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“Are you there?”

His voice left a trail of excitement running down her spine and out between her legs.


“Well?” He was insistent.


“I’ll know if you don’t do what I say.”

She drew a deep breath to help calm her hands. “I know.” It never mattered how she tried to hide her failings, he always found out. The truth would burst forth from her lips without warning at some point during their time together. He was persistent in his demands.

“Alright then.” His voice took on a more business like tone. “Shall we start?”

She reached over and looped the belt on her wrist just as he had told her. The buckle dug into her skin. The leather gave her a shiver of wetness seeping down between her ass cheeks as she spread her legs wide. “Yes.”

“Do you have your list?” His voice was steady and sure, while she barely trusted herself to speak. When the words came out, they were low and faltering, sometimes jumbled together and hardly recognizable.

“Yes.” She knew it by heart.

“Good girl.” When he spoke to her like that, she couldn’t help but feel flares of warmth blossoms. She wished she wouldn’t, but her body reacted however it wanted to where he was concerned. “Do you have the belt around your wrist?”

“Yes.” She could feel the holes in the end, where she held it in her hand, the metal of the buckle tight around her wrist and the leather as it cut into her.

“Do you have the vibrators ready?” His voice had deepened. Was there a hint of arousal? She loved making his cock hard. She loved seeing it jerk and buck. She liked it in front of her face where she could reach out with her tongue and stroke the smooth skin.

“Yes.” The hand with the belt moved the vibrators closer to her groin. The large purple one with the second extension that fit up against her slit, running all the way to her clit and the small, slender black one.

“Good.” There might be an edge there. It might be her imagination. She wanted that cock. Needed it. She saw it in her mind as it took on a strangled look, twitched upward and let a stream of pearly white jism fly at her red lips.

“Push the small one into your pussy. I want it all the way in.”

She moaned as it slid inside.

“Are you wet?” His tone said he already knew the answer.

“Yes. Oh yes. It’s so wet.” And it was. Where she held her lips open, the juices were running in a steady stream over her anus and pooling underneath her on the bed.

“I like that.” It was a simple statement and she knew he did. He liked it when he held her hips in the air and her little pussy dripped with need. He told her often how much he enjoyed her life that. His voice might have dropped a bit more. “Is the vibrator all the way in?”

“Y- yes.” She was having trouble speaking. Her words came out more like a gasp than speech.

“Turn it on, then. Do not cum. Don’t you dare let yourself go. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Yes.” She sobbed now. It turned into a cry of anguish when she turned the end of the little toy.

“Now you’;re going to take the end of the belt in your hand and spank your clit. I want you to just tap it, do you understand?”

“Yesss.” He breath left her in a hiss with the last of her yes. She gathered the belt in her hand where it looped her wrist. She patted the leather down onto her bursa escort bayan swollen nub and groaned aloud.

“Do you remember me making you cum by spanking your clit?” He asked.

“Yes. Yes,” she gasped as the tail of the belt smacked her stiff clit again. The waves of pleasure-pain were excruciating and she wondered if she could hold back the orgasm that threatened to shake her loose from her bones.

“I want you to do it slow and easy like that. Do you remember?” His voice took on a huskiness that told her he was remembering it too.

She remembered nothing more than thrashing and bucking as hard as she could. Fighting to break free of the restraints that had bound her arms and legs and screaming for mercy. She remembered begging to be fucked and to be allowed to cum. She didn’t want to tell him that was the only thing she knew about that time, so she pushed a simple “Yes” from her lips.

“A nice, easy tempo. Your body needs to know what’s coming and when, but need it so bad that you can’t help but lift to the next stroke and try to hurry it.” His voice was slowing down in the way she associated with his increased torment of her.

She tapped herself again, feeling the waves of agony spreading outward in ripples from her center. He was right. She wanted to hurry the next one. Her hips were raising by themselves, seeking the leather. She was moaning rhythmically and found herself unable to think of both the intensity of sensation each strike of the belt brings and the movement of her hand where the buckle bit into her wrist. The pace would quicken as she lost herself in the waves of feeling and she would be unable to ascertain whether the beat on her already throbbing clit was making her climax or not. Then, she also had the constant thrumming of the vibrator filling her insides and driving all thought from her.

She made unintelligible noises into the phone. “Put the phone on speaker and set it next to your pillow. Turn it up. I want to hear all of it.” His voice had a strangled quality to it that brought an o new flood oof moisture from her middle.

She fumbled with the phone and finally managed to get it on speaker and set the volume higher. It was strangely exciting to know he was close to her ear, on her pillow, and more than that, that he was listening to her spank her clit. That he would hear her cum. The vibrations humming inside her went up a notch. A stunted cry blurted out her throat.

“Do you remember?” his voice was low and she could hear his breathing now. Was there a panting out on the edge? “Remember how I spanked your clit with that belt? I was shoving my cock in your mouth and just tapping at your mound? Remember how slow and easy it was, but how fast and hard you came? I remember. My cock is as hard now as it was that night.”

She gasped and felt her whole body shift. His cock had been enormous that night. So incredibly hard. He’d shoved it down her throat as he held her by the hair, swiveled and spanked her aching nub. Each time the belt landed, her hips would thrust up in the air so hard that her muscles felt as though they would tear, then a shudder would run through her body and the pain/pleasure would send a wave through her muscles that would leave her shaking. He would wait for the shivering to pass before raising the belt and pulling görükle escort her head forward onto his throbbing member. He would strike down again and start it all over. It seemed to have gone on forever and she remembered thinking that she would never cum like that when she felt an explosion that started in her smallest toes and ripped through her insides like a burst of flame.

He pumped his hard cock in and out of her mouth as she spasmed in a full body seizure. She was screaming around his thick pole and choking as she tried to swallow it all and somehow come to grips with the raging bursts of fireworks. She remembered how he’d fucked her after that. Every stroke s shower of electricity. She’d been so sensitive to any movement or friction that the pounding he’d given her had ampkified within her to outrageous levels. She begged him to stop, when he slowed, she begged him not to pull out of her. She pleaded for more and to hold still with his twitching member buried within her. Somewhere in that maelstrom, he’d untied her and she remembered holding onto his body as though it were a part of her that threatened to pull apart.

“Are you there?” His voice nearly made her cum when it reached into her ear.

“Yes,” she gasped.

“You’re close to coming and I don’t want you to.”

As soon as she heard this from him, she knew it to be true. She felt the building pressure and wondered that she hadn’t already exploded.

“One more spank on that luscious little clit and then I need you to stop and turn off the vibrator.”

She slapped the belt down hard on her poor nub, felt the fire pour into her groin like molten lead. It filled her and sent her into shivers as she turned off the vibrator and felt herself slowly come back to her bed.

“Good.” He said. “That was harder than I hit you.” His voice husked. “I like that.” He sounded as though he ached to be with her, spanking her clit harder and harder.

“Now I want you to take the vibrator out of your sopping wet little pussy and shove it up in your ass. You’ll need to turn it on and then position yourself with a pillow under you so it stays in.”

She sighed. It was a loud sigh that hung in the air long after it spent itself from her lips. It was a consummate sigh that shook her inner organs. She struggled to comply, all the while listening to his deep even breaths. She marveled, as she had many times, at his control. She always felt so lost and helpless with him. She supposed that was one of the attractions. A soft cry escaped as she pushed the tool up through her anus.

“Tap your clit again. I want to hear it.”

She gasped with the effort. The humming was palpable throughout her muscles. Raising the belt up into the air was harder than she imagined, bringing it back down easy onto her mons was even harder. The noise made her cry out, then the wave of sensation hit her like a physical force. Slammed her into a wall of pain that felt so intense, it left aftershocks of ecstasy lapping at the edges of her consciousness. She felt as though she may pass out if she hit that spot so dead on again. His voice brought her back.

“I want you to stuff your cunt with the big purple vibrator now. I would shove my hard pole up in there if I could, but you’re going to have to make do.”

His words made her pant for bursa escort bayan air. Her breaths were short and achingly sparing. There wasn’t enough oxygen in the room to keep her alive and her mind was reeling so badly that she doubted she had the ability to hit herself again if he threatened to tie her spread eagled again and do it ten times harder for every time she refused him now.

She fumbled for the toy. She couldn’t find it and couldn’t lift her head to look for it. She started to panic when her finger chanced upon it. She moved her hand and grabbed at it, rolling it over before suddenly finding herself able to capture it between her fingers and palm.

Her breathing must have given her away. “Are you okay? Are you having trouble?” He was mocking her. Taunting her with his voice from far away. It felt as though he were right in the room. He was taunting her, keeping her from the things she needed, pushing her to desperation and depravity. Driving her need beyond her power to keep it in check.

“I – I have it.” She stuttered and slurred her words, unable to manage any kind of composure whatsoever. She screamed when she pushed it into her dripping hole. The competing sensations were overwhelming. The humming in her anus competing with the solid object filling her up and the throbbing from her clit were too much for her. She started writhing on the bed. The tail of the belt caught under her body, held there by the sticky wetness and yanked her wrist snappily to her side.

“Are you there?” He sometimes asked that if she was too far gone during one of there sessions. He would stop what he was doing and check in with her, make sure she could continue. Sometimes he would back the intensity down a little, sometimes he would keep on at the same level until she showed, once again, she couldn’t handle it.

“Ye-es.” She finally managed. She felt separated from her body when he made her focus on speaking to him. Sometimes he would do that while he was in the same room. It always had the same effect of splitting her in half. She started to shake and knew she was going to come, try as hard as she could to stop it. She tried to tell him. “Please. Plea. Please. Oh, God, stop.”

“Come then. Come for me. I want to hear you come hard. I want you to hit your clit one more time as you come and I want to hear it. Now”

She managed to raise the belt somehow and let it fly down onto her, but it was too late already. She was where nothing could touch her and anything she did now would only prolong the moments she floated in that other world with the waves crashing around her, smashing on rocks and driving her into a frenzy beyond her self. His words kept on in her ear, kept her shaking from subsiding. Every time she might have been able to catch her breath, his voice triggered another round of explosions. Her limbs ached from the tremors. Her mind was losing its grip on her world. The bed felt far away somehow, as though she both floated above it and had some kind of contact with it. The firm surface keeping her tethered in some way she had only the vaguest idea of.

“Before you drift off to sleep, love, I want you to know that I enjoy you thoroughly. You are such a good one for me. When I get home tomorrow, I’m going to take you just like this. Except the ties on your wrist will be my bindings and the belt will be mine. The pole inside you will be my rock hard cock. Good night my good girl.”

A smile flickered over her features, on and off like a neon sign before lighting up her face and staying for the night. She knew it would be there when she met him at the airport in the morning and would keep her all day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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