A Year Of First Times Ch. 03

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The following Sunday and Wednesday we went out on our normal dates. I was still so embarrassed about having cum Friday night, I found excuses for us to not go parking. By the next Friday, Torrie had started her period and I was ‘safe’ for the next week. Even though I dreaded the next time we would go parking, I wouldn’t change anything about the next Friday. It turned out to be an extraordinary evening for a red-blooded boy like me.

I went to Torrie’ house at 7 PM just as I always did. After going in for a short visit with her Mother, we were off for the evening. This was one of those evening when we drove straight to our favorite parking place. It wasn’t even dark and there we were parked in the woods where we wouldn’t be disturbed.

We both knew why we were there so without saying a word, Torrie took her shoes off, moved over onto the console that separated the bucket seats, leaned her seat forward and slipped into the backseat. After moving the passenger seat all the way forward, I took off my shoes, got out and moved my seat forward before getting in the back with her. Very soon we were enjoying kissing, hugging and touching each other. Our passion quickly increased. Our clothes began coming off almost as quickly.

First, I took Torrie’ light summer dress off and tossed it in the front seat. This revealed her beautiful body, covered only by her white panties and bra. We continued kissing as I began to fumble with the hooks of her bra and she unbuttoned my shirt. I was still struggling with the bra hooks as she unfastened Anadolu Yakası Escort the waist of my pants. Slowly she pulled the zipper down allowing my erection to bulge forward. Breaking our kiss, Torrie sat back. First she allowed her bra straps to fall off her shoulders before reaching behind her to unfasten her bra which ended up in the front with her dress.

“Is that better?” she asked with a knowing smile.

“Yes.” was all I could manage to say as I sucked her right nipple into my mouth and began rolling the left one between my thumb and forefinger.

“Quit! Be patient for a minute while I help you take your shirt and pants off.” Torie said as she pushed my mouth away and playfully slapped my hand.

This was not unusual because most nights she would help me take my shirt and pants off. I sat up from the seat so she could get my shirt off and put it in the front with her dress and bra.

“Now your pants!” Torrie seemed to demand. I raised up off the seat so she could pull my pants off. I really wasn’t ready for what she did next because not only did she pull my pants off, she pulled my briefs off at the same time and tossed both of them in the front with the rest of our clothes. Suddenly, I was sitting there with my hard dick pointing at the roof of my car. I was very embarrassed as I sat there naked. Sure I had been naked with her one other time but this was the first time when it was light.

“That was certainly a surprise.” I managed to say. Torrie didn’t say a word as she turned on Kadıköy Escort the seat and put one leg on either side of my outstretched legs. With her straddling my lap, we began kissing deeply. The touch of my dick against the thin material that covered her pussy was almost more that I could stand. She pressed closer and closer until she had my dick pressed against my stomach. Apparently enjoying the feeling, Torrie started rubbing up and down the length of my dick with her pussy. We continued kissing for a long time before I realized I was about to cum. In an effort to keep from embarrassing myself again, I quit kissing here long enough to whisper in her ear, “Let me take your panties off.”

Torrie didn’t say a word as she moved off my lap. She still wouldn’t allow me to take her panties off. Instead, she slowly took them off herself. They immediately went in the front seat with our other clothes before she moved back to straddle my legs. I was now having ‘an extraordinary Friday evening.’ We were both completely naked. I could see her soft pubic hair and the outline of her spread pussy lips for the very first time. When our bodies pressed close again, I almost shot off at the touch of her wetness against my dick. The feeling was sensational as the swollen head of my dick moved between the smooth slick lips of her pussy.

I’m not sure why I didn’t try to slip my dick into her wet opening. Instead of trying to fuck Torrie, I began slowly kissing my way down her body. I kissed her neck and shoulders. I sucked on her nipples Ataşehir Escort and teased them with my tongue and teeth. Kissing across her stomach, I quickly came to her belly button which I gave a tongue bath and a slow tongue fucking. Kissing farther down I was soon looking straight at her pubic hair. Through her hair I could see the wetness on the pink folds of her pussy lips. The smell was intoxicating as I traced little designs in her soft hair with my tongue. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I thrust my tongue between her lips. Now I had tasted her pussy juices on my fingers in the past but this was much better. Moving my head farther between her legs I licked up and down her lips until I found the opening to her pussy. I wasn’t able to resist the temptation to stick my tongue deep into her. Torie held my head close to her pussy as I began tongue fucking her. The more I fucked, the wetter she became. As her juices soaked my face, she reached behind her back, took my dick in her hand and began to jack me off. She stroked slowly at first but the longer I tongue fucked her pussy the quicker her strokes became.

I don’t know about Torrie but for me it quickly became too late to stop. It wasn’t long before I shot cum all over her hand and myself. Only this time I wasn’t embarrassed. Not long after that Torrie pushed my mouth away from her pussy and slowly moved off of my face. Turning around on the seat, she lay her head on my side and returned to rubbing my dick and balls.

We lay there resting for a time before dressing in silence. We didn’t talk as I drove her home but I think she and I both knew we had crossed another one of those lines you can never turn back from. After walking Torrie to the door and kissing her goodnight, I went home and fell asleep very easily.

To be continued…

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