A Truly Wonderful Summer

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At first I was in total shock, I felt like I was being hit by an entire freight train without any warning. Brenda my wife of 20 some years sat me down to explain that things just had not seem right to her for a long time, she was leaving and moving in with her lover of almost a year. I know what people mean when they say you are the last to know!

Brenda and I dated all through High School; when we started College we were in love beyond words. When we were juniors we found out we were pregnant; Brenda is the only girl I have ever been intimate with. The good news however is we became parents to the most loving and wonderful daughter in the world, Jennifer.

There are so many things in this world I cannot explain how they come to be. Jennifer and I became very close while Jennifer and her mother just never happened. Brenda really did not want to have our baby at first, but I insisted we bring this new life into the world; together we could do it.

After Brenda gave birth she had a change in heart and understood we made the right decision. But she never really bonded with Jennifer for some reason. Mother daughter conversations never happened, girl times together never happened, the love was there, but a distance existed that I never could figure out.

Whatever it was between them I made up for it without ever thinking about it. Jennifer picked up all of my interests including competitive running, sailing, hiking, and just being active physically and emotionally. I can never hide my feelings nor can Jennifer.

Brenda hated going to the local Yacht Club with the two of us, Jenny is usually the life of the party! She is so incredibly social and able to walk a room with a glowing smile and natural attraction to all those around. I try to keep up with her but Brenda just wants to leave as soon as we drive up!

When it came time to start talking about boys, Jenny came to me. I remember the first conversation, we were driving back from a track meet we both competed in about two hours out of town, and she wanted to know about birth control! I damn near crashed the car! She started giggling at me when I could not find the right words to say. The truth is she was actually more concerned about her athletics and her “Girl” time issues rather than boys.

That being said, I did arrange for her to seek proper medical information on the issue. I faced the same embarrassment every time she wanted to go shopping for under garments. Something about shopping for bras and panties with your Daughter still seems out of my comfort zone, but she preferred shopping with me rather than Brenda. I swear the girl just likes to make me blush!

Jennifer started College last year. Her 19th birthday was just a few weeks ago, and I am sad to say Brenda used that time to share her news with Jennifer. Jenny is such a sweet and beautiful young lady; the news almost crushed her. I wish we could have waited, but Brenda was on a mission at that point. With the news out in the open I also preferred that Brenda move on and away from me.

Financially all will be fine and I made sure that Jennifer understands nothing will change for her. The biggest problem is that Brenda made it known she wants Jennifer to stay with her when school is out. I have always been the one Jennifer shares everything with. I know everything about Jennifer and I know she does not share that much with Brenda.

Jenny called me last week as she often does, actually we speak every day, and wanted to assure me she plans on staying with me when she is out of College for the summer. That brought me great relief; I really need her around now that I am single. I am certain we will enjoy a truly wonderful summer together!

Jennifer also knows how and when Brenda and I got pregnant; so she has always been very careful around boys. I have encouraged her to date more, but she has always made sports and education her number one priority. I am certain she has a long trail of broken hearts in her path. These young klasbahis güvenilirmi boys can’t help but fall in love with her. Jennifer is the ideal young lady, very beautiful; but also very caring, open, and friendly.

As exams got going and Jenny was slowly packing her things, the excitement of having her home for the summer began to build. She called more and more. Our conversations were filled with happiness and something else, a certain aura started to evolve. We have always been close but the good bye “I love you” moments lasted longer and longer. Neither of us really wanted to hang up, we just held on to each word as long as we could.

Finally today she will be home. She called when she left school. She has called three times while on the road. I told her to drive careful and not worry about anything here at the house. I have plenty of her favorite foods and refreshments, plus tomorrow we are going for a long run followed by a day at the spa for herself!

Hearing her car pulling into the garage and park where once Brenda had parked, I dart out to greet her. Jenny wastes no time jumping out of her car and into my waiting arms. That hug brought me to tears, feeling her so close also knowing she choose to be with me rather than Brenda was all I could think of.

Jenny raises her eyes to mine and our lips are like magnets pulling each other into a kiss beyond Father/Daughter expectations. Jennifer and I didn’t care about anything else at that moment; we just kiss with all the passion I have ever felt. No judgment, no fear, no inhibition; just pure passion for each other.

Breaking for some much-needed oxygen, we giggle softly for a moment then once again we bring our lips together. I feel her tongue parting my lips and I accept her tongue with delight. Our hands wrap tightly around each other’s body and we feel the warmth glowing from our hearts.

This time when our lips part Jenny begins to whispers. “I love you Daddy”. Placing my hands on her soft face and gently caressing her I respond in kind. “Jennifer, I truly love you with my whole heart.”

We grab each other’s hand and walk into the house, leaving the work of unloading for later. For now we just seem to want to share our first privacy. Nothing could ever prepare us for a moment like this. There was no plan, there was no discussion, and there was no question why as we walk hand in hand towards my bedroom.

Jennifer walks through the doorway first and I stop to close the bedroom door. My eyes stare at her perfect backside as she walks to the in-room bar. She looks into my eyes through the mirror and smiles as she reaches for my favorite Scotch. Two small shot glasses are filled as I move in close behind her and touch her shoulders.

Jenny slowly turns to face me and we wrap our hands around each other’s and sip a toast for the occasion. I cannot explain how this moment has come to be. I have always been the one to tuck Jenny in for the night, we have always shared many good kisses, but we have never crossed the line before. I realize this evening has been brewing for a long time, but not a word has ever been spoken.

After our toast we kiss again. Her lips are so soft, her tongue tastes so wonderful in my mouth, and her hands caress me all over my body. My fingers glide down to the top of her skirt and pull her blouse from the waist. I love hearing her gentle moans and I start to unbutton the blouse. Sliding it off her shoulders, Jenny pulls her arms back slightly making it so easy to slide it off her shoulders and down her arms. I reach over and set it on the lounge chair next to us.

I spin her tiny body around and place her hands on the counter top of the bar. She quivers has I bring my hands down her naked back to the top of her skirt. She holds still and I pull the zipper down her butt. As my fingers slide under the skirt I feel her young body quiver as I glide the skirt to the floor. With confidence she steps up and again I place the garment klasbahis yeni giriş on the lounge chair.

Kissing Jenny’s neck seems to put both of us at ease. Caressing her back brings a smile in the mirror, undoing her bra brings her eyes to a close. After I unhook her bra I reach to Jenny’s shoulders and slide the straps off and collect the bra from her front side. Once her breasts are free from the burden of the bra Jenny opens her eyes and smiles peacefully into my eyes.

I kiss her naked back and gently reach around to her soft warm breasts and caress them for the first time. Her moans of pleasure echo throughout the bedroom, she twists her head and our lips lock. I drive my tongue into her mouth and she gently pushes her butt into the rock hard excitement.

“Oh God Daddy, your hands are the first to touch me.” Jenny quietly says.

“Jennifer your body is so warm and soft, your breasts feel so pure and perfect.” I response.

We stop kissing for a brief moment and stare into the mirror, our eyes fixated on each other. I pull my shirt off and remove my shorts, both of us standing almost totally naked. Jenny spins around and she plants her nude breasts against my naked chest and our kiss is deeper than either of us have ever experienced.

Running my hands down her lovely body I pick her up in my arms and walk her over to my bed, her lips devouring my lips. Lowering her to the bed I lay down with her as our fingers caress each other’s skin. My tongue rolls over her naked breasts and I wrap my teeth around her pink hard nipple. Gasping and moaning Jenny runs her fingers through my hair as I bring excitement to her she has never known.

Moving from one breast to the other her body trembles, I take all of her breast into my mouth and screams surround our nest. Squeezing one breast and sucking on her other breast continues as I feel her fingers start moving lower on my body. Jenny slides her fingers under my briefs and my mouth falls from her breast as she wraps her fingers around my hard throbbing shaft.

Feeling her stroke my shaft I instinctively glide my free hand under her panties. Jennifer’s thighs tighten up as my fingers massage between her moist swollen petals. Jenny’s tongue drives deep into my throat, with that my finger plunges deep into her wanting pussy. Her head throws back withdrawing her tongue from my mouth and I hear the most wonderful moan I have ever known.

Stroking my finger into Jennifer’s tight pussy brings her flat on her back begging for more pleasure. Suddenly free from any inhibitions my darling daughter starts wanting more and more. I am shocked by her demands and pleased that I am able to make her feel like the woman she has become.

“Don’t stop Daddy, push deeper, and push harder, faster daddy!” Jenny keeps screaming.

My lips cover her mouth and finally I feel her entire body explode as a rush of air and vocal pleasure flows from her beautiful young mouth. I cram every cell of my two fingers into her sloppy wet pussy and hold them in as tight as I can while she trembles uncontrollably.

“Oh God baby, I can’t believe how hard you cum!” I softly whisper into her ear.

“Daddy I never done that before, it is so incredible!” She says as she kisses me again.

While we lay on our sides our lips cannot stop kissing each other. Jenny’s fingers once again wrap around my rigid cock; the feel of her fingers stroking me start to bring me to an uncontrolled high! With dirty passion written all over my face I reach down and pull my briefs off. I rise up on my knees by her feet and suddenly grab her wet panties. In there soaking wet condition the lacy panties just tear off in pieces.

Staring at my daughter’s totally bold mound my hands grab her ankles and I spread them far apart and without concern I plant my mouth on her yearning young pussy. Jenny tries to cover her mouth with her delicate hands but her screams penetrate the house with her own dirty desires.

I klasbahis giriş drive my tongue into her body and her thighs spring tight around my head. My fingers join in the feast forcing her body into an uncontrolled display of wild tension. Finally she slams her fisted hands onto the mattress and a primal scream roars from her mouth. We both have to take leave and do our best to recover our wits about us. Jennifer’s body twitches; her lungs exhale then once again inhale deeply.

My tongue caresses her fatigued pedals then I glide my tongue up her soft creamy skin to her breasts. I hear and feel her young toned legs spreading farther apart allowing my naked body to rest into her cradle of love. I lift myself with my knees and hands and place my throbbing cock on her tight belly. Jenny grabs it with her hands and strokes firmly.

“Fuck me Daddy, I so dearly need your cock in my body.” Jenny confidently speaks. “My virginity is yours to have Daddy.”

I lower my lips to her mouth and we kiss as lovingly as ever.

“Then take your daddy cock my love and enjoy ever inch as I fuck you as deep as I can go.” I beg of her.

I glide my hips lower and the entire length of my cock slips between her legs. I rub the length of it along her soaking wet petals. She places her hands on my face and we stare deep into each other’s eyes. Once I place the head of my cock on her opening she gasps.

“Yes, yes, yes daddy, fuck your baby, I want you so badly daddy.” Jennifer keeps wanting more.

I hear a sudden yelp as I thrust my cock into her flower.

“Don’t worry my love, the pain will pass and daddy’s cock will bring you more pleasure than you have ever felt.” I explain as I try to calm her.

I keep the pressure up and drive every inch on my thick hard cock into her tiny virgin pussy. Jennifer lays still closing her eyes and takes it all, wanting to be my only lover forever. We gently kiss, tears of love fall from the corners of her eyes. I reach down with my tongue and clean her face from her tears.

We hold each other tightly; we wait for the pain to transform into pleasure. Slowly I am able to start to glide out and massage her opening with the head of my cock. Jenny starts to purr in delight. Her smile tells me she is ready for her most important explosion she will feel this night. I test slowly and ease every inch of my cock back deep into her tight velvet feeling pussy.

She exhales with a uuhhhgg. Jenny’s eyes glaze over in lust. I feel her tiny fingers reach around and grab my naked ass. I lower my teeth onto her hard pink nipple and bit down softly. Together our hips start to find the rhythm of love. My cock finds pleasure with each stroke and Jenny starts to become loose with her speech.

“I want you to cum in me Daddy, I want to be your little cum slut. I need your cock to explode in your Daughter. I’m begging you Daddy, harder, fuck me harder.”

Our toned bodies discover the fluid motion that most perfectly intensifies our mutual pleasure. My cock pulsates; my balls tingled with pressure wanting to void themselves of my seeds. Our bedroom is now full of nasty sounding words that get more and more dirty, wanting each other to feel all the passion we can muster.

“Jennifer, I’m going to fuck you and explode all my love into your womb.” I scream loudly.

“Fill me Daddy, give my every seed you have. Deep in my pussy Daddy, my body is for your pleasure now.” Rushes from Jennifer’s mouth.

Suddenly I slam every inch of daddy cock completely into my daughter’s body, I push deeper and deeper with that stroke and I explode with a loud grunt throwing my hips harder and harder with that final stroke. Streams of cum pour into her no longer virgin body. Relief overcomes her stare and she holds totally still wanting every drop of cum to stay in her body.

Sweat pours from our bodies, a feeling of fulfillment overwhelms our senses. While making love to each other was never spoken of, we both knew in our hearts we wanted to share ourselves so badly with each other. Lying quietly still joined, relaxed confident smiles are shared along with peaceful gentle kisses. Finally my exhausted cock slides from Jennifer’s tight grasp.

This truly wonderful summer is going to be special!

To Be Continued!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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