A Week with Cathy Ch. 13

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Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Barry had come home. I mean I was really surprised since, because it was a hot morning and nobody had turned the air conditioner on yet, when I woke up I walked to the bathroom wearing only my panties. And there was my little brother, walking out of the bathroom.

A week ago this would have been mortifying — but a few nights ago he’d seen everything I have, and had his hands on most of it. “Hold that thought,” I said to him before he could say anything, holding up my hand.

When I finished doing my business, I could have wrapped a towel around myself, but why bother at this point? I came out dressed as before, and told him to come to follow me to my room. He sat on my bed and I went to my dresser. “This can’t be good,” I said. I pulled on a pair of shorts, and a crop top with a built-in bra. Those things are only a small step above useless, but I knew it was going to be too warm for a bra today.

“It isn’t good,” he agreed. Well, I should hope he wouldn’t be this blasé about my nudity if he weren’t upset about something.

He’d gone off to spend a long weekend with his girlfriend Anna and her family, and he hadn’t expected to return home with his virginity intact. Or return home three days early, for that matter.



“The usual?”


“It’s over?”

“I think so this time, yeah.”

Barry and I are close: I didn’t need him to fill in many blanks, and I also knew not to press him for details.

So he and Anna were done. I think he knew how I always felt about her, but I would never say it to his face. And I wouldn’t now either, just in case “over” didn’t turn out to be permanent. “Have you seen Mom or Dad yet?”

“I saw Dad just briefly, before he left for work. I was still up when Mom snuck back home from next door, so of course I had to pretend not to notice.” Mom and Dad think we don’t know she spends half her nights sleeping in Cathy’s family’s den. Things aren’t going well in Casa Conway.

“I have no plans for today,” I lied. When I woke up I saw that Kara had me invited over for a girls’ party, but when I saw Barry had come home, I declined. “Let’s do something.” I really didn’t want to spending the whole day in his room sulking, as he had in the past when he and Anna had broken up.

“Thanks, but I really don’t feel like going anywhere.”

“How about after lunch we invite Gail and Scott over for a swim?”

“Gail and Scott and not Cathy?” he asked curiously.

“She had to go back to school suddenly last night,” I told him. Which had seemed odd to me. I might know my family’s dirty secrets, but I had a feeling there was something going on next door.

Could Cathy be pregnant? That would explain some things, but you’d think she’d have told me. Well, I’d give her a few days and then IM her and demand some details.

“That sounds good,” he agreed. Which didn’t surprise me: if he thinks anybody didn’t notice the way he was carrying on with Gail at the pool party before Anna showed up…

Gail had confided to me that if Anna hadn’t shown up, and Barry had invited her up to his room, neither one of them would be virgins today. I couldn’t tell Barry though: he was my brother and one of my best friends, and I hardly knew Gail, but a secret is a secret..

After breakfast, we sat out by the pool. I figured if he wanted to tell me what had happened between him and Anna, this would give him a chance.

He didn’t. That was okay too, of course.

“Would it be too weird if I took off my top?” I asked after a while, picking up the tube of sun cream. “I wouldn’t mind getting rid of some of these lines.”

“I can’t seem the harm at this point,” he said with the closest thing to a grin I’d seen on him today.

It suddenly occurred to me that I might be giving Barry mixed signals here. Did he think I wanted him to volunteer to rub the cream onto my breasts himself?

(Did I?)

Lying there topless made me remember the other night, and that got me wondering…if Scott had seen Gail topless before, as she told me he had, why was she so freaked out about taking off her bra in the pool the other night?

Maybe she didn’t want us to know he’d seen her like that? I guess it’s not something you want to advertise. And at least they never came as dangerously close to fucking as Barry and I had the other night.

I don’t think Barry has any idea that nallıhan escort I would have gone as far as he wanted.

After 20 minutes I flipped over and did ask Barry to rub the cream into my back.

He behaved.


After lunch, Gail and Scott came over. I was wearing my entire bikini by then, of course. Gail was wearing what she’d been wearing at the pool party, and I don’t think Barry was at all unhappy about it.

She seemed a lot redder than she’d been yesterday, and I tried to think how she might have gotten that way. I know Sara had been talking about sunbathing topless: could the twins’ get-together this morning have turned into a topless sunbathing party?

Wild. But no different from what I’d been doing, I guess. This might be the last sunny day before we all left for school, after all.

Barry and Gail seemed a bit awkward with one another at first — they’d been making out pretty heavily at the party, but now it was daytime and they weren’t surrounded by a lot of people also kissing and groping — but eventually the four of us became Scott and me, and Barry and Gail.

There was some casual touching going on in the pool, but no kissing or anything really improper. I had a feeling everybody was waiting for somebody else to start that.

Gail’s top had a big peek-a-boo hole in the middle and I’m not sure, but I think sometime since she got here she’d adjusted it to show a little more cleavage.

More-or-less alone with Scott, it was hard to forget how close I’d come to fucking him a few nights earlier. No way he wasn’t thinking the same thing (in case the bulge in his trunks didn’t make this obvious).

I was about to suggest Gail and I swim topless, since I’m sure she’d be fine with letting Barry see her breasts, but a sudden thunderclap interrupted my thoughts.

We all ran into the house just as the downpour began. We realized too late that Gail and Scott had left their shirts and shorts outside, but by that point everything would have been soaked anyway, so there was no point going out again to retrieve them.

I got some towels from the linen closet and tossed them to the boys, then brought Gail to my room to get a change of clothing. It was obvious my panties would have been too large for her hips (not that I’m big on lending out panties anyway), but I had a pair of cotton shorts that were a little tight on me, and that fit her fine. Also a short pink t-shirt that was a bit more snug on her than on me. And without a bra… Well, Barry can thank me later, I thought.

As we changed, I couldn’t help noticing that Gail’s skin was a little red all over.

I pulled off the shirt I’d been putting on, lying about it having a stain — I didn’t want to tell her I didn’t want both guys staring at her and ignoring me — and chose a button-down shirt which I didn’t button, but instead tied in a knot just below my breasts. I was showing a lot of cleavage, and was in danger of showing a lot more than cleavage. I’d never go outside like this, but there was nobody in the house who hadn’t already seen me topless.

When we got downstairs, Barry was just wearing a pair of shorts. The air conditioning hadn’t really kicked in yet and the house was hot (and muggy, now that it was raining), so I could hardly blame him. Barry’s on the small side, meaning Scott had no chance of fitting into any of his clothing, so Scott was just wearing a towel around his waist.

“Nice kilt,” Gail said.

“What do guys wear under their kilts?” I asked.

“The same thing girls wear under their pink t-shirts,” Scott replied, glancing over at Gail. The shirt wasn’t see-through — though certainly would be if it got wet — but it was thin and tight enough that you could just about make out where her areolas were.

“That’s your sister you’re talking about, perv,” I teased.

Gail did look killer in that shirt. I might just have to let her keep it. But more importantly, even with my tits half falling out of my own shirt, Gail seemed to be getting all the attention.

When the rain ended, and we went back out to the pool, I was definitely going in without my top. In fact… I was going to come out of the house without my top. Make a big entrance. In the meantime, though…

“Why don’t you guys go down to the basement?” I said. “I’ll be right down with a movie.”

A few weeks ago, when my father was coming home from next door (without my mother), necatibey escort I saw him hiding away a DVD, and when I checked the spot a few days later, I found a stack of X-rated movies.

Now sure, you can see all the porn you want online, but I guess it’s more interesting watching it on a big screen with another person. Or persons.

I did check out a couple of them: a murder mystery with a lot of girl-on-girl action (or more precisely a girl-on-girl film with some murder mystery thrown in), and an awful old low-budget thing called “Around the World in 80 Lays” which may have gotten better after the first five minutes, but that’s all of it I had patience for.

Today, I grabbed “Friends With Benefits,” which seemed to be about six twenty-something New Yorkers resembling the cast of “Friends” and their various (according to the box) “two-somes, three-somes, and more-somes.” When I got downstairs, Barry and Gail were already siting together on one of the several beanbags, but Scott was sitting on the couch.

Beanbags aren’t really practical when you’re wearing nothing but a towel.

I popped in the movie, and joined Scott.

The movie began with a parody of the Friends opening credits, “I Will Cum For You.”

Then we see the six of them crammed together on a couch and fake-Phoebe is stealthily slipping her hand down the front of fake-Joey’s pants.

I glanced down at Scott’s dick, showing some definite signs of life under the towel. “As if anybody would really do something like that,” I told him with a wink, bringing my hand almost onto the towel but not quite touching it..

“Where’s the scene where they fool around on a beanbag?” Barry asked. I noticed he had an arm around Gail, though he didn’t have a hand on her breast. Yet.

Eventually fake-Joey’s dick was out of his pants completely, and somehow none of the other fake-Friends noticed fake-Phoebe jerking him off. Suddenly there was a close-up of him cumming, spurting toward the camera. “Oh, I did not need to see that,” Scotty laughed.

“Oh, you didn’t mind it when Cathy did that to you in the pool a few days ago,” I said.

“She did what and where?” Barry asked.

“You missed a great show,” Gail said. “Of course, you’d have had to see your sister topless.”

Barry was about to say something, but I cut him off. “It’s okay, Barry, Gail knows you’ve seen me topless.”

Barry whispered something to Gail. She laughed, then pulled the tee-shirt over her breasts for just a moment. “Now you have,” she said.

“It’s okay, I didn’t see a thing,” Scotty said with a laugh.

Though I guess he must have, because all of a sudden the bulge under his towel stirred again. He had more than a brotherly interest in his sister’s body, it seemed.

With a quick pull I undid the knot holding the sides of my shirt together under my breasts. The shirt fell completely open and while nothing was immediately exposed, that would change as soon as I moved a bit.

On the screen, something, I didn’t notice what, got fake-Rachel angry enough at fake-Monica that she laid her over her lap and was spanking her. On her bare ass, since fake-Monica’s skirt was raised above her waist and she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Both fake-Freinds were clearly very turned on.

I wasn’t sure Barry and Gail were even watching at this point, because they’d begun kissing one another as hungrily as they had been in the pool, their hands all over one another’s bodies, but Barry said “I’m not sure I want to think about Mom and Dad watching these things with Cathy’s parents.”

“Oh my God,” Gail said, as if the thought for some reason turned her on even more. She pushed Barry down and crawled on top of him, grinding her crotch into his.

On-screen, we saw fake-Monica walk into the bathroom, drop her bathrobe, and surprise her brother fake-Ross in the shower. He began to protest, but stopped suddenly when she grabbed his dick.

I reached under Scott’s towel and grabbed his. “Oh, it feels a lot bigger and harder than it did last time,” I said, which must have given Barry something to think about if he were paying any attention to us.

(though to be fair, I don’t think being in the water for half an hour does dick-size any favors)

I think Barry was beyond noticing anything being said or done on the couch, though: Gail’s pink shirt was on the floor now and he was sucking on one of her nipples, ankara otele gelen escort the same as he’d done to me a few days ago. I felt oddly jealous.

Well, I can do to Scott what I can’t do to Barry, I thought, as I pulled off his towel. I realized my shirt was on the floor as well, when had that happened?

I vaguely wondered whether Scott would mind getting his first blow job with his sister in the room, but it became a moot point when Gail said to Barry “Take me up to your room.”

They were barely out of sight when I had Scott’s entire dick in my mouth, something I’d been fantasizing about for days. I wondered whether he’d been too, whether he’d been thinking about me when he jerked off ever since Cathy gave him the hand-job in the pool and we’d almost fucked.

I wondered what he was thinking as I sucked him. “Cum whenever you want,” I said, taking his dick out of my mouth for a few seconds. “Cum in my mouth, cum down my throat. And then I have other plans for you.”

I wondered whether I’d ever tell Cathy I’d taken her cousin’s virginity. I’m sure she’d thought about doing it herself, but I doubt she’d have had the guts to fuck her own cousin.

(Though it was hot thinking about it)

What I’d said must have really excited Scott, because he began fucking my mouth. I don’t always like that, but right now I was so fucking hot, I wouldn’t have said no to anything.

(I suddenly got the image in my head of me sucking Scott’s dick while Barry was fucking me from behind. Oh god, even thinking about that was so wrong.)

Scott groaned loudly as he came, still fucking my mouth, and I sucked as hard as I could, trying to draw every drop out of him.

We’d barely caught our breath when I could see he was getting hard again. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t take him very long — he’d already been getting there a few minutes after Cathy jerked him off in the pool, after all — but this was quicker than I’d expected.

Which was great, because I really needed to be fucked.

I peeled off my shorts and panties, and lay down on the carpet. “We have unfinished business from the other night,” I reminded him with a grin, but of course he needed no reminding. He crawled between my legs, positioned my dick at the opening of my wet pussy, and slid inside of me.

Oh god, this was good. And I knew we’d been headed to this since I caught him looking down my shirt five minutes after we met.

We got into a good rhythm, and soon I swear this might have been the best sex I’d ever had.

I was moaning loudly. Could they hear me upstairs? I wondered whether Barry was doing Gail as good as Scott was doing me.

I came and seeing that, a big grin appeared on Scott’s face. He began fucking me more wildly. I was going to have carpet burns on my back later, but it was so worth it.

I came again just before he erupted inside of me.

Wow. The boy was good for a beginner. I could probably make a good boyfriend out of him, if we didn’t live hundreds of miles away from one another and were going to schools on opposite sides of the continent.

The sun was out again, so we ran upstairs — naked — to grab our swimsuits which were both hung over the shower rod to dry. When we went into my room to get dressed, he smiled and said “Oh look, a bed. I hear those are so much more comfortable than floors.”

He was just pulling his trunks up over his dick, which I could see was already semi-hard again. I don’t think he expected me to fall back onto the bed and say “If you’re up for it, we can find out.”

He pulled the trunks off without hesitation and joined me on the bed and he was ready again less than a minute later. This time the sex was slower. Maybe not better than the first time, but different.

If Barry and Gail hadn’t been in the house, I would have wanted to stay in bed with Scott the whole day.

But that wasn’t an option, so he pulled his trunks back on yet again and I went ahead with my plan to wear just my bottoms.

When we got out to the pool Barry and Gail were already there, and I saw Gail had also gone outside topless.

Scott and I shared a beach blanket at the side of the pool, and he was letting his hands wander a bit. That was fine with me: I was already thinking about whether I might be able to sneak in next door tonight and join Scott in the guest room.

I looked over at Barry and Gail. Barry was touching her even more aggressively, and she was reciprocating. I’d never seen anybody else fucking before, and I wondered whether that was about to change.

I also noticed Barry stealing a lot of glances over at me, and that got me thinking… Scott and Gail were going home tomorrow morning, but Barry and I had four more days before we left for school…

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