A Voyeur’s Hair-Raising Induction

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Alan had been stuck in his office the last few days poring over some complex paperwork and felt the need to get out. The weather was looking fine for a walk in the hills above his home to get some fresh air and exercise to clear away the cob webs.

He thought he’d take his binoculars along as there was bound to be some wildlife to watch, whether birds or some deer. Alan was a bit of a loner; bright but somewhat introverted. He’d had a few brief relationships but nothing recently, though he thought the walk would do wonders for both his physical and mental health.

After getting his walking boots on and rucksack packed with a day’s supply of food and water he soon passed above town along some little used tracks. The warm sunshine and the varied fragrances of the vegetation soon lifted his spirits as did the bird song.

An hour or so after leaving the main town Alan could hear a dog barking and some clucking chickens nearby. He noticed there were some gaps in an otherwise dense hedge to his left. Peering through one of the gaps he could see there was a semi-dilapidated shack with the dog sitting outside the porch wagging his tail. He could see there were a few chickens scratching around and then he spotted a woman of about 30 working in some vegetable plots.

Looking through his binoculars in the gap he could see her much better. Though she was fairly slim she was well toned from working outside. She had long auburn hair that was tied into a ponytail that dangled over half-way down her back.

She had a rosy-cheeked complexion from the sunshine and she had a fairly long nose which gave her a distinctive face. Not exactly pretty but something attractive about it. In the warm sunshine she had a light top on with her sleeves rolled up.

As Alan looked at her, he was beginning to think he may have seen her in the town the previous week, though her hair wasn’t tied into a ponytail then but hanging loose. Lowering his gaze down her frame and beyond her skirt which fell to just below her knees he realised, yes this was definitely the same woman he’d seen previously.

Though he thought the face and long auburn hair were quite distinctive, what really made him realise it was the same person were her legs. When he first encountered her a week or so earlier her legs immediately caught his attention as he gazed down. Though she had on a fairly long skirt he couldn’t help but notice her shapely calves were hairy. Not just a light growth of hair but a pretty dense covering of long brownish hairs all around them; a truly furry covering!

Now Alan had been to college and certainly while he was there it wasn’t uncommon to see a few women with hairy legs and/or pits, but none had had such hirsute calves as this woman. They were certainly the hairiest he’d ever seen on a woman and he didn’t realise they could get quite so hairy. They certainly beat his own in the hair stakes!

Alan was certainly fascinated by this woman. She was different to those in town where most were pretty conventional. He admired her as he watched her toil, weeding through her rows of vegetables. Her very hairy legs didn’t turn him off her, though at that point they weren’t especially doing anything to drive him wild, but he was intrigued by her.

While he watched her he started to think about some of the unshaved female students from his college days. Though he clearly remembered a few with untrimmed visible body hair, in his own class they seemed somewhat more conservative in comparison. From memory only a couple came to mind. First was willowy Helen, a very attractive hippie chick with long flowing dark brown hair and usually wearing floral tops and dresses. He remembers her slim arms were covered with a dense down of fine dark hairs and when she had on sleeveless tops her abundant dense dark pit hair was difficult to miss. By contrast though, he remembered her calves and the lower part of her thighs above her knees were always clean-shaven, though as she was a very popular lay, he had heard she had a very impressive bush that spread well onto her inner thighs!

The other student in his class was a very different looking woman. Very much a tomboyish type with an unruly mop of dark blonde hair. Like the hair on her head she had soft dark-blonde fuzz on her arms and some impressive growth under her arms. When he’d seen Amy in shorts, unlike Helen, her thighs were noticeably furry and natural. Her calves did get shaved, but not too frequently as more often than not they were pretty stubbly, but Alan didn’t recall them ever getting to fully grow out. Perhaps she let them grow out in the winter when she was covered in woolly tights or jeans?

After forty minutes or so watching the woman work he decided it was time to continue exploring around the woods and meadows around the hills. Despite the welcome distractions of being out in nature his mind kept returning to the woman whom he’d been watching. After a while something jogged his mind about a conversation he’d had with Bostancı Escort a friend in a bar a few months back. He remembered him talking about a couple who were trying to make a living, being partly self-sufficient up in the hill. Apparently the woman, called Ruth had been a teacher in a nearby village, but decided to leave the profession a couple of years back to live a simpler lifestyle. Her partner Jim did a number of various outside jobs including some forestry, a bit of building work and sometimes helping out on some nearby farms.

On his way back Alan had another peep through the hole in the hedge to see if Ruth was still there. There was no sign so she may have been inside, but as he headed to home she’d become like a song that sits in your head; an ear worm. No matter where Alan’s thoughts wandered they seemed to return to his intrigue in Ruth.

In the evening while he had a beer while watching some bland TV his thoughts again turned to Ruth. He was partly fascinated by the hairiness of her legs as it was something he hadn’t seen quite like hers before. Would she have shaved them when she worked in the school or perhaps she kept them under cover? Alan then remembered a conversation some months ago when somebody was talking about teachers in his son’s school and referred to one as Miss Hairy Legs-could it have been Ruth?

Though still not explicitly excited by Ruth’s furry gams at this stage he began to wonder what they felt like? He’d certainly liked to have run his hands up and down them for the novel experience! His thoughts also wandered to how hairy she’d be elsewhere? Given her calves were clearly unshaven, he suspected on his limited experience of hairy girls at college, that is was almost a certainty that everywhere else would be totally natural too if the legs were hairy.

He pondered how wild her bush would be and how far it might extend down her thighs and equally anticipated the untamed bushiness of her pits? By now Alan was getting pretty aroused as his thoughts explored the potential of Ruth’s natural body. Removing his bulging dick through his zip he imagined the aroma of sunshine on her body and the new sweatiness of her pits and groin. He dreamt of burying his head in her musty hairy pits and licking them dry. After satisfyingly jerking himself off Alan managed to think about getting ready for work in the morning.

Over the coming days as he was stuck in his dull cramped office his thoughts would often return to watching Ruth in her kitchen garden and having lascivious thoughts about her.

Alan noticed the weather was looking very warm for the weekend and he felt compelled to return to his journey of the previous week and hopefully spot Ruth again. He was certainly getting an infatuation with this different woman.

Fortunately the forecast proved accurate as Alan set off once again with his rucksack and of course his powerful optics to surreptitiously observe Ruth. It was certainly a lot warmer than the previous weekend and Alan felt the sweat trickle off his brow in the hot sunshine.

His luck was in as he saw Ruth walking up to a wooden stool outside her cabin. Given the weather her clothing was minimal with a shorter skirt a couple of inches above her knees and a sleeveless top. Ruth had little in the cleavage department so she had no need for a bra. Unlike her hirsute shins, Alan could see no visible hair on the exposed part of her thighs. However as she sat down she raised her arms up to tie her long mane up.

This was a vision Alan wouldn’t forget! Nestling in her pits was the lushest pit hair he’d ever seen. If he’d thought his old college buddy Helen had very hairy pits, this was on a higher level. The hair was long, dark and dense, strongly contrasting with her paler, if slightly tanned, skin. Through his binoculars he could see the hair was visibly wet with sweat and beads of moisture.

If body hair hadn’t truly excited him before, Alan was now really turned on by this hairy sensory landscape. He longed to smell the aromas and to taste it with his tongue. With her hair now tied up her arms were returned to her side but he could still see magical strands sticking out.

At this moment. Alan set eyes on Ruth’s partner Jim for the first time as he came out the door to sit on the other seat. Jim was tall and toned with several days of stubble on his face. His bare top revealed a lightly hairy but muscular chest. Alan was amused at how much hairier Ruth’s calves looked compared to the modest fair growth on those of Jim, though the darkness of her hair made them stand out so much more.

Alan couldn’t really hear much of the conversation but there seem to be a lot of light-hearted banter between them. Ruth then raised one of her hairy legs and placed the sole of her foot against Jim’s crotch and gently rubbed it against his kit.

Ruth was giggling as Jim started to get an erection from this foot stimulation but he picked her leg off and began to run his fingers through the Ümraniye Escort dense growth on her shapely calf, roughing up the hairs, making them stand more upright and less orderly.

Jim then picked Ruth up in his strong arms and they began a passionate embrace as their lips locked tightly. Coming up for breath Jim then removed her top and buried his face in one of Ruth’s sweaty, furry pits. Alan was green with envy but was enjoying the display of affection and lust.He could certainly hear gasps and grunts as Jim enthusiastically licked the moist axillary fur.

Alan realised he was getting quite a damp patch at the front of his shorts as he observed their antics. He suddenly realised he was really turned on by Ruth’s hairy pits. Though he was loving the show he decided to move on for a bit, have his lunch and return an hour or so later.

When Alan returned some time later he certainly wasn’t prepared for what was to come next! Ruth was again sitting on the wooden seat and had her left leg crossed over her other knee and was running her fingers through the long hairs carpeting the front of her calf.

What was there that hadn’t been there earlier was an old tin bath in front of where Ruth was sitting. Soon Jim reappeared and began filling the tub with water from a hose. Ruth then placed her calves in the cool water before lifting them up, the thick fuzz flattened against the skin and Alan was intrigued by the fascinating patterns of the hairs as the water drained away.

Alan was still somewhat mystified about why she was doing this? Jim then came out of the door and sat down and Alan could see he had a bar of soap in his hand. Wetting the soap, Jim then vigorously massaged one of Ruth’s wet furry legs with suds before putting the soap down. As Jim briefly returned inside she peered at the untidy tangle of hairs immersed in a soapy lather on her leg.

Returning outside it was now obvious to Alan what he was about to witness as Jim wielded a long blade in his hands. Alan initially felt a sense of shock as what was about to occur was not something he could have anticipated. Yet as Ruth placed her left foot on Jim’s right thigh he was feeling a sense of anticipation and even excitement as the adrenalin coursed through his system.

Placing the straight razor in his right hand Jim held Ruth’s ankle with the other hand and started to remove the first of the wet, soapy hair from just above her ankle leaving much paler skin in its wake. Thick dark strands of matted hairs fell to the ground and Jim had to tap the blade against the bath to remove excess fuzz stuck to the sharp blade. Moving up Ruth’s now slightly less furry calf towards the knee, Jim had completed the first strip of hair removal, revealing bare skin in the wake.

Ruth had a big grin on her face as she watched her partner shave her. Initially she seemed to be watching her leg hair fly to oblivion, other times just looking lovingly at her partner shaved her, but also Alan noticed her looking at his crutch. Alan himself was feeling pretty excited watching her furry gams being efficiently depilated. It was strangely mesmerising as Jim continued removing swathes of long hair from Ruth’s calf. Alan felt weirdly excited watching the blade slide through the hairs and watching the hairs cascade down to earth.

Though Alan hadn’t been especially aroused by Ruth’s hairy legs before he was now feeling really turned on watching this. It all seemed very sensual and very erotically charged watching the change from feral furry pins to silky smooth ones, enhanced by the obvious thrill Ruth herself seemed to be experiencing by her lover’s pampering.

Fortunately Alan’s location here was one seldom explored by others and his excitement was proving too much, so he removed his solid, leaking penis to discretely wank himself as Jim held up the calf to remove the hair remaining on the back of the leg. The first calf was now looking so different, devoid of the fur coat that had been covering it. But Jim went thoroughly over it a second time to remove the odd hair that escaped execution and a few small bristly hairs just below Ruth’s knee which he’d left to last, to be careful not to inflict any cuts here.

Alan was hooked! First of all he’d been overcome by the pure erotic thrill of seeing Ruth’s magnificently hairy pits and then overwhelmed by the excitement of watching her furry calf being being skilfully defuzzed.

This was half time and there were a few laughs between Jim and Ruth as she stretched out her newly denuded calf next to her wet, still hirsute right leg, making some unheard (to Alan) witty comments and pointing at her legs.

Though probably only five minutes before work began on the second calf it seemed like forever to Alan as he anticipated the next clean shave. He wasn’t quite sure why he found it so exciting to watch but it seemed to effect a sexual desire on a deep visceral level. Certainly there was a special intimacy between the lovers as Ruth was Kartal Escort being shaved, the sensual rhythm of the razor sliding though her dense follicles and watching the hair fall away with the resulting smoothness.

It was probably a relief for Alan’s spent, over-excited dick when the final swathes of hair were removed. As Jim returned inside with the blade, Ruth smiled as she looked down at her newly smooth, hairless calves and ran her hands up and down them, which again aroused Alan still hidden behind the hedge.

As Jim returned, Ruth jumped up running her hands through his chest hair and then cupping his stubbly chin as she locked her lips against his, showing her gratitude for his loving handiwork with the long blade on her hairy legs.

She then slid down Jim’s torso and unzipped him. His bulging penis sprung out with immediate release from its confinement. She gently ran her hands up and down the shaft while kissing and licking the thick head. This was far better than any ice cream!

Gently lifting Ruth off his manhood he removed her skimpy top and to Alan’s delight from the wings, he watched Jim raise an arm and bury his head in her wild furry pit hair, no doubt warm, sweaty and suitable aromatic. While indulging in some furry pit love he also unzipped Ruth’s skirt for it to fall to her smooth ankles.

From his seclusion Alan was left wide-eyed as for the first time he could see Ruth naked. He knew her bush would be pretty hairy but what he saw was truly impressive and his previously spent dick was beginning to respond accordingly. Ruth’s bush was the definition of hirsute- a wonderful wild jungle of dense long dark hairs that seemed to spread in every direction. While the part of her thighs just above her knees looked relatively hairless before, the top of her thighs had a dense covering of hairs, extending a good quarter of the length down them.

Jim was now ready for action and placed his thick dancing dick through the dense furry cover into Ruth’s eager vagina and pumped furiously until his load was fired, while at the same time licking and kissing Ruth’s face and rather flat breasts.

Ruth was now looking very flushed and red in the face and followed with more tender intimacy. Jim placed one of her feet in his mouth, sucking her toes while stroking those calves he’d so lovingly and carefully shaved a little while ago. Leaving the toes, he ran his mouth up her fresh smoothness, licking and gently kissing her calf before running his fingers through the long hairs on her inner thighs. Embracing his lover he then removed a comb from his back pocket and began to groom her thick pubes, running the teeth through the dense hairs and fluffing it all out, making it seem even hairier if that were possible!

After watching Jim and Ruth have tender moments for half an hour, Jim turned Ruth over and for the first time Alan could see her naked rear for the first time. Seeing her like this it looked like she had a large beard hanging down her undercarriage while at the same time Alan could see the hair extended round to her cheek crevices, with a dense furry lining to them, which Jim was gently fingering and then licking with feverish excitement. Alan couldn’t believe his luck to then watch Jim fuck furry Ruth from behind, with she squealed loudly as his dick throbbed back and forth.

At this point it was time to slip back home as he’d overdosed on adult entertainment for one day! He also realised how much certain things turned him on more than he’d realised. There was something so erotic in the spectacle of wild full hair in a woman’s pits and pubic area. He was also appreciative of the leg hair too though watching them being shaved was incredibly arousing to watch.

Following a shower and a quick beer at home, Alan decided to head down to a bar in town as the sun went down. He’d just finished his first drink when amazingly he spotted a couple heading in his direction to the bar. Though he recognised them they wouldn’t know him. A real case of serendipity as hand in hand, Ruth and Jim headed for an empty table one table away from where Alan was sitting.

Ruth looked amazing with her long mane of auburn hair hanging down. As she sat on the road side edge of the bar the last rays of evening sunshine shone down making her hair look on fire. Her skirt slipped up a little showing a little bit of thigh above the knee. At this much closer distance he could see they weren’t quite as hairless as they looked at a distance. The sun enhanced a few short fine dark hairs above her knees which contrasted with the newly smooth landscape below her knees. Alan felt a tingle of excitement as he knew how hairy they were just a few inches higher up!

Alan wondered whether the leg shaving was for a special date night tonight? They clearly hadn’t seen a razor for many months at least and possibly much longer. He was also intrigued as to whether she had suggested it or perhaps Jim? Whoever, they both clearly enjoyed the intimate procedure. And so had he!

After a little while as Jim went to the loo she played with her mane raising her arms enough to reveal the dense hair in her pits. Alan could almost taste them from here and he could certainly detect a womanly earthy odour from them to his delight!

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