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We used to know each other. A few years back. Not intimately or anything, just…cordial. There may have been some tension between us. It was definitely present on my end, though I never did anything about it. He was a grade below me (we were both 18, he just stayed back a year) and I have a strict rule. But I wanted him.

Once, in the hallway of the high school that we met, he walked me to class and lingered at the door. I was safe inside the room, but he was so close…I could feel his body heat resonating off of him. It made me hot. He leaned his face in toward mine and I swore he was going to give me what I wanted; that he would kiss me and take me right there in the hallway. Instead, he looked me directly in my eyes for a couple of seconds, all the while not letting any space come between our faces. And before I knew it, he was telling me to have a nice day and sauntered off.

That’s what gets me: the teasing game. The making me want it, but not letting me have it. For the rest of the day all I could think about was him. Picking me up by my ass, my catholic school skirt around my waist, pushing my back against the wall as I bit his lip and he slid my panties to the side. I daydreamed about how he’d enter me from that position. So slowly, so filling. I couldn’t concentrate in any class and when I got home I headed straight for the shower, where I relived my fantasy over and over again as I sat on the floor of the tub with my legs wide and masturbated.

I don’t think he knew what he had done to me. At school he acted like nothing happened, brushing up against my back every now and then, creeping up behind me to whisper good morning in my ear. He was teasing me. No, he was torturing me. Every time I saw him I had to bite my lip to hold back the tremors of excitement from deep within my feminine parts. And he? Never said a word of any of it.

Years later and we haven’t talked much. A “hey stranger” now and then. A few conversations about how he had no idea I wanted him in high school. All meaningless. But now I live alone. I have no one to complain if I have guests over late or make too much noise. Which is exactly what I had in mind to do that night.

I invited him over. My first time seeing him since I graduated high school. I wasn’t interested in small talk. But then again I never really am. I wanted what I wanted, and that night it was him. You know that carnival game where you hit the thing as hard as you can trying to make the bell ring? Well that was my heart when I heard a knock at the door. My breath quickened and I think I started to sweat. It was so hot. Everything was so hot. I took a second to try to calm down; did a couple woosahs and shook my hands out. It didn’t really work but I figured if I ignored it, maybe he would too.

I opened the door, turning the knob slowly and there he stood looking down at me. He dressed in all black, how’d he know I loved that? I wanted to jump him before even letting him in. My imagination started running wild as he stood there gazing at me until he broke my daydream “can I…come in?” What I wanted to say was “Yes. Yes you may cum…in me.” but thank goodness I held that in.

“Uh…yeah. Mhm. Please.” He walked a few steps inside, me following closely so I could creepily sniff his back. He smelled faintly sweet, like what flowers SHOULD smell like, with a hint of some kind of manly herb…maybe rosemary? I shut the door behind me with one hand, after which he gently grabbed the other and pulled me into a firm embrace. I laid my head on him, taking in his intoxicating aroma as I heard the vibrations of his voice through his chest.

“Hi” he said lowly. I just sighed. After a few seconds I thought it rude not to respond so I pulled together some of those words that make up small talk.

“How was your day?” I asked him quietly.

“It was chill. I didn’t do much. How was yours?”

I separated our bodies so I could examine this man I hadn’t seen in so long. This man that stood before me an actual…man. Last time we met he was still a boy, and now…well now his jaw line was even more chiseled (if that were even possible), his sleeves fit snug around his perfect biceps, his voice…oh his voice. I stood there, impressed, then I answered his question. I took both his hands in the both of mine and played with his fingers.

“My day was…boring.” I dragged out.

“Oh?” He said in a dark sultry tone. I nodded as I ran my dainty fingers up his forearms to trace the seam of his sleeves, which were pushed up just Ataköy escort below his elbows.

“It was all work…” I trailed my hands up to sample those biceps, his hands now clasped behind my back “…and no play.” I pouted.

“Hm.” He thought. “Maybe I can…change that?” He asks, knowing the answer. I feel his hands slide down to get a tight grip of my ass and before I know what’s happening, his mouth is on mine and my legs are wrapped around his waist. We kiss frantically-passionately-like that for a while, his hands still full of my best feature. I break away briefly to state that he’s the first person I’ve kissed that has braces.

“Yeah? You like it?” He asks, sending chills down my spine. I dive back into his mouth as if his airway was blocked and my tongue was the only thing that could save his life.

“Mhm.” I mumble between slurps. “Yes.” I managed to get out in a whisper. I attacked him with such force I think it became a little harder to hold me up like that so sat me on the peek-a-boo counter that separates my foyer from my kitchen. My hands find their way up to the nape of his neck and I swirl my fingers around in his perfect curly bush. His whole head feels like baby hair, I discover once I let my hands go wild. He sends his hands up the oversized t-shirt I’m wearing to firmly massage my back, lower back, butt.

I can feel the desire building inside of him as he moves back up to the hook of my 32A black laced bra, not to mention I might just explode at any moment, so I pull back and rest my chin on his head. “Put me on the floor?” I ask nicely. I live in a studio apartment so the bed is only steps away from the front door and kitchen. Not very spacious, but it’s mine. And he’s mine for the night.

He obliges and gently lifts me (by my ass, of course) to place me on the floor beside him. I take his pinky in mine and start leading him to the bed. I glance back and catch him looking at me, examining me from behind. His eyes have a kind of dark glaze over them, possibly from all the things he was imagining doing to me. It turned me on because I was imagining some things of my own. When I reach the bed, before I can turn around to face him, he walks up closer to me. Behind me. He wraps his arm that was previously pinky-tied to me around my stomach and I don’t feel fat. I feel perfect. I feel like everything is perfect.

I hear his breath deepen in my ear as he leans into me, pressing his dick between the cheeks of my ass. He’s growing, I feel his veins pulsing. More than anything in this moment I want him to let me feel him, all of him, deep inside me. But I keep quiet. He runs his hand sideways along my stomach, tracing the outline of my belly button. His fingers felt like heated lasers over my skin, burning in the wake of every touch. I let out a moan and bend over on the bed, hoping he’ll finally stop teasing me after all these years. Instead, his body leans with mine and his back now rests on mine with an arm on the bed holding himself up. His free arm still wrapped around my stomach he starts slowly grinding into me from behind. My breath becomes louder. His hand moves up my shirt from my stomach to my tiny, yet swollen breasts. He slips his fingers into the cup of my bra to gently flick my insanely erect nipple. Rolling it in between his fingers, still grinding his still growing member into me. Another moan escapes my lips. “Mmm.” He whispers in my ear. “You like that?” I did. I loved it.

“No. Don’t tease me. I want you to fuck me.”

He laughs, though I don’t know what was funny.

“So eager.” He says. Then wetly kisses my neck. Slowly. Making sure I feel every curve of his lips. The hand that fondled my breasts is now making its way down to the lace of my panties. He runs his still searing hot fingers along the trim and I feel like I might faint. Still kissing my neck he slowly slides his fingers under the fabric. Slowly. So slowly I’m not sure if it’s really happening. He stops kissing long enough to whisper in my ear “I don’t even know if you’re wet enough yet” then softly laughs as he finally inserts one finger after the other into my tight, sopping wet hole. I moan again, this time more like a growl, at the relief of finally being penetrated. He rubs my slimy wetness all over my hairless pussy then…sucks his fingers! This sends me into a fit. I can’t take it anymore. I turn over so that my back is on the bed and I’m propped up by my elbows.

“Enough.” I say sternly. He raises his eyebrows in the most “I’m not taking Ataköy escort bayan you seriously right now” way and I heavily sigh and fall backwards on the bed. He crawls after me, gently pushing my legs apart so he can fit in between, and places his elbows on either side of my shoulders so we’re face to face. I won’t look at him. I’m angry that he won’t end my suffering.

“Hey” he says. I roll my eyes. He kisses my neck. I melt into the mattress. He takes my lips in his and forces his tongue into my mouth though I’m gently fighting against him. The second I start to like him invading my mouth he moves back down to my neck. Then, ignoring the whole midsection of my body, he heads straight for the gold. He brings one hand down to play with the lace below my stomach before he pulls my panties down. Lifting myself at the waist to help him get them off, I unknowingly put his face directly in my pussy. He kisses it. I throw my head back as he glides his tongue down the length of my soft, wet lips. Up and down. Up and down. Inward, outward, suck. He gets a rhythm going and my body can’t help but move with his tongue. It doesn’t take long for my orgasm to build inside me. I start to feel tingles running through my veins, all starting at my mound. I’m writhing and pulling at the t-shirt, now up around my ribs. The tingles get stronger and my thighs start to shake.

“Mhm” he says, buried in my wetness. My thighs close tight around his head, and taking his cue, he dives deeper, sending me into a fit of squeals and gasps. I can’t catch my breath. I can’t even feel my body. I had exploded until I had no feeling left. Using both hands, fingers swirled tightly in his hair, I pull his face up to mine and kiss him deeply so I can taste myself. I find his tongue and suck firmly. He lets out a low growl into my mouth. I like it. I smile and bite his lip. His eyes glint and he rips my shirt off. Then kisses me so hard I feel his braces on my own teeth. I flip him over (which doesn’t take much work since he’s willing to be dominated). I now sit straddling his still fully clothed body. He reaches up behind me to unhook my bra.

“Uhn uh” I say shaking my head. I place his hands on my hips and slowly unhook the bra myself. He gently squeezes where I left his hands as I remove the bra and sit atop of him, now completely naked. He bites his lip and pushes his pelvis up slightly. I ignore his advance and run my fingers through his hair before bending over to say in his ear “you like teasing huh?” then tug at his ear lobe with my teeth. I trace the outline of the prayer hands on his neck with my tongue before slowly peeling his shirt off.

Even though I already got off once, I wanted more. Looking at his chest, his perfect caramel chest, with all it’s cliche tattoos glistening with sweat made me want more. I place both hands on his beautiful chest and firmly but slowly massage him, kneading his flesh like it was pizza dough in my palms. I kiss him one last time before I scoot my body down enough to kiss the sweat on his pecks. I can already taste the salt, but I like it. I lick a trail down his stomach, stopping at his pants. I unbuckle them slowly as he moves his hands through my hair. I slide his pants off, making sure I leave the all black boxer briefs on. His body is amazing. He looks like something out of a magazine. I knew basketball players worked out, but the way he was sculpted wasn’t even human.

He flashes a cocky smile as his pants hit the floor, knowing I saw the nice tent waiting for me in his briefs. He wants to play teasing games, I’ll show him teasing games. I ignore the now fully erect penis attached to the man and straddle him just above where the erection lands on his stomach (and might I say, I may as well have been sitting on his chest). I stretch both of his arms out on either side, then kiss and lick my way down one all the way to his wrist. I trail my tongue up his thumb and slowly put the finger in my mouth and suck, doing the same thing to each finger all the way to the pinky, one by one. He’s getting antsy and irritated, not enjoying his own game. Ignoring his annoyed squirming and sighs of protest, I do the same to his other arm and hand. Sucking each digit slowly. Very slowly. Once he’s had enough, I kiss him gingerly on his pouted lips.

“No more.” He pleads.

I raise my eyebrows at him. “No more? Oh. What do you want? This?” I ask as I slide my hand down his stomach behind me, playing with the trim of his briefs. He says nothing, but clenches his jaw escort Ataköy slightly. Keeping only one eyebrow raised, I lean back slightly, allowing myself to push my hand further down in his underwear, to the side of his erection, straight down to his balls. I gently massage them and he closes his eyes and breathes heavily.

“Oooh you like that?” I say playfully. In a swift move I turn over so that I’m almost in a 69 position and I push his briefs down to his knees. Taking him into my mouth, I feel the tension slowly leaving his body. Once he can breathe again, he pulls my hips back, pushing my femininity into his mouth. I swirl my tongue on the helmet shaped head of his penis. (wrong sport), then suck just the tip. He moans into my pussy. I lick the length of his member from all sides then take him deep into my throat. I can’t fit the whole thing, but I nearly choke trying. I come back up for air, licking and kissing him, feeling the blood coursing through every vein of his dick. He grabs my ass as he sticks his tongue deeper and deeper inside me. Barely able to focus, I open my mouth wider and try again. I get closer than the first time but it’s obvious that it’s not going all the way. I grab the pulsating penis with my hand and slowly start an up-down motion while I reach my mouth down and gently suck each of his balls. He has to pause pleasing me to let out a grunt of satisfaction and on that note, I keep at it. Once I’m ready to try again at swallowing him whole, he sits up and throws me on the bed. Surprised at the sudden movement, I don’t say anything, just look at him doe eyed ready for whatever he has planned. He flips me over so that I’m face down, ass up, with my elbows at my ears.

FINALLY the moment I’ve been waiting for. He slips his briefs down the rest of the way then grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls as he slowly penetrates me from behind, letting out a sigh of passion. I half moan, half sigh, unable to process the feeling. My hand joins his in my hair as I push back to match his thrusts. They’re getting harder and deeper and now that I’m getting what I want, I’m not sure I can take it. I moan loudly, my eyes rolled back in my head. And then I don’t feel him anymore. He flips me over on my side and pounds me from behind once more, my legs closed.

I can feel all of him, hot, hard, thick. Gliding in and out of my slick walls. It’s so much. It’s too much. But I can’t stop, I love it. He lays backwards and I sit on top if him, facing his feet. He tells me to do it like I do in the mirror. I arch my back repeatedly, bouncing up and down on his dick, soaked with my juices. The sound of my ass hitting his stomach turns me on even more. He thrusts upwards matching my bounces and I think I might be getting light headed from all the pleasure. I stop bouncing and he thrusts me into another orgasm. Feeling totally spent, like I can take no more, my legs give out under me. He catches me before all my dead weight falls on him and lays me on my back. I wrap my legs around his waist and lean my head back, trying to muster up the strength to lift my hips to meet his pumps. A failed attempt, I lay there and succumb to the feeling of euphoria.

He’s grunting hard and I feel him tensing and building into what could be his climax. The feeling of his veins pulsing sends me into another uncontrollable orgasm and I cum again, my pussy desperately trying to milk his load out. He can’t hold on any longer. We both feel it. He pulls out of me and reaches to relieve himself but I sit up and take over, feeling obligated to invoke the same feeling of pleasure he gave me three times over. I open wide and wrap my lips around the ticking time bomb.

Sucking deeper and deeper each time until I finally wiggle him down my throat where he shoots a huge, thick load that glides down like molasses. I swallow it and continue sucking, making sure I get it all. He sits on his knees in disbelief, now also physically drained and drenched in sweat. I sit back on my heels and wipe my mouth with a finger and smile up at him.

“Damn” he says.

“Mhm. ” I reply, proud of my recent accomplishment. I fall back on the bed once more, completely spent and he chuckles as he follows, laying his head on my stomach.

I don’t remember falling asleep but I woke in the morning still naked, sprawled out beside him. I run my fingers through his hair gently and smile at his innocently lifeless body. A heavy sleeper. Good. I shower and make myself a cup of tea, then throw on his shirt with a pair of Birkenstocks and sunglasses and head out for the day, not forgetting to leave a nice note stating simply “Thanks :)” a few hours later I get a text saying “Thanks?” I laugh as I snap a quick selfie in his t-shirt and send it back with the invitation “We should do that again sometime. I love this shirt.”

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