Adonis Aquired

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I do not know why I did it.

It just seemed to happen, like I was floating under some spell. One moment I was chatting with my girlfriends and the next he was next to me, leaning across the bar to pick up his drink. I met his crystal blue eyes, he smiled at me and now…

Now we were at his apartment, this man I had just met, in his bed, his fingertips gliding lightly over my nipples, his hands firmly grasping my breasts.

I gasped as his lips touched me there, sucking my nipple into his mouth. He squeezed my breasts more tightly, bunching them together so that he could flick his tongue back and forth between them.

I held him tightly, pushing his head into my bosom. I reveled in the feel of his hot, naked body against mine and breathed in deep, ragged breaths.

My Adonis left my breasts, trailing his tongue down my cleavage, to my stomach and gently licked my bellybutton. He continued further, grazing my sparse bush, then kissed my clitoris.

The touch was electric and I bucked my hips against his face. He stroked my hips and thighs, smoothly spreading my legs to gain better access to my treasure spot.

His tongue rasped against my pussy lips, spreading them, arching between them, hitting my opening. I inhaled sharply at the intensity of the contact. Oh, yes, he dragged his tongue slowly upwards, meeting again my clitoris. He sucked it slowly, agonizingly, into his mouth then circled his tongue around and around my tiny bud.

Noises were starting to escape my lips. My hands pressed down hard on the bed, helping my hips lift against his mouth. He started chewing my pussy, slowly at first, then plunging in like a banshee. My madman started going at me like a person starved and I started screaming. The pleasure was too much, too intense. I was breathing to fast, chest heaving upwards, crotch bucking wildly as he feasted on my sex.

I let out a scream as first one finger, then two invaded my vagina. He pushed them in slowly, while eating rapidly. The contrast in speed was nudging me closer, closer to the edge. He grasped upwards with his fingers, ticking my insides, making me twitch and convulse. I grabbed his shoulders, pressing him onto me.

Then I let out a rushed ‘Oh my God!’ as another finger quickly pushed against, then popped into, my anus.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I yelled, then squealed and lost all my breath as a shocking orgasm tore through my body. I froze, still and tight as I fought to take a breath. My body was paralyzed with pleasure for long, eternal seconds, until finally air came rushing into my lungs along with intense pleasure. I agonized as tremors rushed up and down my body and suddenly Kıbrıs Escort all my muscles lost control. I jerked and bucked and screamed as wave after wave of orgasm ripped through me.

My legs flopped, my arms flapped, my throat screamed as he continued to assault my anus with one finger, my pussy with two and my clit with his lips and tongue. He kept the pressure on and I felt myself losing it. Each trembler of orgasm took more out of me. Pleasure so high it hurt. I tried to push his head away, he resisted, forcing me to cum again. I screamed, losing my breath once more as my body rose off the bed into his face.

“Oh, God, oh God, oh God,” was all I said before descending into a hazy fog of wracking, continual, unbearable pleasure.

Then he was done, mouth and fingers withdrew from my pussy, causing me to gasp at the sudden withdrawal. He blew gently on me, making my cunt twitch and shiver with each cool breath. As my orgasms subsided, he gently stroked my mound, straightening out my hair, then placing a tender hand on my vulva.

I closed my eyes and relaxed, trying to catch my breath.

He came up beside me and softly stroked my hair. He kissed my forehead, then one closed eye, my nose, my cheeks and chin. He stroked the side of my face with his fingers and nibbled my ear.

I felt him sit up slightly and opened my eyes to see his marvelous blue ones gazing tenderly down at me. His sandy hair was in a slight disarray, a few locks falling across his face. I reached up and stroked his hair back in place so that I could see more of his ruggedly handsome features, that round brow and strong chin, especially his wonderful lips that recently sent me to new heights of ecstasy. I slid my hands behind his head and pulled him close to me, to kiss me.

Warm lips touched mine and hungrily I opened my mouth wide and consumed his. His tongue probed mine and we tussled madly with our mouths, fighting to taste more of each other. He hugged me to him and I wrapped my arms around his back. We fought to press closer to each other than was possible and rolled back and forth around the bed until finally I was on top of him.

I broke the kiss and sat up, staring into his handsome face, marveling at the yearning I saw there. My bum pressed against his rigid penis and I rocked back and forth against it, enjoying the feel of that meat against the crack of my ass. I rose up a little and moved back, bringing that lovely rod in front of me, between my legs. I moved my body slowly to rock it against my pussy lips.

His mouth parted as he sucked in a breath and closed his eyes. I rested my hands against his tight, muscled chest Kıbrıs Escort Bayan and rubbed his cock with my pussy again. I slid my hands downward across is six-pack, causing his stomach to ripple and reached his manhood. I wanted it in me so bad, but I needed to touch it, to hold it, just as badly.

My right hand touched his girth and surrounded it, my fingers not quite able to wrap around its hugeness. I put my left hand around it as well, on top of my right hand, and hugged his penis to my pussy and my stomach. I rubbed my hands up then down its hard yet silky length. He sucked in a breath again, his penis twitched, and I felt him move slightly below me.

It was time.

His hands were on my waist as I raised up to place that marvelous tool within me.

His massive head parted my pussy lips as I sat slowly on him. I pressed down and felt his tip glide into my overly wet vagina. I paused and let out a breath. I pulled up slightly, then inhaled as I lowered myself again, letting him deeper in. Oh, God how he spread me open as I settled downward. My cunt stretched and his thick head pressed against my insides, touching sensitive nerves and making me gasp.

I rose up quickly, closed my eyes tightly and took another breath. His hands stroked my waist, sometimes reaching back to touch my bum. I moved down again, ready for the stretching, the pleasure, the delight of his rod moving within me. I bit my lower lip as I vowed to take it all this time and let myself fall onto him.

My God! Stars burst before my eyes as his penis rushed into me. I settled squarely on his crotch, let out an “ugh’ of pain and pleasure, then sat there with my handsome god nestled to the hilt inside me.

I felt his penis against every wall of my love tunnel, felt his head pressing against my cervix, nudging something aside, causing me to grit my teeth and tense my body to keep from cumming again too fast.

“Oh, geez,” I said, and leaned forward against him. My breasts compressed onto his chest, tingling from the contact. He moved his hands up to stroke my back and kissed my mouth again. One hand moved behind my head and kept me pressed to that handsome face.

Then he started to move.

He arched his hips and slid his penis deep inside me. He pulled back slowly and I felt my muscles clinging to his cock, trying to keep it inside, but having it slide out none the less and causing my pussy to jump and spasm at the retreat.

He pushed back in and I gasped again. He kissed me through my gasp, taking my breath on his face and enjoying it. His withdrawal was faster this time, as was his reentry. He built up momentum, Escort Kıbrıs torturing my pussy until he was moving in and out of me like a blur and I was screaming constantly.

He held me tight, not letting me up as I felt another orgasm coming. I bucked my hips against his thrusts, trying to make it reach faster, trying to increase a pleasure that was already too much. Yet I wanted more.

He pumped faster, moving like a well oiled machine. I strained against him, letting out high pitched sounds as my hips slapped against him.

It was coming.

The pleasure was rising to a peak. The unbearable crescendo was approaching, stroke by rapid stroke. I bucked back on him, whipping my hips in time to his thrusts. I grabbed him tightly, buried my head in his shoulder and it hit me!

I let out a scream into his flesh then bit his shoulder as I smashed my hips hard against him one final time. He slammed his dick hard into me, his public hair crushed against my clitoris and my world exploded into red and yellow stars.

Something gushed in me, his sperm rushing forward, and I was suddenly wet all over, inside and out. The liquid drenched me, coating my insides and making me spasm harder. More juice squirted in me, hitting my back wall, making me scream, making me hurt, making me want more, more, more and getting too, too much as my body bounced against his, spending its energy, taking his, and shuddering again and again with each release.

I couldn’t get enough of him. I pressed myself to him, felt his sweat coat my breasts and my chest. I moaned into his neck, finishing my orgasm and hearing for the first time in a while his ragged breath, his crying gasps. I collapsed on him, feeling his dick deep inside me, wanting it to stay there forever.

We lay there a few minutes, catching our breaths, holding each other.

Then he rolled me over and my prize slipped out of me, causing me to spasm again and let out a tiny squeal at the pain/pleasure of its escape.

He lay beside me, our juices trailing from his penis, and gently stroked my body. He paid rapt attention to my breasts, touching and holding and feeling them, molding them to his hands. He touched my stomach and my hips, my thighs. A strong hand roamed my body, giving me tingles everywhere it touched.

I reached for his penis, softer now, but still semi hard. It felt exotic, strange yet familiar, in my hold. His face scrunched up as I touched it, still sensitive from our sex. I lightly moved my hand along it, marveling at my prize. It was wet, wet from my insides, and my hand slid smoothly along its flaccidness. I sat up, anxious to take it into my mouth, to taste him, to taste us, together. To make him hard again, to pull him on top of me. I wanted him in me again, to take control of me, to pound my pussy again, to make me scream again, to give me more of him.

I rolled him over and took him into my mouth.

My night was just beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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