot fleshiness inside. Jeanette’s pelvis was heaving, and her moans of pleasure were getting louder.

Most crotches I had explored before were tightly enclosed by the thighs that joined at the entrance to the cunts they guarded. Jeanette’s was different. Delightfully different. Her thighs didn’t join at all, and there was a wide space leaving her opening cunt lips fully exposed. Even though she had her thighs pressed close together I could easily have slid my prick between her lips and up into the depths of her belly. Which was what I intended to do before the night was over. Even if she did intend to be a prick teaser.

Jeanette seemed to make a decision. Or perhaps she couldn’t help herself. Or perhaps she realized I was only teasing her and she couldn’t wait for the deeper sensations. But her thighs opened wide in invitation, and as her cunt hole was stretched so it opened like a flower, her inner lips pouted like petals, and nectar was dribbling out. Her thighs opened more, and her vulva was stretched wider, and I could see the fleshy lining of her vagina glistening wet with pre-cum juice. Pre-cum? She was certainly going to cum. But not yet.

Those petals had been concealed inside her when I first pulled down her panties. They must have been, because my eyes had been right up close and there was no sign of them at all. Now they were poking out on either side of her open cunt-hole. A moment ago they’d been small like petals, but already they were bigger, almost tumescent. If those babies could swell by themselves, I was going to see what they could do with some persuasion. I took one into my mouth. It wasn’t hard like a nipple, it was full and soft as I squeezed it with my tongue. And as my tongue pressed against it I could feel it pulsing and hardening.

Jeanette gave a little shriek. “Oh my god, I’ve never felt anything like that before. Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Oh god! Oh god!…….

I stopped. I took my mouth right away from the most delicious lolly I had ever sucked. But Jeanette was a prick-teaser, right? How many men had she teased right Escort Mersin up to the point of cumming and then refused to fuck? So two could play at that game. She could scream for more and lift her ass off the bed and thrust her crotch up at my face and gush like a waterfall, but she was going to have to wait for that orgasm she was right on the brink of.

I lifted my face away from the focus of all Jeanette’s erotic sensations , and explored with my lips down the soft insides of her thighs. And Jeannette was screaming, “No! Don’t stop now! Please don’t stop! You’ve got me nearly cumming. Keep on sucking me. Do anything you like to me but don’t stop! Put your tongue into my cunt, suck my clit, do anything, Pleeese!”

Sure I’d do anything I liked to her, but in my own good time. If she was a prick-teaser I could be a cunt teaser.

I had been kneeling over the side of the bed where her head was, with my knees on either side of her head, and I suddenly realized my rampant rod must have been right over her face. I realized it, because a hand took hold of it and pulled it down, and a hot, wet mouth enclosed it, and a tongue ran round and round its head. And then the sucking began, her tongue pressing against the sensitive underside of my prick and the whole surface of my cockhead aflame with the pressure of her mouth. So, she’d found the right way to persuade me.

I quickly moved back to Jeanette’s crotch and buried my face in it, forcing my tongue as far up inside her cunt as it would go. The French seemed to have names for everything. I had been giving Jeanette a Tour du Monde. Now we were doing Soixante Neuf, or Sixty Nine. I didn’t care what the French called it. I was going to cum at any moment, and judging by the frantic way Jeanette was gobbling my organ and the way her whole body was heaving and her thighs were opening and closing on my ears it seemed like she was about to cum in my mouth at the same moment.

Having a girl cum right into my mouth was a pleasure I wouldn’t normally turn down. In fact, that was usually the whole objective of a Tour du Monde. But this time the objective wasn’t to give Jeanette pleasure. It was to show her that a prick teaser can’t always get away with it. Jeanette was going to be fucked, and fucked good.

I quickly extricated my cock from her mouth, and my mouth from her cunt, and climbed onto the other side of the bed. Kneeling between her legs and forcing them wider apart, I put my hands under her cheeks and lifted her till her gaping cunt was level with my cock.

Then I slid a swollen hunk of meat straight into her. There was no resistance. Her cunt was open, her vagina was open, her whole belly was open, and all of it was lubricated with cum-juice. And before I was half way in I could feel Jeanette sucking me inside her, taking me up into the depths of her belly, consuming me, clutching me with her thighs, holding me as if she’d never let me go. Her mouth found mine and I was being devoured both ends at once.

I came instantly. I was surprised I’d managed to hold out that long. And as I came I could feel her cumming , thrusting her groin into mine, the whole length of her cunt canal spasming around my prick. I came and came and came, spurting my sperm deep into her belly while her cunt muscles masturbated me and sucked every drop of my cum into her.

It was a long, long time before we separated. It was a long time before I wanted to, because her cunt was gripping my rod so tightly it was impossible for my erection to die down. And the spasms of her cunt continued, massaging me and masturbating me till I began to cum again. Only this time it was a gentle cumming, and I was able to slide my cock partway out, and then back, in and out, massaging all the sensitive places in the lining of her vagina. And Jeanette came, and came, orgasm after orgasm, till she lay back limp and exhausted.

“Oh my god, darling, no more or I shall die. That was the most wonderful experience of my life. Can we go for a trip around the world every night from now on?”

-The end-

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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