Aaron and Da’zee

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Double Penetration

Aaron and I met about 2 years ago. He’s in his mid 60s and is a semi-retired nurse practitioner. I’m Da’zee and I am soon to be 33. I’m not working right now. But I’ve come into a good chunk of money so I can be picky about going back to work. I used to work my butt off as CNA and part-time at a daycare. I met Aaron when I was a CNA. He thinks I should continue school to be a LVN instead of working two jobs. I know he’s a lot older than me, but he’s easy to talk to. Plus it was refreshing to find someone “decent” who shared similar kinks as me. It took him just 2 weeks to have me on my knees sucking his cock. It’s funny because I told him before our date that I was not that kind of girl! Thing is, I am that type of girl, but I was trying to be good for a change.

As we got to know one another, I felt comfortable sharing some of my most nasty fantasies. This led to us dabbling in raceplay. He’s white. I’m black. What he liked most was that I wanted to be a cum dump and the idea of swallowing piss from a stranger got me off.

He shared with me that one of his previous subs was into scat play. One of her rewards was to be able to eat his shit. I’d masturbate listening to him telling me stories about her eating his shit as a treat. Eventually I had the courage to tell him that scat was one of my fantasies, but just that, a fantasy. It was off limits, but I was willing to explore when I felt the time was right.

Aaron knew that the best time to get me to explore pendik escort or be more risky was when I was in “heat”. This is when he got me to do the unthinkable, but yet one of my favorite fantasies. He had me get completely naked. He covered my eyes with a scarf. I could tell he was about to take me outside. I hesitated because I was nude.

He grabbed me by my hair and said, “Get to moving, porky.” Those words had my cunt gushing with humiliation.

“Yes sir,” was all I could say. My pussy was sloppy wet. My heart was racing. Aaron’s complex is in a somewhat secluded area, but at any moment, someone could have passed by. It was very dark out.

At that time, I was close to 250 pounds. My titties were long and flappy. As we walked, I could feel the cool breeze against my pussy. My long nipples were hard and erect. I had never been so aroused, yet fearful at the same time. What if someone saw me? This is definitely indecent exposure. I could be arrested. A sex offender! I knew it was dumb to behave like that, but I was so fucking turned on and humiliated.

Suddenly. We stopped. “Good girl. Good nigger. ” said Aaron. He then handed me a garment. It was silky. Later on I found out that it was a short satin robe. He helped me put it on. He barely tied the belt, which meant, I was still exposed, but instead of being completely nude, I just looked like a fat slut.

Being that I was blindfolded, my other senses were heightened. I heard water. The more escort pendik we walked, I could tell where we were. There’s a small creek near his complex. We stopped walking. I could hear someone approaching. I could hear steps against the pavement.

“Damn man. You weren’t kidding. Fresh nigger meat.” said Seth, which was a buddy of Aaron’s. I hadn’t a clue who Seth was.

“Okay this is how it’s going to be, chimed Aaron”. Instead of settling the bet with a 6-pack, you can use this whore’s mouth. So, what’s it going to be? Some beer or this hole?

It did not take long for Seth to say, “The bitch’s mouth.”

Without another word, Aaron said to his buddy, “Leave her here when you are done.”

The feelings I had were out of this world. This is what I was born to be. A subservient nigger. Just a thing to please men. A cum dumpster for all. Lower than dogs. Lower than dirt.

I knelt on what felt like a jacket. I could feel a zipper and gravel against my flesh. It hurt, but I took that as part of the use. Seth had me open my mouth wide and to tilt my head up. “Tell me what you want cunt,” grunted Seth.

“Please piss in my slutty mouth. I want to drink your piss. And I hope I get a chance to swallow your nut, Sir” I said.

By now, my robe had come completely undone. My udders were exposed. As dumb as it would be, I wanted someone to catch us. Someone that could hold it against me.

I kept my head up and panted like a starving dog waiting pendik escort bayan for the first stream of hot piss to hit me. Finally, it happened. I could feel it on my eyes, on my forehead and finally in my mouth. He didn’t want me to swallow just yet. Instead he slowly filled my mouth up like I was his personal toilet. I wanted to swallow it so badly. I love the taste of piss. I could tell that his wasn’t that pungent.

“Swallow.” he said.

Mmmm, it was so good. I swallowed in one gulp. It was hot and slightly bitter and I wanted more. I got more. After he filed my mouth up again. He came closer to me and started to piss up my nose. I began to choke and slightly panic, but managed to keep his piss in my mouth.

Seth said, “Go ahead and swallow. That was sexy as fuck. I don’t have much time left and I want to shoot my cum across your black face. Tell me one of your dirty fantasies so that I can nut.”


I imagine that I am at a construction site. Instead of the workers using a porta potty, they use me. If you were to look inside the toilet, you’d see me with my mouth wide open. I’d have to take whatever waste is in the toilet, be it piss, shit, cum, used condom, or even cigarette butts. I would feel so honored to have some stranger shit in my mouth. A nice long turd would be a treat. To feel it lodge in my throat like a cock. Just to have another stranger wash it all down with his hot piss.


Just then, I felt a rope of cum hit my eyelid. Another string on my nose. I felt it drop down like snot. I opened my mouth hoping he’d give me some to swallow. And that he did. After he coated my tongue with his cum, I thanked him for it and gulped it down.

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