A Traditional Wedding

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Abella Anderson

Pankaz was brought up in a very traditional Kalimantan Dayak family and community, which the rest of the world calls Borneo. No one in his family had ever been to the city and there was a very real sense of suspicion against anyone who had. The traditions of the family and the wider community were held to be very important; more important than wealth, education, social standing or understanding of technology. Some years earlier, a telephone had arrived in the village, attached to the local general store, but hardly anyone used it except in emergency or to send greetings at festival times.

Even so, the work of Muslim and Christian missionaries over the centuries had eroded some of the most esoteric traditions of his family and Pankaz was angered by that fact. Deep down, he desired to reinstate some of the very ancient practices and special beliefs that had maintained his ancestors for generations, centuries even, before the first missionary had arrived. Now at the age of 24, he was arranging to be married to a girl of his choice but who had been approved by the family. The father of the bride-to-be agreed to Pankaz’s arrangement for the ceremony, and he was the head man for the community of 5000 souls. It would be the most traditional wedding held in the mountain region for hundreds of years. The girl had not been consulted on the details of the wedding but she let it be known that her father’s wishes were her wishes also, as befitted an obedient daughter of the head man.

Salmanta was a beautiful girl of 19 years; the eldest of three daughters of Wanogtun, the hereditary head man of the region. Salmanta’s body was the epitome of feminine beauty and erotic enticement. Her breasts were not large but showed all the possibilities of future development and delicious milk production. Her waist was small in comparison to her hips which, themselves, were not over-wide anyway. Her face, legs, arms, and hair had attracted favourable comment for all the years since she had stopped being a girl and became a woman.

Pankaz had arranged the wedding with the chief shaman of the local animist religious group. Their prime religious tenets involve a conflict ending in a mutual, procreative murder of the universe and all its peoples. From the body parts and debris of one universe, the next universe arises stage by stage. This primal sacrificial creation of the universe in all its levels is the ultimate explanation that brings together harmoniously all the seasons of the year, the connection of rivers and land, the tilling of the earth and fall of the rain, the union of male and female, all distinctions between social classes, wars and trade with foreigners; indeed in all aspects of life, even including tattoos on the body and self-imposed mutilations of various kinds.

Pankaz had it in mind to typify the creative universe in his marriage ceremony and had arranged the many components without discussion with Salmanta. Only his own father and his father-in-law were to be were aware of his plans and had given their consent. And so the wedding came to pass on the Erangan-day of Sangawara, one of the nine-day weeks, 61 days after the wedding agreement was made. It was in the cool time of the year, at this stage in the calendar cycle of the Dayak people. That was important for Pankaz’s planning.

In preparation for his wedding night, and its nuptial fulfilment, Pankaz had undergone special training and physical initiation. It was a secret in the village but a few of the senior men and also the shaman knew what was happening to Pankaz, and they approved his resolve and his stamina. All would be revealed only at his formal copulation event, after the wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony went well, with much eating and drinking, dancing by the girls of the village and singing by the men. The shaman went into a favourable trance after suitable alcoholic preparations, with his loud exclamations of delight and promises for the future. Everyone agreed that the marriage was certain to be successful with many children and many years of good crops in Pankaz’s smallholding of land.

As darkness fell, Pankaz left the ceremony and retired to his dwelling, a newly-constructed roundhouse hear his ancestral lands but separated from both family residences by at least 200 strides. That is the tradition: a newly married couple must be seen to be separate and independent of their families. Close enough for mutual support but not so close as to represent a burden or a potential cause for tittle-tattle when disagreement breaks out, as it does in all families all over the world.

Salmanta went to another dwelling with four of her girl Alanya Escort Bayan friends and prepared herself by bathing and perfuming her body. She received the obligatory enema, which was always administered to new brides before joining their husbands. She was dressed in a short tight-fitting tunic over voluminous trousers made of a very particular lightweight fabric, similar to silk but so fragile that she needed to walk and sit with great care for fear of tearing it. The tunic showed off her breasts and waist to great advantage, and ended in a short skirt down to her mid thighs. She then sat with great care, of course, until the time was right for her to join her new husband. The signal would be the movement of the moon past a particular peak in the distant mountains, and the drunken shaman would choose the exact moment. She waited to be with her Pankaz, wondering what sort of husband he would be, and how he would treat her on their first night together.

At last, the shaman raised his arms and his long staff and shouted a mystical word, not in the Dayak language, but which everyone interpreted to mean, “Now is the time.” Salmanta stood up and walked towards Pankaz’s dwelling, silently, nervously, surrounded by her girl friends. At the entrance, she turned and waved at them; a gesture common throughout the entire human race to wish someone farewell and good fortune. She entered the roundhouse.

In the total darkness of the interior, she felt hands on her and thought they must belong to Pankaz but then realised there were too many. A panic began to come over her and she whimpered before breaking into a scream, which never came. A hand closed over her face, holding her jaws closed and she could only mumble her fear and shock. Then Salmanta heard the voice of her husband.

“Do not be afraid, my little one,” he spoke quietly, “this is an old custom and you will be pleased soon, so do not mind the other hands touching and holding you. Trust you husband in this and all things, and it will be well for us.”

She relaxed a little but still wished she could see what was happening to her. Many hands lifted her from the ground and held her horizontal with her head pointing towards the door she had just entered, and facing downwards. She strained to hold her head up and not allow it hang downwards like a shamed person or a frightened child. She was being moved backwards into the dwelling, further and further from the door, through which she could see the light of the moon and its eerie shadows on the ground outside.

The hands then moved her torso into a slanting position with her head higher than her hips, perhaps as the same angle that a thin tree is bent over by the typhoon that visited the region once every few years. Her legs were brought forward underneath her and first formed into a sitting shape, as if she was about to sat down, with her knees bent and her feet flat to the ground. But then the hands kept moving her legs until they were stretched out in parallel to the ground and at a very acute angle to her upper body. The strain on her hips was beginning to be felt. Only Salmanta’s many years of squatting and walking-while-squatting stopped her hip joints from dislocating. Even so, the strain was noticeable to her and she was uncomfortable.

Then it got worse. Her straightened legs were opened far apart and forced up past the line of her body so that her torso and head were positioned between her legs. This was truly uncomfortable and she whimpered again. Pankaz’s voice was soft and reassuring, “Only a few moments more, my little one.” Her normally-loose trousers were beginning to strain under her bottom and in the creases of her hips; so that she felt sure they would tear at any moment.

Unknown to Salmanta, her husband had undergone a rigorous and painful initiation over the previous 10 weeks. He had his penis pierced just behind the glans and a piece of shaped and smoothed bone inserted in such a way that he could never take it out. It was as thick as his middle finger and about 6 centimetres in length; say 2½ inches, protruding about half an inch either side of his erect penis. It was inserted vertically from top edge to bottom of his glans, just at its widest point. Such a modification is now known to the whole world by its Dayak word of ampallang. For the rest of his life, Pankaz would need to sit to pee since his ampallang bisected his urethra. It would produce a spray from that location and the front opening rather than a single stream from the latter.

In addition, Pankaz had another larger and longer piece of smooth bone inserted in the top edge of his penis, Alanya Escort at the point where it joined his own groin. This second bone was the width of his own erect penis and about 15 centimetres long; say 6 inches, and it had a bulbous end inside him. This bone was not quite parallel to his erect penis. It had been stitched into position originally, but now his flesh and skin had grown over it and it was part of his own body. He could move it around but not detach it from his groin. To all appearances, he was a man with two penises.

In the darkness, Pankaz lay in a reclined position on a special chair, designed secretly by the shaman and the village carpenter. He was excited by the events of the evening and also at the prospect that he was about to initiate his new wife into a tradition that had been lost for many years, maybe centuries; forbidden by the various missionaries that had come and gone through the region. His erection was massive and straining within its skin.

Salmanta was brought and positioned over Pankaz, about 20 centimetres above his engorged and glistening erection, with her back towards his chest. Pankaz reached out to his new wife, took hold of the trousers behind her waist, and in one swift movement tore them from her body. The trousers simply disintegrated in his hands and she was left naked from the waist down. She shock of it forced a great sob from her throat, as if she were about to dissolve into floods of tears. But events overtook any feeling she had of surprise, and stifled her cries. Instead her eyes opened widely and her mouth, as she became aware of what was happening between her legs. One of the hands spread over her entire fundament a thick, smooth and cool cream; and she could detect the scents of cinnamon and vanilla.

Pankaz positioned his second penis so that it presented to her anus. She was lowered by the many hands and smoothly, through the cream, Pankaz urged the bone into her sphincter, and so though into her rectum. For a young woman brought up to regards all evacuations as private and shameful, this was a momentous and disturbing event. Here was her husband piercing her with she knew not what, into the region of her recent enema, the place where she collected her daily waste, and into the heights of her intestines. Pankaz held her hips and urged her body further down towards his groin.

As her rectum and lower colon were being occupied, she became aware of a second sensation between her legs; this time at the front where only she had ever touched herself since childhood, and often shamefully. Salmanta felt a pricking sensation near her pleasure point; her clitoris, if only she had known the anatomical term. The pricking became a stretching; she felt as if her pleasure point was being pushed far forward and there was some discomfort also. Then another pricking sensation same to her at the back edge of her labia, and she could feel something being see-sawed into her. First pressure at the front and then at the back; repeatedly working its way into her vagina. With a sudden relaxation, the object was inside her and was followed by a shape and texture she knew could only be Pankaz’s erect penis. That was more familiar in her imagination although not her experience, since she was a virgin.

And then the many hands let her down onto Pankaz and their owners withdrew. For a brief moment, Salmanta saw a group of people, she assumed men, opening the door and going out into the moonlight, before shutting them in. Her legs unwound themselves from the earlier strange contortions. Pankaz reached round her body, sitting on her lap, and held her by her breasts through the tunic. Slowly, he undid the fastening of pegs and loops that held her tunic in place, until he could lift it off her arms; and so she was naked, lying on him, on her back.

Pankaz spoke, “Now my little Salmanta, we are joined and we cannot separate ourselves. You are locked onto me and I am locked into you, as the key that fits into the great door of the white man’s church. We may please each other as long as we like, but we must call for help to be separated. And it will be this way for all our lives together. If we make children, we shall do it like this. Whenever I desire you or you desire me, we must be joined in this way with the help of our friends. It is an old and important tradition, and I hope that you will obey me in all things including this one.”

Salmanta remained silent, wondering what had happened to her this day; and how their lives could possibly be private or romantic or even affectionate if a group of men was required to bring them together every time. Escort Alanya She felt apprehension but also excitement that she was doing something with her husband that had not happened for many generations.

Slowly, Pankaz began to move his body against her back. She could feel the simultaneous penetrations of her anus and also of her vagina, and the sensations intrigued her. From her vagina, she could feel the bone that traversed his penis. And in her rectum she could feel the fullness of the second penis pressing against the intervening membrane. The sensation was pleasant. It was more than pleasant; it was becoming urgent and overwhelming. For the first time in her life, she felt an orgasm developing between her ribs, and gradually descending towards her groin, until it overflowed with explosive pleasure and she leaned back against her husband. She let out a little shriek, and rested her perspiring body on his chest.

Pankaz still held her breasts and moved deliberately in and out of her two openings. He also could feel both bones in his little wife. The bigger bone pushed on his erection through the membrane and added to the sensation of friction and pressure. The shorter front bone occasionally made alignment with the rear bone and he could feel a jarring sensation in his erection. It was overwhelming for him as well. Then Salmanta felt his rhythm change and his breathing become deeper. With a surge of energy, and a cry on his lips also, he exploded his sperms and the rest of his seminal fluids into her. His bone insert produced a high pressure spray of semen all around and into Salmanta’s expanded vagina.

They were both spent. They subsided into a kind of slumber, connected together, with her lying flat out on him, between his spread legs. He continued to wrap his arms around her from behind, partly to stop her rolling sideways off him but also to feel at her curves and the warm blushing skin of her femininity. In his half-sleep, he wandered his hands over her figure; into her waist, over her abdomen, under and over her breasts, between her thighs as far as he could reach. The bone implants kept them both aware of their unusual sexual position, and the pressures that still acted on both their sexual organs, each in a different way.

After a few minutes, perhaps half an hour, he felt the stirring of his erection again and so did she. He started to move back and forth so that his erection resumed its full force. He shifted Salmanta up onto his body from between his legs and started again to pump himself into her. Needless to say, within a few minutes they both reached a climax; she first and him two or three minutes later, after extensive and vigorous thrusting.

Some time later, Pankaz reached to his right and picked up a little bell, giving it a prolonged ring. Into the darkness of the dwelling came a group of men, who performed reverse contortions on Salmanta so that she was doubled up again, with her thighs pressed against her chest. And the couple were disconnected. It was only at that moment that she realised fully what her sexual experiences would be like in the future, for the rest of her life.

Over the next few weeks, as a newly married couple, they took advice and got new ideas from the shaman. On some occasions, Salmanta was bent and positioned over Pankaz but facing him. At those times, the big bone entered her vagina first and his boned erection went into her rectum. She learned what it meant to be bent and impaled, stretched and filled, tensed and relaxed. She stopped worrying about the state of her openings. Only the enema came first every time, and that was the sign from either of them that another sex session was desired. Sometimes, she would come into their room and the filled enema bag would be placed already over the open toilet vessel in the corner. At other times, she would prepare it for herself because she wanted the pleasure of time with Pankaz. Then he would see the empty bag and tubing on the mat next to the vessel as he entered the room. It was one of their most potent signs.

Then a call would go out to the group that coupled them together, so that they could be joined up for the night. Usually, they would be brought together at dusk and disconnected the following morning before sunrise. Frequently, they slept joined together for the rest of the night after their orgasms. And always on those nights, they awoke many times to continue their dalliance and try to reach more climaxes with each other.

So far as Salmanta knew, she was the only woman in the world with a boned husband. She felt unusual, privileged and excited every time she thought about it. Pankaz’s view on the matter was obvious every time he took his wife’s body for pleasure. They were a unique couple; he had a unique wife and he was an unusual man, anyway. Salmanta always reached orgasm before him and it pleased him to be able to provide that pleasure for his wife.

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