A Woman in Hardware Ch. 03

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The next morning when Chris got out of bed, Helen had already left for work. He checked on Jill, but she was sound asleep. Chris did that which he didn’t want and phoned a sleepy Sue. He apologized telling her he wouldn’t be able to come over. His sister needed him for some shopping downtown. Chris told her how much he regretted they wouldn’t be together. Just before Chris hung up, he told her to keep her hands off the squeak. She laughed and told him there wasn’t a chance, because it bothered her too much. She hung up giggling. Chris could already imagine sexy Sue’s hands roaming her own body.

Chris went upstairs for a shower and waited for Jill to wake. Once she was awake and downstairs, they sat down together for coffee. Chris explained, “I’ve cleared my day for you. We have a lot to talk about. Are you still sure you want me as a lover as well as a brother?”

“Yes,” Jill replied.

Chris asked, “Does that mean a total commitment like a marriage or can we have other lovers? Remember, these rules are for a lifetime.”

“We might want marriage or other partners some day,” Jill allowed.

Looking her straight in the eye Chris said, “I’d be pretty unhappy if I had to give up Sue, but I will if that’s what it’ll take.”

“Do I have the right to interfere in your love life with Sue at any time?”

“What do you mean by that?” he asked. It was then established what Jill wanted was first right. In other words, if Jill wanted him, she got him and Sue would need to wait for another night. Chris agreed, because he still had no intention of ending up in his sister’s bed. He was honest enough with her, but he hoped he could manipulate her enough she would no longer want him. Then, he laid it on her, “Since we’re becoming a couple, I want to be proud of you.” Chris wanted not to dictate, but share in the selection of her clothing. Chris, of course, would give her the same right. She agreed after considerable debate.

They scrounged all the money they could find from the jobs they had that summer. They went to their first clothing stores together. Chris flipped a coin and lost so Jill won the right to choose a new outfit for him first. It was a little more subdued than he would have normally liked, but he had to admit he looked nice. Their tastes blended well. They went to a woman’s store and the trials began. Anything Chris liked, Jill wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. Finally, they left the store and he took her to a place that sold patterns for dressmakers. They looked at catalogue after catalogue until they had some ideas, then they returned to a woman’s shop. Finally, after hours of trying outfit after outfit, Jill consented out of sheer fatigue. It had already been agreed that a mutually selected outfit had to be worn once a week. Chris asked if she would wear it home, she agreed. It was a dress, severe in cut so it didn’t show off too much skin. He would’ve liked a little more skin. It did show her gorgeous figure; its lines followed hers exactly.

When Helen arrived home that night, Jill was still wearing it. Their mother raved about it just as Chris had hoped. Helen got out a checkbook, giving them a huge sum of money for their fall back-to-university clothes. Chris was going into first-year, following Jill by a year. Helen made them promise to shop together. Neither of her children knew, but Helen had worried about Jill’s selection of clothing for years. When they prepared to go to their rooms that night, Jill gave Chris a kiss when their mother wasn’t around. It was nice, but it worried him. It was not a thank you kiss. It was not a sisterly kiss. It held sex and promise within it, startling Chris. It startled Jill as well.

There was another thing Helen knew, they didn’t. She had been offered a huge promotion by the president of the company. The senior vice-president Anadolu Yakası Escort in charge of marketing was retiring and he wanted Helen to replace him. It meant large amounts of travel, particularly in the fall as the Christmas season approached. It would leave her children alone, but at eighteen and nineteen, Helen felt they could manage with some help from Sue next door. Helen decided she would talk to Sue in the morning. She had always liked Sue’s sense of humor, feeling that Sue could put enough adult perspective in her children’s lives.

In the morning, while her children still slept, Helen phoned Sue. “Sue? It’s Helen Anderson from next door. I was wondering if I could drop by for a moment of your time.” With appropriate politeness to each other, Helen was soon sitting and drinking a cup of coffee at the infamous kitchen table where her son had enjoyed his muffin sandwich. Helen explained the situation. Sue readily agreed to help, breathing a sigh of relief. She had worried something had slipped; Helen might know of her transgressions with Chris. Now, new paths were opening to that gorgeous body. Oh, that boy did things for her.

Helen was still there when Chris phoned. He begged off for a second day in a row. He told Sue the trip downtown was only partially successful. He and Jill would try again today. Chris promised her they would be together the following day. He guaranteed he would pay special attention to her squeak. Fortunately, Helen didn’t know who it was and only heard one side of the conversation.

Jill awoke to a new day with the realization that Chris never behaved like those boys. He never tried to goose her or speak dirty to her. He seemed to think that sex was nice, something that men and women did to enjoy each other. Jill liked the way Chris looked at her in her new dress. He told her she was pretty. Jill thought she might enjoy their second day of clothes shopping. Jill realized her brother liked the look of her body. There was no sense of nastiness like those boys at school, but like a person looking at a piece of fine art.

Shopping was still tough. Chris liked things that accentuated her beauty, yet Jill had years of experience hiding the very things he wanted to highlight. Jeans were particularly difficult. Chris wanted them tight to hug her curves, yet Jill wanted to be feminine for him without putting herself on display. Strangely, in many ways, the combination worked. They bought jeans for Jill that showed the curve of her bottom, yet weren’t so tight they showed the lips of her sex. They bought blouses and dresses that hinted at cleavage without demonstrating her sizeable endowments. Jill learned just a hint was better than the whole and her wardrobe improved with a taste of women years older than herself. It was a long day but successful. As the day closed, Jill allowed more of her body to be seen by him without the sense of humiliation that had always come.

The night Jill stepped into his room naked, she felt revolted by sex. She was humiliated a male was seeing her body. Now in Chris’ sight, she was intrigued by sex and felt pretty. What a strange word that was to Jill. It meant the body that had long been her enemy was her friend. It might attract a male who, for a change, interested her. To end the day, Chris took her to a hairdresser and ordered the works. Before work began, they browsed the magazines together and chose a style they both liked. Jill was anxious to arrive home and show her mother how they had spent her money. They arrived home late with Jill in her new hairdo and favorite clothes of the day. Helen took one look at Jill, enfolded her in her arms and cried. Leaning away from Jill to look at her, Helen exclaimed, “You’re so beautiful!” She promptly started crying all over again.

Jill was momentarily concerned. Kurtköy Escort Was her mother sad? Chris sat looking smug, as he had already predicted how his mother would react. Jill soon realized, as Helen regained her composure, that her mother was extremely happy. Helen went on to tell them about her promotion. Helen stole only a tiny bit of Jill’s thunder. Helen’s appreciative gaze returned more than it stole. Helen explained the arrangements she had made with Sue not understanding the look daughter and son exchanged. That night, Jill again kissed her brother. It was not a thank you kiss. It was definitely not a sisterly kiss. It was the kiss of a sexually repressed woman who had begun to flower. Chris was in trouble and he knew it. It wasn’t that his sister had kissed him that way. He had returned her kiss. He needed Sue. He needed her body and he needed her mind.

The following morning, Chris and his sister jawed over breakfast. He told Jill he was going to see Sue that afternoon and true to his agreement, he waited for Jill’s response. He had expected anger, but she simply wished him a good time. Chris had been away from Sue for two and a half days. They were still in their honeymoon stage and two days seemed like forever.

The moment he knocked on Sue’s door, they were in each other’s arms. Chris couldn’t wait to get their clothes off. Sue stripped him as she pulled him into the bedroom. In seconds, they were on the bed feeling each other’s charms as their tongues battled for supremacy. Chris hard and erect, Sue wet and swollen, their hands rubbed and clasped each other’s sex. She stroked his cock; he fingered her cunt. Sue whispered in his ear, “Sixty-nine with me. I want to suck your cock while I give you a good cunt kissing.”

Chris was immediately on his back with a pillow folded, half-tucked under his head. Sue straddled him, her sex fully exposed to his view, the slight hairiness around her pubes, the swollen outer lips, the pinkish-brown inner lips that gaped slightly to show a hint of red, ready for his assault. Chris could smell Sue’s aroma. The musky scent of a highly aroused woman wafted around him. The texture of her folds was exquisite and Chris realized they were ready for his assault. What he saw was everything a woman could consciously or unconsciously do to prepare herself for her man. No wonder he found her cunt so beautiful. It had opened like a flower with dew on its petals for him; no other reason, it was for him. How could any man turn away from such beauty? Chris’ cock throbbed with desire. He didn’t think women enjoyed visual display as much as men, but hopefully, they enjoyed the feel of sex even more. Chris brought his arms up to encircle Sue’s waist giving her the signal to lower her succulent body onto him.

Sue’s hot, soft, wet pussy; kissing and almost smothering him, its clit probed to be found. ‘Not yet,’ Chris mentally commanded himself as he felt his dick engulfed into her mouth, saliva pouring down his shaft. Sue used her hand to stroke him. Chris dared to place his finger on her anus, rubbing it gently, not probing, only feeling. Sue’s ass responded, telling him she enjoyed his gentle touches. Chris gripped each buttock in his hands and felt the muscles move under her soft skin. Sue’s core churned against his mouth, cunt kissing him to an almost divine rapture as Chris felt the softness of her body soak his essence from him. Her pussy drenched his mouth with her honey.

Suddenly, Chris didn’t want to come in Sue’s mouth. His need was to seed her in her core. Chris rolled Sue to her back, withdrawing from her sweet sucking mouth. He turned in the bed and watched Sue bring her knees almost to her shoulders. With her openness, Sue signaled her eager acceptance of his new approach. Chris’ cock needed no guidance. It seemed to self-center Pendik Escort on her heat, entering easily until he stopped just inside her lips. Sue rocked her pelvis, seeking more of him; but Chris waited, feeling for the right moment, then thrusting deeply, felt all resistance fall before his manhood that probed deeper than he had ever been. She groaned in his ear as her stomach muscles thrust her orifice up his shaft almost touching his pubic bone with her lips. Sue’s clit throbbed against his hardness, and then she dropped from under Chris as his sex followed her down. The motion repeated again and again until Sue’s individual moans melded into a continuous song of passion. Screaming in her ecstasy, thrusting, pounding, heaving until she could stand no more, Sue collapsed onto the bed; her legs akimbo as Chris finished her. His sperm shot up his tube so that it burned as it entered her, spewing into her cunt. Still, Chris didn’t have enough of her.

Returning to the sixty-nine position, Chris rolled Sue to the top. He felt the warm, wet cream on her thighs and in the crack of her ass against his face. The aromas of their commingled sex engulfed him, but what most overwhelmed was their mix flowing into his devouring mouth. Sue came again, her bum making small humping motions as she moaned. Then, Sue became the aggressor, whirling around, jamming her tongue into Chris’ mouth and licking their essence from his mouth. She tried to meld their bodies together, erotically grinding her body against his, her arms around him. Sue pushed Chris’ face down into her breasts, literally smothering him in her flesh. She rubbed the slime from his face into her teats. Chris forced himself up for air, noticing the heavy pungent fragrance of their sex in the air.

They had exhausted themselves. They lay side by side until Chris again asked Sue to spread her legs. He admired her sex. Chris ran his hand through the creamy moisture still being excreted from her inner lips enjoying the sliminess of its texture, kneading the moisture onto her loins. Sometimes pinching lightly and alternately pulling the soft inner lips, Chris watched them change of shape, always making sure he wasn’t hurting her. He worried the delicate texture could be bruised by his clumsy handling.

“What are you doing?” Sue asked with a lazy smile.

“Exploring,” was Chris’ only answer.

He spread her lips and she spread-eagled herself even more to allow him access. He spent the rest of the afternoon exploring her entire body. Chris rolled Sue over, so he could spread her checks and examine her anus. He watched it clench when his fingers got too close and relax when she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. Chris rubbed her bum, feeling the powerful muscles under the soft skin. He rolled her again to examine her breasts. He played with her nipples, so he could watch them harden with the assistance of her areolas as they crinkled and puffed to his touch. Chris slid his hand over the dome of her abdomen feeling the softness of her flesh, comparing the height of her hips to his, astounded by the difference as they lay side by side, captivated by Sue’s beautiful curves.

As he played with Sue’s breasts, Chris told her of his problems with his sister being totally honest about his intentions. Then, he told Sue about the last kiss and how his intentions were drowned by the promise in that kiss. Sue replied, “I don’t know how to advise you, Chris. I’ve never had a sibling of my own, but I do know you and I believe you’ll do the right thing for her. It may not be the right thing for you, but it will be for her. Trust yourself. Remember you can always come to me if you need to talk.”

Chris didn’t know it, but Sue had lied to him. Sue’s long-dead sister flashed into her mind as Chris revealed his problems. The terrible sadness of her loss almost brought tears to Sue’s eyes as she listened. The beautiful pussy kisses of so long ago Sue lovingly remembered. It was too deep in her psyche to allow Chris to see the pain. Sue would end up in love with Chris, if she exposed her soul. They talked until it was time for him to leave.

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