A Walk on the Wild Side for Two

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My wife and I stood nervously outside the club doors. I think in spite of all the conversations we had had about this we were both still very uncertain if we wanted to do this, although by the end of the evening one of us would be embracing it much more than the other for good or bad. The place was a swingers club, a destination my wife of twenty years and I would never have imagined earlier in our relationship we would ever want to enter, yet here we were. It had all started with an innocent conversation during a movie months earlier, the movie was about wife swapping, and we talked about what kind of people would want to see their spouse having sex with someone else. We were making fun of the idea at the time yet when we went to bed that night we played out a fantasy where my wife was having sex with another man and it, well frankly, turned us both on more than we ever thought it would. Still, it is a long way from fantasy to the real thing and I, for one, never thought we would go there, yet the thought of it seemed to pray on both our minds. A few months later, we ran into an old friend who had second-hand knowledge of the local swinger’s club scene, and he clued us in on one not far from where we lived. Even knowing the location, it was still some time and many bottles of wine and late night discussions before we ended up deciding to come here.

As we loitered outside the door I looked over at my wife’s uncharacteristically sexy outfit, well sexy for a forty-plus-year-old woman anyway, and she was wearing a black top with a scoop neck that just revealed the tops of her pale-skinned breasts. Down below she wore a knee-length grey skirt and had covered herself a bit up top with a calf-length brown jacket in an old fashion looking style. My wife, Susan by name, was a fair-skinned redhead with short wavy hair that dropped just past the nape of her neck, beautiful chocolate brown eyes above a small nose and a sweet little boat-shaped mouth, which she had covered in lipstick with a dark plum color. I thought at her age she was still quite striking and she was often mistaken for being quite a bit younger than she was. I stood a good head above her five-foot-five frame, six feet tall and in good shape for a man who just celebrated his fortieth birthday. My dark brown hair had a few stray strands of grey but my beard was still free of such things, and I was told I had quite striking green eyes in an otherwise plain but handsome face.

With a deep breath, I finally pushed open the doors, and we went inside, the club was quite lovely all wood paneled and giving off an old world sort of European vibe, it was crowded with a wide variety of people of different ages and ethnicities, a real melting pot as it were. Susan and I eventually managed to find a table and ordered drinks, just set back to take it all in. I think we were both a little lost as to exactly how this was supposed to work since neither of us had ever done anything like this before. As it turned out we did not need to do much of anything, it seemed like periodically throughout the evening interested couples, and individuals would drift by the table and start chatting us up. We tried to be kind to everyone who showed interest but to be honest the few times it happened one or the other of us wasn’t interested in some half of the couple who can over to us, and we weren’t interested in just a three-way. It seemed fair to have a couples thing, though finding a situation where we both liked the other couple was rapidly turning out to be problematic. It started to look like we were going to strike out and I think deep down I was relieved that we hadn’t found anyone that fit the bill for us when a youngish couple of thirty-somethings suddenly appeared at the end of the table.

They introduced themselves as Rick and Diana. Rick reminded me of a young Harrison Ford with swept-back dark hair and an obvious roguish glint in his eye, a bit on the thin side though not skinny he stood holding a glass of wine with his arm around a woman who turned out to be his girlfriend. Diana was taller than my wife with hair so light blonde it looked almost white. It fell around her face in straight layers that ended just above her collarbone on each side. Her skin was tan, and she had the typical dark smoky eyes favored by the younger set with a broad smile on her soft earth-toned lips. As I looked more closely, I think Diana reminded me a bit of Brigit Fonda; she had smallish boobs like the actor though she was showing them off in a rather flattering dark blue dress that had a plunging V-neck line.

They joined us at the table, and for the first time that night, we seemed to be hitting it off with someone. Rick was both very charming and very funny, and he quickly had my wife and me laughing, and Diana proved to be the quieter of the two, but she was not above dropping in a funny quip every now and again. As the evening wore on I noticed Rick paying more and more attention to my wife and at one point, and quite to my surprise, he made a joke and followed it up by placing his hand over my wife’s while she was laughing. A few seconds Alanya Escort Bayan later I notice that he was running two fingers across the back of her hand but not only did my wife not seem to mind she reciprocated by lifting her hand and running her fingertips across his palm while smiling at his continued banter. It was the first time I had ever seen my wife offer affection to another man and to be honest it did not make me mad or jealous at all but instead gave me a raging hard-on in my pants. I decided to push my luck at that point and casually placed my hand on Diana’s leg; she smiled and didn’t make any move to drive me away. I started running my fingertips up and down her thigh, to my astonishment she just smiled and then winked at me! Things obviously seemed to be going well, and I have to admit the whole situation was arousing me though I had no idea where it was going next.

Rick seemed to be comfortable taking the lead as he said –

“You know Susan if I were honest; I’ve wanted to kiss you ever since I sat down here that is if Rob doesn’t mind?”

Both of them looked over at me, my wife’s expression was surprisingly unreadable, I don’t think she was indifferent, but she seemed as if she was willing to leave it entirely up to me while not giving me a signal how she felt about it one way or another. I figured this is what we came here for and better to see if this bothers me before we move any further, so I gave just a tiny nod of my head. I found my heart suddenly beating a mile a minute in my chest as for the first time I watched another man kiss my wife. To Rick’s credit, he didn’t maul her like an oversexed teen, it was a lovely, gentle kiss, he copied one of my moves cupping the side of her face in his palm as he leaned in, I watched my wife close her eyes and then their lips met. The kiss was not super long, but it was far from short, and though there was no tongue there was a lot of lips rubbing and a few smacking noises, I guess it was almost a mini make-out session. When they broke the kiss, I noticed my wife looked a bit embarrassed and lowered her eyes to the floor for a second, but I also saw the smile on her lips and I decided that she must have enjoyed the kiss.

“Hey, I think we should get a turn, to be fair right Rob?” said Diana.

I glanced briefly at Susan, but her face had returned to the same unreadable mask she had been wearing before, but in for a penny in for a pound right? I mirrored almost the same move Rick had just pulled cupping the side of Diana’s face before bringing my lips to hers. I was going for the same sweet sort of romantic kiss that Rick and Susan had just shared, but Diana had other ideas. She turned out to be the more aggressive of the two, quickly opening her mouth against mine and sliding her tongue forward pushing me into a scorching little French kiss. I hate to admit it, but after the initial shock of her forward move I found myself quite enjoying the kiss, she knew how to use her tongue. After a long moment, when the kiss finally broke, I found my body trembling slightly from the arousal of kissing her.

Diana smiled back at me.

“That was nice, you have very soft lips, Rob,” said Diana.

“Yes, he does” my wife replied.

I couldn’t quite make out her tone. I wondered whether she was upset that Diana and I had kissed in such a sexy fashion or maybe she was just supplying an honest observation it was hard to say.

Rick cleared his throat at this point and seemed to take in the mood at the table, looking around he came back with, “Maybe we should take this somewhere more…private”

I was not sure at first what he meant, but it turned out that the club had private rooms for couples that wanted to slip away for intimate fun away from prying eyes. Rick led the way with Diana behind him and Susan and I bringing up the rear her hand clasped tight around mine. Rick stopped to talk to an attendant, and he took us to a room and unlocked the door. It was a round shaped chamber with red curtains covering the walls and a sofa that wrapped all the way around the inners area; it had substantial seat cushions and a low back. Once again, I wasn’t sure of the protocol here, should we immediately pair off with someone other than the person we came with or was there for a warm-up period or something? Thankfully, Rick retook charge of things taking Diana by the hand and leading her over to the couch where they sat closely together.

I guided Susan to a spot just down the furniture from them. Rick wasted no time, and he and Diana were quickly making out trading some very hot looking French kisses as he squeezed her ass with one hand, I looked at Susan briefly and then moved in meeting her warm, soft mouth with mine. My wife has always been a spectacular kisser, it did not take long for us to match Rick and Diana in the hot French kissing department, as the passion began to grow in me I reached down and slid a hand up Susan’s skirt. I should point out that one tip we had received about these kinds of clubs was to keep your clothing as easy access as possible, Alanya Escort in that vein we had purchased Susan a pair of black silk crotch-less panties. I quickly found her bare pussy under the dress and was slightly surprised at just how wet she was already, I realized she was enjoying this after all, and I guess she was just leery of letting on how much in case I wasn’t. I started to rub her clit gently through the hood of her pussy and Susan responded with a sigh and began to kiss me much harder shoving her tongue against mine and rubbing me through my loose-fitting grey slacks.

I don’t know how long we sat making out like that, but I do remember definitively when the narrative changed, one minute Susan and I were engaged in a passionate make-out session our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths and the next I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to find Diana sitting on her knees next to me so that her head was above mine. Diana quickly pulled my mouth to hers and began to kiss me deep and hard her tongue plunging down my throat, and I moved to pull her to me and returned her kiss rather exuberantly. She also took over where Susan had been doing the work just seconds ago reaching between my legs to stroke my swollen cock through my pants. After a time Diana took the temperature up about a thousand degrees as she unzipped my pants and pulled my prick from inside and immediately lowered her head between my legs and wrapped her lips around my throbbing organ. It didn’t take me long to get lost in the sensations of the hot blowjob that Diana was giving me as she worked my pole up and down. She was running her tongue around the fat purple head of my cock and then descending back down again almost putting her nose in my pubic hairs as she deep throated my penis.

As Diana gave me a titanic blowjob I looked around and realized that Susan had moved to sit with Rick, as a matter of fact, she was sitting in his lap with her legs on either side of his thighs and a bit to my consternation that were engaged in one seriously hot looking make out session. Susan had her hands around the back of his head, and it was apparent she was French kissing the shit out of him with both of them working their tongues back and forth deep into each other’s mouths. As I watched Rick began pulling my wife’s shirt up and eventually she raised her arms so that he could take it off over her head, now she was straddling him in just her heavy black lace bra and skirt. The bra didn’t last long, a second later Susan reached behind her and unhooked it throwing it aside and Rick was immediately on her tits sucking one of her hard pink nipples into his mouth as he squeezed the soft round flesh of her fun bags. I continued to watch as Susan threw her head back, biting her lower lip and letting out a soft groan as Rick sucked and licked her aroused nipples. I knew from experience Susan liked getting her tits sucked and Rick seemed to be doing a superlative job.

“Oh…Rick…suck my tits…yes…OH…FUCK!” I heard Susan moan.

Never in my life have I felt such a mix of arousal, jealousy, anger, and joy all at once. It was intoxicating and revolting all at the same time, although I was thoroughly enjoying Diana’s work on my hard love pole and the erotic sight of my wife getting her tits sucked as she moaned and swayed in Rick’s arms. I still felt a wave of negative emotions at the thought that Susan seemed to be enjoying Rick’s efforts. If I was suffering a crisis of conflicting feelings at this point, it was not made better by what happened. Next, Susan suddenly rose and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the ground so that she was just wearing the crotch-less panties I had mentioned earlier. She bent down and undid Rick’s pants as he slid them to the floor. Beneath he wore no underwear and all that was Rick was entirely on display, his cock wasn’t as thick as mine though it did look like it might be a bit longer and my wife reached down and took it in her right hand stroking it slowly up and down. For a moment, she just stood slightly bent over rubbing Rick’s cock and whispering something that I could not quite make out, and then she got on her knees and the next thing I knew Ricks cock was sliding past my wife’s soft pink lips.

I observed fascinated and stunned at the same time, like watching a car wreck and not being able to look away from the tragedy overcoming your fellow human beings. My wife was sucking another man’s cock not four feet away from me, and it was almost surreal as she sucked him up and down and licked his shaft the same way she had my own many times over the years. Rick had his head back on the couch and his eyes closed with one hand in my wife’s hair as she worked his erect love pole; she seemed to be into it. I saw no hesitation as she stroked and licked his cock and I even heard her moaning softly in her throat as she kept working on him. It was arousing and scary all at once, I wanted her to stop, and I wanted her to make him cum all over her, I longed to see them fuck and I wanted to run from the room, it was the oddest mix of emotions I had Escort Alanya ever felt.

If I had any doubts I was unable to voice them. Admittedly I distracted by the fact that Diana was deep throating my fucking cock at the time. The next instant this bizarre little porn story playing out before me took another turn as Susan rose up from the floor and straddled Ricks thighs again, but this time she sat up slightly and the next thing I knew she was lowering herself onto Ricks erect penis. I heard her let out a sigh of breath as the purple head of his penis pushed her pussy lips aside. I had a ringside seat as every inch of his pole slowly vanished into Susan’s pussy until his dark hairy balls pressed into the red hairs around Susan’s pussy lips. They began to move almost immediately as Rick put his hands on my wife’s hips and started guiding her up and down as she rode his long cum cannon with her wet cunt. At first, it did not seem much different than when we do it except, of course, I was watching and not participating. Then something changed, my wife started making noise except this was louder and shriller than any sound she had ever made when we were fucking. It wasn’t long before the volume made it very easy to make out what she was saying over the music filtering in from the club on the other side of the wall.

“Oh, Rick…fuck me Rick…shit…ah…fuck me Rick…oh…God…I love to fuck…need to fuck so bad…God, I love to fuck…ah fuck me, Rick…FUCK ME RICK!…….AH FUCK ME RICK!” screamed my wife.

It was the most arousing and most deflating thing I had ever been privy to, my wife riding Ricks long Johnson, watching as it slid in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Listening to her moan and cry, his name louder and louder until I swear I thought you could have heard her all the way downtown. While this was going on Diana finally came up for air, being honest I was so distracted watching the Rick and Susan fuck show that I had forgotten she was down there. She moved in to kiss me again and then pulled her dress off her shoulders and down to show me her small but very perky tan tits, topped with tight little cocoa butter dark nipples. I tried to get my mind off of what was going on next to me by concentrating on sucking Diana’s tits and for a while that worked until Rick and Susan decided to kick things up into another gear. Rick laid her across the sofa and climbed between her legs jamming his rock hard cock into her once again and proceeding to hump her so hard and fast his ass was almost a blur as he nailed my wife like a machine. I got to hand it to him with two bad discs in my back I could not have fucked like that to save my life and Susan indeed seemed to be enjoying it as the sounds of her screams hit an all-time high.


Her back was almost up off the couch as I saw her gripping the cushions with both fists her eyes screwed tight shut and her teeth clenching and unclenching as she gave into her bodies needs and let Rick fuck her silly. I did not see how she could possibly last long like this and as it turns out, she could not. I watched as she pulled Rick to her for a second, it looked like she was trying to swallow his tongue as she French kissed him deep and long. Rick rose up to start pounding away again, and Susan’s eyes grew wider and wider as she screamed the roof down.


“OH FUCK Susan!…GOING TO FUCKING CUM!” yelled Rick who had been just a few strokes behind her and now emptied his love gun into my wife’s trembling pussy filling her with his spunk.

The sight of my wife cumming all over Ricks cock sent me into a strange sort of sexual rage and all of the sudden I needed to fuck maybe worse than I ever had in my whole life. I grabbed Diana’s panties, ripped them off her tossing them aside, and pulled her over my raging hard-on as I pushed her wet pussy onto my rock hard prick. I felt my penis pressing into the folds of Diana’s warm wet pussy as she grabbed at my shoulders for balance. I was ramming her up and down on my cock. For her part, Diana at least salved my ego somewhat by screaming nearly as loud as Susan had been just minutes earlier as I plowed her insides with my fat prick.


We kept at it for several long minutes, at times Diana would lean forward to suck my tongue into her mouth and kiss me hot and hard, always leaning back to take more of my pounding dick. I found myself wondering what Susan was thinking right now, as she filled with the same mix of sexual arousal and anguish watching me pound the tight cunt of this hot little blonde bitch? It turned out I did not have to wonder because a second later, I felt a hand on my chest and I turned my head to find my wife looking into my eyes. Hers had a frenzied look in them as she pulled my head to hers and kissed me hard running her tongue into my mouth, and then she broke the kiss and started to egg me on as my orgasm began to grow in my sack.

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